Feeling Uneasy With My Artwork

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The other night I was sitting on the couch and looked around at my walls.  I have several gallery wall arrangments that are a mix of art and objects.  As I looked at the walls, I began to feel unsettled with the eclectic mix and the random arrangement.  A desire for a more calm, symmetrical and orderly look washed over me.

My design style is eclectic with classic undertones so I was surprised at the feelings I had when I looked at the walls.  I think the need for order and calm is stemming from my life at the moment where I’m juggling lots of balls, can’t get it all done in a day and longing for a quiet weekend getaway.

What’s a girl to do with this artwork dilemma and feeling of uneasiness?

 Block out a weekend to unwind (unfortunately it can’t happen for a few weeks) and turn to Pinterest for some wall decor inspiration.

As I was looking through Pinterest, I came across these images where artwork was hung in a grid fashion providing organized and calm feel.  I like the look of art hung in a grid but am not 100% sure whether this is the look that I want.  Regardless, these images are inspiring me to make some changes to my wall decor.

My thoughts….

I love the tight grouping and a single frame choice but don’t know if I can commit to one style of art.

Tight Art Grouping

via Tobi Fairley

The impact of a grid arrangement is great so that’s a plus in my book.

Artwork Grid
via Apartment Therapy  

If the color of each artwork piece is similar that can be the thread that ties it all together.

Artwork Grid10
via Emily A. Clark

I love the look of this eclectic mix of art but don’t think it’s exactly my style.

Artwork Grid3
via Martha Stewart 

This arrangement is nice because it is still symmetrical but has a bit more personality than artwork all in the same size.

Artwork Grid4
via Houzz 

Grid layouts definitely work with black and white art but not my style.

Artwork Grid5
via Home Bunch 

I love seeing non-traditional elements framed as a collection.  Definitely something I’d do.

Artwork Grid 6
via  BHG 

Fall is a great time of year to hang framed botanical art and the look is fresh and modern.  Gets my vote.

Artwork Grid7
via BHG 

This image might be the solution…symmetry but frames hung both horizontally and vertically which adds a bit of an eclectic feel.

Artwork Grid 9

via BHG

Decision, decisions!

So tell me, is the gallery wall look still appealing to you or do you love the symmetrical art arrangements?  I’d love to know what you think.


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  1. Of the examples, the one with various sizes and not really in a grid was my fav. (Houzz). As far as a pure grid goes, I think that one that is too large loses your purpose of organization and becomes busy and rather chaotic looking. I think it needs some “air” space around the grid for sure. (symbolically it gives you space to breathe, which you need right now)

  2. I love the grid look but that would drive me insane trying to make sure everything was perfectly straight. I’m sure there is a method for this but I’m the gal who makes several holes in the wall before getting my art hung straight.

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