Book Review: Fabulous! The Dazzling Interiors of Tom Britt

One of the legendary interior designers that I admire most is Tom Britt.  He is a master of designing rooms with bold color palettes, strong graphic style contrasts and stylish innovations.  When asked to describe his own design aesthetic and he uses words like brilliant, confident and sexy.
Fabulous! The Dazzling Interiors of Tom Britt written by Mitchell Owens and published by Rizzoli chronicles this legendary designers’ work over the past 50 years.  From Exotic and Modern to Historical and Classic, each chapter in the book showcases his portfolio of work from around the globe.  Take a peek at a few of my favorite images.

Book Review: Fabulous! The Dazzling Interiors Of Tom Britt

“Pretty rooms are pretty boring.  My preference has always been something totally different:  bold, brilliant, even monumental.”   

Book Review: Fabulous! The Dazzling Interiors Of Tom Britt
Book Review: Fabulous! The Dazzling Interiors Of Tom Britt
Book Review: Fabulous! The Dazzling Interiors Of Tom Britt
Book Review: Fabulous! The Dazzling Interiors Of Tom Britt

“Ask yourself:  Do you really want your house to look like somebody else’s?  Do you really want to play it safe?  I don’t think you do.  Who would?  Why not be fabulous?

Book Review: Fabulous! The Dazzling Interiors Of Tom Britt
Book Review: Fabulous! The Dazzling Interiors Of Tom Britt
As one of the countries most recognized and awarded interior designers, the design advice that Thomas Britt has shared over the years is worthy of a mention…

If you’re a design enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to pick up a copy of this book to add to your collection.

Personalized Stationery–Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide by ConfettiStyle

Have you heard the news…Christmas is coming!

To usher in the holiday season, I’m kicking off my holiday gift guide series with an item that is on the top of my gift giving list–Personalized Stationery.

Stationery makes a great gift anytime of the year but it’s one of my favorite gifts to give at Christmas.

I’ve reached that age where I want to give gifts that have lasting value and personalized stationery fits that bill.  One of my favorite companies for personalized stationery is WH Hostess.  I’ve rounded up my top picks from their amazing selection to help you with your holiday gift giving.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide--Personalized Stationery by ConfettiStyle

2017 Holiday Gift Guide--Personalized Stationery by ConfettiStyle Notecard sets can be purchased in quantities of 20, 50 or 100 and come with coordinating envelopes.  For an added charge, you can also have a return address printed on the envelope flap in a coordinating color. Envelope liners in the coordinating pattern of the notecards, or a solid color, are also available.

Monogram Ginger Jar Flat Notecards //  Striped Letters Personalized Flat Notecards

Buffalo Check Personalized Flat Notecards // Bamboo Monogram Personalized Notecards

2017 Holiday Gift Guide--Personalized Stationery by ConfettiStyle

 Notepads are sold in three different sizes and each notepad has 100 sheets.  Many of the designs are available in multiple colors and can be personalized with a name, initial or a monogram.

Tassel Fretwork Personalized Notepad // Palmetto Palms Personalized Notepad // Bicycle Personalized Notepad

Monogrammed Elephant Personalized Notepad // Citrus Monogram Personalized Notepad // Ginger Jar Personalized Notepad

2017 Holiday Gift Guide--Personalized Stationery by ConfettiStyle

  Gift tags are perfect for tying onto birthday gifts, hostess gifts or a bottle of wine. All of the gift tags are printed only on one side and can be personalized to suit your needs. And many of the tags shown come in more than one color.  Gift Tags are available in quantities of 24 or 48.

Ginger Jar Monogram Gift Tags // Happiness Chinoiserie Personalized Gift Tags //Monogrammed Pagoda Personalized Gift Tags

Buffalo Check Monogram Personalized Gift Tags //Colorful Stripe Personalized Gift Tags //Floral Ikat Monogrammed Gift Tags

Don’t you just love all of these items? I sure do and have a couple of them on my own Christmas list. 

There are lots more items available from WH Hostess including party invitations, gift packing and holiday paper goods.  Head over to WH Hostess to shop their full collection of personalize products and party goods.

P.S. I’ll have another HolidayGift Guide to share with you next Tuesday and every Tuesday between now and Christmas! 

My Favorite Items From The Hearth & Home Collection with Magnolia

Happy Monday friends. I hope you had a good weekend. My weekend was busy but I did get to enjoy a bit of down time.  I also went to Target to see their newest collaboration with Chip and Joanna Gains of Fixer Upper fame.

The highly anticipated Hearth & Hand collection debuted online and in Target stores Sunday and design lovers like myself were quick to head to the store to see it in person.

Many of the Hearth & Hand items were designed with a farmhouse aesthetic but I was pleasantly surprised to find items that are versatile enough to work with other design styles.

The collection includes everyday decor, tabletop and kitchen items, plus Christmas decor.  There is also a super cute pajama collection that is sure to sell out fast.

After seeing the collection in person, I rounded up some of my favorite pieces to share with you today.


1 //  The brass Gather Napkin Rings are perfect for Thanksgiving and Christmas entertaining but are classic enough to use for year-round entertaining as well.  $2.99 each.

2 // This black flatware is definitely my favorite item in the entire collection.  I love the simple styling and matt black finish which give the flatware a classic, contemporary feel.  The 5 piece place setting is $19.99.

3 //  Have you noticed that cute spoon rest are hard to find?  I like that this one won’t take up much space on the stove or counter.  And its a great price too–$2.99.

4 //  How cute are these black and white striped pot holders?  This was another item on my  ‘buy’ list but just like the spoon rest, it was sold out. $5.99

5 //  I never knew I needed a kitchen scale until I spotted this one. I love the sleek design, black base and petite size which won’t clutter the kitchen counter. $14.99

6 //  If you’re looking for a light weight yet cozy throw blanket, this black and white one is a good option.  The green stitching along the edge is a nice design detail.  $29.99  tip:  it would be extra cute with some DIY pom poms or tassels on the corners.

7 //  It was the unique shape and gold finish that sold me on these placecard holders.  They’re perfect for a dinner table or I can see them being used as markers on a food buffet.  $3.99 ea.

8 // These glass and gold candle holders are really pretty in person.  A grouping of these would look great as part of a holiday centerpiece with candles or flowers. $16.99-$18.99

9 //  I thought long and hard about purchasing these green glass vases.  They are really substantial and the color is just beautiful.  They would look pretty during the holidays with evergreen branches and white flowers. $16.99-$29.99

10 //  All of the stockings in the Hearth & Hand collection were really cute but this one stood out to me.  The addition of the green tassel add just the right holiday accent.  $12.99

11 //  I loved the size and quality of this Christmas mailbox and think it would be a nice tabletop accent during the holidays. It is crafted of iron and is pretty heavy so keep that in mind if you have thoughts of hanging it.  $39.99

12 // This wide black and green plaid ribbon is my favorite ribbon in the Hearth & Hand collection.  The colors and plaid design make it the perfect ribbon for wrapping mens gifts this holiday. $8.99


So there you have it, my top picks from the Hearth & Hand collection.  I’d love to know if you did a little shopping this weekend at Target and which items are your favorite.  Leave me a comment and spill the beans.

Head here to shop the entire Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collection.

update: Just as I was hitting publish on this post, I checked stock status and all of my favorite items except 6, 10 and 12 are sold out online.


How I Develop My Christmas Theme {and my theme for 2017}

I suspect that I am not the average person when it comes to decorating for Christmas.  There are people who decorate the same way year after year because of tradition or they have their look down pat. And then there are people like me who like to change their decor every year which requires some thoughtful planning.

Before I tell you about my process for planning my Christmas decor, let me share one thing.  Changing my decor every year doesn’t mean that I go out and buy all new stuff.  It means that I decorate with items I already own but use them in a different way.

For instance, last year I combined solid colored ornaments with ribbons to create a simple and colorful Christmas tree.  The only new item I purchased for the tree was the ribbon.

plaid ribbon // red & green ribbon from Costco

In 2015 I used only my red ornaments, some handmade garland and framed photos to decorate the tree.  The only new items on this tree were some monogrammed ornaments I purchased at an after-Christmas sale.

harlequin ribbon // black and white ribbon

Planning my Christmas theme starts early every year.  It actually helps to flush out ideas for the coming year when I take down my decorations and store them away after Christmas.

Here are a few things I think about when developing my Christmas theme:

  1.  What will my color statement be?  I love traditional Christmas colors but I’m also a fan of non-traditional holiday decor.  It’s fun to mix classic colors like red and green with modern colors like royal blue or pink.
  2. What items do I already own?  I take stock of what I already own and use that to guide my decor plan and create a shopping list for of any new items I want to purchase.  Every year I buy a few new things like ornaments, ribbon or tabletop items like plates or linens.  When I’m purchasing ornaments, I like to buy solid colors because they give me the most flexibility year after year.
  3. What areas of my home will I be decorating?   I like to have a touch of Christmas in every room so  I think about each space and how I can add Christmas decor to make it festive.
  4. What impact statements do I want to make?  In addition to my tree, I want a few spots around the house to stand out.  It could be the fireplace, stairs or a special touch in the kitchen.  Identifying these statement areas helps me create my overall decorating plan.
  5. What will my gift wrapping look like?  I love wrapping gifts and always coordinate my gift wrap with my Christmas decor.  In some cases a special wrapping paper might even inspire my theme like it did last year.
  6. And finally, I think about how my decorating theme will work with the other decor in my house.  I want my Christmas decor to reflect the same style and spirit as my everyday decor.

Now that you know my process for developing my Christmas theme, here’s what I have planned for 2017.


Christmas 2017 is going to be bright and bold!


ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme 2017

This year I’m using three of my favorite colors as the theme for my Christmas decor–red, hot pink and bright emerald green. The tree will be decorated with red and hot pink ornaments plus a few white and light pink pieces thrown into the mix.

ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme 2017

I have some fun embellishments planned for the garland that will be draped along the stairs and fireplace.

And I’m keeping my gift wrap pretty simple this year with solid colored paper, satin ribbons and fun package toppers and tags.

And of course I’ll be creating a pretty holiday tablescape to share with you!

As we count down to Christmas, I have lots of holiday posts to share with you, including my first gift guide next week.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for the 2017 Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour.  Like last year, all of the participating bloggers will be sharing their holiday home tours over a 3 week period starting November 29th.



For more holiday decor inspiration, check out these holiday decor posts:

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Inspiration Notebook | November 2017

Wow, it’s hard to believe that were closing in on the end of 2017.  The year has flown by and it seems like yesterday that we were celebrating the arrival of spring.

Today I’m sharing another chapter from my Inspiration Notebook with you.  I started creating my notebook in 2015 as a way to capture in pictures and words the things that are inspiring me at the moment. It’s been so fulfilling taking time each month to create a visual record of what’s going on in my life.

Let’s take a look at what’s on my mind and has me inspired for November…

Inspiration Notebook--November 2017 by ConfettiStyle



Inspiration Notebook--November 2017 by ConfettiStyle

Have you picked up a copy of Oprah’s new book, The Wisdom of Sundays? {affiliate link}  I’m just a few pages in and boy is it a great reminder and motivator on how to live your best life.   This is definitely a book you want to add to your Christmas list.

Speaking of living your best life, I’m going to start decorating my house for Christmas this weekend.  I’ve got some fun things planned and can’t wait to share them with you.  Plus I’m hosting the Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour again this year with a group of great blogging friends .  The tour of homes kicks off on November 29th so stay tuned for loads of holiday inspiration.  And if you want to check out my Christmas decor from last year, you can see it here.

Inspiration Notebook--November 2017 by ConfettiStyle

During fall and winter, one of the little things that brings me joy each morning is relaxing with a cup of tea.  I start my mornings sipping from a pretty teacup and easing into my day. (in case you were wondering, Twinings Green Tea is my favorite and this is my go to store for pretty teacups).

When it comes to my nighttime rituals, I’m striving for less time in front of the tv and more time whittling down my stack of magazines.  Theres a stack of Christmas magazines on my nightstand just waiting to be read.

Inspiration Notebook--November 2017 by ConfettiStyle

Finally, now that the weather is cooler, I’m shopping for a couple of new scarves to add to my wardrobe.  I have this geometric print and this floral scarf in my shopping cart and both of them are a great price.

Well friends, that’s a brief look at the month ahead from the pages of my Inspiration Notebook.

 Thanks for stopping by today. Be sure and come back tomorrow because I’ll be sharing my 2017 Christmas decor theme.  It’s a fun one!


Happy Halloween!!

Hi friends.  I just wanted to pop in today and share a few photos of the Halloween decor our friends Suenette and Dan put up each year.It’s hard to put into words just how amazing their decor is so I’ll let these photos speak for themselves.

Enjoy & Happy Halloween!

Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor

Halloween Decor


When Did Sweatshirts Get So Stylish?

How many of you have a stack of sweatshirts in your closet that you pull on in the evening or maybe wear when running errands on the weekend?  My stack consist of your typical crewneck style with long sleeves.  And I also have a few sweatshirts with my college logo on them just to remind of my wild and crazy college days.

The other day I was walking through Nordstrom and noticed lots of sweatshirts hanging on the racks.  These weren’t your typical athletic sweatshirts.  These sweatshirts had fun fashion details and came in pretty colors.  Every sweatshirt I picked up was cuter than the next and I found myself asking…when did sweatshirts become so stylish?

When athleisure started to grow in popularity, designers began making sweatshirts that had old-school comfort but more fashionable details to meet the trend.  Sweatshirts now have ruffles and bows, bell sleeves and are being made in street wear fabrics.

I for one am thrilled with the fashion sweatshirt trend and have already picked up a couple of styles to add to my weekend wardrobe.

Today I’m sharing 6 stylish sweatshirts perfect for the colder weather ahead.  

Fashion Sweatshirts--Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter 2017

one // When your outfit calls for a more sporty look, the Original Funnel Neck Sweatshirt is what you want.  The relaxed turtleneck makes it feel like a mix between a sweatshirt and a sweater.  This is definitely weekend lounging material.

two // I’m all about embellishments when it comes to fashion so the Pleione Tie Back Sweatshirt was a must-have.  I love the tie detail in the back and the slightly billowy sleeve.  It’s adorable and comes in black, burgundy, ivory and navy.

Fashion Sweatshirts--Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter 2017

three //  The ruffle craze has found its way to sweatshirts.  This Ruffle Sleeve Sweatshirt is super cute and I love the pale pink color.  And its 40% off right now which makes it a pretty good deal. Here’s a similar ruffle sleeve sweatshirt for only $16.99 which I snagged at a local store.

four // I love, love, love this Tie Front Sweatshirt. It’s a little dresser than the other styles so you could easily wear it with jeans and boots.  And I would hesitate to pair it with a pair of cropped black pants either.

Fashion Sweatshirts--Fashion Trends for Fall and Winter 2017

five // In case you hadn’t noticed, velvet is a hot fashion trend for fall and winter.  This Velvet Panel Sweatshirt is so adorable and great when you need a more polished look.

six // If a full-blown sweatshirt is not your style, how about this cute sweatshirt bomber jacket?  The pintuck detail dresses it up a bit but it’s still a great piece to lounge around in.


I popped in to TJMaxx and Marshalls the other day and noticed lots of great sweatshirts styles on their racks.  And you can even find some cute styles at JC Penney and Target.  This embroidered sweatshirt at JC Penney is only $22 when you use their sale code (39forYou).


Stylish Upholstered Benches Under $200

Happy hump day friends!  A week or so ago I shared the 5 Most Versatile Decorative Accessories You Can Own. Today I’m sharing another one of my must-have decor pieces–an upholstered bench.  I’m a big fan of decorating with upholstered benches because they such a versatile piece of furniture.

I love placing a bench at the foot of the bed especially in a guest bedroom where adding full-sized chairs might not be an option. Tucking a bench under a console table in a living room is also one of my favorite design touches.

image source: The Design Co. via House

And when it comes to budget friendly decor, an upholstered bench is a great way to add style without making a big investment.  To prove my point, here are 6 stylish upholstered benches all under $200.

Upholstered Benches Under $200Upholstered Benches Under $200Upholstered Benches Under $200


1 //  The Mayotte Two Seat Bench is perfect for the end of the bed or as an accent piece in a hallway or floating in front of the fireplace.  I love the cushion top, turned legs and brass casters–all details you find in higher priced pieces.  This beauty is available in 6 home decor friendly pieces and is a great price at just $210.99.

2 //  I love the contemporary vibe of the Mercury Row Upholstered Storage Bench with its straight arms and bolster pillows.  This would be a nice piece to put in a guest bedroom or use in a small foyer space.  Available in blue and lt. grey for $174.99.

3 //  The Bryn Chrome Base Bench comes in two fabric options–linen or leather gel which is a new leather-like breathable fabric.  Also choose between a smooth or tufted top and the 5 color options available.  So many great choices for just $ 170.99.

4 //  For you mid-century modern fans, here’s a great bench to check out.  The Vietch Bench is featured a tufted button top, a sleek wood frame and 4 slanted legs. This is the perfect piece for a bedroom, foyer or as an accent in a boho or modern decor living space. Price under $150.

5 //  This may be one of my favorite metal base benches ever.  The Acme Boice Bench is sleek and sophisticated with a black upholstered top and champagne gold metal base. I just love the overall style and design.  And the price can’t be beat–$130.09.

6 //  An upholstered storage bench is a great piece for any home.  You can use a bench like this in just about any room and get the benefit of additional seating and storage.  This Donny Osmond Storage Bench ( $199.99) is a fave because of the long length, tufting and nailhead detail.

I love all of these benches.  Which one is your favorite?

Happy shopping!


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