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Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines(TM) Paint is now available on Magnoliamarket.com. (PRNewsFoto/Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines)



Are you a fan of the show Fixer Upper and/or Chip and Joanna Gaines?  I sure am.  It’s been fun to see how Chip and Joanna Gaines have grown their business and brand over the last few years and I’m excited about Joanna’s newest product introductions,  Magnolia Home Paint  and Magnolia Home Furniture.

First let me talk about the paint line…

Working with KILZ, Joanna has developed an interior paint collection that include 25 signature colors available in three finishes–Matte, Eggshell and Satin.  In addition to interior wall paint, there is also a Cabinetry and Furniture paint available in 2 colors in a Semi-Glass sheen.  Although not inexpensive ($40-$50 per gallon), the collection includes a great range of classic colors including lots of neutrals which is definitely the trend in interior colors these days.

Magnolia Home Paint Colors

Magnolia Home Paint Colors3

Magnolia Home Paint Colors2

Magnolia Home Paint Colors4

Magnolia Home Paint Colors5

One of the things I like about the paint collection is that Joanna kept the line true to her brand and developed colors that are timeless and easy to decorate around. And you just had to know that there would be a color called Ship Lap in the line.  My favorite colors in the collection are Wedding Band, Rainy Days and Carter Creme.

Magnolia Home Cabinetry and Furniture

Magnolia Home Paint Colors6

All of the colors are reminiscent of colors that have been used on Fixer Upper so it will be easy to ‘get the look’ if it fits your style.

One of my favorite homes from this season was the Carriage House. The house was designed in a neutral color palette with pops of color to keep the design interesting, warm and inviting.

Magnolia Home Carriage House

Always a winning combination….Neutral walls with accent colors used on architectural details and statement furniture pieces.

Magnolia Home Interior

I will never get tired of a white and grey kitchen.  The grey adds just the right amount of warmth and depth, and keeps the entire space from feeling stark.

Magnolia Home Interior2

Magnolia Home Inteiror3

And gray walls in a bedroom can feel causal and elegant at the same time.

Magnolia Home Interior4

Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines(TM) Paint is now available on Magnoliamarket.com. (PRNewsFoto/Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines)


Even the design of the paint cans is representative of the Magnolia Brand and I must say it’s pretty cool.

The interior paint collection is available in a 8 oz sample cans and also in a one-gallon size.  The cabinetry and furniture collection is available in a quart and one-gallon size.

   If you’re interested in trying the Magnolia Paint line, the only place you can currently buy it is through the Magnolia Market shop.

Interior Paint Collection

Magnolia Home Paint Collection

Cabinetry and Furniture Paint Collection
Magnolia Home Cabinetry and Furniture



Magnolia Home Logo

Another exciting launch for Magnolia Home happened last week with the introduction of the Magnolia Home Furniture Collection at the High Point Furniture Market.  The furniture line in made up of 6 different collections, each with a distinct look.  And each collection includes a range of items from bedroom furniture to living and dining room pieces.

Maganolia Home Furniture Collection

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the line:

This is the Traditional Double Pedestal Table and I just love the design and detail of the base.

Traditional Double Pedestal Table

I’m sure this Manor Straight Back Iron Canopy Bed will be a top seller for them.

Traditional Manor Straight Back Iron Canopy Bed

And I love furniture that offers stylish storage like this Primitive Hardware Shop Dresser.

Primitive Hardware Shop Dresser

The furniture line began arriving in stores across the country last month so check your area to see it in person. Or you can view the full line here.

It’s evident from my visit to Magnolia Market last month in Waco and the new product launches from Chip and Joanna,  the Magnolia Brand is here to stay.  I can’t wait to see what’s next for Chip and Joanna and I’m already looking forward to the next season of Fixer Upper.

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Day Beds via Apartment Theraphy

Apartment Therapy

When it comes to furniture and creating cozy spot in a home, I love the idea of a daybed.  Daybeds are often relegated to a guest bedroom, a kids room and sometimes are used as causal seating in a room that serves multiple purposes.

If you do a quick search on the interest you’ll see that daybed styling has come along way.  Yes, you can still find metal styles like the ones you see in a lot of dorm rooms or first apartments but don’t fret if you’re looking for something with more style…they are out there.

You’ll even see daybed designed for outdoor use which takes decorating outdoor spaces to a new level.

A daybed is an easy way to create a cozy outdoor lounge space that can be shared my several people and used as a unique summertime porch bed.

Doesn’t this outdoor space make you want to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea?

Day Beds

Dominique Decoratrice


Daybeds can be used indoors to create a retreat space in pass through areas of your home which are often challenging to decorate.  Think of them as an oversized window seat.

I just love the blue and white fabrics used on the daybed and window to create a stylish setting for this space.

Day Beds2
The Enchanted Home


You can create a charming daybed set-up in a guest bedroom that will make your guests feel like they are at a luxury hotel.

A fabric canopy is a great way to frame a daybed and give it a more luxurious feel.

Day Beds3


And daybeds are a fun way to add seating  and a reading nook to a home office.

This day bed has a middle trundle which makes it even more functional and I love how the bolster pillows add a stylish touch and make it look more dynamic.

Day Beds4
Design Dump

Now that I’ve got you inspired and thinking about Daybeds in a new way, you can shop my favorite Daybed styles.






OK, who else out there is a fan of daybeds?

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A classic dining room sideboard is a great piece of furniture to have in your home.  Beyond the dining room, a sideboard can be used in many different decorating applications.  Here’s just a few to inspire you.


Sideboard In A Hallway

A sideboard can be placed at the end of a hallway and used as the foundation for a decorative vignette.  A bow front sideboard is an ideal style for a hallway since the sides slope inward and provide more space to move around each side.

Sideboard in Foyer

Sideboard In A Foyer

Placing a sideboard in the foyer creates impact and drama at the entrance of your home and it will give you a natural landing space for useful items like mail, keys and bags.

Sideboard in a Foyer

Sideboard In The Kitchen

A sideboard in the kitchen is a fantastic way to personal your kitchen decor without giving up any functional storage or workspace. Select a piece that has ample cabinet and drawer space and when it comes to color, instead of painting your kitchen cabinets or island, use this piece to add a vibrant pop of color to the kitchen.

Sideboard in a kitchen

Sideboard In The Office

I love how Kris from Driven by Decor used a sideboard for storage and decor in her home office. In an office space, a sideboard can provide lots of surface space to hold decorative objects and office equipment can be stored behind closed doors to keep your workspace neat, tidy and stylish. 

Sideboard in an office

Sideboard In The Bathroom

Just as it would in a kitchen, a sideboard in the bathroom can add distinct style plus the bonus of added storage space.  Most vintage sideboards can be retrofitted to accommodate bathroom pipes, sink vessels and vanity countertops so you there are lots of design options to fit your style.

Side board in a bathroom

Sideboard In The Bedroom

The idea of a sideboard in the bedroom has been a popular trend for the last few years. A TV can be hung over a sideboard and the cabinet space can be used to hold clothing in the same way a traditional bedroom dresser would. Mid-century modern styles are great for bedrooms because of their simple and minimal style details.

SIdeboard in bedroom

Sideboard As A TV Cabinet

Most definitely one of my favorite ways to use a sideboard is as a TV cabinet.  Under a TV, the sideboard takes the edge off the big black box above it and keeps the room looking decorative and stylish. The bad news… sideboards with closed fronts won’t work with traditional TV components since the infrared signals will be blocked.  The good news…there a electronic kits that you can install to work around this issue and many cable companies now offer wireless boxes which can be placed anywhere in the room.

SIdeboard as TV Cabinet



One question I hear a lot is about the difference between a sideboard and a buffet.  Here’s the scoop...

♦  When it’s placed in the living room, it’s called a sideboard.
♦  When used in a dining room, it’s called a buffet. Traditionally, buffets in the dining room are not only used for their storage purposes but also to display meals before serving.
♦  When an open front cabinet is added to the top of a buffet for additional storage and display options, the piece is called a hutch.

Blue Sideboard

Kate Marker Interiors

Today you can find quality sideboards at thrift stores and flea markets.  Here’s what to look for when shopping for vintage sideboards:

♦  Think about the space the sideboard will go. The height and depth of a vintage sideboard will vary, so make sure that the space where the sideboard will be placed is measured carefully and think about how you’re going to use the piece which might determine your size needs.

 Consider what type of storage the sideboard offers.  Not all sideboards have drawer and cabinet space so if storage is a must, look for a piece that offers both types of storage.

♦  Analyze the quality.  The first thing to do is to check the stability of the legs, doors, drawers and pulls.  Does everything open and close smoothly and is the piece sturdy?  Also look for dovetail joints which are a sign of quality craftsmanship.  And a manufacturers stamp and company logos can indicate the age and quality of a piece.

I hope this post gets you thinking about sideboards in a new way. Thanks for stopping by!

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image source:  top image // 1 // 2 //3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

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Styling A Console Table Cover.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001


There are countless ways you can approach styling a console table.  You can keep it simple and classic or you can create an eclectic decorative statement with multiple decorative accessory items. Whatever the approach, there are a few tried and true components that every console table should have.


LAMPS–a pair of lamps is one of the most popular design ingredients for styling a console table.  Matching lamps provide symmetry as well as ambient lighting within a room and will give a larger console table the visual weight it needs up top.

tip: for a more eclectic look, use a single lamp on one side of the table and a grouping of accessories to balance it on the other side.

via Fun and Frugality

Best of Both Worlds–Fun and Frugality

PERSONAL TOUCHES–console tables give you the perfect platform for displaying personal items in your home.  Assemble a grouping of collectibles, display family photos and decorate with pieces that have meaning to you and your family.

tip:  place accessories in groups of three for a more harmonious feel (i.e.: orchid+books+clock and bird+two bowling pins)

via Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy

MIRRORS–in place of traditional artwork, try a mirror or two over the console table.  Mirrors will enhance any natural light coming  into the space and is an ideal wall decor solution in a foyer or hallway.

tip: in most cases, the size of the mirror should allow it to hang within the dimensions of the table, not extend beyond the edge of the table

Via Lonny

BASKETS–baskets are one of the best accessories you can use when styling your console table.  Baskets add texture, fill the void under the table and help keep clutter under control.

via Style Me Pretty
Style Me Pretty–Emily Gilbert Photography

OTTOMANS–I love placing ottomans or stools under an open-bottom console table.  Ottomans add visual weight and impact in addition softening the lines of the table.

via Linda Benson Interiors
Linda Benson Interiors

DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES–it’s a given that your console table should have accessories on it but which accessories you choose can make or break the overall design impact of you console.  My top three accessories items for console tables are VASES, FLORALS & FRAMES.  Don’t be shy with your accessory statement and mix and match colors, finishes and styles to give your table that personal touch.

tip:  create a color theme with the furnishings and decorative elements you use to style your table

via DecorPad

BOOKS–you can never go wrong with books when styling a console table.  Use books to fill shelves, elevate decorative objects and add color.

via domainehome
Domaine Home

ARTWORK–the artwork you hang over a console table can really help define the space and the overall look for the table vignette.  A collection of art can be just as dynamic as a single large piece and decorative objects added into the arrangement can provide added visual interest.

tip:  use uniform spacing between the art pieces so the arrangement reads as a single grouping versus individual elements

Via Pottery Barn2
Pottery Barn

Are you inspired?  I know I am.

I’ve got a beautiful wood console table that I’m considering painting black so I decided to pull together an inspiration board to help me visualize the look.  If you see something you like, you can shop the board below.

Styling A Console Table.002



Crystal Column Lamp–Lamps Plus / Faceted Metal Vase–West Elm / Rosewood Porcelain Ceramic Vase–Ballard Design
Nate Berkus Metal Feather Ball–Target / Rossington Console Table–Wayfair / Silk Orchid–Overstock
Kelsey Umbrella Stand–Wayfair  / Safavieh Heritage Black and Ivory Rug–Wayfair

You don’t have to use all of these elements when styling your table but a combination of 2 or 3 will definitely help you create a table with style. 




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Thanks to everyone who’s submitted a question of the Design Chat series.  Keep them coming.

In today’s installment of Design Chat I’m addressing a question from Sheila related to her sectional sofa.  Here’s what Sheila asked…

We have a Large sectional sofa. It has been in the same position for 11 years. I like to rearrange things, this is the first time I have not rearranged!! So I divided it… Much to my husband disapproval . I have one complete couch four seats with arms, and the other part is three seats with a corner. I have them facing each other. I love how it looks! Makes our large living room look cozy, and don’t feel the need to shout to have a conversation. If I could I would attach a picture…. But not sure how on this new device!
What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance.”


Well, based on Sheila’s question and some of the other questions I’ve received, finding the right decorating solution involving a sofa is a big challenge.  And when you have a sectional, the challenge can be even greater.

Before I answer Sheila’s question, let me address the pros and cons of a sectional sofa.  

PRO:  Sectional sofas can be really functional in large rooms when lots of seating is needed, especially for TV viewing.  And you can find or order just about any configuration in a sectional that you need so creating a custom layout to fit your space is easy to do.

PRO:  Becasue sectional sofas are made up of different sections, it’s easy to move the pieces apart to accommodate guest or a party set-up.

PRO:  Sectional sofas are good for small rooms since they can be pushed up against a wall and into corners while keeping the center of the room open.

PRO:  Sectional sofas can be less expensive than buying a sofa and multiple chairs to fill a room.

CON:  Sectional sofas don’t give you a ton of re-arranging options.  If you like to rearrange your furniture often, know that you probably won’t be able to do so with a sectional. It will probably only work ONE WAY due to TV viewing, door openings etc.

CON:  If you ever want to re-upholster your sectional it will be considerably more expensive to re-cover vs a traditional sofa.

CON:  Picking the right color of fabric for your sectional is key because there is so much fabric making an impact in your room so picking the wrong color could become a major eye-sore.

Sectional Sofa via Crate and Barrel

via Crate and Barrel


So now to answer Sheila’s question…I think separating your sectional is a great idea!  Not only does it create a more intimate seating and conversation area but splitting up the sectional will give your room a less boxy feel and make it feel larger like you noted.   Also, splitting up your sectional could allow you to bring in additional side tables which would actually make the area more functional for guest. A few other things to keep in mind…

♦  To maintain the lounge feel that the sectional had when it was all one piece, consider adding an ottoman or footstool so your husband can prop his legs up.

♦  If you have the two sectional pieces flanking a TV or fireplace wall, it will actually create a much more dynamic focal point within the room.

♦  Make sure you have the right size rug under the furniture to anchor the seating area and the room.

♦  You can get creative with the pillows on the two sectional pieces as long as you have a few common pillows on each side.

So Sheila, separating your sectional sofa gets my vote.

Here are a few inspirational photos is case the hubby needs more convincing.

Facing Sectionals via CB2via CB2  

Facing Sectional Sofas

via Basset Furniture 

Sectional Sofa with ottoman

via Wayfair

Facing Sofa via Domaine Home

via Domaine Home

Facing Sofas via DecorPad

Munger Interiors via DecorPad


For more tips on styling your sectional, you can view my sectional design guide post here:


If you have a design question you’d like to me give input on, you can email me at shelly.confettistyle@gmail.com.




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As part of my master bedroom refresh I’m working on, I’m considering painting the nightstand.  The wood and details on the nightstand are really nice so I’m struggling with giving it a new look or keeping it as is.

I don’t have a photo where you can see the full piece but you can get a feel for it here.


Naturally as part of my decision-making process I went looking for some inspiration.

Here’s what inspired me…

I love the look of this piece with the gold accent but don’t know if my piece is large enough to pull off this look.

Black Nightstand


Crystal knobs and gold trim similar to the details on this piece might work but then again it might be too contemporary for our space.

Black Nightstand2


I love the look of these oval brass handles and think that kind of detail would work great on our piece.

Black Nightstand3


Or maybe some decorative drawer pulls??  This piece has similar lines and details to our so this might be the winner.

Black Nightstand4


So many ideas to consider and one big question to get answered…will the hubs let me paint a perfectly good wood piece?

Stay tuned.


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It’s been a while since I’ve been to HomeGoods.  It usually takes them a good month + to restock their stores after Christmas so I usually wait until mid February or March to see what’s new for spring.  I’m fortunate that there are four HomeGoods within a 10-15 minute drive from my house. Having been to all of the store many times, I’ve learned which ones get the most stock and have the best inventory.

A couple of days ago I popped into two HomeGoods stores.  The first store was lean on merchandise but they did  one great piece that stopped me in my tracks.

This small acrylic table was just gorgeous and I imagined how great it would look as a side table, or bar cart.  I was surprised to see it in the store but at $99.00 I think the price stopped a lot of people in their tracks.  (update:  I posted this table on Instagram and like me it was a hit.  I went back to get the style number for someone and unfortunately it sold the evening that I saw it)


The other HomeGoods I went to is my favorite.  The shelves are usually filled to the max and they always have a great selection of furniture.  Here’s a look at what I spotted…

These marble top nesting tables were stunning.  I love the two-tone marble combined with the chrome base.  I’d pair these with a pair of leather chairs to create a stylish seating area.


This rustic wood media console was well made and the wood tone was really nice.  This would be an easy piece to mix with modern or eclectic decor.


The color of the year, Marsala is well represented in HomeGoods and I spotted it in this sleek desk/console table.  The gold x-legs and crystal knobs just add to the style of this piece.



There were lots of fret work pieces in the store.  I’ve seen this mirrored chest of drawers before and still love it.  It would make the perfect night stand.


Finding oversized coffee table can be a challenge sometimes.  This wood beauty had great lines and a nice finish.  The glass top and bottom would add an airy feel to a living space.


HomeGoods must be predicting this metal cross leg table a winner because there were about 6 of them in the store.  The height is ideal if someone is looking for a nightstand with minimal details.  I think it would also look great in a bathroom holding towels and personal care items.


There were lots of small side tables to choose from in varying styles, shapes and finishes.


This round brass and marble table was my favorite.



Spring is garden stool season at HomeGoods and they continue to bring in updated styles in great colors.  Blue is definitely a trending color for spring and they has several styles to choose from.


I loved this green stool and really considered buying it.


This orange table/stool was so cute and would make a fun accent table on a sun porch or in a kids room.


There were lots of chairs in the store but this is the only one that really caught my attention.  I love the detail of plaid on the back.


HomeGoods has been carrying more and more headboards and this twin headboard was a winner.  The orange piping was the perfect detail to dress up the neutral fabric.  How cute would this be paired with that orange stool above.


If you’re in the market for an ottoman to put at the foot of the bed or use as a coffee table, now is the time to shop.  Most of the ottomans were storage ottoman too which gives you more bang for your buck.



The pillow shelves were overflowing.

IMG_8514 (2)

If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again…you can’t beat the lamps at HomeGoods.

The store I was in had a great selection of bold brass lamps


and some really great decorative styles in ceramic and metal.  These striped lamps were killer!



And if you’ve gotta entertaining on the calendar for spring, be sure to check out the housewares section for beautiful plates, bowls and serving pieces like the lemon plate at the top.

So, have you spotted anything great at HomeGoods for spring? #homegoodshappy


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Rejuvenation Lighting (3)

On a daily basis my mailbox is filled with catalogs.  I try my best to flip through each one but often times they get laid to the side and then in a moment of de-cluttering they get thrown in the trash.

The other day I received the Rejuvenation Lighting & House Parts catalog in the mail and immediately stopped, dropped and looked at every page.  The cover image is what caught my attention and I couldn’t wait to learn more about this lighting and home line.


Butte Faceted Pendant / Butte Cone Pendant / Butte Dome Pendant /  Galaxy Wide Chandelier / Carson Rod Pendant / Haleigh Pendant

Rejuvenation House Parts was founded in 1977, but the story really begins in 1975 – when Jim Kelly purchased a condemned saloon in a rough-hewn Portland, Oregon neighborhood for $1,000. During two years of extensive renovations, Kelly had a difficult time finding the lighting and house parts he needed to preserve the historic character and details of his small building.

Recognizing an opportunity, he decided to use his small storefront to serve the needs of like-minded old-house renovators. After borrowing $2,500, he opened what was essentially a specialized junk store selling architectural salvage – things like doors, windows, light fixtures, clawfoot tubs. Using antique fixtures as models, he hired his first “manufacturing” employee to start making basic reproduction Victorian and early 20th-century ceiling fixtures and wall brackets.

By 1982, strong demand encouraged Kelly to create a mail-order catalogue. In 2011, Rejuvenation joined the Williams-Sonoma, Inc. portfolio of brands. Today we offer a wide range of products, including furniture and home décor, and have four retail stores.

At first glance Rejuvenation is a lighting company but boy-oh-boy do they have so much more to offer.

Momo Single Sconce

Momo Single Sconce (gorgeous)

Wire Chair

Wire Chair  (love this chair)

Vintage Rotating Bin

Vintage Rotating Bin (functional and funky)

Please Ring Doorbell Button

Please Ring Doorbell Button (classic)

Aurora Utility Stool

Aurora Utility Stool (available in multiple colors)

 Tolson Faucet

Tolson Faucet 

Rejuvenation Registers and Light Covers

Beautiful register colors and switch plate covers

Lg Steel Canvas Laundry Bin

Steel and Canvas Laundry Bin

Kanota Hardware

Kanota Cabinet Hardware

From chic bathroom lighting and hardware to restored vintage antiques and furniture, Rejuvenation is a great source for unique home accents.

You can order your own copy of the Rejuvenation catalog and view the entire product line at www.rejuvenation.com!


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