Favorites Of The Week Vol. 58–Inspiration


Happy Saturday friends!  I hope your week was good.  I had a crazy week which actually felt more like a month.  I’m hoping to enjoy a little downtime with weekend, do a little purging around the house and binge watch the new season of Orange Is The New Black.  Enjoy this weeks favorites from around the web and have an amazing weekend.



KariAnn’s home is especially beautiful during the spring and summer and I loved her summer decorating tips.

p.s  I’m part of the book launch team for KariAnn’s new book, So Close to Amazing and all I can say is…it’s amazing.  The book will be available Sept. 5th but don’t miss out and pre-order yours today.

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My brother-in-law has a pop up camper and after seeing this transformation, I want to buy it from him and fix is up.

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Holy cow, this kitchen is simply stunning, right down to the quirky piece hanging over the island!

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My high school yearbook motto was to “live without regrets”.  I’ve tried to stay true to this throughout my life and this quote served as a gentle reminder.


Remember that you and only you are in control of your happiness, your success and your life.


Believe in YOU!




So many cute melamine plates at Target right now including these teal and yellow ones.  Perfect for outdoor entertaining.

These acrylic tumblers are on sale for a great price right now.  And they are available in 4 colors.

Just added these Blue Pagoda paper placemats to my shopping cart.  Too cute!


Design Chat: Sectional Styling & A Family Room Refresh



I continue to get emails from people who have read my blog post or found my pin How To Style A Sectional Sofa. I wrote the original blog in 2014 and there are over 25,000 re-pins on Pinterest.  And when I wrote the post, I didn’t realize so many people are challenged with decorating around a sectional sofa.

My most recent email was from MJ who is looking to update her family room.  She wants to trade in her current sofa and loveseat for a new sectional with chaise.  And she wants to  replace the recliner with two accent chairs.  Here’s how MJ posed her design challenge to me…

“Hello, I came across your article on Pinterest and was hoping to get your advice.  I have attached two pics of my great room as I want to purchase a new sectional (would love a chaise), but with a corner fireplace, I am not sure how or if that would even work. Also get confused on how to determine if I need a right arm facing or left arm facing chaise. One picture shows the wall across from the stairs where the chaise portion of a sectional would be placed with the longer sofa portion obviously along the area across from stairway. My plan is to purchase two complementary accent chairs to be placed in front of window wall. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

Here are the photos of MJ’s family room now. As you can see, MJ’s family room is not large and the brown/beige color palette that takes it cues from the carpet and wall color.

After studying the room layout, I created an inspiration board and outlined a few suggestions that will help MJ execute a new look for her home.

  The Inspiration


Design Cha with ConfettiStyle: Family Room Refresh featuring a Sectional Sofa


Family Room Refresh:  Design Suggestions

FIND FURNITURE THAT FITS:  With the size of MJ’s family room, a large sectional will fit with ease.  I recommend a left arm sectional which will position the sectional on the long wall opposite the TV.  Selecting the right size sectional will allow for side tables and lamps on each end creating a cozy sitting arrangement.

tip: When looking at sectionals, left facing and right facing refers to the arm placement when looking at the sectional sofa head on (not when sitting on it).

CREATE A COLOR STORY:  The foundation of every room is its color palette. The current color scheme in MJ’s family room is somewhat flat.  The main color in the room is brown with a little deviation in tones form one brown to another.  What I recommend is combining more shades and variation of tan and brown which will give the room depth, dimension and visual interest.  Since the sectional will be the largest piece in the room, a lighter color fabric will provide a contrast against the walls and carpet.

PUMP UP THE COLOR:  I also recommend pumping up the use of accent colors in the room.  Right now the only significant accent color is the teal lamp shades o n the table lamps.  Using the teal as the accent color I would bring in more of this color with patterned pillows and drapes.  Curtains will add softness to the room and  define and create a focal point around the windows.

tip:  when adding patternwork to a room, combine patterns in different in scale so they don’t fight with each other and each individual design stands out.

tip:  hang your drapery rod as high as possible to maximize the visual effect of taller ceilings and a more open space.

MIX UP THE MATERIALS AND FINISHES:  Another way to add depth and dimension to a room is by using pieces that are made of different materials and/or  finishes.  My suggestion is to replace with wood side tables with tables made of iron and glass.  The glass will not take up any visual space and the iron will keep the tables from looking whimsy.  For additional contrast, I’d place a painted wood accent table between the chairs in front of the window.  Painted furniture will introduce even more color and another finish in the room.

ADD STYLE WITH SHAPE:  Having little to no variation in the shape of furniture within a room is a common decorating mistake. Having too many elements in one shape (i.e. square or rectangular) can result in a room that feels heavy and overloaded.  A combination of square, round and other shapes creates visual interest and movement for the eye.  In MJ’s room I’ve suggested round side tables to add that needed contrast.

PERSONALIZE YOUR STYLE:  In addition to new furniture and a pumped up color palette, here are the other suggestions I had for MJ…

  • Hang the mirror over the mantel versus leaning it.  Hanging the mirror will balance the fireplace and create separation between the mantel and the mirror.
  • Hang a larger piece of artwork on the long wall facing the TV.  A larger piece of art will add color, visual interest and create a secondary focal point within the room.
  • Replace the lamps with a style that has more substance and shape.  Your lamp base and shade should feel proportion to the scale of the furniture in the room  Lamps are also an easy way to introduce more color into a room.  Note how the lamp shade color in my recommended style picks up the lighter neutral in the pillows and curtains.
  • Upsize the TV cabinet with a larger piece.  The current TV console is a bit small and makes the entire TV arrangement feel diminutive.  A larger tv cabinet will work better with the scale of the fireplace and furniture within the room.
  • Paint the inside of the front door an accent color.  Painting MJ’s door will add so much visual interest within the entire entrance/family room space.  And the color will visually link the two areas together. The inspiration photo for the door is below.

One other thing I wanted to point out is that while MJ’s room could benefit from a patterned area rug, I wouldn’t recommend it because of the plush wall to wall carpeting.  It’s fine to layer a rug over a low pile carpet with plush carpeting an area rug tends to crawl.

Do you have a design challenge?  Leave me a comment and your space just might be featured here on ConfettiStyle.


Sectional Sofa // Round Pedestal Table //  Floral Pillow // Teal Velvet Pillow // Plaid Tattersall Pillow 

Abstract Art // Brown Accent Chair // Glass Table Lamps 

Geometric Blackout Curtains // Round Glass and Iron Side Table // Black TV Cabinet


Fabulous Summer Fashion Finds { all under $50}


Summer Fashion Finds Under $50

I have a couple of trips planned in the coming months and needed a few new pieces of summer clothing.  I don’t like to spend a lot of money on summer clothing and try to get the most bang for my buck.  Good thing there are lots of great shopping options both in-store and online.  Rather than hit the stores, I decided to dome shopping online and came across some fabulous finds, all under $50.  From jewelry and dresses to tops and handbags, these pieces are ones you’ll want to check out.

Happy shopping!

Summer Fashion Finds Under $50

Summer Fashion Finds Under $50


One //  Straw bags are a summer staples and this Braided Tote Bag from Zara is perfect because it mixes a casual vibe with a refined shape.  And the pom poms just give it that special touch. $49.90  (fyi– this bag is generous it size so it’s perfect as an everyday handbag)

Two // Have you noticed that ruffled sleeves are the hottest fashion trend right now?  You can hardly find a piece of clothing without them for summer.  This Ruffled Sleeve Blouse with Lace is one of the cutest styles I’ve seen.  $39.90

Three //  Red and pink are my two favorite colors and when they are combined into something cute like this Striped Floppy Hat , I’m all in.  $25.90 (I’m going to add a monogram to the brim like I did with this hat)

Four //  I love these black and cream Lace Up Espadrilles.  They are the perfect flat to wear with shorts or sundresses.  $39.90

Five //  Causal summer dresses are my thing during the dog days of summer.  I’m loving this Embroidered Striped Dress because of its effortless style and boho vibe.  $49.90

Six //  This Animal Print Cross Strap Slide will be fun to wear with a sun dress, shorts or a romper. $35.00-$45.00

Seven //  One of my favorite color combos for summer is red and turquoise.  These Beaded Drop Earrings will add a pop of color to any summer outfit.  $34.00

Eight // The gorgeous color and the sleeves on this Frilled Sleeve Dress just might make it the perfect dress for summer parties.  $49.90

Nine // What’s not to love about this beautiful Coral Reef Necklace?  Nothing! The style and color just scream summer.  $48.00

Ten // I’m always looking for casual tops to wear with jeans and sneakers  during the summer. The Marled V-Neck Hoodie  is perfect for running errands or a walk in the park. $36.00

With so many great summer fashion finds under $50, you can get your shop on without breaking the bank.



The Perfect Father’s Day Gift and DIY Leather Gift Tags

Father's Day Gift Idea and DIY Leather Gift Tag

Father’s Day is this Sunday and in case you’re still looking for that special gift,  I wanted to share a bit more about one of the products featured in my Father’s Day Gift Guide. And I’ve got some gift wrap inspiration to share with you today too!

Shopping for dad (and men in general) can be tough. Unique men’s gifts are hard to come by.  I was recently introduced to Harry’s, an online shop for men’s shaving and grooming products. The fine folks at Harry’s sent a few products for my husband to try and after using them he gave the products two-thumbs up.

Since my hubby is a member of the FMWH Club (aka–fine men without hair) and uses a razor to shave his head and his face, I decide to do a little Q & A with him to share why he love the Harry’s products.

Harry's--Men's Shaving Products--Father's Day Gift Idea


Me:  How does the Harry’s razor compare to the drugstore razors you typically buy?

Him:  The first thing I noticed about the razor was the multiple blades on the razor head.  Multiple razors mean you’ll get a close, smooth shave.  I also liked the cushioned handle which felt good in my hand.

Harry's--Men's Shaving Products--Father's Day Gift Idea

Me:  What did you think about the products included in the Winston Set?

Him:  I liked the combination of items in the set and that the packaging and graphics were simple and not fussy.

fyi–the Winston Set comes with a 4 oz. Foaming Shave Gel, Razor, 3 Blade Cartridges and a Blade Cover, all for $25.

Harry's--Men's Shaving Products--Father's Day Gift Idea

Me:  I know you like a shave cream that lathers good, how did Harry’s Foaming Shave Gel and Shave Cream compare to other products you’ve use?

Him:  It only took a dime size amount of Harry’s shave gel to get a good lather.  The consistency of the gel was great for shaving my head and helped to prevent nicks from the blade.  I used the  Shave Cream on my face and liked how easy it was to move the blade around my face and neck.

note:  Harry’s blades were specifically designed for face shaving but they can be used on the head, especially for seasoned shavers like those in the FMWH Club.

Harry's--Men's Shaving Products--Father's Day Gift Idea

Harry's--Men's Shaving Products

Me:  You like to put aftershave on your face and head once you’ve shaved so what did you think of Harry’s Post Shave Balm?

Him:  Typically post shave products make my head sting when I put them.  There was a little sting with Harry’s shave balm but it had a cooling effect on my skin.  And it didn’t leave my head or face dried out and tight like other products.

Harry's--Men's Shaving Products

Me:  The last product you tired was the Face Lotion?  What did you think of it?

Him:  I don’t like heavy products on my face so Harry’s was good because it wasn’t heavy or oily.

Harry's--Men's Shaving Products

Now that you know what my hubby thought of the Harry’s products, let me tell you something I loved about it. I loved the way the products smelled.  All of the items have a fresh, clean scent which lasted throughout the day.

Harry’s products are sold exclusively through their e-commerce site and their New York barber shop, Harry’s Corner Shop.  Selling online allows them to offer high-quality shaving products at prices well below their competition.  And Harry’s has a great subscription plan which will deliver blades and products directly to your door based on how often someone shaves.  This is a great service since most men don’t like shopping.

Now that we’ve got your Father’s Day gift covered, here’s how to make you own DIY Leather Gift Tag to use with your gift wrap.

DIY Leather Gift Tag by ConfettiStyle

I love paper gift tags but lately I’ve been making my own  fabric tags.

DIY Leather Gift Tag by ConfettiStyle--Father's Day Gift Wrap

Fabric gift tags are super easy to make and all you need to make your own is a few inexpensive supplies.


DIY Leather Gift Tag by ConfettiStyle

How to make fabric gift tags:

  1. Place fabric face side down and trace the outline of the paper tag on to the back of the fabric.
  2. Punch a hole in the fabric using the hole it the paper tag as a guide.
  3. Cut out the fabric tag.
  4. Cover the shipping tag with adhesive glue and attach the fabric to the tag.
  5. Attach the grommet in the tag hole.
  6. Write a message on the back of the tag and you’re ready to wrap your gift.

tip: You can leave the front of your tags plain or add an embellishment like an adhesive monogram that you can pick up at the craft store.

DIY Leather Gift Tag by ConfettiStyle--Father's Day Gift Wrap

marble wrapping paper (from Sam Flax) // grey plaid ribbon // black velvet ribbon //  dot wrapping paper (from Michaels)

DIY Leather Gift Tag by ConfettiStyle--Father's Day Gift Wrap

ball chain connector

DIY Leather Gift Tag by ConfettiStyle


Thanks for stopping by today.  You can shop the entire Harry’s product line here.



disclaimer:  We received products from Harry’s in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinons and photos are my own and my husband says he would highly recommend Harry’s products for the men in your life.

Affiliate links used for your shopping convenience. I may earn a small commission through these links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting ConfettiStyle to keep great content coming!

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew Design

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

The list of interior designers that I admire is a long one.  It includes nationally recognized designers as well as designers just starting out and making a name for themselves.

One of the designers that I admire greatly is Sarah Bartholomew.  Sarah launched her design business in 2010 and her work has appeared in publications like House Beautiful and Southern Living. With a design aesthetic described as a ‘fresh take on classic design’, many of the spaces she creates reflect my personal style. The rooms are filled with personality and interest as well as a mix of textures and materials.

In studying Sarah’s work you’ll recognize that she is a master of color and pattern mixing. And she has a flair for accessorizing. I also love her use of chinoiserie decor, antique pieces and natural elements.  Let’s take a tour through the Sarah Bartholomew Design portfolio. Enjoy!



Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Classic color palettes, chinoiserie designs and an artful mix of textures and patterns

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Modern elements combined with traditional details create spaces the feels fresh and timeless

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Crisp white backgrounds allow the details in the furniture, fabrics and decor to stand out

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Attention to every detail including the fixtures, hardware and finishes

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Accessories arranged to capture your attention and draw you into the room

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Bold pattern statements that add drama and impact to utilitarian spaces

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Variation in colors and texture combined to create visual interest

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Design details that add style and personality

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Pattern mixing that creates energy and vibrancy

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

A masterful mix of materials and finishes that work together to define a space

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

There’s so much to love about the work of Sarah Bartholomew’s work and I’m hoping that one day she publishes a book to showcase her designs.

In addition to loving Sarah’s design work, I’m smitten with her blog, Sarah’s Studio.   Each blog post is short and sweet and gives you a glimpse into her design life and what’s inspiring her.

Design Profile: Sarah Bartholomew

Images via Sarah Bartholomew Design | For more of Sarah’s work,  follow her on Instagram @sarahbartholomewdesign

2017 FATHER’S DAY GIFT GUIDE {inspired by my dad}

Happy Monday friends.  Did you have a great weekend?  We had a whirlwind weekend that started with a trip to Alabama for a wedding.  About 30 minutes from our destination we realized we had left the garment bag that contained my husbands suit and my dress for the wedding at home.  After a moment of panic we forged ahead and made a quick pit stop at Dillard’s to do a little shopping.  Thirty minutes later, a new dress and new digs for the hubby and all was good with the world again.

After a night of celebrating and hanging with family, we headed back home yesterday to more rain.   But today’s another day and I’m hoping for a bit of sunshine. 🙂

I have lots of fun stuff to share with you this week on the blog starting with my Father’s Day Gift Guide.  I lost my dad in 1983 and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of and miss him.  So in honor of Father’s Day, all of the gifts I’ve included in this years gift guide are inspired by the memory of my dad. He loved to have fun, had impeccable style and always had the newest and latest gadgets.  I hope there’s a gift on my list that perfect for the special man in your life!


2017 Father's Day Gift Guide by ConfettiStyle

ONE. Wooden Fractal Puzzle.  Such a cool gift to keep dad busy and challenged for hours.  p.s.  I love the design style of this puzzle–kinda looks like a fun greek key design.

TWO.  Men’s Emergency Kit.  A great travel companion for the work or leisure travel.  This is also a great gift of a recent college grad!

THREE.  50 Life and Business Lessons from Steve Jobs.  I’ve read this book and it contains loads of wisdom to inspire dad (or anyone) in work and in life. A great read.

2017 Father's Day Gift Guide by ConfettiStyle


FOUR.  Father’s Day Shave Kit.  My hubby recently tried the Harry’s shave kit and gave the products and razor rave reviews.  He loved it so much that I’m sharing more about Harry’s in another post later this week.

FIVE.  Amazon Echo. We received one of these as a gift a couple of years ago and use it everyday.  The Echo is an amazing piece of technology.

SIX. Nylon Travel Bags.  These bags help keep everything in your suitcase organized and they also cut down on the wrinkles.  And the monogram is such a classy detail. p.s.  I want a set for me too!

2017 Father's Day Gift Guide by ConfettiStyle


SEVEN. Monogrammed Handkerchiefs! One of the essential accessories I think every man needs to carry.

EIGHT.  Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness WatchHelp dad stay fit and healthy in style. 

NINE. The Leather Accessories Traveler. This case keep ties, collar stays and jewelry organized and safe. And it’s comeback if dad travels with only a carry on.

2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide


Favorites Of The Week | Beautiful Things

There are questions in life that we may never has the answers to like “why does a four day work week always seem extra-long?”  While you enjoy your weekend and ponder this question, also take some time to enjoy my Favorites Of The Week.



The summer home tours have started and I loved touring Kris’ beautiful home.  Her family room is so bright and crisp and I love all the special details she’s styled the space with.

I’m at the stage in life where I’m wanting to purge and live with less.  Apartment Therapy posted an article on minimalism recently and this quote by Joshua Becker, author and blogger aBecoming Minimalist grabbed my attention–“Desiring less is even more valuable than owning less.”  It’s a great read if you’re feeling the urge to lighten your load too.

Framed textiles are such a unique way to create custom artwork for your home.



This Dip Dyed Stationery is a project to add to your DYI to-do list.  So cute!

This bathroom is just one of the amazing room designs in this designers portfolio.

Kitchen perfection…black + gold + white.  And notice the wood apron and legs on the island extension.



Floral patterns are always a big trend for spring and summer but I’m loving all the textured pillows I’m seeing on store shelves.  If  you’re not a pattern person, textured pillows are a great way to add visual interest to a chair or sofa.  These Fringe Diendra Pillows are from Anthropologie and they are beyond beautiful.


If you’re planning on doing a lot of entertaining this summer, you might want to pick up this chic Leaf Print Tablecloth from H and M Home for only $24.99.  And if you need some tablescape inspiration here’s a gorgeous party table styled using the tablecloth.


Anyone else out there have sunglasses scattered around your house?  I just can’t seem to come up with a workable storage option to keep them all in one place.  That is until now.  The Emily & Meritt Sunglass Holder from Pottery Barn Teen is the solution to my problem. I love that it can also be used to hold jewelry.

Before I sign off, I just wanted to say Thank You for all the wonderful comments here on the blog and on Instagram on my Bohemian Inspired Tablescape.  In case you missed it, you can read the full post here.

I hope you enjoyed my Favorites Of The Week.  Have a fantastic weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday with an awesome Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Home Tour: A French Provencal Farmhouse In Atlanta

One of the things we love to do on the weekend is to head out for a drive and explore new areas of Atlanta.  Even though we’ve lived  in Atlanta for 17 years, there are still so many areas and neighborhoods that we have never visited.

Our afternoon drives usually include lunch at a new-to-us restaurant and lots of oohing and awing at all of the beautiful houses in Atlanta.  From mansions to small homes, the city is filled with some of the most charming properties I’ve ever seen. Last weekend we spotted a gorgeous home in Buckhead even though we couldn’t get a close up look without trespassing, I knew this house was amazing.  The house happened to be for sale so I did a quick search and found the listing photos.  Are you ready for a virtual tour?  Hold your horses because this French provencal farmhouse is gorgeous!!!

Atlanta Farmhouse in Buckhead

Just check out the entrance to the house.  The tree lined gravel driveway and the lush landscaping is breathtaking.  FYI–it’s very common here in Atlanta to see light illuminating trees around a property.  #sosouthern

Can you imagine hanging out on this lawn during the summer–crochet anyone?

Atlanta Farmhouse in Buckhead

And then when night falls this fire pit is the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

Atlanta Farmhouse in Buckhead

No words for the stunning French inspired garden!

Atlanta Farmhouse in Buckhead

I’m in love with this covered patio and check out the glass panel behind the chair that serves as a wall.  #designdetails

Just give me a flamingo pool float and a cocktail and I’m all set to spend all day at this pool.  Anyone else want to know what’s in that stone outhouse behind the pool?  My guess is a potty and shower.

Let’s move indoors.  You’d think the stone floors, whitewashed wood stairs and neutral color palette would feel cold but I just love the European charm of this foyer.

The main living room in this farmhouse has beautiful wood beams and a massive fireplace.

fyi–even in a mansion, curtain rods should be hung as high as possible

Living space #2. Maybe the most beautiful reclaimed wood floors I’ve ever seen. And that metal bookshelf behind the sofa is so unique.

Living room #3 has high-gloss black paneled walls that are breathtaking.

The sitting area off the master bed/bathroom really makes a statement.  Love the barn doors, wood window casing and black slate floors.

Gorgeous master bedroom with wood planked ceilings and those herringbone floors again.

Every master bedroom needs a sitting area to enjoy your morning coffee or tea.

.The closet in the master bedroom is the closet of my dreams although there might be one too many mirrors for my liking.

Just like the rest of the house, the kitchen is expansive with a rough luxe design style.  That arched metal framed door is a beauty.

The dining room is pretty charming with grey washed wood paneling and stone floors.  The chandelier looks like an art piece and really makes a statement in the dining room.

Here are a couple of the guest bedrooms.

And the upstairs family room/game room looks like a great spot for lounging or entertaining.  The wood beams and white walls keep the space from being dark and drab.

For all you wine lovers, here’s a wine cellar to admire.

Atlanta Farmhouse in Buckhead

And just in case you needed one more fun space to hang out, how about a basketball court?!

Atlanta Farmhouse in Buckhead

Designed by William Litchfield, this beautiful home was inspired by a 17th-century French Provencal farmhouse.  The house sits on 4.2 acres of land and has 5 bedrooms/ 7 full bathrooms / 4 half baths and a total of 9955 sq. feet.

This beautiful home is located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta and can be yours for just under $10 million.  You can see more of this beautiful home here.


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