High/Low Options: Brass Pharmacy Lamps

It’s been a few years now since brass decor came back on the design scene and now it’s one of the most in demand decorative accessory finishes.  From brass candlesticks and trays to brass drawer pulls and lighting, it seems brass is here to stay.

One of my favorite brass decor pieces is a pharmacy style brass floor lamp.   I love the classic lines and the vintage feel they add to a  room design.

Brass Pharmacy Lamps--High/Low Mix

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Every now and then I’ll see a brass lamp in a thrift store but usually the finish is worn and the lamp is wonky.  If you’re lucky to find a good quality piece while thrifting, great.  If not, your best option for shopping of brass floor lamps is online.

One of the great things about shopping online is that you can find high-end as well as budget friendly options for just about anything, including brass floor lamps. What makes a decorative piece more expensive than another comes down the design details, materials, brand and overall quality.  And in the end, it’s your budget that may dictate what you purchase.

When considering high/low options, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Is the material solid or is the finish applied over an inexpensive meta?  Solid brass floor lamps are usually heavier and sturdier and tend to have a more solid base.
  • Check out the on/off switch to make sure it has a smooth operation.  
  • Check the bulb wattage.  Lower prices lamps may only allow for lower watt bulbs which won’t work if you need ample lighting.
tip:  take a magnet with you when shopping–a magnet won’t stick to solid brass but ti will stick to a metal piece with a brass finish

Brass Pharmacy Lamps--High/Low Mix

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Brass Pharmacy Lamps--High/Low Mix

  HIGH:    $358.80 Robert Abbey Kinetic Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp.  You can see that the base of this high-end lamp is has more heft and substance to it and the finish has a deep hue.  At first glance you’d think this lamp was solid brass but it’s not.  This lamp has an adjustable arm, swivel head and takes a 60 watt bulb.

LOW:     $39.99 Dawson Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor LampThis budget friendly lamps has many of the same characteristics as the pricier version–it’s not solid brass, it has an adjustable arm and her and it takes a 60 watt bulb.  The only major difference is the light tone on the finish.

Brass Pharmacy Lamps--High/Low Mix


HIGH:   $385.00  Adjustable Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp. This pharmacy lamp has a sleeker design and smaller lamp head and adjustable arm. While it’s made of solid brass, I don’t like the exposed cord which cheapens the look in my eye.

LOW: $99.99  Brass Finish Pharmacy Floor Lamp.  If you want to save a couple hundred dollars and have the same look, I recommend this budget-friendly version.  The look is almost identical with the only major difference the finish which has a lighter tone.Brass Pharmacy Lamps--High/Low Mix

HIGH:    $174.60  Cal Lighting Pharmacy Floor Lamp.  This version of a brass pharmacy lamp has softer lines and a bit more curve than the other.  The lamp head and arm are adjustable, I like the design of the base and the more antique finish.  While more expensive than the budget-friendly version, the price is still reasonable.  p.s.  it’s from Wal-Mart

LOW: $56.99  Modern Globe Floor Lamp.  I know you’ve all seen this lamp from Target.  I actually have the tabletop version on my desk and love it.  The finish on this lamp is listed as brassy gold but in real life it looks like a true brass finish.  The lamp head has a more modern shape but it swivels so it great as a reading lamp.

There is no wrong or right with these lamps options–all of them are great.  The low-price version will add just as much style to your home as the more expensive option, the choice is yours!

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