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I love paper products and one of my goals each year is to step away from the computer or cell phone and sends notes and cards to my friends the old fashion way.  The cards I send are always decorative but rarely do I do anything special to the envelope.



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One of the good things about having more than one passion is that you stay busy. With three maybe four things I’m really passionate about,  you can only imagine how busy I’ve been since the new year.

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In addition to setting personal goals for the new year, I have also been flushing out the goals I have for the ConfettiStyle blog.  Blogging for me is not only a creative outlet but it has become an extension of my business and has in fact brought new business, relationships and opportunities my way.  It has been an exciting journey, from my first blog post to today but I want to take my blog and the business of blogging to a new level.  Here’s what I have planned for 2014!


Better Photography–YES I’ve had my new DSLR camera for over a year and NO I haven’t even picked up the manual or watched the video that came with it.  But 2014 will be different.  Not only will I read the manual and watch the video, I’m taking a photography class this year and I’m dedicated to practice, practice, practice.  My camera is going to be my sidekick and the photos I show on my blog will be bigger, brighter and better.


More DIY, Crafting and How-To-Projects–I love to create and I’m planning on bringing you lots of great projects this year.  I’m not a furniture maker or wood-worker so the projects I share with you will be on the smaller scale and very do-able!  I’ve already got a long list of projects started and have begun working on some which I’ll share in the weeks ahead.  Creating things that I can enjoy in my home and life, or give to friends and family will be the foundation of my projects and of course inspiring you to be creative too!


Quality over Quantity–When I looked back on 2013 I realize that I felt the pressure to keep up.  Keep up with the bloggers that blog daily or even twice a day, keep up with crafters that churn out 100’s of project each year, keep up with being, going and doing.  Well, I’m looking at 2014 through different lenses.  This year I may not bring you a blog post every day and I may not have two or three projects for you each month, but what I do promise is focusing on creating quality design, fashion, gifting and entertaining related blog post for you to learn from and be inspired by.  If you don’t already, I’d love for you to subscribe (on the right sidebar) to the blog so you’ll get my post delivered directly to you inbox and for you to follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I’ll be sharing design ideas and inspiration you won’t see on the blog.


More Original Content–There is so much fabulous design inspiration that can be found on the web, Pinterest and other blogs and I will continue to bring you those things that I things that catch my eye and that I think you’ll love.  I also want this year to be about sharing more original content with you.  Over the course of my blog life I’ve developed several series like The Anatomy Of…, Words to Inspire, Fashion Focus, Gift Wrap Inspiration and Design Crush.  In order to bring you more original content some of these series will continue and some will go away but I’m working on a few new series to launch this year.  How does a series called Styling 101 where I’ll share design advice for styling things like kitchen counters, bookcases, closets and hobby spaces sound to you?  What about Style Recipe where I’ll show you a room, vignette, tablescape and then break down the elements ‘recipe style’ to help you re-create the look?  I’m also planning a series called, Crafting Course where I’ll share crafting projects and the how-to behind them.  If there is anything design, gifting, entertaining and fashion related you’ll like to see here on the blog, please leave me a comment and let me know.  You all are the reason behind this blog and I want to give you what you are looking for.


Get Connected–If you’re a blogger you’ve read lots of blog post about people leaving comments on blogs (or not).  As bloggers we love to hear from our readers, connect with you and know that you enjoy what we share with you.  More times than not when people, myself included read blog post they don’t leave comments, even when prompted for feedback.  Often times as a blogger we feel a bit down because we see other bloggers with lots of comments on their post but don’t see them on our own blog post.  I have a strong readership here on ConfettiStyle and there are lots of loyal commenters on my blog but I want to connect with more of you.  I hope that you’ll take the time this year to leave a comment on a blog post you love, drop me an email just to say Hi or share an idea.  I’ve made the commitment this year to comment more on the blogs I read and love, not only to connect with other bloggers but to let those bloggers know I enjoy and appreciate what they share each day!  I’d love for the new year to start with a bang so leave me a comment on this post just to say hi!

Blogging in 2014 is going to be fun and I’m so glad you are along for the journey!


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I started wrapping gifts last night and decided to change things up a bit and not rely solely on ribbon to finish off my gifts.  Given my love of ribbon I know this must be shocking but what I came up with adds a bit of fun and whimsy to my gifts.

Slide1 copy

Pom Pom Package Ties 3

To make pom-pom ties you’ll need:
Cording (available from any fabric store and available in tons of colors)
Sparkly Pom Pom’s (purchased at Hobby Lobby)
Hot Glue Gun
How to
Cut cord to fit around gift box ( plus several inches) 
Glue a pom-pom to each end of cording 
 Tie your Holiday Pom Pom Tie around the gift!
Happy Gifting!
Pom Pom Package Ties 4
Pom Pom Package Ties 6
Pom Pom Package Ties 3
I’ll have more holiday gift wrapping ideas for you next week!
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When it comes to Christmas décor, I’m one of those people who likes to change it up every year and create a new look for my décor.  I don’t go out and buy all new holiday decorations but I do buy (or diy) a few new ornaments, ribbon and gift wrap to fit the theme I want to create.  I also try to use my existing ornaments in cycles so I’m not using the same pieces every year.

When it comes to Christmas décor there are many styles to love.

















And the list goes on and on!

Typically in January of each year I begin thinking about what I want my Christmas décor to look like.  Yes I know this sounds crazy but the timing also coincides with the January Gift and Home Furnishings market that takes place in Atlanta in January.  During the market all the seasonal vendors showcase the new looks and trends for the coming Christmas season.  Naturally seeing 100’s of beautifully decorated Christmas trees, beautiful ribbon and every ornament under the sun sparks my creativity.

My holiday decorating theme this year started with this wrapping paper…..

ConfettiStyle Christmas Theme 2013-2

and next came this ribbon that I found at a wholesale shop here in Atlanta…..

ConfettiStyle Christmas Theme 2013-1

Once I had these items, all the pieces of my décor fell into place.

Here’s a sneak peek at my décor for Christmas décor theme for 2013!

Colors:  red, antique gold, shades of green and a touch of silver

Materials:  Burlap, satin, colored glass and mercury glass

Style:  Modern Classic

There will also be lots of texture and of beautiful gift wrap and package embellishments for the gifts.

ConfettiStyle Christmas Theme 2013-3
{p.s.  those Christmas tree chalkboard tags were made by me and are available in my Etsy Shop.}

Decorating a my house goes into full swing this weekend and I’ll be sure to share the completed look when we’re done.



My Christmas décor from 2011 and 2012!

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I love the Christmas season and everything that goes with it. When December 1st rolls around, I anxiously countdown the days until Santa comes and this year I created a fun DIY piece to make the countdown more fun.


 This was an easy and quick DIY project and would be a great one to get the kids involved in creating.

Supplies needed:
Clear plastic boxes from Hobby Lobby
Assorted holiday themed scrapbook papers
Chalkboard Stickers (Target $1.00 section)
Double Sided Tape and Foam Mounting Tape
Scissors and Ruler or Cutting Board

Christmas Countdown Blocks by ConfettiStyle 7 copy

Simply cut your scrapbook paper in 4″ squares to fit each side of your plastic box.  I used 4 different paper designs so there could be a different pattern on each side of my box.

Using your double-sided tape, attach the paper squares to the block.

Next you’ll want to layer on your numbers, using numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5. One of the paper styles I used featured blocks with different numbers on them and I cut out specific numbers to use as my number tiles.  I also used the chalkboard stickers as number tiles.

Christmas Countdown Blocks by ConfettiStyle 3 copy

Use the foam tape to layer decorative paper under your number tiles to give your blocks some dimension.

 Christmas Countdown Blocks by ConfettiStyle 4 copy

Each side of the two blocks features a single number which allows you to pair them together to countdown from 25 to 1!

 Christmas Countdown Blocks by ConfettiStyle

When I finished making my Christmas Countdown Blocks I couldn’t help but smile at the finished project.  I absolutely love how it turned out!

The only downside of countdown blocks is a reminder of how much I have to get done before Christmas 🙂


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I am constantly amazed at the talent that some people posses.  Those people who the can find creativity in the most unusual places and turn totally functional and mundane items into amazing works of art. Have you ever looked at a dryer duct in the hardware store and thought to yourself, I can turn that into something magnificent?  What about gutter guards?  Have those ever been on your DIY project supply list?

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica, one of my blog readers and fellow Atlantan who just so happens to have the ability to look at dryer ducts and gutter guards and envision beautiful wall art and light fixtures.  From her creative vision comes amazing hand-crafted Signature Piecez.

Sig Pz - Bow - Red and Silver

These beautiful wall décor piece are crafted from dryer vent and are really dynamic on a wall.  I think the red or silver version would be a fun twist on a traditional Christmas wreath look.

Sig Pz - Bow - Silver and Gold



Jessica makes a lot of commissioned pieces like this large art canvas which again is crafted from dryer vent.


Who knew gutter guards could be so chic?!


This table setting and chair décor was created for a local event, To Live and Dine.



One of my favorite pieces…tissue paper chandelier.


By day Jessica is an accountant but after hours she can be found walking the aisles of the hardware store looking for her next source of inspiration.

To learn more about Jessica, see more of her amazing work and learn more about Signature Piecez head here!


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Even though my fall and holiday décor doesn’t lean toward natural or rustic I love adding a few decorative touches using pinecones because they remind me of the pacific northwest and because they are easy and inexpensive to decorate with.  Pinecones are also one of those elements that you can decorate with during the fall, enjoy for Thanksgiving and then carry the look through to Christmas.  To give you a few ideas I’ve rounded up TWELVE Pine Cone Decorating Ideas that will span the seasons.
Enjoy and be inspired!
This time of year mother nature is filling the ground with pinecones you can gather and get creative with.  Many of these looks are easy diy projects so pull out the glue gun and get creative.
Since so many people hang wreaths on their doors this time of year, why not create an elegant pinecone door cone.  Wrap wire around the base of pinecones to create picks that are easy to insert into arrangements.
I love the idea of creating a pinecone door charm.  The mini frame could  hold a welcome message or a simple graphic like in the photo.  This is a great accent to hang on the guest bedroom door to greet holiday visitors.
You don’t always see a mailbox dressed up for fall but with a few pinecones, greenery from the yard and some burlap ribbon you can create this beautiful garland to add curb appeal to your home.
If you’re really crafty, this project is for you.  Wire several small pinecones together to create pinecone candle rings to use with your Thanksgiving table décor.
Turn an old mirror into a fun fall look by framing it in a ring of pinecones.  Hot glue, time and patience is all that is needed.
p.s.  love the spice boxes on the wall!
This is a definitely a look that can work for fall through Christmas.  Leave the pinecone tree unadorned for fall and then dress it up with ribbon or red berries to give it more of a holiday look.
Use pinecones to accent  your dining room chandelier for an elegant but homespun look.
I’m a big fan of chair décor during the holidays and this look wins my vote.  The pinecone and ornament clusters add a lot of impact to these chairs.
Pinecone wreaths are classic and I love that different color pinecones have been combined to give this wreath more style.
A fun take on a holiday star.
Pinecone ornaments are easy to make and look great on a tree with traditional Christmas ornaments.
 You know that pinecone mirror you saw earlier, how about taking it off the wall and using it on the table as a centerpiece.  Two looks in one!
Will pinecones be making an appearance in your holiday décor this year??


all images via pinterest

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