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Bohemian Style Home2

Did you know that the definition of Boho Chic can be found in the Urban Dictionary?

The term Boho Chic as it relates to clothing is described as a fashion trend that is part bohemian and part chic. It is tied to the vintage phenomenon in fashion where the trend was to bring back vintage styles for the modern era. Boho chic combines organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces.

Boho fashion style1

The trend is said to have been started by actress Sienna Miller in 2005 when she wore bohemian-style clothing in the movie Alfie and back then the style was only expected to be around a few years and then fade away.  The boh0 look became a hit and people began to imitate the style and fashion designers took notice.


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via My Domaine

I love a beautiful office space like the one above from House of Harper.  A space doesn’t have to be big or super fancy to grab my attention, it just has to be efficient and filled with stylish organization and lots of personality.

 I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to office, craft and hobby rooms with over 500 images of some of the most beautiful and creative work spaces ever.  The common thread within all of the spaces I admire are the style details and organizing ideas.


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Guest Bathroom Update (24) copy

I just love it when a project comes together.  After finishing my stenciled shower curtain, I set about pulling together the accessories to use in our guest bathroom.

The bathroom is all white so I had a clean and crisp color palette to work around.  Since the black and white shower curtain is a bold graphic pattern, I wanted to keep the rest of the accessories elegant and pretty.  The color palette is black and white with accents of gold, pink and grey.


I loved using the Drifting Arrows stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils to create my custom shower curtain.

Guest Bathroom Update (68) copy

I placed a grouping of decorative accessories on the vanity and this gold leaf tray is the star of the show.  It is so gorgeous!

 Guest Bathroom Update (26) copy

Guest Bathroom Update (25) copy

I placed a vintage brass stool I found last year at an antique store next to the tub.


I had this framed chalkboard and hung it on one of the side walls.  The quote adds a little whimsy to the decor. The gold frame helps to tie all the gold elements together.

Guest Bathroom Update (23) copy

Guest Bathroom Update (22) copy

Guest Bathroom Update (65) copy

Guest Bathroom Update (17) copy

I replaced basic brass knobs with these beautiful crystal knobs.  A decorative knob is such an inexpensive and easy updated for a bathroom.


Guest Bathroom Update (16) copy

Guest Bathroom Update (1) copy

 I painted the shower curtain and changed all the decor in the bathroom when the hubby was at work and boy was he pleasantly surprised when he came home.  We both love how the space turned out.

I hope you are inspired by our little bathroom update. I’ll be sharing more bathroom decorating tips with you next week, including how to make a simple bathroom look more expensive.

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Product source list:
Crystal knobs–D. Lawless / Floral Artwork–HomeGoods / White Shower Curtain–Target / Drifting Arrows stencilCutting Edge Stencil
Brass Stool–Vintage/Antique Store / Gold Leaf Tray–HomeGoods / Glass Vanity Jar–TJMaxx (purchased years ago)
Scalloped Edge Brass Bowl–thrifted / Towels–HomeGoods and Ikea

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There are two things I really love in life….design and shopping.  Those two things go hand in hand in my book and there’s no better way to share two of my passions with you then in a new blog series called Product and Inspiration.  

Similar to “get the look” post that you might see on other blogs, my goal for each Product and Inspiration post is to share a product I love along with inspirational design photos using that item (or something very similar) AND a design tip or two.    I hope you enjoy “shopping” with me and more importantly I hope you’re inspired to decorate your life in style.



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Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend and did something special for Valentines.  My hubby unfortunately caught the cold I had and was down and out most of the weekend, so we had lots of down town watching movies and napping.

Tall Windows

After writing the post on Easy Ways to UpStyle Plain Window Treatments, I got a email from Cathryn asking about window treatments for tall windows.  If you’ve ever had two story tall windows in your home, you know how challenging it can be to style them with window treatments.  Today I’m going to answer Cathryn’s question and share a few tips on decorating tall windows with you. Many of the design tips I’m sharing can apply to regular height windows too, so everyone can get something from of this post.


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Decorating with Things You Love

Style at Home

I love talking to women who are in the process of decorating or re-decorating their home.  It may be their first apartment, their first house or a house they have lived in for years.  Regardless of their living situations, I always offer up my best piece of design advice which never changes–Decorate With The Things You Love!

With a slew of home decor stores, catalogs, websites and blogs to provide design inspiration, I think many people lose sight of this golden rule.  Decorating with the things you love goes way beyond a favorite accessory piece or framed family picture, it’s about creating a home filled only with things that enrich your life, your body, your mind and your soul.


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Watercolor Floral


When I shared my 2015 Design Trend Forecast a couple of weeks ago, one of the trends I mentioned was watercolor florals.  Now I’m seeing another watercolor concept making a wave in the design world–watercolor walls.


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 Happy New You

Happy first Monday of 2015!  

I’m excited about the 360 days that lay ahead and all that I can accomplish, experience and do this year.  I’ve been working on outlining some specific blog goals for 2105 and will be sharing  it all with you soon.  When I originally started the ConfettiStyle blog, my mission was to share tips, ideas and inspiration in the areas of interior design/decorating, entertaining, gifting and fashion.  I’ve stayed true to my vision over the years while expanding a bit and including some DIY and crafting projects as well.

Because these are all things I’m passionate about, I’ve enjoyed sharing my knowledge, ideas and projects and plan to do more of that in 2015.  I will also be introducing some new blog series throughout the year, one of which is the basis of today’s post–Jump Starting the New Year!

Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing tips and inspiration to jump-start the new year when decorating your home, to help you entertain creatively, to personalize your gift giving and to help you create your unique fashion statement.

So let’s get going and jump-start the new year!


I know many people feel that same way that I do when Christmas ends..  The tree comes down, the sparkling lights get boxed up, the Christmas music comes to an end and your home feels flat. Christmas can definitely add a magical feel to your home but there are FIVE easy and inexpensive things you can do now to make your home feel magical again as you move into the new year.

No. 1–ReArrange Your Furniture

The new year calls for a new perspective and when it comes to home decor, one of the easiest ways to achieve that is with a simple shift of your furniture.  The beginning of the year is a great time to mix it up and change the focus of your room.  Try moving the sofa to a new location, switch our lamps and maybe even change the area rug.  Go through every room in your home and see what elements can be moved from one room to another.  This little exercise is also a great way to reconnect with your design style.  As you move things around you’ll begin to notice items that no longer appeal to you or fit your aesthetic.  Purge those pieces so in the new year your home reflects only things that you love and that make you feel good.

Furniture Arranging



No. 2–DeClutter and Organize Your Surroundings

I for one cannot function if I’m in a disorganized environment.  Whenever my home or office is in disarray it is reflected in my mood and my work efficiency.  I grew up with a dad that believed in ‘everything in it’s place, and a place for everything’ and this is my mantra as well.  Take the month of January to declutter, purge and organize the areas of your home that you spend the most time in.  Start by organizing what is visible to the eye and then move to drawers and hidden spaces.

If you need some easy organizing tips, check out this post from The Budget Decorator.

 Home Organization


No. 3–Refresh With New Pillows

A new year often means a refocus on saving money and budgeting. You don’t have to invest in a lot in new decor to give your home a fresh feel for the new year, just refresh your pillows.  Add a few colorful pillows to brighten up your sofa and the overall look of your room.  Target, HomeGoods and Ikea are my favorite budget-friendly pillow sources and when I’m really on a tight budget, I get crafty and handcraft a few pillows using inexpensive cloth napkins.  You can learn how to make a no-sew pillow from one of my favorite bloggers.



No. 4–Surround Yourself With Inspiration

The other day I wrote a blog post focused on having a positive mind which I believe helps in creating a positive life.  An inexpensive way to stay positive is to surround yourself with inspirational quotes and artwork. Create a gallery wall in your home office or in the hallway you walk every morning and night.  As you walk by your art display, read the words and make them apart of your daily mindset.   There are tons of free downloads on Pinterest and great DIY images via Etsy.  You can check out my favorite inspirational downloads on my Free Download Pinterest board.

 Inspirational Art


No. 5–Accessorize With Feel Good Items

A great way to energize the new year and keep it going until the last day of December is to accessorize with what I call feel good items.  Candles will not only make your home smell good but surrounding yourself with a beautiful scent will do wonders to help you relax and rejuvenate.  Gather a stack of books that inspire you or that you want to read this year and incorporate them into your decor.  Use the books to elevate decorative items and place a few on your nightstand.  Here are a few books on my 2015 reading list:

 Motivation Manifesto

At Home with Madame Chic

Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home

Fresh Flowers


Taking time at the beginning of the year will help you create a year filled with beauty, inspiration, comfort and Joy!

Your Year


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