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Happy Monday! 

This weekend, while on one of my Pinterest pinning marathons, I recognized that I have a real love for unique business/calling cards.  I’m inspired by the designs, the typography and the visual messaging that they convey about the person or business they relate to. 

I was so inspired and wanted to share a bit of that inspiration with you today.

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via  Akimbo Business Cards

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SodaPop-Design Business Card–photo source unknown

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via Forage Business Cards

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via  Mint Design Blog Business Card

photo source unknown

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via  Timeless Paper Business Card

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via  Angela Scheffer Business Card


As a designer, I’m surrounded by things that inspire me on a daily basis but it’s great when I can find inspiration from an unexpected source!


To see even more stylish and creative business cards, head over to my Business Card Pinterest Board!

and, if you’re into making your own business or calling cards, check out this great tutorial here.


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