Every season I do a little refresh of the bed linens on our bed.  I like to change things up a bit to  reflect the colors of the season and how I’m feeling.

With the onset of fall it was time for the pink and red pillows to move out and rich, warm colors to move in.

Summer 2013 Bedroom Update (63)

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And The Winner Is…

Country Living Fair2


This is one of my favorite weeks on the entire year because this weekend the Country Living Fair comes to town.

I can’t wait to check out this year’s stack of pumpkins and gourds, a signature statement that is at the entrance of the fair each year.

Country Living Fair3


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Handmade Halloween Candy Box6 copy

I may have mentioned before that my mom is part of group of women that get together every month to play POKENO. They bet pennies and at the end of the day all of the pennies are collected and put in a large jar.  Around Christmas time the group gathers the pennies they’ve collected throughout the year and buy non-parishable food.  Then they create gift bags filled with food and treats and take the bags to the local nursing home to hand out to the patients there.  This is a pretty major gesture since most of the ladies in my moms group are in their 80’s!

Handmade Halloween Candy Box7 copy

Since my mom is hosting the October  Pokeno party, I thought I’d send a box of candy to her so all the ladies could enjoy it at their gathering.  Of course I couldn’t send a store bought box of candy so I got busy making a crafting a custom candy box.

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2 Fall NightStand 2014

Seeing what’s on someones nightstand is always interesting to me.  Books tell a lot about what a person’s interest, decorative accessories say a lot about a person’s style and photos capture a moment in a person’s life.

The other evening I did a little rearranging of my nightstand, updated my reading stack and added a couple of new decorative elements to give is a bit of a fall feel.

Here’s what’s on my nightstand and a little glimpse into my life….

7 Fall NightStand 2014

I always have books on my nightstand and it’s usually a design book or inspirational read.  I just got purchased the Elements of Style book and it is sitting on top of the stack.  The cover image of the book is just stunning and I can’t wait to flip through the pages.

6 Fall NightStand 2014

This polka dot dish is a simple DIY project I made using a white ceramic plate from Homegoods and gold adhesive dots from Wallternatives!

The SUCCESS stone was a gift and it stays on my nightstand to remind me that I am in charge of my success.

4 Fall NightStand 2014

I love flowers on my nightstand and filled a small brass container with a few fall colored faux flower stems.

The white lacquered box holds my journal, old-school Ipod and some lavender sheet spray.  If you haven’t tried lavender sheet spray, I highly recommend it.  You’ll sleep like a baby.

9 Fall NightStand 2014

I love animal prints and decided to use my thrifted animal tray as a backdrop on the nightstand.

And, you’re getting a look at the new pillows I added for fall.  I share more on my bed linen refresh next week.

8 Fall NightStand 2014

So there you have it, a look at what’s on my nightstand for fall.



It has been months since I’ve been to Anthropologie.  I try to pop in at least once a month to see what new gems they have but my summer travels and work kept me away.

I took a little time this past weekend to drop by the store (in hopes of starting a little Christmas shopping) and there were so many awesome items that I could hardly contain myself.

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Hey guys!  Sorry I’ve been absent here on the blog the last couple of days.  My life is a bit crazy at the moment due to some factors, all good, that I have no control over (I’ll explain when I can)!

It rained here on Sunday so I took the day to sit at my desk and get stuff done.  With a long list of to-do’s, I started the day reading a few inspiring quotes that helped me get focused on what I needed to accomplish.  Reading inspirational quotes is one way that I fuel my soul and remind myself that I am my own champion.


quote 5

Quote 6

Quote 7 - Copy

The power of self-talk is a tremendous gift that we can give ourselves so as you start off the week, take a little time to read  some quotes and fuel your soul.

p.s.  My Words to Inspire pinterest board is filled with over 1300 quotes waiting to inspire you!


In case you’re wondering what’s on my to-do list, here a look at some things I’ve got going on:

This coming saturday is the non-profit fundraising event that I am the chair of, and that means lots of spray painting and flower arranging is going on in the garage.


I’m also working on flushing out my holiday decor theme and a list of projects I want to complete (cause Christmas will be here in a flash–only 73 days away)!  This is what I’m thinking…

Handpaited ornaments

Painted Ornaments

and giftwrapping in gold and white

Gold and White paper

I’m working on two holiday design workshops I’ll be hosting at a local home decor and gift store near Atlanta next month.


It always feels good when I take that time to organize and plan for the week ahead.

Quote 4

Hoping you all had a great weekend and that good things come your way in the week ahead!


Look Up!

Ceiling Treatment


There are a thousand different ways to decorate a room.  You can add furniture, artwork or accessories or you can paint the walls, hang curtains or add rugs.  All of these things are viable when it comes to decorating any area of your home but the decorating doesn’t and shouldn’t stop there.

Look Up…

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Here in Atlanta, I think our string of hot days is over and cooler  fall weather is here to stay.  This has prompted me to get  busy  and complete my summer to fall closet transition.


Every year as I begin to remove the summer items from my closet, I challenge myself to think about ways I might we able to wear each piece of clothing into the new season so I can maximize my investment. There are some pieces of clothing where the fabric, pattern or color just won’t work in cooler weather but for others there is hope.

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