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Ikea 2017

Besides thrift stores, Ikea is one of the best sources for DIY items. If you follow any DIY or craft bloggers, I’m sure you’ve seen them transform an item or two from Ikea.

When I got the 2017 Ikea catalog in the mail last week, I filled through the pages.  While there didn’t appear to be a lot of new items, I did spot quite a few pieces that would make for great DIY projects.


The Gladom Tray Table is just begging for a DIY UpStyle.  I envision this piece painted gold, black or even Hermes orange.  And if you love color, you could paint the removable tray one color and the stand another. $29.99

gladom-tray-table-green--Ikea DIY

Th $35.00, the Lixhult Cabinet is a super affordable way to add storage to any room.  Those doors a begging for some Overlays and I’ve even consider adding brass leg caps.

Lixhult Cabinet--Ikea DIY

The Knotten Standing Desk is a great catch-all piece to place near the front door or in a mud room.  And to Upstyle it, I’d paint it grey and add a marble slab top. $149.00

Knotted Standing Desk--Ikea DIY

There are many creative ways to DIY this StenStorp Kitchen Island. I’d start by staining the top darker and painting the base.  Then I’d add this brass towel bar to one side to hold kitchen towels. $399.00

Stenstorp Kitchen Island--Ikea DIY

The Vesken Shelf Unit is a great buy at $12.99 and would be perfect for a small bathroom that needs extra storage space.  I could see this piece painted and the trays lined with beautiful paper.

Vesken--Ikea DIY

The Norraker Bar Stool would be easy to paint or stain and then I’d Upstyled it with an upholstered seat cushion and a cup pull mounted on the back. $99.00

Narrater Bar Stool-Ikea DIY

I can easily envision the Flisat Children’s Stool painted primary colors for a kids play area. But then again, it could also be painted a more sophisticated color and used as a small plant stand in a living room. $14.99

Flisat Stool--Ikea DIY

 Have you had time to flip through the new Ikea catalog?  I’d love to know what great pieces caught your eye.

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Hello friends.  I hope you all had a great weekend.

Since I hadn’t been shopping at IKEA in a while, I decided to stop by the store on Saturday to see what was new.  Whenever I plan a trip to Ikea, I try to go early in the morning or an hour or so before they close because the crowds are usually at a low point during those times.  Well, I must have missed the email announcement that Saturday night was ‘kids night’ because the store was packed with families and there were kids running around everywhere.  What usually takes me an hour to get through the store took me a lot longer because I was constantly dogging little ones.

Despite the crowd and super long check-out lines, we made it out in one piece but did have to stop and get ice-cream on the way home to calm our nerves:)

Anyway, back to my shopping trip.  I spotted several new items I wanted to share with you including some of the new fabrics Ikea is selling.


One of the first things I spotted were these glass jars.  I love the cork tops and the simple shape.  These would be great on a kitchen counter to hold snacks and staples and I can even see them being used as a terrarium or to hold seasonal decor like the photo below.  If I remember correctly, the largest size was $24.00 and the medium was $14.99.


Ikea Jar


When I spotted these wood boxes I immediately thought of a thousand different ways to use them.  And they are the perfect piece for a DIY project.  Unfortunately the store was out of this size but did have a larger/longer size available.  It think the price was $5.99.


Another great piece I saw was this woven side table.  The top is a metal tray and it comes off to reveal storage space inside.  I didn’t much care of the white stripe around the center but that could be fixed in a flash with spray paint or stain.  Just image this in a bold, bright color for summer.  $79.99


I loved this black planter and will probably go back and get one.  The textured pattern on the outside is really nice and the inside is painted gold which you can see in the website photo below.



I never pass up the pillow aisle at Ikea and it never fails that they have something I want.  This blue and cream striped pillow cover was really nice and I loved the watercolor effect the stripes had.  Like most of the pillow covers, this one was a great deal at just $8.00.


Next up was the fabric department at Ikea.  If you’ve never looked at the fabrics that Ikea sells, I suggest you do.  Their fabric department is set up with a cut-it-yourself station so you cut the yardage you need and take it to the register to be rung up.   You won’t find designer patterns or designer quality but many of the fabrics are great for decor like pillows, table linens or even drapes.  And you can’t beat the price with most of the fabrics under $10 a year.

Here are a few favorites…


  • Berta Ruta–a classic red and white plaid  $8.99/yd  Also comes in other classic colors.
  • Emmie Ros–this is a vintage inspired floral design and would be great in with shabby chic decor–$6.99/yd.
  • Sofia–a classic black and white stripe for only $7.99/yd.  I used this fabric to make a skirt for the file cabinet in my office and love the weight and quality of it.  Also available in other colors.
  • Pilorf–I love, love, love the floral design on this fabric and think it would make a really pretty table runner because of the way the pattern runs.  $5.99/yd.

Ikea Fabrics.001


  • Blue and white products are a big trend at Ikea and they have some great blue and white fabrics for sale.  This Sommar pattern is modern and classic and is only $5.99/yd.
  • At first I didn’t know if I like this abstract foliage fabric and then I remembered that Sherry Hart used it to make pillows for one of her projects and I was sold.  It’s a great design that in the right application can look high-end.  $9.99/yd.
  • This Sommar blue and white grid pattern is another classic design they sell.  I can envision this as drapes with a beautiful trim detail or made into a duvet cover.  $5.99/yd
  • Classic black and white floral design with an antique washed look.  $7.99/yd.

Ikea Fabrics.002

And another new item I spotted in the fabric department was a bundle of fabric swatches that were on sale for $4.99.  Each swatch measures 8″ x 8″ and there are 50 pieces in the bundle, 10 each of 5 designs.  I immediately thought of making dinner napkins from these or using them in craft projects.  I might be going back to get these as well.


So there you have it…a few of my favorite things at Ikea.

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2016 Ikea Catalog

The last couple of times I’ve gone to Ikea the store has been under construction with new vignettes being constructed and old products being liquidated.  Seeing all of that going on only meant one thing…the release of the 2016 Ikea catalog was nearing.

2016 Ikea Catalog3

2016 Ikea Catalog4

I received my copy of the catalog a few days ago and boy oh boy are there some really awesome items in it.  From new furniture to textiles and pillows, there are so many items that on are my shopping list.  And as an admitted paper addict, I’m loving all the new paper products they have too. I can’t wait to make a trip to the store to pick up a few of my favorite things but for now I thought I’d share them with you here on the blog.

The Maryd Tray Table is such a versatile piece that could be used as a night stand or even  side table.  $69.99 


Ikea is one of my favorite sources for baskets and this lidded Nipprig Basket is a steal at $16.99.  Such a chic way to store kids toys, blankets and magazines.


If you’re looking for stylish office storage that won’t break the bank, these Fjalla Magazine File will fit the bill.  And at $4.99 for a 2 pack you can fill your entire bookcase with them.


I don’t have any space for a new chair but if I did I’d definitely buy the Nipprig Chair.  Can’t you just image this painted in a bold, bright color?  $49.00


I’m a fan of Ikea’s Billy Bookcase but the Valje Shelf has so much more style with the off-set shelves and the white-washed wood grain finish.  $149.00


I’ll definitely be picking up a couple of these Risatorp Wire Baskets at $12.99.  

Ikea--Risatorp Wire Basket

The Varv Ceiling Light is one of my favorite new lighting fixtures and I think it would look fabulous spray painted gold, silver or copper.  $49.99.  


And when it comes to paper products, the Hemsmak Labels ( $1.99) and Framstalla  Tape (6.99) are definitely on my list.

Ikea--Hemsmak Labels

Ikea--Hemsmak Adhesive Labels

Ikea--Framstalla Tape

If you haven’t received a copy of the 2016 Ikea catalog, you can request one here or pick one up in the store.

Happy shopping!


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When it comes to furniture functionality and chic diy transformations the Hemnes Shoe Cabinet is probably one of my favorite Ikea hack pieces. The slim size of this piece make it ideal for narrow closets or hallways and the piece can be used for much more than shoe storage.

You can create a compact mud room next to the front door and use the top drawer to hold keys, chargers, batteries and other daily essentials.

Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinete

Ikea sells several styles of shoe cabinets including this  4 drawer version.


There are a thousand and one ways you can customize the shoe cabinets to give it a unique style.

Ikea Hemnes via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

I love this library look achieved by adding brass label holders with pulls.

Ikea Hemnes via Windgate Lane

via Windgate Lane

A couple of coats of paint and stylish knobs can dramatically change the look of the basic shoe cabinet.

Ikea Hemnes via I Heart Organizing

via I Heart Organizing

O’verlays has created a collection of designer overlays to fit the Hemnes cabinets which is another easy way to get a designer look in a flash.

Overalys on Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

I love the look of two shoe cabinets placed side by side to function as a console cabinet.

Ikes Hemnes via Scraphacker

Most of the shoe cabinets are available in black-brown and white or a wood grain finish.

Ikea Hemnes via Intergrations Blog

The shoe cabinet can also work to hold cold weather accessories, files, cords or lightweight books.

Ikea Hemnes via Frugal Faye

The 3-drawer Brissa shoe cabinet is a great buy at $39.99 and looks great customized with a wood frame and brass cup pulls.

Ikea Hemnes Single Unit via Yellow Brick Home

via Yellow Brick Home

I love these Ikea shoe cabinets so much and have been trying to figure out where I could put one of these in my home.

Here’s a round-up of all the Ikea styles available…


I hope you were inspired.


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Happy Monday!

Via Country Living

I’m back with another installment of Product & Inspiration and this time we’re talking decor for your kitchen.



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There are two things I really love in life….design and shopping.  Those two things go hand in hand in my book and there’s no better way to share two of my passions with you then in a new blog series called Product and Inspiration.  

Similar to “get the look” post that you might see on other blogs, my goal for each Product and Inspiration post is to share a product I love along with inspirational design photos using that item (or something very similar) AND a design tip or two.    I hope you enjoy “shopping” with me and more importantly I hope you’re inspired to decorate your life in style.



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Hello there my friends!  

Over the weekend I took at look at my top blog post and discovered that the post where I share things I love or inspire me are really popular.  So here’s the latest installment of My Favorite Things!


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I ventured out to Ikea last Friday after having stayed away for several months.

Ikea Shopping Bag

A trip to Ikea is not typically something you just do on the spur of the moment.  There are a couple of things you’ll need to do before heading to Ikea…

 1) You have to think about the day and time to go (in order to maintain your sanity)


2) if you’re married, you have to get the hubs on board at least a week in advance so that he can store up some patience for what is sure to be a few hours of browsing, oohing and awing and creative brainstorming. Oh, and you just might have to promise to take him out to lunch and you pay for it…just saying!

With both to-do’s check off my list the hubs and I headed to Ikea.


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