Happy Fall Y’all

Last week the temperatures dropped to the 80’s here in Atlanta, the morning air began to show signs of crispness and all I could think about was decorating for fall. Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  I love the warm colors that represent fall; I love the texture of fall leaves and pinecones; and I really love sunflowers–my favorite fall flower.

So, in honor of the approaching season, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite fall decorating ideas with you.



Pumpkins and gourds are one of my favorite fall decorating elements.  I love mixing oranges and yellows together, and throwing in a white pumpkin or two for a pop.  Aren’t white pumpkins one of natures most beautiful things? 

If you want to decorate in a specific color scheme, you can always spray paint your pumpkins any color you want.



I love creating pumpkin topiaries at my front door.  Just remove the plants from your planters and stack pumpkins (real or faux) to create a topiary.  For the early part of the fall, use plain pumpkins and then switch them out for something a bit more whimsical for Halloween.



 Your front door is a great place to do some creative fall decorating. I typically place a fall wreath on my door, but just might try this look, this year.  This arrangement uses tin cans that have been dressed up with ribbons, and then filled with fresh flowers. Simple and elegant.



 Or you can deck out your front door with a decorative mirror and some fall foliage.

Centerpiece of pumpkins covered with mums


Here’s a really beautiful centerpiece idea.  To create these flower pumpkins, simply hot glue flower heads over the entire surface of  a small pumpkin. How adorable.


I love decorating with pinecones, not only because they are free from nature, but because of their texture and shape.  To create this candle arrangement, simple wire pinecones together to create a circle.  Place a glass hurricane in the middle and add a few red berry sprigs for added color and texture.  This look can carry your into the Christmas season too.

Well, I guess it’s time to pull out my fall decor and begin decorating.  I’m  going to try something new for my dining room centerpiece this year and will show you the results when it’s all done. 

Until then,  Happy Fall Y’all! 




No longer is paint just for your walls and ceilings.  I spent the weekend flipping magazines, blogs and websites and came across some really cool painted floor designs.  Check out how these floors take the design of these rooms to a new level.




 This last image was a DYI project that the very talented Lori Dunbar from Fin and Roe and Marzipan Inc  completed in her home. If this inspires you to do a little painting of your own, check out Lori’s how-to instructions here!




Even though it’s 90 degrees here in Atlanta, my favorite way to decompress after a long week is to soak in a hot bath.

Tonight I’m going to close my eyes and image this is my bathtub. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


Photo source:  Tumblr


Back in July, I completed a Calling All Bloggers DYI project for May Arts, in hopes of being selected as one of their new craft bloggers.  

Well, the results are in and Yippie, Horray, Whoppie…I was selected! 


If you are a ribbon lover, you are well aware of May Arts and the incredible ribbon selection they offer.  Because their selection is so vast, May Arts ribbons are used in a wide variety of industries including craft & hobby, scarpbooking, gift wrapping, stationery, fashion, interior design, party decor and the floral industry.  Although May Arts is a wholesale ribbon supplier, you can find their ribbons in many craft and stationery stores, including one of my favorite, Paper Source. 

As a regular blogger for May Arts, I will be creating DYI projects using their ribbon and providing you all the how-to steps on the May Ats blog.  I have been designing and crafting for many, many years and love nothing better that creating something beautiful with my hands. Make sure to check out the May Arts website and subscribe to their blog.  Along side me, there are some really talented crafters that will also be showcasing their work. 

 And, if you missed my original Lattice Weave Mirror project, check it out here

ribbon challenge





The 2011 IKEA catalog arrived in the mail the other day and I immediately began flipping pages to see what was new.  Once again, Ikea has delivered a crop of really cool, stylish and oh so affordable decorative accessories, furniture, textiles and lighting. 

If you’ve ever shopped at an IKEA store, you know that it can be overwhelming, even for a super shopper like me. But, I will tell you,  every minute you spend in their store is time well spent.

Before I make a trip to the store, I sift through the catalog to get inspired, (the room shots are great), and to map out an initial shopping list. The range of products is incredible and the price points are mind-boggling. 

 After looking through the catalog several times and then spending more time on-line, I did create a list of favorite items, some that may just find their way into my next room re-do. 

SOLSTRÅLE Vase green Diameter: 6 " Height: 6 ¾ "  Diameter: 15 cm Height: 17 cm     

I really love this vase and can already image how I’d use it from season to season. Since fall is approaching, I’d fill it with a few of burnt orange sunflowers.  

   HULTÖ Easy chair  Width: 28 3/4  

This is just a darling chair.  I think if would look great as an accent chair in my guest bedroom.

GEDSER Rug, low pile multicolor Length: 2 ' 11   

I’ve been needing a new accent rug in my kitchen and this one just makes me smile.  I love the mix of colors and the slubby texture.

EDIT Cushion cover red, multicolor Length: 20   

I think this pillow would look great on the chocolate brown side chair in my bedroom.  I love the sophisticated color mix.

  BÖJA Pendant lamp  Diameter: 17   

I don’t know exactly where I’d put this beauty but I just love it.  Maybe my craft room?


TROLLSTA Side table black Width: 15   TROLLSTA SIDE TABLE $79.99  
I am always on the lookout for unique side tables.  This is a great style that would work in the family room or as a nightstand.  I love the storage space it also provides.

 BERGSBO Bookcase with glass doors red Width: 47 1/4  

A pair of these brilliant red bookcases just might have to find their way to my craft room. I love decorating with bright colors in that space because it boost my creativity.

LÖNSBODA Scented candle in glass light lilac Height: 5 "  Height: 13 cm   

This beautiful candle would work in just about any space in my home, but I think the bathroom vanity is the perfect spot.  I can’t believe the price and just might have to make this my go-to Christmas gift this year.
 ALVINE SPETSIG Cushion cover white, multicolor Length: 16 ALVIN SPETSID CUSHION COVER  $10.00 
How cute would this be as a little back pillow on my desk chair (below)?

IKEA PS SÅGA Chair red Width: 18 1/2  

Cute, cute, cute and totally magnificent as a desk chair. 

   KAJSA TRÄD Cushion cover black, white Length: 26  

Absolutely no place for this in my home, but when I re-do my bedroom in a black, gray and yellow color theme, this pillow will be the perfect accent.  I love that it is a sophisticated look with a modern vibe.

KOLDBY Cowhide  Max. area: 48.44 sq feet Min. area: 34.44 sq feet  Max. area: 4.50 m² Min. area: 3.20 m²   

Why would I buy this rug?  Just because I think this rug is fabulous  and a great price.


If you haven’t received an IKEA catalog, be sure to order one and then let me know what some of your favorite items are.   

Happy Shopping!



Photo source:  Ikea 


When it comes to decorating with color, bold, in-your-face color, I think that many people love the idea but just don’t know how to go about doing it.

Decorating with color can be tricky, but if done correctly, the results are fabulous.  If you want to add color to your home, here are a few simple design guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. FOLLOW THE 60-30-10 RULE.  Select the primary color you want represented in the room, which in most cases will be the wall color, and use that color so that it represent about 60% of the visual impact of the room.  Next, select your complementary color and use that color so that it represents about 30% of the visual impact.  In many case the complimentary color will come via your sofa, rug or larger accent pieces.  The last color statement you want to use is an accent color.  Your accent color should represent the last 10% of the visual impact and will most likely be added via accessories, pillows and artwork.

  2. CONSIDER THE COLOR VALUE. Color value is all about the depth of color you choose to use. It is light, dark or somewhere in between?  When selecting your color combinations (primary, complimentary and accent), make sure to use colors that not only work together but that will create a room that feels balanced.

  3. USE COLORS YOU LOVE.  I really think your home should be decorated in a way that makes it feel like an extension of you.  Everything you put into your home should make you feel comfortable, relaxed and at-ease, including the colors you decorate with.  If you use colors you love, you’ll create a palette that not only works together, but that makes you feel good. 

Check out these rooms, where color is the hero, and be inspired to add a little color to your decor!

  The pink walls are a definite statement in this space and the strawberry accent chair and pink toss pillow on the sofa tie it all together.

In a room with a more subdued color palette, a bright accent color can really bring it to  life.  The pumpkin colored chairs are a dramatic design statement and really set the tone of this room.  If you look closely, you’ll see hints of pumpkin in the wallpaper design.

 I love color in a bedroom.  The bedding and chair fabrics make a great pair.  The blue wall color is represented in the paisley bed cover, linking the two surfaces together.

 This space is a great representation of color value done right. All of the colors used are deep and rich, with the same depth of intensity.  I love how the green chairs pop against the carpet. 

 Sticking to a simple color statement can be just as impactful as using multiple colors.  Here various shades of Chartreuse green have been combined to give this space depth and dimension.  Hints of pink are represented in several spots on the table and shelves, and the off-white benches provide the perfect neutral touch.

 This 3 color design statement is bold and dynamic.  I love the combination of hot pink, chocolate-brown and ivory.  The adjoining room is painted a shade of green, which is the perfect complement to the pink tone.

 If color on the walls is not your thing, use color as the accent.  This room is successful because the bold accent colors have been spread around the space to make the room feel visually full and alive.

 I just adore a black and white color statement that is punched up with bold accent colors.  Framing  the chairs in the same creamy neutral as the table and wall stripe let the bold color of the chair seats and back really stand out .

 While it is often safer to go with a neutral sofa, a bold, colorful sofa can give your room all the personality it needs.

 Sometimes it’s best to make your color statement in a unique way.  The red frames on these chairs really bring this dining room to life and give this really simplistic table a new personality.  Do you see the red throw on the sofa in the adjoining room?  Repeating an accent color from one room to another is a great way to create flow between the spaces.

The orange accents used in this space was used in the right way.  Try repeating your accent color in 2 to 3 spots so that it creates rhythm within your room.

 If you have a favorite color you want to use everywhere, then make sure to use several shades of it to give the room some depth.  You can still apply the 6-30-10 rule, just using different shades of a single color.


What’s your favorite color to decorate with?

Photo source:  DecorPad (1,2,3,4,6,10,12), Beau Arts Maison (5), Kathryn M. Ireland (7), Ruthie Sommers (8), Camille Julner ( 9), House & Home (11), Lee Kleinhelters (13), House Beautiful (14)


There are so many talented interior designers around the globe, many of whom have made a name for themselves and many who are just making their way.  Grant K. Gibson is one designer that is on the fast track to design stardom. 

A New York, turned San Francisco designer, Grant has established a look and identity with this work that is setting him apart in the design world.  Known for well-edited, classic and personalized spaces, Grant designs rooms that feel real, feel livable and most importantly look great.

Many of Grant’s projects have been featured in House Beautiful, the New York Times, Elle Decor and Traditional Home.  He has also made appearances on several HGTV design shows, and was selected by Elle Decor as one of “5 Designers to Watch.”

Grant K. Gibson

One of the things I admire most about Grant’s work is the understated elegance he brings to a room.  He is a master at layering, a genius at showcasing collectibles, a wizard at incorporating texture and color, and truly innovative to top it all off. 

When it comes to his personal style, Grant chooses to wear only black and white, keeping his look simple and classic.  Simple and classic can also be used to define his design esthetic, but when he adds the finishing touches to a room, it says so much more.

Below are photos of Grant’s SF apartment, which he renovated in lieu of paying 2 months rent to his landlord.  Boy did the landlord win in this deal. From the flooring,  moldings, paint and architectural details, every inch of his apartment is devine.

In his living room, I love that Grant incorporated this built-in wall unit and to give it even more style, added mirrors on the back wall to create visual interest and depth.  Check out the layering of accessories and artwork, many of which were purchased at 1stdibs.com and at local flea markets.

  This room feels so cozy and comfortable.

In this part of his apartment, Grant added bamboo shades, providing added texture to the space. I just adore the curved window seat and the placement of the skirted table.  I can just see envision myself sitting in front of these windows for hours, reading and napping.  And, the animal print rug adds that final touch of personality.

Always looking to “renovate with maximum style, at minimum cost”, Grant turned a Pottery Barn Teen bed  which he purchased for $500 into a stylish piece with the addition of an upholstered camel colored Mohair headboard.  Isn’t this just stunning?  The addition of cobalt blue walls really sets his bedroom off.

Chocolate linen drapes in the bedroom were dressed up with a greek key border.

In his bathroom, Grant replaced old, outdated tiles with $.99 black and white tiles.  It can’t get more classic and stylish than this.

Grant K. Gibson - the blog

Outside of his interior design business, Grant is an avid photographer, rarely being seen without a camera in hand.  Many of his photographs are available for sale in the shop section of  his website.  And for even more design pleasure, check our Grant’s blog, here!

Grant is one designer I’ll be watching and admiring for years to come.

Photo source

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