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Good Morning everyone (or should I say afternoon)!  I hope you all had a great weekend.

Today I wanted to share a little bit about the design workshop I conducted on Saturday. I’ve been partnering with a local retail store called Smith’s for several years now and have conducted seasonal design workshops for their customers.  Smith’s is located in Duluth, GA on Main Street which has lots gift and decor stores, restaurants and art galleries.

Over the years my workshop topic centered around home decor since that was the primary product focus of the store.  However, Smith’s recently made a change to their product mix and in addition to carrying decorative accessories and gifts, they now sell clothing, accessories and footwear.  They have also co-branded their store as Smith’s and BoCo Girl which is the fashion side of the business.

  So, what’s a designing girl like me to do when it’s time to come up with a workshop theme and it has to include fashion? Well, I tapped into my fashion experience and created a workshop that focused on how your fashion style can influence and define your home decor style.

I thought you’d enjoy the presentation here on the blog so here’s my cliff note version of the fashion and design tips I shared with the group.


Fashion Meets Decor Quote

♥  Fashion and home decor and directly related since many of the trends you see in home decor as spun from the colors, patterns, textures and materials you see in clothing.

♥  A great way to define your design style is to look in the closet and identify the colors and patterns you wear most.  Use what you love in fashion to help build a design theme for your home.

Fashion Meets Decor

♥  Sometime fashion only inspires and design trend and in some cases home decor patterns and colors are a direct interpretation of a fashion statement.

♥  Understanding your clothing style (loose and layered or streamline and structured) can relate to how you’d like to style your home and how each room needs to function for you.

Fashion Meets Decor2

♥   Fun patterns in clothing can add personality to your wardrobe just like patterns in your decor can help define the personality of your home.

♥  Your fashion style should play up your best physical assets and the way you decorate your home should highlight the best features of your home (tall ceilings, windows, trim etc)

Fashion Meets Decor5

♥  A favorite wardrobe piece like a classic denim jacket can be the inspiration for the decor in your home.

♥  And if you have a signature look when it comes to fashion like Diane Keaton, use that to determine your design formula.

Denim Decor via Style At Home

via style at home

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton's Bedroom via Domaine

via my domaine

♥  The style of jewelry and accessories you wear can inspire the types of items and the way your accessorize around your house.


necklace available from Smith’s

Coffee Table Decor via Theteacherdiva

via the teacher diva


shoes available from Smith’s

♥  Because fashion is such a personal statement that ties into our emotions, it’s very likely that the elements you like in fashion are also elements you’ll like as decor in your home.

Fashion Meets Decor3

♥  Create a style identity that reflected in your wardrobe and in your home.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren via Macy’s

Living room via From The Right Bank

via from the right bank

♥  Fashion and decor are so inter-connected, it’s a great idea to use use fashion accessories to decorate your home.

Via Cocokelley

Bracelets as napkin rings via cocokelley

So you see, #fashion and #design really are one in the same.  You should dress in clothing that makes you feel good and the best version of yourself and the way you decorate your home should bring  you that same joy.

Style Yourself, Style Your Home!




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Choosing artwork is one of the hardest design decisions you can make simply because art is such a personal choice.  Most people have an affinity towards a particular style of artwork and most people are pretty clear on the type of artwork they don’t like.  While I’m pretty clear on the type of artwork I don’t like, I’m open to a wide range of artwork styles which can sometimes create a decorating challenge.

If you’re like me and are attracted to a variety of artwork styles then you too probably struggle with how to mix different styles together.

Today I’m going to talk about different ways to you combine artwork and share tips that will make the art of Mixing Art a whole lot easier.


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Happy Monday my friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  

I’ve been busy the last few days getting ready for a visit from my mom. Since my mom’s back surgery in 2006 she hasn’t traveled much and it’s been about 7 years since her last visit to Atlanta.  My uncle and his family are making a trip to Florida and my mom decided to tag along for the ride.  They’ll drop her off here in Atlanta on their way and she’ll be spending a  week with me and my brother.  I’m so excited to see her and now that my brother is here, it’s going to be week of family fun.


Anyway, after spending the last few days cleaning, organizing and doing some restyling around the house, I thought I’d share some ideas if you’re wanting to refresh and restyle your home.



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Fresh Market

Have you ever gone shopping at your local grocery store for anything other than groceries?  Probably not, but I’m hoping that these ideas will have you looking at your grocery store in a whole new way.

Retail stores, including grocery stores are expanding their product offering to include a variety of decor, home and entertaining items to make themselves a one-stop-shop.  Now it’s easier than ever to find stylish decorative items for your home in the aisles of your grocery store.

let’s go shopping…


 # 1  FLOWERS are a no-brainer when it comes to grocery store shopping but I don’t think most of us make the most of the flower we buy.

Grocery Store Flowers

flower buying tips:

 instead of buying a mixed floral bouquet, buy a variety of single bunches and create your own custom arrangement

if you’re buying one large mixed flower bouquet, split it up and create several mini arrangements to place around your home (more bang for your buck)

buy greens which will add substance, dimension and visual contrast amongst the flowers

grocery stores often sell orchids for less than you can find them at the garden stores or a flower shop

mix fruit in with your flowers to create robust flower arrangements

Grocery Store Flower Bouquet

Flowers and Fruit

#2  OLIVE BOTTLES are an easy way to add style to your kitchen.  The next time you stroll the olive oil aisle, look for decorative bottles with fun labels.

Olive Oil Aisle in Grocery Store


(all the bottles above are available at Whole Foods)

Buy a pour spout to use with your store-bought bottles to make the oils easy to dispense

Oil bottles in kitchen

#3  Decorating with FRUIT is an inexpensive way to add designer style and a major pop of color to your decor.

Grocery Store

Blue and white porcelain is a hot design trend and nothing looks more chic in a blue and white bowl than lemons! 

Fruit In a Bowl

get creative and combine different fruits of the same color to create a chic tabletop vignette

Fruit Under Cloche

#4  There’s something about shopping the UNTENSIL aisle at the grocery store that mesmerizes me.  So many cool gadgets and so many decorating possibilities.

Utensils in Grocery Store

the next time you’re grocery shopping, pick up a few wooden and wire utensils to display in a vintage urn or planter on the kitchen counter

Utensils In Caddy

or create a wall display showcasing grocery store utensils and flowers

Kitchen Utensils

for a quirky touch, framed a grouping of utensils to add charm to your kitchen

Framed utensils

#5 Did you know that you can find pretty LINEN TOWELS are the grocery store?  Yes, you can!

Grocery Store Linens

hang them over a handle

Dish Towels in kitchen

use oversized drawer pulls as a creative hang bar

dish towel holder

and for a really creative touch, turn your dish towels into cafe curtains

Dishtowel curtains

As you walk the grocery store aisles, keep your eyes open because you never know what might be on aisle 7!~

Grocery Store Aisle Sign


Cheers to the weekend!  Have a great one.



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I took the design style quiz over on the decorist.com website and by golly I think they defined my style to T!

Here’s what it said…

You… like eclectic styles at heart with an eye towards integrating more modern looks.

You prefer to mix and match different styles rather than be totally traditional or modern, but you like to use the clean looks of more modern pieces. You love figuring out how to combine different designs into one cohesive whole.


  • want your home to be stylish and that is a reflection of you and your overall tastes.
  • like a rustic or natural but refined look to your home.
  • like ethnic accents and a “worldly” look.
  • like warm colors.
  • like bright pops of color or colorful accents.
  • like luxurious materials.
  • like to use texture for visual interest.
  • like to use some traditional gilded or wood accents in your home to give it a sense of timelessness
  • like the look of natural materials in your home

The one thing the quiz failed to pick up on is that I love décor with a high-end look.

When it comes to decorating, I love to mix of budget finds with investment pieces, vintage finds with new pieces, and refined looks with rustic styles.  I don’t think your house has to be filled with expensive décor and furniture to have style, but I do believe there are easy and cost-effective things you can do to give your décor the look of high style .


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ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh6

Last week we were doing some purging around the homestead and my husband stumbled upon my pillow stash. At first he didn’t know what he was looking at but as soon as he realized the stack of fabrics were pillow covers he asked a question as only a husband can do–why are you hoarding pillows?

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh1

I immediately gave him a look (as only a wife can do) and told him I wasn’t hoarding, I was investing!

You see, as someone who likes to change-up the decor often, pillows are one of my go-to style solutions.  Just like paint, pillows are a quick, easy and cost-effective way to change the look of a space.  Whether it’s your bedroom or the sofa, a change of pillows can allow you to change the color, style or mood of a room in a flash.

To show you (and my hubby) what I mean, I pulled out some of my pillow covers to show you how easy it is change the look of our bed with just a switch of pillows.

(sources for all pillows at the end of the post)

Option 1:  this is the current pillow combo I have on the bed which features the rose pillows and green accent pillow

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh7

Option 2: black and white patterned pillows + solid red  + red patterned pillow 

Pillow Combo11

Option 3: black and white patterned pillows + solid red + custom monogrammed black and white stripe pillow

Pillow Combo10

Option 4:  black and white patterned pillows + solid yellow pillows (I added the center button) + small floral accent pillow (from HomeGoods)

Pillow Combo9

Option 5:  black and white patterned pillows + solid red + yellow and white pillow I won at the Haven conference last year

Pillow Combo8

Option 6:  solid pink pillows +  rose pattern + small (handmade) black and white accent pillow

Pillow Combo

Option 7:  solid pink pillows + green and white patterned pillow + pink rose pillow

Pillow Combo5

Option 8:  yellow gold textured pillows  + bold black and white pillow  

Pillow Combo2jpg

Option 9:  red and white patterned pillow + bold black and white pillow

Pillow Combo3.jpg

Option 10:  (holiday look) red and white patterned pillow + green accent pillow with trim 

Pillow Combo4jpg

 I have a few more pillow covers that I didn’t show but you can see how easy it is to get a new look for your home with simple changes.

A few design tips to keep in mind when shopping for pillows:

*** buy pillow covers only which will allow you to easily change out your pillows from season to season or whenever the mood strikes

***use your patterned pillows to pull accent colors from and then buy solid colored pillows in those colors

***invest in a classic striped pillows which will mix and match with everything

***invest in a bold, graphic pattern that can mix with florals and other non-graphic patterns

***think about every room in your home that has pillows and buy pillows that can work in multiple spaces


If you want to shop my pillow collection, I’ve listed the sources below as well as a few other places I shop for pillows.

[click on images below to enlarge them ]



My favorite sources for pillow covers:

Ikea–a great source for solid colored, basic pillow covers at rock bottom prices

West Elm–you’ll find lots of modern patterns, solid basics and traditional textures

Etsy–this is the place to shop for pillows using designer fabrics–Stuck on Hue has one of the best assortments 

Pottery Barn Kids–a great source for novelty styles, bright colors, faux fur and whimsical shapes, many of which are appropriate for an adult space  

And don’t forget to invest in good quality down pillow inserts.   My go to sources are Pottery Barn Outlet, West Elm and Fabric.com  

Happy decorating!


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via My Domaine

I love a beautiful office space like the one above from House of Harper.  A space doesn’t have to be big or super fancy to grab my attention, it just has to be efficient and filled with stylish organization and lots of personality.

 I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to office, craft and hobby rooms with over 500 images of some of the most beautiful and creative work spaces ever.  The common thread within all of the spaces I admire are the style details and organizing ideas.


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Can you believe May is almost here?  Before you know it store shelves will be stock with holiday items and we’ll all be planning to ring our jingle bells.   This year is soaring by way too fast and to be honest it has me a little anxious.  The anxiousness I feel has put me in the mood for change.  I’ve been finding little (and inexpensive) ways to change-up my fashion, my routine and my decor.  Surrounding myself with a new look feels good and has squelched my desire to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff (except for the two new pair of shoes I just bought :)

  Today I’m going to share with you simple decorating ideas to refresh your home and later in the week I’ll  share easy ideas to change-up your fashion style.

Let’s take home decor!  I love it when you can change the look and feel of your decor without spending a lot of money or exerting a lot of effort.  Many times a new look can come from using what you already have and other times spending a little money can make a big impact. Whether you rent or own, have a large house or a small one, there are easy ways to make major changes in your decor in less than 30 minutes.  Here are some of my favorite quick change decorating tips.




One of the easiest and no-cost ways to freshen up your decor is by moving things around.  Shuffle the seating in your living room or switch out artwork from one space to another.  Use what you have and give you home a new look.

Move Furniture


Plants bring a sense of energy and life to a room so mix a few plants into your decor and feel and rooms come alive.

Succulent Decor via HGTV


Having things organized is one of the ways that I make my home feel good.  Spring is a great time to de-clutter, donate what’s no longer serving a purpose and organize everything from the kitchen to the closet.  Your home will breathe a sigh of relief and so will you.

Organized Mud Room


When it comes to adding new accessories into your decor, it doesn’t have to break the bank.  Visit a few of your favorite thrift stores and see what gems you can find.  And as you shop, don’t overlook something that may need a little TLC with paint or fabric.

Thrift Store Decor

Painted vases via It All Started With Paint


Revive an old piece of furniture with paint or think about painting an accent wall in your home.  Painting is cheap, easy and yield results in a flash.

Painted Furniture


You’ll be amazed at how spending a little time taking things off your bookshelves and re-arranging the items can freshen up your decor. Once the shelves are cleared, place the items you love most first and then work your way to your least favorite items.  You may realized that the items are the bottom of the stack are no longer needed which will help you de-clutter.

 Bookcase Decor via BHG


For less than $10 you can replace the pillow covers on your sofa with new ones from Hobby Lobby and for less than $40 you can replace the duvet cover or drapes in your bedroom with something fresh from IKEA.  When adding the new textiles, think about changing up your color theme which will be an instant style refresher.

White with Jute Trim $9.99 Orange and White Swirls Pillow $7.99


Have you ever thought about giving your artwork a new look by painting the frames?  A quick coat of paint can change the look of a single piece of art or and entire gallery wall.

Painted Frames

So what’s you favorite way to refresh your decor?


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