Just as the summer is winding down and the thought of unpacking boxes full of Christmas decor is a reality (yes, the boxes have arrived at the store already), there is something exciting to look forward to.


Admittedly one of my favorite reality shows,  I just love the antics of Jeff, Jenny, Zoila and the rest of the gang.  Back for another season, beginning August 10th, Jeff Lewis appears to be in rare form.  The commercials airing right now showcase Jeff in some of his most memorable flipping out moments.  Whether you like Jeff or not, (I have a mad crush on him), you have to admit that he is one talented designer.  Having slowed down on his house flipping projects, Jeff has turned is attention to design work.

Here are a few fun facts, you may not have known about Jeff, Jenni and Zoila.


  • Pre-Law and Political Science Major (somehow I can imagine Jeff as a politician)!
  • Has designed a  line of  home furnishings available on QVC
  • Practices Scream Therapy to relieve stress


  • Was a competitive tennis player in high school
  • Considers herself a rapper (actually she is pretty good)
  • Has appeared on the tv shows Monk and Charmed
  • Jeff doesn’t know where she lives.  Jenni fears he will invade her world if he knew.


  • Born in Nicaragua
  • Has two daughters
  • Became a US citizen in 1996
  • Has worked for Jeff for over 12 years (she deserves a metal of honor)
  • The oil painting of her, that Jeff gave her last year sold at auction for over $10,000


One of Jeff’s most recent projects was designing the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year at New York’s Rockefeller Center. Just like most of Jeff’s designs, the kitchen we designed showcases a modern vibe, with clean, streamlined design elements. 

Here are a few other photos of rooms designed by Jeff.  For more of his fabulous design work, check out his website, here!

Jeff Lewis Design

Jeff Lewis Design1

Jeff Lewis Design2

And, don’t miss the new season of Flipping Out.  You’ll walk away having learned something new about design, and will be throughly entertained along the way!

 until next time…


I was recently introduced to a fabulous magazine called Ready Made.  Why is this magazine so great you ask?  Well, it’s because everything in the magazine is made by hand.

Ready Made is not your stereo typical magazine for weekend do-it-yourselfer or hot-glue gun crafters, Ready Made is a magazine dedicated to the art of beautifully designed, beautifully made, beautifully crafted products, all by hand. It is about people who make things, the culture of making those things and the skill and craftmanship behind it  all.

As a person who has always crafted, (yes, I own multiple hot glue guns), I so loved the vast array of items featured in the magazine. There are some truly incredible designers and craftsmen (women) out there.  Ready Made has inspired me to take my “crafting” to a new level and see if I really can make something by hand.

Maybe with a little time and training I can create something as awesome as one of these pieces I discovered at Ready Made… 

 This wonderful cabinet was designed utilizing a variety of old doors and architectural pieces.  I think this would look fab in an art studio or the office of someone with a creative bent.

Thomas Wole designed this awesome piece of furniture using a collection of loose furniture pieces, electrical part, hardware and old drawers.  This has to be one of the most stylish shelving units I’ve ever seen.

The next time you have an old trunk lying around, why not turn it into a rolling bar.  What a great space-saving addition for an apartment or small cottage.

Have you ever walked around IKEA (2 hours is my shortest stint), wondering how to use their basic items in a unique way?  Well, Jeff Carter and Clay Ketter did just that and came up with this great idea.  Their Periodical Table use 11 of the Mackis Magazine files from Ikea.  To create a custom piece, they created a back board, attached the individual magazine files, added a base and then dressed it up with a splash of color.  This is would be such a cool way to store all my magazines!

There are so many other great pieces of work on the Ready Made website and be sure to check out their fantastic blog as well.

Have a great weekend…and happy crafting!

all image via Ready Made


Yesterday I wrote about the 10 Things I Can’t Live Without.  Many people commented about the things they can’t live without, and there was one common item…FLOWERS.  Seems that everyone loves flowers and how a beautiful flower arrangement can enhance your day/home/life/spirit! 

 I couldn’t agree more.

So, I wanted to share a few of my favorite flower photos with you today.  Happy Thursday!




Photo source:  Cebolla, BHG, House Beautiful, Martha Stewart


Every now and then, (not often enough), I stop and really think about my life.  Whenever I spend a bit of time reflecting, it always leads me to think about those things that bring me ABSOLUTE JOY…the things that I just can’t live without!

 Here’s my list of the 10 Things I Can’t Live Without!



To me, there’s no place on earth more relaxing than a beautiful white sand beach and ocean waves.  I love early morning walks and late night strolls with the warm sand beneath my feet.  This is where I reflect, rejoice and rejuvenate…   

DIY Flower Band Gift  Wrap by ConfettiStyle5


I grew up painting, beading, sculpting, knitting, sewing and decoupaging. I love making things with my hands. My crafting skills came from my dad and besides his love, this is one of the best things he ever gave me…


No matter what time of year, a warm cup of tea soothes my soul.  There’s nothing better than sitting in “my chair”, sipping a cup of tea and daydreaming about my next adventure…


The opportunity to share my life with family, friends and my husband Geno, is really all I need in life…

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh7


My life always seems better when I am able to take a brief slumber on a sunny afternoon… 


Chocolate does nothing for me…it’s all about the salsa!…

 Magazine via pinterest


I love magazines…all shapes, sizes, colors, topics.  Magazines are my little bit of heaven on earth.

via Stella and Dot

  JEWELRY (earrings to be specific)

While I love clothes, and love any opportunity to dress up, a great pair of earrings is always my statement piece.  I recently purchased this display rack so that I could hang up all my earrings. Isn’t it pretty?…

Mother's Day Giftwrap7


I love to give beautifully wrapped gifts.  The process of wrapping the box, adding ribbon and dressing it all up with a unique bobble is a little gift I give myself


What we are is God’s gift to us.

What we become is our gift to God!



What things bring you absolute joy?


One of the freshest product statements in the home furnishings industry right now is Acrylic furniture.  There is something so visually interesting about a piece of furniture that you can see through, but still possesses classic design features.  When it comes to decorating, acrylic furniture will not only give a room high style, but it  can help to make a room feel bigger, more elegant , modern and fun, all at the same time. 

Here are some stunning spaces, with more classically inspired acrylic pieces….


I love this desk.  It gives this traditional office space a hip, contemporary vibe.


Acrylic in colors is a fun way to add a touch of personality to a space.



  The beauty of acrylic is that it can mix with just about any style of furniture and still feel appropriate.


 This stool/magazine holder is a brilliant design concept.


 just when you didn’t think acrylic furniture could get any better, along came two innovative design companies, Acrila and Espacio.

These two companies have taken the look of acrylic furniture to a whole new level.  The styling is absolutely incredible and the details are fabulous.


  Espacio is a UK based company offering a wide range of innovative and stylish acrylic and polycarbonate furniture.  The Pasha chair above, was designed by Italian designers Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli.  I love that this chair mixes traditional styling with a more contemporary material.  And, the fact that it can be used indoors or out makes it even better.  Check out the other incredible designs offered by Espacio, here.


( Baroque Chair from Acrila)

When i stumbled upon the line of acrylic furniture designed by Acrila, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Was this really acrylic furniture? Really?  Founded in 2007 by Jean-Christophe Bernard and Isabelle Bernard in France, Acrila makes some of the most gorgeous acrylic furniture I’ve ever seen.  The design details they infuse in the products are incredible and the application of stylish prints gives their furniture a distinct look. 

Here are a few pieces to wet your palette, but you can check out their full offering here! 




Isn’t this folding screen wonderful? 

 And a touch of animal print is always stylish, even on acrylic furniture! 

Bravo to Acrila and Espacio for taking acrylic design to a whole new level.


Photo source:  DecorPad, House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Design Within Reach, Espacio, Acrila


 Working in the home decor and design industry can be visually and mentally stimulating…sometimes a bit too much.  In a given week, I spend many hours, flipping through magazines, looking at product catalogs, thinking about paint colors and researching design topics for my blog.  Every now and then my mind needs a break from all the stimulus. 

Sometimes, my mind longs to look at beautifully decorated rooms with little or no color, for a bit of quiet stimulation! 








Photo source:  James Howard, DecorPad, Country Living


 A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a contest that May Arts Ribbon was hosting and decided to put my design and crafting skills to the test.

The contest called Calling All Bloggers, is giving the winner(s) a chance to become the next May Arts blogger.  The contest seemed simple…create a project, any project, using the May Arts ribbon of your choice and submit it.  Since I love ribbon, love crafting and love designing I decided to create a Lattice Weave Framed Mirror.

 You can check out the details of my project on the May Arts Blog here, and post a comment and let me know what you thing.

Here is my mirror on display.    

Have a great weekend!

image by ConfettiStyle


 Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well-being.

                                                               –Albert Hadley 


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