White pumpkins


I was once a purist when it came to pumpkins and would only decorate with orange ones.  Over the last few years I’ve fallen in love with whites and green pumpkins and the sophisticated feel they can add to your decor.

I know like most of America you are probably busy decorating with pumpkins inside your home.

 You might be creating a beautiful centerpiece for your table

Pumpkin Centerpiece


Or you might be accessorizing your mantel with white pumpkins.

Pumpkins on mantel


As you embrace the fall season, don’t forget about all the creative ways you can decorated with white pumpkins outside your home.

Pumpkins in planters


Pumpkins at door


Pumpkin stack


Personalized Pumpkins


Pumpkin Address


Happy Fall!


Just about every design project I work on involves a TV and there is always a challenge of making it less of a big black box and more of a decorative statement.   I recently came stumbled across this photo and fell in love with the simple wood plank treatment that the TV was mounted on.  The TV instantly goes from ordinary to outstanding when mounted on the wood.

TV mounted on wood planks


Design Tip:  Accessorize above, below and around you TV so that the focus is no longer the TV but the beautiful decorative statement you’ve created.

Here’s a little more inspiration if you need it:

TV Decor


TV Decor2


TV Decor3


Greetings and Happy Friday!  

Writing this blog is somewhat like talking a a girlfriend or guy friend on a daily basis and dishing about all the stuff that is going on in my life.  It’s my place to share the new shopping spots I’ve found, a great bargain I’ve come across or a new restaurant I want you to try.

Since we’re friends, whenever I come across fabulous design tips,  how-to tutorials or something exciting, I feel a desire to share it all with you.  So girlfriend, sit back, relax and let me share a few things…  

How to Paint a Sink

How to Paint a Sink

Painted Chair

How to Paint a Fabric Chair

I so excited that one of my favorite stores now has a paper shop.

10 Decorating Mistakes we’ve all made.

This living room transformation is simply stunning!


 Plaid Stack 2

Nothing says FALL to me more than plaid!

(ok, well maybe a pumpkin spice donut from Krispy Kreme)

Plaid is sure a classic way to dress up your home and your wardrobe for the season.  If you’re looking for some unique plaid pieces for fall, I’ve rounded up a handful of the greatest from Etsy.

Stop by and check out each of these shops because there’s more great items that await you.


 Resource list: 
River Oak Studio Buffalo Plaid Pillow
Upscale Downhome Plaid Antler Mount
86 Home Plaid Blanket
Blue Rooster Designs Plaid Footstool
Freckle Face Monday Plaid Scarf
Hope Bauble Vintage Plaid Tote

Happy Fall!

Looking at photos of celebrity homes can be overwhelming and intimidating at times, but if you study the spaces closely you’ll find lots of beautiful, unique and easy decorating ideas you can use to decorate your own home.

Here are a few of my favorite celebrity rooms and the ideas I think are worth copying…


 Lauren Conrad

In my world, every room needs an element that sparkles and a metallic pillow is a simple way to add that accent.


Issac Mizrahi

I’m kinda over the Billy bookcase look and think that floating shelves are much more interesting and chic.


Tom Brady & Gisel Bundchen

We’re so use to seeing brick as a treatment on walls but the the idea of putting them on a ceiling is so fresh.


Brooke Shields

A little color can take a free-standing soaking tub from OK to outstanding.


Kourtney Kardashian

Three of my favorite things…black chairs + gold edging + bold fabric.  What a great DIY project.


Ellen DeGeneres

I never thought about stenciling french doors until I saw this photo.  Such a great look.


Genevieve Gorder

Reading lamps turned wall lamps are such a practical and stylish way to light up an office space.


Cameron Diaz

For those of you that are fearless when it come to color, this is for you.  I vote for Emerald Green as the color of the year for 2015.

So, which of these celebrity spaces is your favorite?




















CS Fall 2013

I love an easy fall centerpiece!  

The formula…

Take a box, bucket, basket or tray


 pumpkins, gourds, leaves and berries

toss in

 pinecones and flower stems if you want

finish with

candles for ambience.


Fall Container Centerpiece


Fall Container Centerpiece1


Fall Container Centerpiece2


Fall Container Centerpiece3


Fall Container Centerpiece4


Fall Container Centerpiece5


Fall Container Centerpiece6


Fall Container Centerpiece7


Fall Container Centerpiece8



Frame as Headboard


Sometimes an image can stop you in your tracks not because it is a space with lots of design details and color, but because what makes it beautiful are the simple details and simplicity.

Design Tip:  Never, Ever, Ever pass up a beautiful picture frame when antiquing or thrifting.  There are so many other great ways to use a picture frame beyond framing a photo.


 Hi all!  I hope everyone has had a great week.  My week has been jammed packed and I’m so happy the weekend is here.

Today I wanted to talk about a decorative element that I think has the power to change the dynamics of a room.  It’s a little thing but in my book it’s one of the details you should pay close attention to when decorating.

Colored Lampshades


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