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I bet every morning when you get up you brush your teeth, get dressed and eat something for breakfast.  These things are rituals in your life not only because they are necessary but because they make you feel better and set the stage for a productive day.  Just like your daily rituals, there are design rules or rituals that I think are necessary to get the most from your home and your décor.  These are the little things that bring out the best in the features of your home, the flow of your home, the function of your home and the style of your décor.  Whenever I am designing or decorating for clients, I try to always follow these rules, because they work and because the end results are always good!

Five Decorating Rules


With your windows that is!  I am a firm believer that most, if not all windows and the rooms they are in are enhanced by some type of window treatment.  Curtain panels add softness and can enhance the size of a room while valances, blinds or shades can add pattern, color and texture and that finishing touch that a room needs.  Straight curtain panels are my window treatment of choice and hanging them as high as possible is always the way!








for more window treatment ideas, check out my Curtain Call board on Pinterest


And adding mirrors into your design mix is they way to do it.  I’ve said it time and again here on the blog that mirrors are a wonder drug when it comes to decorating.  Mirrors add light, they make small spaces look bigger, they enhance the good things in your décor and take the attention off the bad.  Adding a mirror opposite a window, above a mantle or on the wall across from artwork is a great way to reflect the beauty inside and out.

Mirrors via decorpad

Ironies Mirror Room via modern sophisticate





For these and other decorating ideas using mirrors, take a look at my Mirror, Mirror on the Wall board


Yes I want you to create a comfortable home where you can put your feet up and relax but I also want you to make sure that the feet (front legs) or your furniture sits on the area rug that you have down.  This simple design principle will make your furniture arrangement feel more unified and connected and the will feel warmer and cozier too!

The Wrong Way…the sofa feels disconnected from the coffee table and the open space creates a visual barrier


The Right Way…




I'm oddly inspired by the colour...    I ♥ warm tones and splashes of colour in this space! Chic, colourful living room design with ivory cream wall paint colour, coffered ceiling, silver grey velvet sectional sofa, mushroom linen ottoman with nailhead trim, orange black yellow floral rug, blue glass gourd lamps, silver chairs, fireplace and art. Designed by Meredith Heron Design.


Just about every bookcase I work with, whether free-standing or built-in gets paint or a decorative treatment on the back wall.  Painting the backs of bookcases is an easy way to add color and drama to a room.  And it’s an inexpensive design treatment that packs a punch.  The rule of thumb I follow when painting bookcases it to paint the back wall only, not the side or the shelf.  The color on the back will draw the eye in and help the decorative elements stand out.






There are so many ways to decorate a bookcase and I’ve got all the inspiration captured on my Bookcase Beauties board on Pinterest!


Some things like furniture sets are better alone than part of a group, so when you have the chance break-up the set.  While furniture stores create sets to make it easy for people to envision how the furniture will look in a room, their “set formula” doesn’t allow much room to create a unique personality for a space.  Often times a room decorated with a set of furniture comes off contrived and over powering. When I’m working with a client that is drawn to a set of furniture I focus on the piece (or two) that they like best within the set. Then I pull pieces from other sources and stores to work with those pieces, creating a more personalize look.  For a dining room, the table or the sideboard is usually the key piece to work around.  For a living room or family room, the sofa or coffee table can set the tone for the décor. For the most personality filled space it is also a good idea to break up the finishes that are used within a room.  A room with nothing but dark stained wood pieces will always look dark and heavy.  Try incorporating metal, fabric and painted finishes to change the vibe and lighten things up.

The Wrong Waynot only does the lack of color variation feel stale, but the design detail in the set is over-powering the other elements in the room.


The Right Way…

This bedroom still maintains its traditional style even with the addition of a more contemporary mirrored nightstand and metallic pouf!  These non-traditional elements add interest without disturbing the tone of the room.




 Texture, Variety, Interest

Breaking these rules in not harmful to your health but it can cause a mild case of design style deterioration!

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Most of my post this week have all been about design details, in one way or another, so I thought this would be the perfect image for my Friday Room of the Week~

 Pinned Image

The wallpapered alcoves with a circular patterned paper play up all the other round details within the room….ottoman, rug, candle sconces, accent table, chandelier and curved back chairs.

The coral, pink and red accent colors are positioned around the room so that everything feels connected and relatable.

The neutral textured rug serves as a backdrop for all the decorative elements while at the same time drawing you into the center of the room.

Every element in this space is a well thought out detail!


I hope your weekend is carefree and fun, but don’t forget to enjoy the details!

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Are you a hardwood floor or carpet person?  Me, I love a little of both, but have become a bigger fan of carpet since I opened my eyes to modular carpet tiles.


 I’ve seen carpet squares being used on many of the design shows I watch on TV, but  I have always thought of them as an industrial option, lacking character.  Well, let me tell you I was wrong, wrong, wrong. This past weekend, I watched an episode of HGTV’s Design on a Dime, where they used carpet squares to dress up a dining room.  Wow… the look ever great and the cost was very reasonable. 


 That show really got me interested in carpet squares so I spent some time on the FLOR.com website.  This website is the mecca for beautiful and stylish carpet squares. 


I was so surprised to see all the color, texture and style options available.  And was even more thrilled to see that one of my design idols, Martha Stewart has developed a licensed program with them.   


Each of the carpet squares measures 19.7” sq and is made of renewable and recycled content, so they are earth friendly.  I love the ease involved in installing the squares and the multitude of design options available.  You can mix-and-match patterns to create your own custom look and create any size carpeting you need.  Flor tiles are the perfect companion to hardwood flooring, when you need a bit of softness under foot or some added texture and warmth for a space.  


Once the carpeting is down, if an area needs cleaning or replacing, you simply remove the one or two tiles needed and replace them with new tiles.  How brilliant!  

  Check out these designer looks you can create with Flor tiles.  





 After seeing all the beautiful carpet option available by Flor, all I can ask is where has FLOR.COM been all my life! 


Is a new carpet in your future?  If you have Flor tiles in your home, I’d love to see photos of your custom design.   

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