When you look through your favorite design magazines have you noticed that many of the rooms featured showcase some of the same design elements?  It’s no accident because there are a select group of design details that designers continually rely on, design details that never fail.



Classic, timeless and works with just about every design style




Color over head is a great way to add visual interest, warmth and highlight a key color used within the design plan




Not only are stair runners great for comfort and security but they soften the rigid architectural lines of stairs




Color is the easiest way to add personality and energy to a room




The easiest and most stylish way to dress up a bookcase and allow the decorative accessories to stand out




A touch of black in every room helps to ground it

A touch of shine in every room makes it feel more elegant

Starburst mirrors add visual interest and a classic design detail to any space




Mirrors of any shape and size will enhance the size of a room, improve the light in a room and make beautiful details really pop




Gold frames work with any photo or art image and when hung in groups they are just darn pretty



If you’re looking at doing any updates to your décor, changing out some of the design details might give you the refresh you’re looking for!

How many of these design details have you incorporated into your décor?


Hi there,
If you’ve watched the news today you know that all of us here in Georgia are bracing for what they say is going to be a pretty bad ice storm. Given the events the unfolded two weeks ago Atlanta is not taking any chances. They have already cancelled school for Tuesday and Wednesday and are considering the rest of the week.

I think just about everyone in Atlanta hit the grocery stores today because it was sheer madness. I’m not talking just the milk and bread aisles being empty, the produce department was wiped out and there must have been 30 people in line at the deli counter.


Not a single banana to be had.  Thank goodness I don’t have a pet monkey.


Not blueberries or blackberries which means no smoothie for me.


Most of the salad section was cleaned out. I guess everyone is planning on eating healthy while they are stuck at home.

I survived the grocery store and even snagged some salad.  Oh, I also by-passed the deli line by ordering a deli sandwich and then asking the clerk to slice an additional 1/2 lb. of turkey for me while she was at it.  Genius on my part!

On to bigger and better things. 

I mentioned last week that several areas of my home were in bad need of organizing.  The level of disarray is not normal for me, but I’ve slacked in the organizational arena and am going to blame it on having the flu.

The most time-consuming part of this project was purging and getting rid of unneeded things, especially in the bathroom.

Our small linen closet started out as this mess…


Apparently I have a cosmetic and personal care hoarding problems I wasn’t aware of.  And yes, I have every gift-with purchase bag ever made from Clinic.


Within a couple of hours it looked like this!


$2.00 photo boxes from Michael’s make great storage boxes

Nice labels for the plastic bins

Baskets to add a little style


Cleaning products all together and easy to reach


The broom (from HomeGoods) is hung on the wall with a Command Hook


 I added a over-the-door shoe holder from TJMaxx to hold items we use regularly {like cold and flu medicine}:)

Another area I tackled was some of my craft storage.  My washi tape collection has grown and was overflowing…


A clear silverware caddy from HomeGoods solved that problem.  I love that I can see all my tapes and access what I need without disturbing the other rolls.


My basket of ribbon rolls (sorry no before photo) now looks like this (x two).  I told you I have lots of ribbon.



These kitchen pantry door racks from the Container Store are ideal for holding ribbon rolls.

So glad I got these projects crossed off my to-do list and can move on to more exciting things like cleaning out my kitchen cabinets.  Ugh!


Monday, Monday!  Are you ready to make this week great?  I am!  I’ve got a couple of business meetings this week, lots of projects to work on and more flea market shopping planned for the end of the week.  It’s going to be a busy week and all I can say is that I hope the snow that is predicted for Atlanta doesn’t become the mess it did two weeks ago.

Today I’m sharing some of the great stuff I spotted last week at Scott Antique Market.  It’s no secret I love going to this market and after missing it for two months in a row I was  excited to hit the show and see what treasures were awaiting.  Over all it was a good show. During the early months of the year many of the vendors sit out of the show but despite some empty spaces there was lots of great stuff for sale.

I was a bit camera happy this market so I’m going to break my recap up into two blog post.  Today we’ll be taking a look at the accessories and decorative objects I spotted and later in the week I’ll bring you a recap of the furniture I saw along with some tips for shopping this massive market.

Let’s roll….

Feb 14 (1) copy

These dough bowls are always a hit at Scott’s and even though I already own one, I’m tempted every show to get another. They are well priced, under $100 and are really large.

Feb 14 (2) copy

I loved these fretwork screen panels and think they would look good painted a chippy cream or antique green.  These were available from ‘my guy’ so I can only image the price was great.

Feb 14 (8) copy

More antique dough bowls.

Feb 2014 (9) copy

Yes please on this vintage library card file.  Oh how I’d love this for storing my loose beads and jewelry findings.

Feb 2014 (5) copy

There is always lots of vintage cookware and kitchen accessories for sale.

Feb 14 (16) copy

This stunning reclaimed wood mirror was $375 and at approx. 7 1/2′ tall that is a great deal.

Feb 14 (17) copy

It must have been typewriter day at Scott’s because I saw so many of them for sale.

Feb 14 (20) copy

Love these wicker Demijohns ($30-$45).  Every show I stop by and admire and have yet to pull the trigger.

Feb 2014 (15) copy

Always a selection of classic mirrors.

Feb 2014 (14) copy

A beautiful copper pail.  I think copper is going to be the IT finish for 2014.

Feb 2014 (11) copy

Original oil painting.

Feb 2014 (10) copy

Globes galore.  Some better than others and most overpriced.

Feb 14 (15) copy

I loved this blue wall cabinet.

IMG_5004 copy

One of my favorite pillow resources.  They have several bays of pillow covers, sorted by color.

IMG_5021 copy

My dear friend Steve has an amazing assortment of beautiful antique accessories and found objects.  These tortoise shells are a fave of mine.

IMG_5019 copy

I saw the most amazing collection of shells, coral and starfish this show.

IMG_5018 copy

Anyone need antlers?  You’ll find them at Scott Antique Market.

IMG_5016 copy

These glass buoys were beautiful.  They would look pretty great in one of those large dough bowls.

IMG_5015 copy

Should have picked up a few of these vintage spools.  I they sell well in my Etsy shop and the price was great.  Next time!

IMG_5026 copy

Awesome brass parakeet on a stand from Steve’s booth.

IMG_5027 copy

Steve also have some great lighting.  These brass and copper pendants were really nice. {check out that wall cabinet too}

IMG_5029 copy

And who doesn’t love a vintage pizza board?    Actually it was the fixture that caught my eye but the entire set-up is pretty great.

I’ve mentioned before that the Scott Antique Market takes place the second weekend of every month.  There are two buildings and outdoor spaces as well.  During the colder months I tend to skip the outdoor spaces but you can usually find some good deals there if you’re willing to deal with the weather.

I’ll be back later today with the before and after shots of some of the organizing I’ve done around the house.  When you fall off the organization bandwagon it takes time and energy to get back on!  I’m exhausted but happy to have things in order.


Happy Friday.  I’ve got a fun little Valentine’s craft for you today.

My sweetie loves to snack and his snack of choice is anything in the NUT family.  My friend Robyne knows his obsession because anytime she makes a batch of her delicious cookies for us she has to make some special for the Mr. with nuts in them.

This year one of the gifts I’ll be giving my guy of 22 years is a handcrafted Bucket of Love, filled with nuts!

This was a super easy and quick project and would work as a great Valentine’s gift container for anyone on your love list.





Metal container with lid (available from craft store or Container Store)
Valentine rubber stamp set from CraffitiDirect
ABC rubber stamp set from CraffitiDirect
Textured white wrapping paper
Paper Ribbon (available from PaperJacks)
Mini playing cards (purchased at Michael’s)
Paper Heart (made with paper punch)
Gilltered arrow (available at craft stores)


Wrap white gift wrap around base of metal container
Layer red and white paper ribbon on top of gift wrap
Stamp the word LOVE onto white cardstock, cut out and layer on the back side of mini playing cards
Use foam tape to attaché LOVE cards on top of the paper ribbon
Add playing cards and paper heart 


For the lid of the bucket create a roulette wheel and use the Valentine stamp set to stamp different love messages in each space
***the roulette wheel was created by making a pie graph in Power Point and printing it out
Add a glitter arrow to the center of the wheel using a brad
Mount the roulette wheel on red paper and use foam tape to attach the piece to the lid


Fill the bucket with LOVE and a special treat for that special person!


Valentine’s Day is just a week away, what are you doing for the one you LOVE?


p.s.  Rubber stamp fans head to the CraffitiDirect website and take advantage of the 25% off sale!


I love paper products and one of my goals each year is to step away from the computer or cell phone and sends notes and cards to my friends the old fashion way.  The cards I send are always decorative but rarely do I do anything special to the envelope.


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One of the good things about having more than one passion is that you stay busy. With three maybe four things I’m really passionate about,  you can only imagine how busy I’ve been since the new year.
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I’ve always said that paint is the cheapest and easiest way to update a room and now I can add Overlays are the easiest way to update a piece of furniture. Overlays came on the radar a couple of years ago and took the design and DIY industry by storm.  The lightweight fret work panels easy to work with, are available in lots of designs and are one of the easiest ways to transform and piece of furniture.



The Centsational Girl transformed this side table using Overlays.


Some paint and Overlays turned the simple bed design into a stunning piece of furniture.


I love the idea of Overlays on a simple closet door.



Magnificent as a color contrast.


Elegant in a single color.


And what’s not to love about overlays to dress up a basic parsons table.  Brilliant.

I’ve got a project or two my to-do list this year where I want to use Overlays.  I’m excited to give them a try…not if I could only pick from the wide range of styles.

To see the full Overlay product line head to their website. And make sure to check our their inspiration gallery…mind blowing!


Happy February!

I am typically a very organized person.  But since packing up my Christmas and holiday décor I’ve struggled with keeping myself and my home organized. Being disorganized has left me feeling uneasy and scattered and because of that I am not working as efficiently as I can or should be.  This week I’m setting aside some time in my schedule to get things around me organized and back on track.  I’m going to be sorting, purging, consolidating and organizing each space that I’ve neglected.

To get the job done, I’m going to rely on the organizing habits I’ve used for years, tips that always work for me.  I’d thought I’d share those tips with you today and come back later in the week and show the before and after of a some of the areas I’m organizing.

Organizing Tip #1–SORTING

The first step for me when I’m organizing is SORTING!  When things are in a state of disorder it usually means piles and stacks.  Sorting through the things you have will help you organize like items together, move items to the room and spaces they belong in and it will also help you decide what stays and what goes.


Organizing Tip #2–PURGING 

  PURGING something that you no longer need or that is no long useful to you is a great feeling.  It takes discipline to sort through and get rid of items you once loved, but holding on to things that have gone unused for months or years is not doing you or your state of well-being any good.  Letting go of unnecessary stuff will allow you to enjoy and appreciate those things that you keep and really use.



Organizing Tip #3–EVALUATE

  Once you’ve sorted and purged its time to EVALUATE WHAT YOU HAVE.  In my closets, kitchen and craft space I know that I function best when the items I use most often are organized in a way that makes accessing them quick and easy.  Do a second sort of your items and put them into stacks labeled A, B, C and D.  ‘A’ represents the things you use most and ‘D’ represents those things that are used less often.  Now is also a good time to take a look at those items in the D pile and see if anything more needs to be purged.  When it comes time to place things on shelves or racks, the things you use most will be front and forward.


***if you’re organizing your closet, this is also a good time to  make a list of wardrobe essentials you need to shop for

Organizing Tip #4–MAKE IT VISIBLE 

One of my keys to effective organizing is to MAKE IT VISIBLE.  For me this means creating organization that allows me to see the things I have.  Plastic containers, open baskets, hooks, racks and binders are a few of my favorite organizing tools.  If I see it, I use it and if everything has a home its less likely to end up in a pile.


***plastic over-the-door shoe holders are great for holding all sorts of things


***I rotate my bath towels on the shelves after I’ve done laundry each week.  This way all the towels we own get used and washed on a regular basis which helps keep the color consistent in all of them

Organizing Tip #5–CONTAIN YOUR STUFF 

On the flip side of my wanting to have things visible is my desire to HAVE THINGS CONTAINED and orderly.  This is where creativity comes into play.  I use Command Hooks to hang all types of things around my house, my rolls of crafting washi tape are housed in a kitchen storage piece and I use hanging shoe storage to hold scarves.  Think about how you ideally would want to store and organize items and then look for a solution that works for that function.  It may not be an item that was originally meant for that purpose.




***baskets are one of your best organizing investments–they keep things contained and keep the space looking pretty


***this is a great idea for making plastic storage bins look more attractive–paper fronts

Organizing Tip #6–MAKE IT PRETTY

 MAKING AN ORGANIZED SPACE LOOK PRETTY while it also functions well is one of the best parts of organizing to me.  Incorporate pretty jars and containers into your desk top organization or create a fun display board using a pretty frame to hold your jewelry.  When a space looks nice you’ll want to keep it organized.


***cover cardboard or poster board with wrapping paper to make inexpensive shelf liners
***incorporate decorative accessories into your organization


***I love the idea of covering paint cans in decorative paper for craft storage


***I often use vintage milk glass pieces for storing jewelry and cosmetics

Organizing Tip #7–LABEL IT

LABELS are your best friend when it comes to organizing.  It helps identify the contents of a basket, helps when you are sorting items and labels let you add a personal touch to your organizational system.  If you’re looking for unique and inexpensive label options, check the $1.00 section at Target and Michael’s for fun tags or chalkboard stickers.



***small picture frames also make stylish labels for boxes and baskets

So there you have it…my go-to organizing tips.  Good organization really comes down to having a system in place that makes the task of keeping your world clutter free easy.  Now that I’ve given myself a refresher course on the tips I use, I’m off to organize my world.  Stay tuned for the results!