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When it comes to decorating, there are a lot of decorative elements that I’m obsessed with.

I love bamboo picture frames and brass planters.  I have a weakness for decorative boxes and animal print pillows. I rarely ever pass up a piece of milkglass or ironstone when I’m out antiquing. And then there’s my love of decorative knobs.  Whenever I’m at Anthropologie or Hobby Lobby, I always visit the knob bins.  The bins are like jewelry trays and I just love checking out all the sparkly, colorful knobs and envisioning how I can use them to update a piece of furniture or use them on a diy project.

I recently looked through a basket when I store my knobs and realized I have quite the collection.  Some of the knobs I have plans for and others I just loved and couldn’t pass up.  Last year I gave our bedroom armoire a makeover and UpStyled it with paint and knobs from Hobby Lobby.

Summer 2013 Bedroom Update (51)

Decorative knobs are one of the most cost-effective decorative elements you can buy, to easily and quickly transform a piece of furniture.  But finding the perfect knob can sometimes be a challenge.  To help you with the hunt, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite knob sources and what each of them has to offer.


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One of the design consultations I had recently got me thinking about the do’s and don’t of styling a sofa.  Not just any sofa, a sectional sofa.

I think a lot of people are attracted to sectional sofas because they offer abundant seating and because they seem to provide a bit more comfort than a traditional sofa.

After a while I think people can become disenchanted with their sectional sofa because they recognize that a sectional can limit the traffic flow within a room and sometimes a sectional feels overpowering in a space versus relaxed.

In my years of designing rooms, I’ve recognized that it’s not always the size, scale or placement of a sectional that causes the disenchantment, but instead its the fact that the sectional and the space around it are not styled or accessorized in the best way.


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I love that so many top designers are partnering with big box retail stores and making their product accessible to the masses.  Nate Berkus has definitely hit a home run with his home decor line at Target and now a selection of custom fabric designs are available at JoAnn Fabric.


 Like most of Nate’s products, the patterns in the Nate Berkus fabric line available at JoAnn’s have a fresh and modern feel and come in classic colors.

There are 20 pattern/color options and the prices range from $9.99 to $27.99 per yard.

nate berkus fabric 1

After taking a look at the fabric line, I got to thinking about how I’d use my favorite styles.  Here’s the inspiration that Nate inspired…


I’m a big fan of yellow when it comes to decorating and this Ameil Dot Paramount pattern in citrus is just begging to go on a pair of stylish X benches.  I envision them at the foot of a bed or placed under a white console table in a foyer.


I love fabric headboards but I’m ready to see less solid colored linen and more patternwork.  The ethnic modern feel of the Linea Paramount pattern would be a fun way to dress up a softly shaped headboard.


Bold prints are one of my favorite decor statements and the colors and design of this Timur Sussex in Ginger is a statement pattern.  I can see a pair of tufted chairs in this fabric, paired with a stately leather sofa and sisal rug.  Oh, I’d add in a couple of brass end tables for that something shiny that I think every room needs.


Close your eyes and imagine this curved back arm lounge chair upholstered in this seastone colorway of the Dari Mosaic Paramount fabric.  Prop your feet up on an ottoman and you’ll have a perfect spot to relax and rewind.


This Indre Lynwood pattern is one of my favorites in the entire line and I’d love to upholster a classic bench with bolster pillows in this ginger color.  This pattern is also available in navy and dove grey which make it versatile enough for just about anything you can imagine.

While I’m on the subject of Nate, have you checked out his new collection at Target?  The pillows in this collection are on the top of my list…

Zig Zag Faux Fir Pillow

Zig Zag Pillow

Faux Fir Pillow

Faux Fir Pillow

Faux Fir Floor Pillow

Faux Fir Floor Pillow — I’m envisioning movie night by candlelight with these floor pillows!

So which one of Nate’s fabrics is your favorite?


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I think every home needs a quite spot where you can hide away with a book, take a nap or find your inspiration.  A daybed is a great furniture option when you are creating a nook in your home.  Use the area at the top of  stair landing, the end of a hallway or maybe ever consider placing a daybed inside an unused closet space.





Design Tip:  If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to build a daybed for your home, consider using pre-made kitchen or bathroom cabinets as the foundation and build up from there. The cabinets will not only look good but they will give you hidden storage space.  Place a twin mattress on top, add some decorative pillows and you’ll have the reading nook you’ve always wanted.


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Happy Monday!  Can you believe it is already August?  This year has just flown by and before you know it, we’ll all be putting out pumpkins and decorating for Christmas.  I don’t know about you but I need life to slow down just a bit!

This weekend I tried to slow the pace a bit and spent a little time surfing the web looking for inspiration. One of the things I came across on Pinterest was a collection of beautiful spaces, all with one thing in common, a touch of gold.


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 I received the new Pottery Barn Teen catalog in the mail the other day and boy was I surprised to see so many stylish pieces that are not only great for teen spaces but would be great for decorating adult spaces too.  Here are my favorite finds, along with why I think each item is great and how I’d use each piece when decorating.   Enjoy!



Acrylic Nesting Tables


Emily + Merrit Scalloped Duvet and Sham / Emily + Merrit Circus Stripe Bedskirt


Scallop Gold Leaf Mirror


Arc Task Lamp


Vintage Bloom Duvet Cover


Maison Bookcase


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Happy Friday!

Since I’m attending Haven today, a Home and DIY Blog conference, I thought it would be fitting to bring you some fabulous DIY Inspiration.  These project take creativity to a new level!

How stunning is this coffee table.  I can’t believe it was created with decorative garden lattice and a piece of plywood.


Garden Lattice Coffee Table

I think the idea of creating decorative door fronts using air vent covers is a pretty cool one.


Air Vent Door Panels

There are so many things you can create with copper pipes like these stylish tables.


Copper Pipe Table

Who knew dollar store mirrors could end up looking like this?



Your local hardware store is a is filled with items that can be turned into DIY projects.  The next time you’re there, take a stroll and see what inspires you.


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Are you familiar with DemiLune tables?  The characteristic of this table style is its semi-circular shape which is designed so that the table can be pushed up against a wall.

As a member of the console table family, demilune tables feature three legs but are often overlooked as a design option in favor of their traditional four-legged console table companion.  I however love demilune tables and think they are the perfect solution for many space challenged rooms.

Demilune tables are ideal for small wall spaces where a chair or larger piece of furniture would feel over-powering.  Using a table with a shaped design detail will help to create visual interest and give that small space a focal point.

 Traditional Home

Traditional Home

When an impromptu cocktail table is needed, a demilune works great with just enough space to hold a few key party essentials.  Demilune tables are also great to position in front of floor mirrors, creating lots of visual impact.

 Cocktail Table

source unknown

One of my favorite places to use a demilune table is in a bedroom.  The shape of the table works in a narrow space next to the bed and functions as a nightstand as well as a intimate writing desk.



Amy Meier Design

Amy Meier Design

Both as a cost saving option and as a style solution in a foyer, two demilune tables facing each other is one of my favorite looks.   

 BelClaire House

BelClaire House

Demilune tables can also be retro-fit to work as a bathroom vanity.  The curves of the table add softness to what is often a space of  hard lines and square shapes.


 Architectural Digest

What to put in that space between the windows?  A small scale demilune table works great to fill that space and serve as the backdrop to a beautiful wall piece and tabletop accessories.


Cote De Texas

Wall mounted demilune tables can be used like a display shelf in a foyer or hall and again is ideal when wall space is limited.

 Mix and Chic

Designer SueEllen Gregory via Mix and Chic

When shopping for demilune tables, look for styles that feature scalloped or shaped details for added style.

 Sucasa Designs

SuCasa Designs

  In a small kitchen eating area, demilune tables provide just enough room for two people to sit and eat comfortably.  Hanging a large grouping of artwork over the table as shown in this photos is also a great way to give the table and surrounding area more visual impact.


 Ladies Home Journal

Demilune tables are most often used in a foyer, next to the front door.  The table scale keeps the foyer open while providing the perfect perch for keys and mail.

BHG foyer


Other places to use demilune tables:

In smaller rooms, demilune tables can be placed under a wall-mounted TV but close attention needs to be given to ensure the table scales balances the TV.



In bedrooms where twin beds are used, a demilune table is often a better design solution than individual night stands.  When placed between the bed, the table works as a nightstand for both and is a great use of space.


A demilune placed at the end of hallway or at the top of stair landing fills the space without it becoming over-crowded.


I also like to use demilune tables in the nooks next to a fireplace.  This is another spot where the curve of the table will add softness to the room.


And because many demilune tables are shorter and smaller in scale than a traditional console table, they work great positioned under a window.


The next time you’re on the hunt for a new table, consider a Demilune Table.  Not only are they an unexpected option but a demilune table can work just about anywhere you’d put a traditional console table.

Happy Decorating!


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