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Raskog Utility Cart.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001

Raskog--Dark Grey Raskog--Beige

I don’t know what it is about a new year that makes us all want to declutter and organize our homes.  As part of this yearly ritual, I’m always on the hunt for easy storage solutions and one of my go-to shopping sources is always Ikea.

Every time I shop Ikea I ponder purchasing the Raskog Utility Cart.  This cute little storage cart is just one of those pieces that you can image using in a thousand different ways around the house  And the $29.99 price point makes it even more attractive.

To convince myself and maybe you too, I’ve rounded up some photos showing different ways this storage cart can be styled.


When space is tight, the Raskog cart makes an ideal side table and the three storage shelves can hold an array of items for quick access.

Raskog--Side table


I love the idea of using this cart in the kitchen to hold cooking supplies you use frequently.  When not in use the cart and be pushed into a corner or tucked into a pantry closet.



Use the cart to hold functional and decorative accessories in the kitchen.  It’s a great spot to place potted herbs.

Raskog--kitchen supplies


And when more space is needed, just double up on the cart storage.

Raskog--kitchen x 2


The barcart trend continues to be strong and the Raskog cart is fun for a small cocktail station.  And the perfect piece to hold cocktail or cookbooks.



And if the turquoise, beige or dark gray color options don’t work with you decor, this cart is easy to spray paint for a custom look.



And another selling point is the ability to hang magnetic rods and buckets on the cart for even more storage options.



Use the cart to towels and toiletries in a guest bathroom.

Raskog--bathroom storage


The idea of all my cleaning supplies in one place just might have persuaded me to buy the Raskog cart.

Raskog--Cleaning Supplies


The cart makes a pretty cute storage shelf for seasonal footwear and fashion accessories.

Raskog--Shoe storage


And for all you crafters and sewers out there, this cart has endless possibilities for storage and organization.  The mobility makes the cart easy to move around your craft space or even to another room in your house.

Raskog--craft storage


I love how the Raskog easily tucks into a closet space and under shelving.

Raskog-- craft supplies


Mount the top bin upside down to create a solid working station for a sewing machine, laptop or office equipment.

Raskog--sewing cart


There are lots of storage carts on the market but in my book the Raskog Utility Cart is one of the best and definitely one of the more versatile pieces you can buy.

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Hello friends. Sorry for the lack of blog posts the last few days.  I’ve been attending the Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings show for the last week and just couldn’t find time to sit at the computer and finish up the blog post I had planned for the week.  The show is over, I’ve caught up on some rest and I’m ready to jump back in the saddle again.

Today I’m bringing you the first Design Chat post of the year and I’m addressing a comment left by Liz  about decorating her office space.  In addition to decorating ideas, Liz wanted tips on organizing her workspace without sacrificing style.  I know many of you are dealing with office space issues too, so here’s some design advice and decorating inspiration that I hope will help.

Design Chat: Office Decor and Organization.001

Decorating an office space, whether in the home or out, can be challenging.  You’re trying to strike a balance between functional and organized with inspirational and pretty.  When it comes to organization in your office here are the things you want to address:

A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE–disorganization happens when you don’t have an easy and accessible place to store every day items.  Add style by using decorative containers to hold office supplies.  And when shopping for containers, don’t just shop the office supply area, look for unique containers in the kitchen and bath department, at craft stores and even in home decor stores.

tip:  go vertical where possible to maximize every inch of your office space

Office Orgnization via Hative


(if anyone knows the source for this glass vase trio please let me know)

Office Supply Storage


File storage


DECORATE WITH FURNITURE THAT WORKS IN MULTIPLE WAYS–a divided bookcase is one of the best pieces of furniture you can use in a home office.  Each cubby can hold different items and items can be organized in baskets, boxes, jars or other containers adding to the decor of your space.

tip:  keep smaller objects organized in baskets and bins and use larger items for display and visual impact

Office storage--masculine


tip:  painted file cabinets (an easy DIY) can be used in place of a side table or console table while offering you loads of storage space

File Cabinets


USE EVERY AVAILABLE INCH OF SPACE–when you look around your office space, keep your eyes open for unexpected areas where you can incorporate storage and organization.  Hang wire shelving or cork boards on the inside of closet doors and place lidded baskets or a small file cabinets under your desk.

Desk Storage


CREATE ORGANIZATION THAT’S MOBILE–many times a home office has limited space so getting creative with how and where you store supplies is necessary. Rolling carts can be used to hold desk accessories and offices supplies, and can be pulled out when needed and stored in a closet when not in use.  Magazine files, baskets and bowls can hold items on the cart and make it easy to move those items to your desk surface when you’re working.

tip:  rolling carts are idea for wireless printers and other office machinery

Office Organization via Brit and Co


CREATE COHESION WITH COLOR–there are lots of ways you can organize papers, files and supplies but using a color system not only adds to the style of your office but can help you create a storage system that’s easy to manage.

Identify a specific color for different categories of products like receipts, office tools, paper or computer/camera accessories.

tip: pick a color theme that energizes and makes you happy so you’ll feel good when you’re working in your office

Office Organization


PUT A LABEL ON IT— labels will make finding things in your office easy and make putting things back a breeze.  Use a label maker or print labels on sticker paper so that the style, font and color is consistent throughout your office.  Consistency=order and visual beauty.

tip:  label holders with handles work great on magazine files, cabinet doors, filing cabinets and baskets

Office Organization--labels


MAKE YOUR SPACE PRETTY & INSPIRATIONAL:  include decorative elements that are pretty, inspirational and remind you of your goals and wishes.  Decorative clipboards are my go-to office accessory and not only serve as wall decor but are functional when I need a writing surface outside my office.

tip:  make your own decorative clipboards using craft supplies or shop decorative clipboards here.

Office Clipboards


Now that you have some tools to help you get organized, let’s take a look at some of my favorite office spaces around the web…

Office Space Inspiration:

This compact office space does not lace style or personality.  The gold accents create a theme and even the extra side chair become a stylish way to store books.

Office Space via The Every Gril


I’ve shown this image on the blog  before and it continues to be one of my all-time favorite office spaces.  The cabinet along with the shelving provide major storage and display space, and the baskets and boxes add the stylish organization every office needs.

Office Space


This office space has a defined style that oozes creativity. I love the idea of using wallpaper (or even giftwrap) to define and personalize your office.

Office Space via bhg


So are you ready to decorate and organize your office space in style?  If so, you can shop some of my favorite office accessories below…

Shop my favorite office accessories:

Design Chat: Office Decor and Organization.002

glass display box $19-99-$34.99/ fjalla file box  $3.99 /  white clipboard $9.99 / acrylic tape dispenser $9.99 /hanging storage file box $16.99 / industrial ladder shelf $129 /  kvarnvik storage boxes $16.99 set / gold rim stainless steel scissors $16.99 / fjalla magazine file  $4.99-2-pack / multi-colored binder $5.99 

Design Chat: Office Decor and Organization.003

chevron file folders $11.99 / pilar pencil cup $12.95 / antique brass accordion file storage $44.99 / adhesive book plates $3.99 / 3 shelf metal utility cart $36.30 / metal cabinet label holdersawesome prices

Once you get the key components of your office organization in place, you can go about making it pretty so you’ll love going to work.

Happy Decorating!

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Organizing Christmas Decor.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001

Happy New Year.  I’m really excited about the year ahead and will share more about that tomorrow but for today I must talk about a big project I have ahead of me.

We finally got all of our Christmas decor taken down and in the garage.  And when I say in the garage, I don’t mean stored away neatly with all the bins stacked to Martha Stewart perfection, I mean sitting the middle of the garage.

The bins aren’t going to stay that way because I made the decision that this year is the year of purging and organizing.  I’m getting rid of things I haven’t touched in ages, don’t use and don’t want or need anymore and I’m starting with my Christmas decor.

As someone who owned their own home decor store for 8+ years and changes up their holiday theme each year, I’ve amassed quite a collection of holiday items and it’s time to free myself from the stuff.

Organizing my Christmas decor (and garage while I’m at it) isn’t going to happen overnight, I suspect it will take a weekend or two to get it in order.  Since I’m preparing to tackle this massive project, I thought I’d share my organizing tips on how I’m going to get the space in tip, top shape.


TIP #1–Sort items by color and keep like items together.  This is one thing I haven’t always done a good job at so I’m going to focus on doing it this year.  Not only will it make finding items easier but it will also make it easier for me to pull together my tree theme in each.

Tip #2–Store holiday decor in plastic bins.  I’ve always used plastic bins to store the majority of my Christmas decor and I can’t tell you how easy this make organizing your storage space.  I’ve got an assorted variety of plastic bins (some see through and others not) so we are investing in some new bins this year.  I perfect see-through bins for my Christmas decor although I must say that the solid colored bins are a bit thicker and more sturdy.

Plastic under bed storage bins works great for storing garland and can be stacked to save space.  Label each bin with the location of where the garland goes in the house.

Plastic Under Bed Storage

Tip #3–Label your bins.  I’ve done this a bit but after years of accumulating stuff, the contents in my bins no longer matches the labels.  When listing the content of each bin, be as specific as possible. Another tip is to take pictures of the items inside the bin and then print and tape the pictures to the inside of the bin lid for each reference.

**  I’m going to use these removable labels and handwrite what’s inside each bin.  The labels will then go on the outside of each storage bin 
**removable labels make it each to change out the bins as needed and keeps your storage looking tidy
** Wal-Mart has some of the best prices and best selection on storage bins

Labeled Storage Bins


Tip #4–Pack with care.  When you pack away your Christmas decor, take the time to protect the items you own.  I use tissue paper or newsprint between layers of ornaments and recently came across this idea of using coffee filters as individual ornaments cups.  250 coffee filters at Costco for $5.99.

Ornaments and Coffee Filters


You can also use cardboard beverage trays to hold ornaments inside your bins.    You can buy a 75 count, 4 cups trays at Sam’s Club for $14.48.

Ornaments in Beverage holders


And here’s another idea that I love…plastic cups glued to cardboard to hold individual ornaments. This storage method is a bit time-consuming but once done, it’s a great way to protect ornaments from breakage.

Ornaments in cups


Tip #6–Store Wreaths on Hangers.  A great way to store your Christmas wreaths is by tying them onto a hanger and covering the wreath with a clear dry cleaning bag.  The hanger makes it easy to hang a wreath from a nail or hook.  And if you have multiple wreaths, put a hanging bar (clothesline style ) in your garage or storage room and hang all the wreaths together.

Wreath in bag


Tip #7–Detangle the lights.  There is nothing that makes me crazier than lights that have become a jumbled mess.  A quick fix is to wrap your Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard.  The cardboard will allow you to stack your lights, maximize storage space and it makes it easy to test each cord each season when you get ready to decorate. This storage idea will also work for beaded garland and ribbon.

Lights wrapped around cardboard


Tips #8–Keep wrapping paper accessible and protected.  I buy a lot of gift wrap in generic patterns so it can be used year round but if you buy paper specific to Christmas or any other holiday for that matter, try storing your rolls in clear garment bags.  The garment bags will hold multiple rolls and can be easily stored in the back of a closet.

** you can pick up clear garment bags at the dollar store

Wrapping Paper Garment Bag


Tip #9–Vacumm pack your holiday pillows.  If you have holiday pillows with removable covers, remove the covers and store them folded in a drawers or storage bin.  You can then use the pillow inserts for other pillows throughout the year.  If the pillows don’t have removable covers, think about storing them in vacuum packed bags which will keep them fresh and protected and save you a ton of space.

**  you can pick up Space Bags at Walgreens

vacumm packed

Tip #10–Store holiday signs and wall decor under the bed.  Plastic or cloth under-bed storage containers are a great way to store holiday wall plaques and decor.  I bought a couple of these bags from Container store and love them.  They are large and durable and the handle makes it easy to pull out from under the bed.

Underbed storage


Wish me luck as we tackle the garage.  I’ll be sure to share before and after photos once it’s all done. Stay tuned!

If you have any Christmas decor organizing tips to share, please do because I’d love to know.




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More and more lately I’m feeling the urge to live with less.  That feeling has me organizing every nook and cranny of my home.  Yesterday I spend some time organizing my bathroom drawers and boy was did it leave me with a great feeling.

Bathroom Drawers5

It feels good to get rid of stuff that is not being used and no longer has value and it’s nice to look at drawers that are pretty and organized.

Since I feel I’m pretty good at organizing, I wanted to share a few of my tried-and-true organizing tips with you.


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ConfettiStyle Gift Wrap

Just popping in today with a few ideas that may inspire you as you begin your holiday shopping and gift wrapping.

If you’re anything like me, you have lots of wrapping paper and gift wrapping supplies that you use during the holiday season.  I’m constantly pulling rolls of paper out of the closet, getting ribbon from the shelf and looking for gift tags.  I’m on the hunt for a simple and stylish way to store my wrapping supplies and was inspired by these ideas.  I hope you’ll be inspired too!

Gift Wrap Storage


Gift Wrap Basket


Gift Wrap Storage Basket



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Happy Friday!  This weekend is shaping up to be another busy one for me with lots of organizing, purging and cleaning on the to-do list.  Since the weather is changing a bit, I feel the need to go through my closet and begin the summer to fall transition with my clothing and accessories.  I’m always on the hunt for creative ways to display and store accessories and came across these ideas that have me really inspired!

Cheers to the final weekend of summer!

Closet Crush 2

image source

Thrift Store Picture Frame Jewelry Display

Closet Crush 5

image source

Old Door + Shelves + Picture Frame and a curtain bar= Stunning accessory display

Closet Cursh 4

image source

A Vintage Ladder turned shoe rack

Closet Crush6

image source

Shadow Box Frames to Hold Jewelry


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One of the areas that can get out of hand in most homes is the linen closet.  Just like the junk drawer in the kitchen, the linen closet can become a catch-all for any and everything if not kept in order.

As an admitted ‘over-organizer’, I can’t stand an unruly linen closet.  I want my closets  to be organized, functional and pretty.  To help me keep my linen closets in order I employ a handful of organization and design tricks and the end result is always a winner.



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I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The hubs and I spent the weekend in Alabama at his high school reunion.  He had a great time seeing and catching up with people he hadn’t seen in years.  I also had a great time hearing stories about him from his high school days and learning about all the tricks he played on his freinds.  I can definitely say that while he has gotten older, he still has the heart and spirit of a kid.

Anyway, I’ve been busy all day getting caught up on work, emails and projects so I’m hitting the send button on this post a bit late.

Today I wanted to share a fun little project I created using Wallternatives wall decals.  During the Haven conference in July,  I got a first hand look at Wallternatives wall decals and immediately my mind starting pondering all the ways I could decoratve with them.



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