DIY Fabric Gift Tags

DIY Fabric Gift Tags by ConfettiStyle


Because I’m a designer, I have always have a pile of fabric scraps lying around.  A few weeks ago I was in the middle of cleaning up my office and preparing for The Art of Gift Wrapping workshop when an idea struck me.  Why not makE gift tags out of my fabric scraps?

This is a super easy project that I  know you’ll love so continue reading and check out my cute tags.


 Supplies needed:

Fabric scraps–size will depend on how big your tags will be

Assorted size plain kraft gift tags like this and this (the paper tags will give your fabric stability)

Scissors–plain edge or pinking shears if you want a decorative edge to your fabric

Double-sided tape ( The Glue Glider Pro is perfect for this project)

Whole punch (this one is my all-time favorite and should be in any crafters/diy’ers tool kit)


tip: use Fray Check if the edges of your fabric begin to fray a lot

DIY Fabric Gift Tags by ConfettiStyle


To make your tag, cover one side of the tag with double-sided tape

Place the tape covered side of the tag face down on to the back of your fabric scrap

Cut around the outline of the gift tag to trim the fabric

Use your hole punch to punch through the fabric where the original tag hole was

Add embellishments, sticker or whatever you want to dress up your gift tag

**the holly leaf embellishments you see below is my all-time favorite and came from Hobby Lobby

DIY Fabric Gift Tags by ConfettiStyle

DIY Fabric Gift Tags by ConfettiStyle

DIY Fabric Gift Tags by ConfettiStyle

How easy was that.  After you make a few of these tags you’ll be heading to the fabric store to pick up some new fabric cuttings so you can make tags to go with your holiday gift wrap. Don’t be surprised if you see me there too!

DIY Fabric Gift Tags by ConfettiStyle


DIY Fabric Gift Tags by ConfettiStyle


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