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Handmade Halloween Candy Box6 copy

I may have mentioned before that my mom is part of group of women that get together every month to play POKENO. They bet pennies and at the end of the day all of the pennies are collected and put in a large jar.  Around Christmas time the group gathers the pennies they’ve collected throughout the year and buy non-parishable food.  Then they create gift bags filled with food and treats and take the bags to the local nursing home to hand out to the patients there.  This is a pretty major gesture since most of the ladies in my moms group are in their 80’s!

Handmade Halloween Candy Box7 copy

Since my mom is hosting the October  Pokeno party, I thought I’d send a box of candy to her so all the ladies could enjoy it at their gathering.  Of course I couldn’t send a store bought box of candy so I got busy making a crafting a custom candy box.


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DIY Wall Art by ConfettiStyle1

My mother was a school teacher for 27 years and every summer, a couple of weeks before school started, I’d go to the classroom to help her decorate the bulletin boards.  I loved going to her classroom and getting it ready for the first day of school and always love to write on the chalkboard and look at the old school map that hung on one wall.   The map seemed larger than life and I remember loving how it was hung, from two wood rods and a rope.

Vintage School Map


The other day I came across a piece of wall art that was hung in a similar way and it brought back memories.  I decided I needed my own version of vintage school map style artwork in my home and so I created one.  Instead of using an image for my art piece, I decided to create a wall quote instead.


To create this piece I headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up two pieces of  their 36″ x 1″ x 1/4″ pine wood pieces and a 11″ x 14″ canvas.

 Once home I cut the wood pieces in half so that I’d have four 18″ long pieces and then stained them with Minwax stain sheets.

DIY Wall Art by ConfettiStyle

Next I cut the canvas off of the frame so that I’d have a loose piece of canvas.  To create a clean edge, I measured 1/2″ in on each side of my canvas, folded the edge under and secured it with stitch witchery.

Then I got busy hand lettering my quote using a SharpieAlways Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen!

Once I was done hand-lettering I glued the top and bottom edge of the canvas between two pieces of wood.

The piece now hangs as part of an eclectic gallery wall arrangement.

DIY Wall Art by ConfettiStyle2

I love how this project turned out and the memories that it reminds me of.


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Happy Sunday!  I hope your weekend has been a good one so far and that you’ll savor and enjoy today!

When I’m feeling inspired I can’t help but share it with you so today I’m popping in to share a few things that inspired me this week.

Wood Gift tags


These adorable and easy to DIY wood gift tags which might work with my holiday decor theme.


If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I headed back to Home Depot this week to finish making this wood cart, designed by blogger Anna White.

Bar cart


 Now I need to UpStyle it and this image has me thinking about side details and pretty casters.

turq chandelier


This gorgeous chandelier had me at STUNNING!

Pom Poms


After I saw these multi-colored pom poms, I wanted to  make some multi-colored pom poms!



This quote is nothing but inspiring!

Next week is going to be a crazy one.  I got called back for more jury duty questioning, for a big case here in Atlanta and I have my fingers crossed that I don’t get picked.  In anticipation of a busy week, I’ve completed two design plans early, I’ve written all my blog post for the week ( I’ve got some good ones for  you) and a new stack of magazines is ready to accompany me to the court house!


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Do you remember years ago when everyone had black luggage and how everyone tried to come up with a clever way to identify their bags?


Like many of you I tied ribbon to the handle in an effort to distinguish my bag from everyone else.  Most of the time the ribbon would come back tattered or missing off my luggage.


I’ve also tried wrapping yarn around the handle (although it didn’t look as pretty as this) but that was a failure too.


How about identifying your bag with tape?.  How many of you have tried that trick?

4. Long strips on long sides

Adding washi tape to your bag would definitely give it some style but I don’t think it would stand up too well against those baggage carousels.


Since I’ve been doing a fair bit of traveling this year and will be heading out for my final trip of the summer, I decided it was time to come up with a stylish and effective way to identify my bags.  In addition to the traditional luggage tag I have on my bags, I wanted to create a tag that would stand out and be easy to identify.

DIY Bag Tag by ConfettiStyle (1)

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make your own bag tags:

*  Wood Shapes (about the size of a traditional luggage tag)
*  Decorative Scrapbook Paper
* Gold Spray Paint  
* Mod Podge
*Mod Podge Spray Sealer
*  Grommets
* Large Jump Rings
How To:
1. Drill a hole into the top of each wood piece
2.  Spray paint the front, back and sides of all your wood pieces
3.  Cut your scrapbook paper to fit your wood pieces
4.  Paste paper to each side of your wood piece using your Mod Podge.  
After you have placed one side of paper, punch through it so that you know where the hole it.  Attach the other piece of paper and punch through that so the hold is open on both sides of your tag.
5.  Once your Mod Podge has dried, spray each side of the tag with your sealer and let dry
6.  Add the grommets to the holes in your tag
7.  Add large jump ring and attach your tag to your luggage.
If you’re looking for split rings in colors other than silver, I found this shop on Etsy that has a great selection.

DIY Bag Tag by ConfettiStyle (2)

I can’t wait to take my tags on the road.  As you read this, I’m on my way to Washington, DC  for a mini family vacation.  It’s going to be a fun trip because my mom is coming in from Oklahoma and this will be the first time my hubby has ever visited DC.  I’ll see you back here next week.  

Have a safe holiday weekend!


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DIY Stationery Caddy by ConfettiStyle5

I’ve been on a mission this year to send more hand-written notes.

When it comes time to sit down and jot at note to a friend, I go into my craft closet and pull out a card.

 Then I sort through my embellishments for something fun to add to the envelope.

After the note is written, I dig through my desk drawer for stamps.

The simple act of writing a  note become more of a process than a pleasure.

To help make the writing notes more enjoyable and to have all my supplies within reach, I decide to create simple desk-top Custom Stationery Caddy.


 I headed to Michael’s to look for a box or container that I could retro-fit.  What I found was a perfect solution–a decorative washi tape holder!

 There were two compartments that can hold pens and markers, the removable bar holds washi tape I use to embellish envelopes and the bar also works as a divider to separate notecards.

The caddy also has a serrated bar to cut the washi tape.


A solid white box was not going to work for me so out came a sheet of  Wallternatives vinyl silver dots that I got at the Haven Conference. I placed the removable dots randomly around the container and in a flash I had a really cute stationery caddy.

DIY Stationery Caddy by ConfettiStyle4

When was the last time you surprised someone with a hand-written note?  


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When it comes to entertaining, creating beautiful tablescapes and place settings is an essential part of the decor.  You table decor can be elaborate and over-the-top or simple and classic, and the best part is that there are so many beautiful place settings you can make by hand with a few basic crafting supplies.  Here’s a round-up of inspiration photos and the steps to DIY these looks for yourself.


No. 1  Dollie Name Card

When it comes to crafting, I don’t think dollies get the credit they deserve.  Paper dollies come in different shapes and colors and can easily be turned into a vintage inspired name tag that can adorn the center of the plate. If you’re using glass plates, place the dollie under the plate and it can stay there throughout the dinner service.

Get the Look:  

Paper Dollies (this site has a great selection of colors and shapes)
 (to create a keepsake paper favor, I recommend using a vintage cloth dollie instead of paper)
Ultra Fine Sharpie Pen


No. 2  Gold Rimmed Plate & Napkin Ring

Turning a clear glass plate into an elegant serving piece is as easy as gluing gold beads around the rim.  And to compliment the plate, how about making a gold ball napkin ring?

Get the Look:

Gold Beads  (use E6000 glue to secure the beads to the plate rim (E6000 is not food safe so only use for the plates for decor or as a layering plate)
Plastic Belt Buckles (look for vintage buckles at flea markets or you can find them on Etsy)


No. 3  Clip Board Menu Card & Place Card

I love this idea not only because I love clipboards but because it is just too darn cute.  Pick up clipboards at the dollar store, spray paint them to accent your table and clip on the menu and a name card.  If you want to use the clipboard as a party favor, I recommend adding a monogrammed pencil that can go with it.

Get the Look:

Small Clipboard with open clip, Small Clipboard with closed clip (I buy almost all my clipboards from thrift stores so keep an eye out for them when shopping)
Personalized Pencils (better quality), (cheap price)


No. 4  Striped Plates

This is a really fun and easy way to add a pop of color to your party table. All it takes is a little acrylic paint (you choose the colors) and you’ll have place settings that pop.

Get the Look:

Clear Glass Plate  (in order to serve food off the plate, you’ll be painting the underside of the plate so make sure the surface is smooth)
Frog Tape (if you really want to get crafty use their Shape Tapes)
Acrylic Paint–you can pick from high-gloss, metallic, pearlized, glitter or satin finishes  (this paint is even dishwasher safe)


No. 5  Decoupage Plates

Decoupaging your own plates is a great way to create inexpensive decorative plates.  Just about any paper embellishment can be adhered to the plate surface, to fit with any entertaining theme you have going.

Get the Look:

Ceramic Plates ( check thrift stores, especially if you’re OK with a mis-matched look)
Decal or Paper Embellishment (you can also find these at Michaels or JoAnn Fabric)
Decoupage Glue (this is water-based, non-toxic, food safe and top rack dishwasher safe)


No. 6 Chalkboard Plates

This is one place setting idea that you will be able to use over and over again and mix with any decor theme throughout the year. Painting plates with chalkboard paint is super easy and a great way to personalize your table.

Get the Look:

Plates (this project definitely calls for thrift store plates since the entire plate will be covered up–you don’t need anything fancy)
Chalkboard Paint ( I like to use paint in a can but you can also use chalkboard spray paint) (tips on applying chalkboard paint)


No. 7 Personalized Plates

I love all things personalized and this place setting is right up my alley, especially for a holiday party, special celebration or even a New Years shindig.  If you have good penmanship you can create this look by hand using paint or a sharpie, or for a more temporary fix you can get crafty with your Circut machine or use craft stickers.

Get the Look:

Solid Colored Plates (as long as the plate has a solid colored center you can use it)
Alphabet Stickers (the options are endless) or your Circut Explore


No. 8 Painted Plates

Ok, you could go out and buy plates in different colors and save yourself some work but DIYing is much more fun.  I love the idea of combining plates in different colors to create a bold color theme for your table.  You can use a single color family or vary each place setting for a more colorful table.

Get the Look:

Clear Glass Plates (paint your dinner plate one color and the salad plate another, and paint the backs of the plates so the food surface is usable)
If you want to add a metallic rim, use a Sharpie to color in the rim before painting the rest of the plate
Glass Paint (dishwasher safe)


No. 9 Glittered Charger Plates

How many times have you passed up scratched plastic charger plates at Goodwill?  Me, about a thousand.  The next time I see some of these I will definitely be getting them so I can DIY a set of beautiful glittered chargers.

Get the Look:

Plastic Charger Plates (if you can’t find any at the thrift store, Michaels carries them so look for a sale)
Glittered Paint (paint the backs of the plate and you’ll need to seal them with an acrylic sealer to make them hand-washable)
You can also use a glittered spray paint (I’ve heard this stuff is not easy to work with)
decoupage loose glitter onto the plate (mix glitter with decoupage glue and paint onto plate)  If you do this you’ll definitely want to seal with a sealer to prevent having glitter everywhere



I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get crafty and have a party!

So, which of these DIY party place settings is your favorite.


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As I continue to unwind from the Haven conference and get back into my routine, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite inspiration Pinterest pins.  Just like most of you, I look to Pinterest for creative and DIY inspiration, design ideas and lots of other things.  Pinterest always delivers and always inspires a project idea or two.  I hope you’re inspired by these pins.


Handmade Leather Case


DIY Canvas Art


DIY Bentwood Chair


Lace Dollie Light


Plaster Flower Votives


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Have you noticed that I have a tray obsession?  Well I do but I can’t help myself.  Trays are such a fun accent for a table top, vanity, desk or bar cart and are the perfect accessory to help keep smaller items organized.

Recently I stumbled upon the image of this $65 tray in a magazine and knew immediately that I wanted to created my own version…for a lot less!


I picked up this unfinished wood tray at Walmart for $8.00 and grabbed a few paint chips from Home Depot.

IMG_9534 copy

Once home I pulled out my Fiskars Hexagon Punch and punched a variety of paint chip colors.

IMG_9535 copy

Next I spray painted the tray using Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint in Aged Copper making sure to cover the entire tray.


IMG_9537 copy

I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the inside bottom of the tray and arranged my hexagons, randomly placing the colors.

Once all the pieces were in place I applied Mod Podge over the hexagons and all the sides and edge of the tray.

IMG_9544 copy

I love how my tray turned out.  I placed it in several places in my home and finally decided to keep it on my bar cart as a fun summer accent.

IMG_9540 copy

DIY Hexagon Cocktail Tray by ConfettiStyle



I’m in a creative mood so look for more fun and easy projects to come.

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