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It’s been months and months since I was able to carve out some time to go to Scott Antique Market but last Thursday I made time in my work schedule to make it happen. Boy have I missed treasure hunting at one of the best antique markets in the country.

 This show as a bit different from most as many vendors decided to attend the World’s Longest Yard Sale instead of Scott, which happens the same weekend every August. Even with fewer vendors, there were still lots of great things at the market.

Here’s a look at some of the pieces I spotted  while treasure hunting...

The market always has a great selection of vintage and handmade furniture in every design style so it’s a great place to shop if you’re looking for something really unique.  These tiered end tables were really stunning and I could totally see them being used as night stands.


One of my favorite chair vendors is always stocked with beautiful linen and burlap dining and occasional chairs.  I loved the woodwork detail on the back of this one.


Pillows, pillows everywhere with lots of vendors selling pillows in neutral fabrics.


This vignette caught my eye.  I have a pair of those wood risers but never thought about using them to elevate lamps.


There were a couple of ceramic vendors with the most beautiful Japanese pottery.  Most of the pieces were on the expensive side so I passed but lots of people were snatching up ginger jars and bowls.


One vendor had nothing but blue and white but again it was pretty pricey.  If I remember correctly, the ginger jars along the front were $125.


I loved this lamp because of the shape–I think it was around $100.


This mirrored chest was a beauty and on sale!


I saw more mid-century modern pieces at this market than I’ve seen in the past.  The details on this table and chair set grabbed my attention and the fact that it was also in pristine condition.



Like I mentioned before, you’ll find every style of furniture at Scott including lots of farmhouse/rustic pieces.  Some of these pieces are vintage and others are handmade to look vintage.

Great lines on this table.


This cabinet was really pretty although the color was not to my liking.  And check out all those cut stools on top of the cabinet.


Here’s a beautiful chunky farm style dining table.


There are lots of industrial pieces at this market too.  I loved this metal storage cage and could just image this in a mud room or garage to hold shoes and stuff.


I usually don’t walk away from Scott’s having seen any big trend statements but this chair has me thinking that lavender is going to be a popular color for 2016.


One of the things I always do when I walk the market is to keep an eye out for diy inspiration.  I spotted this framed wall sconce and thought it was a great way to UpStyle a thrifted light fixture

{ frame + wood + sconce + wood beads=stunning}


The Scott market is always a great source of dough bowls and vintage wood accessories.


wood rakes


pizza boards–$40 to $65


wicker demijohns (this vendor has really good prices on these bottles)


Scott Antique Market is a big place, consisting of two buildings and outdoor spaces.  There’s so much to see and sometimes my philosophy of “if you love it, buy it” gets pushed to the back of my mind as I walk the aisles.  Inevitably that results in a few market regrets and this trip was no exception.

Here’s are three things I wish I had bought but didn’t…

These lamps were amazing!!!  They were in great condition, I loved the shape and bonus–there was a bulb socket inside the basket so that lamp could be lit both on top and under the wicker. And, they were only $75 for the pair.  I know…I’m still kicking myself. 


Another regret were these vintage grain sacks.  They were priced between $25 and $29 and in good condition.

The only saving grace with these is that the vendor is a monthly regular and will probably have them again at the Sept. show.


I spotted these vintage wood blankets and was mesmerized by how gorgeous they were.  I wanted the second stripe from the right, on the top row.


So folks, that’s a quick summary of my treasure hunting adventure at Scott Antique Market.  I’ve got my calendar cleared for the September show and have my fingers crossed that some of my regret items just might make a second show appearance.


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I’m back with part 2 of my trip to Scott Antique Market this month.  Today I’m sharing some of the furniture pieces that caught my eye along with some tips I have for shopping this market.

I mentioned in my last post that Scott Antique Market is made up of two buildings, North and South as well as outdoor vendors at each building.  I can’t even begin to estimate how many vendors show as Scott’s each month but there well over 300. Because of the size of the market, Scott’s has claimed the title as the World’s Largest Indoor Antique Market.  You can find just about anything at Scott’s from rare antiques and silver to antique reproductions and vintage pieces.  And, just like every antique store and flea market around, there is junk to be had as well.

Feb 2014 (19) copy

This beautiful wicker and cane chair was a favorite from the show.  The scale large enough so that the chair could be used alone as a cute accent chair.


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Monday, Monday!  Are you ready to make this week great?  I am!  I’ve got a couple of business meetings this week, lots of projects to work on and more flea market shopping planned for the end of the week.  It’s going to be a busy week and all I can say is that I hope the snow that is predicted for Atlanta doesn’t become the mess it did two weeks ago.

Today I’m sharing some of the great stuff I spotted last week at Scott Antique Market.  It’s no secret I love going to this market and after missing it for two months in a row I was  excited to hit the show and see what treasures were awaiting.  Over all it was a good show. During the early months of the year many of the vendors sit out of the show but despite some empty spaces there was lots of great stuff for sale.

I was a bit camera happy this market so I’m going to break my recap up into two blog post.  Today we’ll be taking a look at the accessories and decorative objects I spotted and later in the week I’ll bring you a recap of the furniture I saw along with some tips for shopping this massive market.

Let’s roll….

Feb 14 (1) copy

These dough bowls are always a hit at Scott’s and even though I already own one, I’m tempted every show to get another. They are well priced, under $100 and are really large.

Feb 14 (2) copy

I loved these fretwork screen panels and think they would look good painted a chippy cream or antique green.  These were available from ‘my guy’ so I can only image the price was great.

Feb 14 (8) copy

More antique dough bowls.

Feb 2014 (9) copy

Yes please on this vintage library card file.  Oh how I’d love this for storing my loose beads and jewelry findings.

Feb 2014 (5) copy

There is always lots of vintage cookware and kitchen accessories for sale.

Feb 14 (16) copy

This stunning reclaimed wood mirror was $375 and at approx. 7 1/2′ tall that is a great deal.

Feb 14 (17) copy

It must have been typewriter day at Scott’s because I saw so many of them for sale.

Feb 14 (20) copy

Love these wicker Demijohns ($30-$45).  Every show I stop by and admire and have yet to pull the trigger.

Feb 2014 (15) copy

Always a selection of classic mirrors.

Feb 2014 (14) copy

A beautiful copper pail.  I think copper is going to be the IT finish for 2014.

Feb 2014 (11) copy

Original oil painting.

Feb 2014 (10) copy

Globes galore.  Some better than others and most overpriced.

Feb 14 (15) copy

I loved this blue wall cabinet.

IMG_5004 copy

One of my favorite pillow resources.  They have several bays of pillow covers, sorted by color.

IMG_5021 copy

My dear friend Steve has an amazing assortment of beautiful antique accessories and found objects.  These tortoise shells are a fave of mine.

IMG_5019 copy

I saw the most amazing collection of shells, coral and starfish this show.

IMG_5018 copy

Anyone need antlers?  You’ll find them at Scott Antique Market.

IMG_5016 copy

These glass buoys were beautiful.  They would look pretty great in one of those large dough bowls.

IMG_5015 copy

Should have picked up a few of these vintage spools.  I they sell well in my Etsy shop and the price was great.  Next time!

IMG_5026 copy

Awesome brass parakeet on a stand from Steve’s booth.

IMG_5027 copy

Steve also have some great lighting.  These brass and copper pendants were really nice. {check out that wall cabinet too}

IMG_5029 copy

And who doesn’t love a vintage pizza board?    Actually it was the fixture that caught my eye but the entire set-up is pretty great.

I’ve mentioned before that the Scott Antique Market takes place the second weekend of every month.  There are two buildings and outdoor spaces as well.  During the colder months I tend to skip the outdoor spaces but you can usually find some good deals there if you’re willing to deal with the weather.

I’ll be back later today with the before and after shots of some of the organizing I’ve done around the house.  When you fall off the organization bandwagon it takes time and energy to get back on!  I’m exhausted but happy to have things in order.


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Happy Wednesday!
I finished up my Christmas shopping yesterday and now I have the task of wrapping gifts on my list for today.  Before I head off to the land of paper and bows, I wanted to drop in today and share the 411 on my DIY Christmas Stocking Holders.
IMG_4262 copy

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I have an admitted Christmas Stocking addiction.  Every year at Christmas (and at after Christmas sales) as I walk the aisles of my favorite stores, the Christmas stockings call my name.

Christmas Stockings 2013-6


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Whew!!!!  That’s all I can say at this moment!  You might have noticed that I’ve been absent here on the blog for the last few days and you might have wondered what I’ve been up to.  I wish I could say I was off enjoying the beach or taking a fun trip but that’s not the case.  The fact is that I’ve got a lot of projects on my to-do list and they have kept me so busy that I haven’t found the time, energy or creative mindset to blog.
One of the projects I’ve been working on is a big event for a non-profit agency I work with.  I am on the board of directors for the Community Assistance Center and I’m chair for their big fund-raising gala which is next weekend.  All the planning and making the centerpieces for the table décor have me knee-deep in auction items, paperwork and paper crafting.
I’ve also been super busy working on the finishing touches of a e-design project which I’ll share with you soon, trying to add a little fall flavor to my home and finishing up a piece for my desk (I know I promised to show it to you last week).  All in all, things are a tad busy in my life at the moment.
So now that you know I’m still alive and kicking, I did want to drop in today and share one of my favorite product lines with you.
We’ve all seen them…


those images of bookcases where all the books have been meticulously covered in beautiful paper or fabric.
And if you are anything like me,  you’ve thought to yourself, I’ll do that with my own books and then my bookcases will look like all those other beautifully styled bookcases on Pinterest.
But one day you take a hard look at your bookcases and the hundreds of books that are staring at you just waiting to be covered and you think to yourself, there has to be an easier way to make my bookcases look pretty.
We’ll folks I’m here to share a great source for INSTANT BOOKCASE STYLE with you, E. Lawrence Books!
 Several years ago, when my store was open, I sold E. Lawrence books but I had forgotten just how amazing they are until a trip to the mart last week.  E. Lawrence has always had a great selection of leather-bound, classic covered books perfect for a library or more formal setting,  but over the years they’ve added lots of stylish covered books to the mix.  Their book collections are really dynamic and are a great way to add a strong design statement to your bookcases in a flash.
The Eifel Tower set is one of my favorites.  Because the books stack vertically, they are great on shelves with large openings or on the tops of bookcases or armoires.
The paper zebra covers are just amazing and so chic!
They have lots of different floral covers which can add a bohemian feel to your shelves.
The ikat and flame stitch patterns are also some of my faves.  Reminds me of something you’d see in Anthropologie.
The lighthouse covers would be great in a men’s study or young boys room.
Another fun floral inspired collection.
If you like a little color pop on your bookshelves, these covers with script labels would do the trick.
Abstract prints.
I adore this purse stack.
Classic with a modern edge.
And the looks go on and on!
While I’m always up for a DIY book cover project, but with so many beautiful books from E. Lawrence I’ll be saving my crafting skills for something else.
To see more of the book collections from E. Lawrence head here.
For those of you in Atlanta, the full E. Lawrence collection can be seen in the J. Douglas showroom at the mart, Blog. 1, 13-a-1 and E. Lawrence has a booth at the Scott Antique Market  each month in the North Bldg.


This is not a sponsored post, just sharing a product line I really love!

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August 2013 (18)
Happy Monday my friends!!!!  I’m so sorry to see the weekend end because mine was filled with lots of fun.
First up the hubs and I made the trek out to Scott Antique Market.  Attending a gigantic antique market in 95+ degree weather is not something my husband likes to do often but he’s a trooper and when Scott’s falls on his Friday off he usually joins me on my shopping adventure.  I’m so glad he went this time because we ran into a good friend that just opened a booth in the North building.  Our friend Steve owned and operated one of the top showrooms at the mart for many years and I used to buy from his product lines when I had my store open.  In addition to the mart showroom, Steve has operated several antique spaces here in Atlanta on Bennett Street and on Miami Circle, which happen to be the diamond district for antiques in the ATL.  Steve recently closed his showroom at the mart and has opened a booth at Scott’s. (more…)

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Happy Friday!
I don’t think I have shared with you some the photos I took at Scott Antique Market this month.
Scott’s this month was brimming with fantastic finds.  Since the Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings show was in town and buyers from all over the world were in town for it, the vendors at Scott’s really upped their game and loaded their booths with all kinds of home décor and furniture.  I didn’t get to snap as many photos as I wanted because I was dragging around a cart full of items but I did take enough to wet your appetite.
July 2013 (16) copy
There were lots of tall armoires at this show including this beauty.  I love the circle design on the mirrored doors.
July 2013 (23) copy
Fabulous bamboo table that would make a perfect bar cart.
July 2013 (22) copy
This vendor had a great selection of antiqued mirrored accent tables in a different shapes and sizes.  The antique gold finish on this one was beautiful.
July 2013 (21) copy
Vintage boxes, crates and baskets were everywhere.
July 2013 (20) copy
This curved front cabinet was so pretty.
July 2013 (19) copy
Lots of grey washed pieces.  This piece is just begging for a dark stain top.
July 2013 (24) copy
Lovely folding mirror screen.
July 2013 (28) copy
Industrial is here to stay.  This piece was pretty awesome not only because of the size but the details and hardware.
July 2013 (27) copy
I loved this vintage office vignette and that parking meter turned lamp was so cool.
July 2013 (29) copy
Great iron chairs just waiting for a splash of color.  Can’t you just see them in bright orange???
July 2013 (25) copy
July 2013 (26) copy
Did you say you were looking for sea sponges???
July 2013 (15) copy
The guys at Parker Kennedy never disappoint with fabulous bamboo pieces, bold colors and chic accessories.  This blue bar cart/table made me gasp!
July 2013 (14) copy
I love anything in red (with brass details and cute knobs)!
July 2013 (13) copy
Great bamboo chair.
July 2013 (11) copy
Can you just imagine entertaining with this oval tray?
July 2013 (10) copy
Love this color, fabric combo.
July 2013 (9) copy
I’d give up a lung for this chair.  Emerald green is so luscious!
July 2013 (7) copy
Poodle on a perch!
July 2013 (8) copy
Another red gem.  Love the blue and white Chaing Mai fabric.
July 2013 (5) copy
The way this desk was painted and the treatment on the top surface was great.  The top was a special paint treatment.
July 2013 (6) copy
Weathered and rustic.
July 2013 (3) copy
And this piece was just beautiful.  Check out the detail on the drawer and sides.
July 2013 (2) copy
All in all the Scott Antique Market was really good.  There was lots to see and lots to buy.  I picked up a couple of pieces of milk glass, two vintage fans, some brass trays and some vintage jewelry.
Until next months edition of Treasure Hunting!


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