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Last year I started a holiday series entitled 30 Days of Holidays.  I had such a blast sharing all kinds of holiday decorating, wrapping, gifting and entertaining ideas that I’ve decided to run the series again this year.

 The 30 Days of Holidays series will kick off on Nov. 24th with the first of my holiday gift guides.  I’ve been shopping my favorite stores and online shops to bring you the best gifts to give (or put on your list) this Christmas.  As part of the series I’ll also be sharing holiday DIY projects, gift wrap ideas and my holiday decor.

Since I’ve got holiday gifts on my mind, I thought it would be fun to share my personal gift list with you.  These are all items that I’d buy for myself (and in some cases already have) or would love to find under the tree on Christmas morning.  

Enjoy and let me know which item is your favorite!

Favorite Things 2015.002



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It’s Throwback Thursday so I’m republishing one of my most popular holiday how-to post…

How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like A Pro!



When my store was open, one of the most attended workshops I did was called Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro.  While everyone has their own style when it comes to decorating their tree, everyone also wants to know the tips and techniques that designers used to create those over the top trees.  Well, today I’m going to let you in on our secrets….

1.  DEVELOP A THEME–Every great design project starts with a theme, even decorating a Christmas tree.  Having a theme will ensure all the elements work together and that the tree has major impact.  Your theme can be as simple as decorating with only red ornaments or as elaborate as creating a rustic yet elegant lodge themed tree. And, even if your tree is decorated with different ornaments collected over the years, that too can serve as your theme!  Whatever your theme is, it will serve as the foundation for  your overall  decorating plan.



2.  LIGHTS FIRST–Lighting a tree is time-consuming, but doing it right makes all the difference in how your tree will look in the end.

*  Start at the top of your tree and wrap the lights from the inside trunk towards the outer tips of a branch.  Once one branch is covered, create two or three big loops of lights on that same branch back towards the trunk.  Move to the next branch and repeat the process.  Continue working your way around the tree, covering all the branches.  Don’t forget to plug your lights in periodically to make sure they all work and the all the branches are covered well.

*  You can adjust the density of the lights by wrapping the lights closer together or further apart.



3.  ADD RIBBON OR FABRIC–While most people add ribbon to their trees, fabric is a great alternative.  Ribbon, bows or fabric pieces will provide a backdrop for our ornaments and can be added to your tree in several different ways.  One method is to drape the ribbon from top to bottom, tucking it into the tree at intervals.  This will create peaks and valleys and create added dimension to your tree decor.   Another great trick is to layer several different ribbons together and creating big loops with cascading tails (see top photo).

If you are using bows on your tree, make sure the size and scale of the bow is in keeping with the overall size of the tree….8 to 10 medium size bows on a 9 ft. tree is enough!

Christmas Ribbon


4.  ADD DIMENSIONAL PICS OR SPARYS–This one element will do more for your tree than anything else will.  Take glitter pics, feather stems or floral stems and place them around your tree randomly. Not only are your creating layers with your tree, but you are adding texture and dimension.  On large trees, several styles of pic and be used together while on smaller trees it is best to use a single pic style in mass.





5.  LAYER, LAYER, LAYER–Now it’s time to start adding ornaments.  Don’t just place your ornaments on the surface of the tree, layer your ornaments within the tree branches.  Place solid colored ornaments deep into the tree and hang the more colorful and ornate ornaments on the tips of the branches.

And remember,
Vary the shapes of sizes of your ornaments
Vary the color tones, using shiny ornaments along with matt and textured finishes
Adding solid color ornaments will help ground the tree and create an element of consistency within your theme
Cluster small ball ornaments together with a wire and hang them in groupings for added impact




6.  THE TOPPER–The top of your tree should really make a statement.  Create a unique topper using pics and flower stems, several large bows put together or go add a whimsical element that supports your theme.  If you have a traditional topper, use pics at the base of the topper to frame it.



A few other tricks of the trade…

*  Use ornament spinners to add visual impact to the tree.  These little gems plug into one of the light sockets and spin lightweight ornaments.

*  Curl the tips of your artificial tree  to give it a whimsical touch.

Amount of Christmas Tree Product

So there you have it, the ins and outs of decorating a Christmas tree like a pro!


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Hello friends!  Where is the time going?  Today I’m tapping into my inner girl scout and sharing a post about being prepared.  And while this is a post about getting ready for Christmas, it’s not meant to take the focus off of Thanksgiving and what that holiday means.  Instead my goal is to help you get a jump of Christmas so that once Thanksgiving has passed you can usher in the Christmas season with less stress and anxiety and enjoy it to the fullest.

By nature I’m a preparer and organizer.  I don’t function well without order in my life, a daily to-do list, and a cup of tea in the morning.   So, these tips are just as much for you as they are for me. With only 7 weeks before Christmas, nows the time to start making that list and checking it twice!

Preparing For Christmas.001

 #1 Pull out your holiday decor and assess what you have. Stores have been stocked with Christmas decor for weeks (and in some cases months) and items are selling fast.  Now is the time to take inventory of what Christmas decor you have and what items you need to purchase.  This is especially key when it comes to Christmas lights because there never seem to be enough white Christmas lights to go around.

#2  Determine your holiday decor theme.  Once you’ve looked through your Christmas decor, determine what your decorating theme will be this year.  You may have a traditional look that you want to continue with or you may want to change things up a bit.  Whatever look you want, now is the time to get a picture in your head so when you start to decorate you’ll know exactly the look you want.

2014 Christmas Table By ConfettiStyle(33) copy

# 3  Schedule time to buy, set-up and decorate the tree.  Decorating a Christmas tree is a task so block out time on your calendar for decorating so you don’t feel rushed.  If you buy a live tree, plan the date when you’ll go purchase the tree and then make sure the area where it will go is clear and free for when you bring it home.

# 4  Plan your gift list.  All of the major retailers and online stores have begun to promote their holiday gift guides.  Gift guides show you the hottest items of the season so take note because they can be a great starting point in helping you create your own gift list.  If you’ve got electronics and toys on your list, it’s also a great time to start price shopping to find the best deals.

# 5  Buy (or make) your Christmas cards.  I was in Target the other day and they have the cutest Christmas cards.  Just like gift wrap and Christmas lights, the weeks before Thanksgiving is when Christmas cards start flying off the shelf.  Head to the store in the next week to get your cards so you don’t miss out on the best designs. Or you can be totally insane like me and try to fit handmade cards onto the to-do list!

Christmas Gift Wrap 2014 by ConfettiStyle (7) copy

# 6  Create a giftwrap station (or at least pull together your holiday wrapping materials).  I love to wrap gifts so creating a gift wrap stations is something I love to do.  Fill a basket with holiday wrapping essentials so everyone in the family can easily access the items.  Here’s what items should be included in your giftwrap station:  assorted size boxes, tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbon, tape, tags, embellishments, scissors

**my favorite sources for holiday wrap this year:  Giftwrap Wonderland, Sugar Paper LA and Paper Source

#7  Ready the guest room.  There’s always lots to do to prepare for the holidays and it’s the little things that often get overlooked.  If you have guests coming for Christmas, spend a couple of hours getting the guest room prepared.  Check out my guest room ready post to help you welcome your guests in style.

Christmas Gift Wrap 2014 by ConfettiStyle (8) copy

# 8  Set the table.  I know this won’t work if you use your dining table everyday but I know for many folks the dinning room only gets used on special occasions.  If you fall into that category, plan ahead and get the table ready for your holiday dinner.  Iron the linens, pull out the china and create your place settings. A few days before Christmas, create the centerpiece and you’ll be all set.

# 9  Plan you menu & buy cooking staples.  Cooking is not one of my favorite things to do and I get really cranky when I decide to cook and find I’m missing a staple like baking soda or spices.  Now is the time to loosely plan your holiday menu and purchase all of the staples you’ll need so you have them on hand.

DIY Mug Wrap by ConfettiStyle1

and with all that preparation you be able to…

# 10  Enjoy the season!  Taking time to prepare for the busy holiday season will pay off in big ways because you’ll be able to relax, enjoy a hot toddy and watch your favorite Christmas movies without stress.


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I’ve always tried to stay one step ahead when it comes to holiday gift giving.  I usually take advantage of the after-Christmas sales and pick up a few gift items for the coming year. January is a great month to begin creating a gift list and checking out stores for sales.  Several of my favorite stores have amazing clearance events going on right now and there are some fabulous items to be had.  I’ve rounded up a few of my faves in case you want to get a jump on your 2015 holiday shopping.


Mark and Graham is one of  my favorite online shops and when it comes to monogrammed accessories, they have some amazing items to choose from.  All of their monogrammed items make great gifts for Christmas or any other gift giving occasion for that matter.


Gift shopping for men is always a challenge.  This Leather Credit Card Case–($19.99) is a great buy and makes the perfect gift men {and women}.  And if you have someone graduating this year, it’s a great grad gift too.
A classic like this Monogrammed Weekender–($119.99) is a gift that will last a lifetime.
Who wouldn’t love this Leather iPad Envelope–($59.00).  Available in 9 colors.
  I’m all about zippered pouches that I can fill with essentials and throw in a larger handbag–so many uses for an item like this.  Striped Zip Pouches-($34.99-$35.00)


 If I’m out shopping the day after Christmas, Pottery Barn is one of the stores I always go to.  I love finding holiday ornaments, tabletop items and textiles on sale.  Here are a few items that I think are worth adding to your gift closet.


How fun is this Globe Ice Bucket–($54.99).  Because it has a chalkboard exterior it can be used for any occasion and when not in use as an ice bucket, I think it would make a pretty cute nut or candy bowl.
Luxury at a great price.  Faux Oversized Mohair Throw ($39.99-$55.00)
These Alphabet Tags-($3.99) are just adorable and their classic design means you can use them now until Christmas.  And don’t forget that tags like them can also be used a napkin rings, wine bottle tags or as holiday ornaments.


Crate and Barrel is also a store worth shopping after the holidays.  Here are a few decorative items that are definitely worth buying.



If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone who loves to decorate I highly recommend these Brass Letter Art pieces.  They are a great buy at $9.97 each and are available in letters and numbers.
January is a great month to pick up seasonal candles and these Branch Taper Candles are definitely a stylish steal.  $2.97
Stocking up on wrapping paper after the holidays can save you a lot of money when Christmas rolls around next year. I love the elegant style and color of this Lacy Snowflake Wrapping Paper and love the price even more–$3.58!
When it comes to setting a holiday table, you can never go wrong with classic white dinnerware.  This Nordic Plate ($2.47) is really pretty and has a design that will work from fall through Christmas.


There are lots of deals to be had right now when shopping the after Christmas sales so start making that list of checking it twice.  Christmas is only 339 days away.

For more gifting ideas, read all about my essentials for a well stocked gift closet here.

Happy Shopping!


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Merry Christmas!

Christmas Gift Wrap 2014 by ConfettiStyle (8) copy

It’s Christmas Eve and I just wanted to share a final glimpse of our holiday home with you.

2014 has been a year of highs, lows and new adventures.  I lost a dear cousin in a car accident recently but know that she is with God and is being taken care of.

I was able to travel, see new places and experience new things.

I was blessed with new design projects and am thankful for each and every client that I have.

I am grateful of new business opportunities and love the partnerships I have had throughout the year.

My friendships mean the world to me and I am lucky to have gal pals in my life that fill me with joy.

And I am so blessed to have had another year with my best friend and husband.  He is the best gift Santa has ever given me.

Most importantly I wanted to wish each any every one of you a joyous holiday and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for following the blog and taking the time to comment.  Being able to share my passions and creativity with you brings me such happiness and fuels me to work harder to make ConfettiStyle a source of inspiration for all areas of your life.  I already have a notebook full of ideas for 2015 and can’t wait to share them with you.

In the meantime, I am going to step away from the blog for a few days to enjoy my family and relax.  I’ll be back before the new year to share some inspiration to help you welcome 2015.

Until then, enjoy our 2014 Holiday Home and Merry Christmas!

2014 Bedroom Decor (18) copy

2014 Bedroom Decor (34) copy

2014 Bedroom Decor (42) copy

2014 Bedroom Decor (14) copy

Holiday Welcome Basket.5

2014 Bedroom Decor (49) copy

ConfettiStyle Christmas Tree 2014 (12)

ConfettiStyle Christmas Tree 2014 (6)

2014 Christmas Table By ConfettiStyle (64) copy

DIY Candy Tube by ConfettiStyle1

ConfettiStyle Christmas Tree 2014 (13)

ConfettiStyle Christmas Tree 2014 (3)

Christmas Gift Wrap 2014 by ConfettiStyle (11) copy

DIY Mug Wrap by ConfettiStyle2

5 Christmas Door Basket with Royal Design Studio Stencils

Christmas Countdown Chalkboard (10) copy

Decvorative Wrapped Candles

Decorative Matches




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Candy Cane Flower Arrangement

I ventured out to a couple of store yesterday to return a couple of items and boy was it madness.  While store shelves are looking bare, there is one holiday item that you can always count on finding up to until Christmas Day–Candy Canes.

If you’re in a pinch for a holiday treat, here are a few ideas you can make in a flash using candy canes.

Candy Cane Marshmellows

Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops

Candy Cand Cupcake

North Pole Cupcakes

Candy Cane Cheesecake Topper

Peppermint Bark Cheesecake

 {if you don’t feel like baking, buy a cheesecake from the store and add crushed candy canes on top}




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Did you all survive the last weekend before Christmas?  I did and listening to Christmas music in the house and car helped get me through!

Today I thought I’d share one of my favorite all-time holiday song moments featuring Whitney Houston (so moving)  as well as a list of some of my favorites holiday classics.




all songs available on i-tunes



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ConfettiStyle Christmas Tree 2014 (7)

Ok, it’s crunch time.  If you’re still in need of a few Christmas gifts or need to add a few more decorative elements to your home, I’ve got a great round-up of quick and easy gift and decor ideas.

You are definitely going to be inspired so get ready to gift and decorate!



First up is this amazing DIY blanket scarf from Amy of the MomAdvice blog. Read this easy tutorial and then hop in the car and head to your local fabric store to grab supplies to make a scarf or two for someone on your list..including you!

tip:  In a pinch you could also cut up a holiday tablecloth and get the same results!


This Grown Up Hot Chocolate is an easy gift to put together and is something both men and women will enjoy.

tip:  you and find all of the ingredients for this at the grocery store


I showed you the Christmas Candy Tubes I made for my family a couple of weeks ago but wanted to share them again in case you need a quick gift for the mailman, grandkids or the hairdresser.  Instead of filling your tube with candy like I did, fill it with money, lottery tickets or even a jewelry.

tip:  if you can’t find mailing tubes at a store, cut up the cardboard inserts that are in your rolls of gift wrap

DIY Candy Tubes (1)

When all the big box stores are sold out of cold weather goods, head to your local thrift store on Christmas Eve and pick up a few sweaters so you can make some adorable DIY Mittens like these.

DIY Mittens

How cute are these DIY Wine Goblets.  A trip to the Dollar Store and the Sharpies you already own and you’ve got a great gift.  A

Add a bottle of wine or DIY Coasters to Up-Style your gift.

DIY Wine Goblets

DIY Sharpie Coasters

And don’t forget how easy it is to turn a plain mug into an awesome Ribbon Wrapped Mug Christmas gift.

DIY Mug Wraps (17)



When it comes to last minute holiday decorating, head to the yard and clip a few branches and sprigs of greenery.  Coat a few of the branches with white spray paint and add the bundle to a decorative vase.

Yvonne over at StoneGable created these beautiful arrangements and has even more last minute decorating ideas to share with you over on her blog.


Take that left over ribbon you have lying around and wrap a few of your everyday pillows for a quick and easy Christmas Pillow update for your sofa like Cassie from HiSugarplum did!

Ribbon Wrapped Pillows

If you’re holiday centerpiece still needs to be done, use a few of the wrapped gifts under the tree to create a Gift Box Centerpiece.  So cut and so easy!

Gift Box Centerpiece

All it takes to create an ornament display for your mantel at the last minute is a few ornaments and a glass container.

Ornaments in a Jar




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