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My Blog Goals for 2016

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It’s hard to believe that I started this blog almost 6 years ago.  I’ve enjoy the process from day one and while I’ve found myself getting caught up in the ‘their doing this’, ‘their doing that’ game along the way, I’ve tried to stay true to what my mission was.

 My goal from the start was to share and inspire and today that goal remains the same.  One of my passions is interior design and I want this blog to motivate and inspire you with your own decorating.  Entertaining, whether on a small or large-scale is something I love and I want to share unique and creative entertaining ideas with you.  I’ve been a crafter all my life and through this blog I plan to share fun and easy projects with you.  And when it comes to creative gift wrapping, my passion soars and I want to show you how to gift in style. ConfettiStyle is a lifestyle blog meant to enhance your life.

So, what do I have planned for ConfettiStyle in 2016?

Over the last couple of years I’ve featured several design series here on the blog and many will continue in the new year.   In the Design Chat series I’ll continue to answer your design questions and offer up advice, solutions and inspiration to help you tackle it like a pro.

  The ConfettiStyle Design Guide series lets me share my design knowledge with you in more detail and will include topics like The Best Paint Colors For Decorating, Selecting Lighting For Your Home, Organizing & Decorating a Home Office and Small Space Decorating Secrets Designers Use.

Another fun series you’ll continue to see is Product + Inspiration.  This is where I share a popular home decor item along with inspirational photos and decorating tips for that item.  This series just might make you look at an item in a new way.

I slacked a bit (ok, a lot) last year on my Gift Wrap Inspiration posts but have lots of fun, new gift wrap ideas to share with you in 2016.

A new series you’ll see on the blog is called Behind The Blog.  I’ve made lots of friends and contacts through my blog and want to share them all with you.  In this series, I’ll do a personal interview with bloggers I admire, giving you a glimpse into their blog, their inspiration and their talents.

And finally, I’ll continue to bring you crafting and DIY projects, fashion finds, easy decorating ideas and so much more–all the things I’m passionate about.

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Thank you so much for stopping by ConfettiStyle each day.  Good things are coming in 2016!

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I’ve written my list of goals for the year and now, inspired by Layla over at The Lettered Cottage in her Word Of The Year challenge, I’m coming up with a single word that will push me to make it all happen. 

My word is ACTION!


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In 2012, will make the most of every single day and take ACTION to…














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Hi all.  Sorry I’ve been away for a few days.  Unfortunately I haven’t been doing too much “fun” stuff, rather, I’ve spent time outlining my goals for this blog. 

When I started writing ConfettiStyle, almost 2 years ago, I developed somewhat of plan for what I wanted my blog to be about.  I knew I wanted to share my love of interior design, fashion, gifting and entertaining with you.  I knew I wanted to share design tips and design inspiration with you, as well as my favorite designers and bloggers.  And, I knew that I wanted to inspire you, in little and big ways.

We’ll, over the last week or so, I’ve been thinking about how I’ve done with my first intentions for this blog and while I don’t think I’ve failed on all fronts, I do think I’ve left a lot of what I wanted to share with you on the table.  So, I’ve developed a new  refreshed list of goals for my blog and here they are…

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I’ll be sharing more about my design inspirations, from products I love, books I read, projects I’m working on and all the little things that float my boat.  I’ll continue to highlight my favorite designers and people who drive me to better every day.  And, I’ve got goals of doing more DIY and craft projects this year too, all of which I’ll share with you!

I also hope you’ll follow me over at Pinterest where I’ve become an addicted Pinner, to the tune of  60 boards and over 3900 pins.  My boards are full of images and words that inspire me to no end.  Pinterest is simply mind-blowing!


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I love to entertain and have a head full,  computer full and notebook full of fabulous ideas to share with you.  I hope to even include a few videos to bring the ideas to life.  Stay tuned for a Valentines party tablescape coming your way in a couple of weeks.

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One of the things I’ve enjoyed most in my career is teaching design workshops.  I love to share my design tips, know-how and ideas, so look for more of that to come your way this year. 

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Did you know that buying gifts, giving gifts and wrapping gifts are a few of my most favorite things.  This year on the blog, I’ll be sharing lots of info on gift shopping, gift giving and gift wrapping including fresh, new gift wrapping idea each month.

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Right up there with gifting, entertaining and design is my love of fashion.  I’ve got a new series called Accessible Fashions where I”ll show how to pull together great looks that won’t break the bank and give you tips to help you define and refine your personal style. I’ll also be sharing fashion trends and some creative fashion organization ideas as well.


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You’ll continue to see my Words to Inspire series where I hope the words, quotes and thoughts I share with you touch and inspire you. I really believe that Thoughts Become Things and thinking good things matter.

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And, I’ll be sharing all the down and dirty from my shopping adventures…from thift stores, to my favorite e-commerce sites, to my road trip adventures (which I hope to have many) and my Best of Etsy series. 


These a just a few of my favorite things I be sharing with you throughout the year . Please let me know if there is anything you’d love to see here on the ConfettiStyle blog and most of all Thank You for joining me daily as I dish.

Happy Monday & Happy New Year!


If you’d like help creating a home you absolutely love, CONTACT ME about my design services!


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After spending 10 days away for the holidays, doing lots of  work around the house at my moms’ and visiting family, I needed a few days of total R & R.  So after spending the last few days unpacking, doing lots of laundry, taking a few naps and catching up on my DVR watching, I’m rested and ready to jump-start the new year.

 Last week I mentioned that I had worked on my goals for 2012.  Well yes indeed, my little brain has been thinking overtime  about all that I want to accomplish, experience and do in the new year and it’s now time to share it all with you. 

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First let me set the stage.  My mom taught English for 27 years so writing and all that comes with that has been a staple in my life.  Beside “i” before “e” except after ‘c”, one of the things that she taught me was the power of the mind.  Prior to a big test she would tell me to write down the information I needed to know and then put it under my pillow and sleep on it.  She said that there is a connection between writing it down and then infusing it into your brain as you sleep.  Whether it’s true or not, this is something that I have done for most of my life and something that has really worked for me.  To this day, I still take this approach before a presentation or when I want to connect with my thoughts, dreams or wishes. 

So, that first step in setting  MY GOALS FOR THE NEW YEAR was to write it all down on paper and sleep on it.  Here’s what’s under my pillow…


HEALTH–My mom’s back surgery has really shined a light on how really important your health is.  I vow in 2012 to not take my health for granted and to make my health  and well-being a priority..exercise more, eat better, drink more water, take my vitamins and sleep through the night (major issue for the last 6-7 months) just to name a few things. 

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GROWTH–Closing my store last year was a big change for me, one that made me question a lot of things in my life, my abilities, my trust of others, my talents and my future.  While that change was hard, it has given me the strength to believe in who I am and my talents and to know that whatever I want to accomplish is mine to be had.  I vow in 2012 to put all my efforts into the growth and success of my design business, my Etsy shop, building my blog and using my god given talents to achieve all that I want to achieve.

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SHARE & CONNECT–Friendships have always been important to me but now more than ever, I fully understand, appreciate and value the friendships I have (and those that I plan to make in 2012.)  I vow that in 2012 I will connect more with those that are already apart of my life and open myself  up for new friendships to be built.  I plan to engage with twitter and Facebook more (the ConfettiStyle Facebook page is coming), write more letters, send more handmade cards, be inspired by and hopefully inspire those around me and just pick up the phone just to say hi.

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BE INSPIRED–I’ve always had the ability to find inspiration in the littlest things, only when I take the time to really live in the moment and appreciate what it is that’s in front of me.  In 2012, I vow to live in the moment more, take more time to do the things that inspire me and find the beauty in the smallest things.

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LISTEN–No, not listen to others but listen to my inner voice.  I vow that 2012 will be a year of fully trusting my heart, soul and wisdom.

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CREATE–As a creative person, doing and creating is one of biggest pleasures in my life.  I vow to use every ounce of my creativity to make things, design things, build my business, benefit from my talents and fill my life with the joy of creating!  My Passion!

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LEARN–I vow to learn something new every day (much of which I plan to share with you on my blog).

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BELIEVE–While I have lots of goals and plans for the new year, the one thing that will keep me focused and allow me to achieve all that I want to achieve is BELIEVING.  In 2012, I vow to never stop believing my myself !

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I know that year ahead will be a great one, filled with wonderful memories, new adventures, growth and development, successes and lots of love!

These things I wish for you too!




For more inspiration, check out my Words to Inspire board on Pinterest!


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