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Sorry that it’s been quiet here on the blog this week.  I’ve had good intentions but I’m working on several projects right now and something had to give.  Anyway, I’m back today to share a favorite shopping source with you.

Almost every design project I work on involves artwork and you know that choosing artwork for your home is a very personal thing.

One project I’m working on calls for a special piece of art over the mantel and in the entrance hall.  The client is looking for abstract art and doesn’t want to spend an arm and a leg.  That’s where Minted comes in.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Minted but if not let me share a bit about their site.

Art from Minted
via Minted

Minted is an online resource selling a range of products including Artwork, Decor, Stationery and Wedding goods.

Along with Limited Edition Art Prints, they sell Fine Art Prints, Drawings, Commissioned Original Art and Photography Art.   Everything they sell is created by a community of artist and designers that are located in all 50 states and more than 60 countries.

Minted makes it easy to find the perfect piece of art, allowing you to search by style, color, shape and type.

Since I’m looking for abstract art, I searched their site and rounded up a few of my favorites for you.


Art from Minted


♦  Mesmerize by Melanie Severin–it was the colors in this piece that caught my attention.  I love the pink and soft aqua color combination. Color combinations like this are very versatile which make this piece ideal for just about any room.

♦ Poppies I by Iron Range Artery –I was drawn to this artwork because of how bold and dynamic the colors are.  Depending on your style, this piece might be too strong for a foyer but could work in a family room or office.

 Foilage Trails 2 by Very Marta–I love the watercolor effect of this piece and can see this in a feminine space like a home office, guest bedroom or nursery.

 ♦ Dash by Katie Craig–I’m all about blue and teal these days and this piece has such a refreshing feel to it.  I could see a pair of these hanging over a sofa.

Art from Minted

 ♦ Lush Composition by Melanie Severin–this is the piece of art that my client is most drawn to for their entrance hall. The black adds depth while the other colors keep the piece from being too heavy.

 ♦ Ivy by Prima Studio–finding a piece of art that doesn’t lean too masculine or too feminine can be challenging.  This piece is really pretty and the dark colors can speak to him while the soft colors speak to her. I can imagine this in a bedroom with white and neutral bed linens.

Waiting For Summer by Beth Allen–what a great name for a piece of art and it does feel like summer to me.  I envision this piece in a living room or even in a breakfast area.

Art from Minted

Bouquet 1 by Sue Prue

If you’re looking for artwork, I highly recommend you check out the selection at Minted.  Most of their Fine Art Prints are available in multiple sizes and frame options.  Unframed images are also available. And you can upload images of your room and see what an art piece will look like in your own home.

This is not a sponsored post.  I’m just sharing one of my favorite shopping resources with you.  

Design Details | Rooms I’m Loving From My Favorite Designers

Hi friends.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I took the hubby on a little adventure on Sunday.  I learned about a wildlife safari from my friend Yuni and knew my hubby would love it.  The safari is about an hour ways from Atlanta and gives you up close and personal interaction with the animals.

Now that the weekend is over, I’ve got a busy week of design work ahead and I’m looking for some fresh inspiration to inspire me.

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Favorites Of The Week {a random mix of great stuff}

Whew! What a week it has been.  I’ve been running in 50 different directions sourcing products, working on projects and trying to wrangle the paperwork on my desk.

 I wish I could say this was going to be a low-key weekend but it’s not.  I’m spending all day tomorrow in meeting with the non-profit agency I work with then I’m doing some major house cleaning.  We do have a fun outing planned for Sunday morning but the rest of the day will be spent working and preparing for the busy week ahead.  Oh, I am planning to shut things down so I can watch the Oscars!

I hope you can find some downtime to enjoy a few of my favorites from the week.



This interior designers home is beautiful and the property is breathtaking.

I loved this interview with interior designer Danielle Colding and her answer to the question ‘what does success mean?’.



The image below is from one of my new, favorite Instagram feeds–@erinkestenbaum.

This is a gorgeous living room designed by one of my favorite designers.

I can tell this bedroom is really beautiful just from this photo.



These pastel teaspoons are perfect for spring.

Loving this market tote!  It’s on sale and I also spotted a similar design in stores on clearance for $17.99.

If you’re looking for a stylish rug in a neutral color, check out the Farrah rug.

Loving this emerald green soap dispenser from H and M Home. This glass cup and this glass jar are also part of the collection.

For all you fashionistas out there, there’s a postage stamp made just for you!

Speaking of fashion, I’m totally in smitten with the pom pom sneaker trim.  These are the cheapest I’ve seen so far but this brand does not fit my foot. I’m thinking a DIY might be in order. You can buy shoe clips here and a pom pom making tool here. {affiliate links}

Enjoy your weekend!

Product + Inspiration: Frame-able Botanical Art

Framed botanical prints are one of my favorite wall decor statements, especially when hung in a grouping of 6 or more.  A larger grouping can be beautiful on a living room, dining room or foyer wall.

Product + Inspiration:  Frame-able Botanical Art

via Living Etc.

Building a collection of framed art pieces can get costly unless you use a designer trick and clip your images from an art book.

Oversized coffee tables books are a great resources for inexpensive artwork and there are even books on the market designed specifically with framing in mind.

 Here’s a round-up of my favorite books with frame-able botanical art and some design inspiration to inspire you.





Frame-able Botanical Prints by Carol Mennig contains 92 original and frame-able botanical art images inspired by artist from the late 1700’s and early 1800’s.  The images measure 8″ x 10″  and have a more organic in feel to them. With over 90 images, this book is a great value at $18.95.

 sourceProduct + Inspiration:  Frame-able Botanical Art

I just ordered the Instant Wall Art–Botanical Prints book for myself after seeing the images used in a stationary project.  The book contains 45 frame-able prints most of which feature vibrant colors and intricate detail.   And this book is only $14.59!

Product + Inspiration:  Frame-able Botanical Art

Dimples & Tangles

Botanical art on a black background are hard to find. The Art of Instruction: Vintage Educational Charts ($23.28) book contains over 100 vintage botanical and zoological images that would make a dynamic wall statement.

Product + Inspiration:  Frame-able Botanical Art

room image source

At over 600 pages and only $19.99, A Garden Eden:  Masterpieces of Botanical Illustration contains numerous botanical images from the National Library of Vienna.  The illustrations range from flowers to fruits to leaves.

room image sourceProduct + Inspiration:  Frame-able Botanical Art

Basilius Besler’s Florilegium: The Book of Plants ($19.99) was first published in 1631 and is a pictorial document of the flowers grown in one of the great German gardens.  The illustrations are organized according to the four seasons which could be a fun way to showcase images seasonally, as part of your decor.

Product + Inspiration:  Frame-able Botanical Art


Cactus designs have been a hot trend over the past two years and the book, Vintage Botanical Prints:  Cactus contains 25 frame-able images from the early 20th century.   This book was published last December and sells for $13.99.

Product + Inspiration:  Frame-able Botanical Art

Emily A. Clark

The book, Botanicals: Butterflies and Insects is the most expensive art book I found but boy oh boy is it a beauty! $55.10

Including more than three centuries of drawings, each page explodes with rich colors and lifelike details. The images include exquisite flowers, delicate fruits, and exuberant butterfly images.   Tracy from Right Up My Alley used the images in the book to create a beautiful art grouping over her piano.

Product + Inspiration:  Frame-able Botanical Art

 Right Up My Alley

Spring is a great time to freshen up your wall decor and inexpensive art books will give you get a lot of bang for your buck.



♦  Use a single frame style and color to create visual consistency within the art arrangement

♦  Use a frame with simple details so the frame doesn’t compete with the images

♦  If you’re using a mat with your frames, a simple white mat will look best with most botanical images.

♦  In most cases, you want to hang your images no wider than 3 inches apart on all sides.  The smaller the images, the closer the frames.  The larger the images, the wider the spacing.

Happy shopping & happy decorating!



*Affiliate links used for your shopping convenience. I may earn a small commission through these links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting ConfettiStyle to keep great content coming!

Gift Wrap Inspiration: DIY Paper Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

If you know me, you know that I’d rather make my own gift bags versus buy them at the store.  Handcrafted gift bags are easier to make than you might think and you probably already have the supplies on hand.

For my latest gift wrap project, I made some spring inspired gift bags using wrapping paper, ribbon and craft bags from Paper Mart.  I created a variety of sizes and decorated each one differently to show you how easy it is to customize handmade gift bags.  And I created a how-to guide that you can download (link at end of the post).

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Once you’ve made your first handcrafted gift bag you’ll see how quick and easy it is to make a bag to fit any size gift or any gift occasion.


DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Blue/Blue Striped Wrapping Paper // ‘Periwinkle’ Floral Wrapping Paper // Mini Chevron Bags

You can see that I made different styles of ribbon handles for each bag.  My favorite is the braided handle on the large striped bag.

To create the braid,  I cut three equal lengths of ribbon and braided them together. Once the ends were inserted through the holes at the top of the bag, I tied them in a knot to secure the ends.

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

On the large floral bag below, I punched holes on the corners and in the center and tied ribbons through the holes. I used white hole reinforcements to protect the holes from tearing.

tip: Everyday office supplies can make great gift wrap embellishments.

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Kiwi Satin Ribbon // Navy Satin Ribbon // Mini Chevron Bags

The mini chevron bags I taped to  the front of my gift bags holds a kraft gift tag.  The bags would also be great to hold sweet treats with an Easter gift.

Paper Mart sells the chevron bags in three sizes and 8 colors and I love using them in gift wrap projects.

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Periwinkle Floral Wrapping Paper // Mini Chevron Bags // Similar Craft Flowers // Silver Glitter Gift Tags

I you want to embellish your bags even more, you can glue on fabric or paper flowers like I did.

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Blue/Blue Striped Wrapping Paper // Kiwi Satin Ribbon // Navy Satin Ribbon

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Periwinkle Floral Wrapping Paper // Mini Chevron Bags // White Gift Tags // Paper Hole Reinforcement

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Paper Mart has one of the largest selections of satin ribbon on the market with over 50 colors and 10 widths to choose from.  #oneofeachplease

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Spring is gift giving season. Stock up on your favorite wrapping paper and ribbon so you can personalize your gifts with a handmade gift bag.

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Download DIY Gift Bag Tutorial


To see other projects I made using Paper Mart products, check out these posts…

Valentine’s Day Centerpiece
Creative Ways to Decorate With Wrapping Paper
Holiday Gift Wrap

This post is in partnership with Paper Mart.  My love for wrapping paper and ribbon as well as all opinions of Paper Mart products are 100% my own.

Favorites Of The Week: DIY Transformations

I am sooooooo happy that it’s the weekend.  It’s been an extra busy week running from one appointment to another, working on design projects and battling a sore throat.

I am prone to coming down with a cold whenever there are fluctuations in the weather like we’ve been having.  #ugh!  I doing some shopping with a client tomorrow and then I’m spending the rest of the weekend at home gearing up for another busy week.

Here’s my roundup for favorite posts from the week, all great DIY inspiration.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!



 #1–Great DIY tutorial on adding trim to plain doors.  What a transformation!

DIY Transformation--Adding Door Trim

#2–It’s refreshing to see a bathroom design that doesn’t include black cabinets. Kate is a genius at design and DIY transformations.

DIY Bathroom Makeover Transformation

#3–Simply elegant living room makeover.

DIY Living Room Makeover

#4–A pretty dining area makeover.  The DIY window seat is the perfect touch.

DIY Kitchen Eating Area--DIY Transformations

#5–Stunning DIY transformation–garage turned office space.

 Garage to Office Makeover-- DIY Transformations


other favorites this week:

This closet makeover.  Wow!

This sneak peek of the The House of Hope.  The lighting!

The India Hicks Collection {Island Style}

I have long admired India Hicks model, style maven and lifestyle designer.

India first came on my radar with her first book entitled Island Life: Inspirational Interiors which she wrote with her father David Hicks, the famed English interior decorator and designer.

Since that time India has developed a lifestyle brand that has included home decor, bath & body products, accessories and jewelry.  After years of developing products in partnership with other companies, India’s newest business endeavor is a collection of products sold through networks of entrepreneurial women. In India’s words…

“the exclusive collections of well-crafted gifts, beauty and accessories are sold through networks of entrepreneurial women, creating a more meaningful shopping experience”.

Inspired by her British heritage and island life, each product is beautifully crafted with a classic design esthetic that will stand the test of time.

The India Hicks Collection


The India Hicks Collection

The India Hicks Collection

Known for her bohemian vibe, many of the jewelry designs are fun, whimsical and casually chic.

The India Hicks Collection

The Free Spirit Necklace

The Komboloi Tassel Necklace (below) is a show stopper!  The history of the Komboloi dates back to a time when monks in Mount Athos began making strands of beads by tying knots in a string at regular intervals in order to say their prayers. #iwant

The India Hicks Collection

There is also a collection of gold-plated pieces that are sleek, polished and sophisticated.

The India Hicks Collection

 Leticia Bracelet // Leticia Ring // Pyramid Studs

The collection of gold and silver pendants are perfect for gift giving and as a treat to yourself.

The India Hicks Collection

The India Hicks Collection

India Pendants // Gold Ring

There are several tassel pieces within the collection that I just adore including this key fob and long tassel charm.

The India Hicks Collection

Junkanoo Tassel // Agra Tassel Key Fob

The handbags in the collection are built with style and function in mind, perfect for day-to-day use and business life.

The India Hicks Collection

The Duchess {named after the Duchess of Windsor} // Good Luck Beetle Pendant

The India Hicks Collection

Edwina Hobo {named after India’s sister}

The Maddison May crossbody bag is another favorite of mine.  The inside bag is removable giving your loads of flexibility in how you use this piece.  Watch the video below to see how it works…

The India Hicks Collection

Maddison May Crossbody {named after India’s niece}

In true Bohemian style, the Palm Collection is colorful and relaxed–perfect for an island getaway.

The India Hicks Collection
The Palm Collection:  Basket // Duffle // Tote // Wash Bag // Baby Palm

The India Hicks Collection

If you close your eyes and envision yourself sitting on the beach in the Bahama’s you’ll be able to imagine how wonderful the scents are in the India Hicks candle collection.  Available in 3 fragrances…

The Grove … earthy and reminiscent of our island palm grove
Casuarina … the simple, green fragrance of the tree
Black Hibiscus … England in the tropics, captures sea air, oranges and Earl Grey tea

The India Hicks Collection

India Hicks--Island Style

For even more insights into India Hicks lifestyle, you’ll want to check out her blog.  It’s filled with beautiful images of her daily life on the island and as she travels the world.

India Hicks Collection--Brand Ambassador

My good friend Leesa is one of the Brand Ambassadors for the India Hicks collection.  You can contact Leesa to view the collection in person and to place an order.

To learn more about India Hicks, head here. To view the entire catalogue, click here.

SIX Favorite Blue & White Lamps {all under $100}

Budget Friendly Blue and White Table Lamps--Under $100


I’ve been shopping for budget friendly blue and white lamps for a client and haven’t had in luck in the stores in my area.  HomeGoods has some beautiful Ralph Lauren lamps but the $199 price point is not in the budget for my client.  Since I couldn’t find any lamp options off the shelf, I did some shopping online.

A few clicks and key words and I found some great lamp options, all under $100.



Budget Friendly Blue and White Table Lamps--Under $100



The Benoit Blue and White Ceramic Table Lamp is a great value ate $49.95 and has a more traditional feel because of the shade of the base and the shade. This lamps would work great in a living room or on bedside tables.

The ginger jar shape of the Blue and White Porcelain Temple Jar Lamp gives it a more traditional Asian feel.  Because the floral pattern is more compact I’d pair this with striped or geometric textile patterns in a living room. ($79.95)

This is my favorite lamp and the one my client loved.  The Maude Blue and White Ceramic Table Lamp has a more modern vibe because of the acrylic base and tapered drum shade.  ($69.95)

Small lamps that can work on a kitchen or vanity counter are hard to find.  I love the look of this Blue and White Floral Ceramic Table Lamp which has the Asian symbol for happiness on the front. ($69.99)

If you need a more modern design then the all-over geometric pattern on the Blue and White Geo Table Lamp is it. I also love the chunky wood base. ($90.00)

The Floral Blue and White Mini Tea Jar Porcelain Table Lamp is decidedly more traditional in design and feel.  This lamp would look great on a small side table or console table.($79.99)

Happy shopping!

*Affiliate links used for your shopping convenience. I may earn a small commission through these links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting ConfettiStyle to keep great content coming!

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