Happy Friday friends!  I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that it’s the weekend.  After dealing with my blog being down for over 24 hours, dealing with my web hosting company (almost as painful as a root canal) and my techie brother not in town to help, I feel like I’ve been through the ringer.   I’m happy to say that I’m back up and running and sipping a spiked hot chocolate as I write this 🙂

The last few weeks my mind has been swirling with all that I’ve got to get done before Thanksgiving.  One of which is to get my guest bedroom in order.  If you have guests coming for Thanksgiving, Christmas or anytime for that matter, here are a few tips that will help ensure the bedroom is ready to welcome them in style.

Guest Room Ready.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.002

  • Dress the bed in fresh, clean linens and set a bottle of lavender sheet spray by the bed so guest can refresh them every morning or night.
  • Drape an extra blanket or two across the foot of the bed or stash in a decorative basket within the bedroom.  You guest can grab a blanket for an afternoon nap or if it gets chilly at night.
  • A luggage rack is a simply detail that can enhance the stay of your guests.  Not only does a luggage rack ensure that dirty bags aren’t placed on the bed, but it will make getting in and out of the luggage easy for your guests.
  • It’s a real treat when you guests don’t have to dress out of their luggage and actually have hangers to hang up clothes.  Even if closet space is limited, free up a few hangers and place them on a door rook in the bathroom.
  • Make a fresh stack of towels (bath and hand towels) available.  You can stack extras on the back of the toilet, double hang them on the towel bar or place them in a basket or drawer in the vanity.
  • Instead of having to search your password log to access your wi-fi password like me, print out a password sign with the information on it and place it on the nightstand in the guest room.
  • It’s the little luxuries like magazines or a candle on the nightstand that will really make your guests feel special and at home.
  • Yes, many people use their phones as alarm clocks but having a clock on the night stand will make it easy for guests to plan their wake up time.
  • Don’t make your guests want to anything by leaving a basket of goodies for them.  Fill the basket with a few bottles of water and their favorite snacks.
  • It never fails that someone will forget an item or two so keep a stash extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo and lotion out on the vanity for guests to access.
  • Often time you and your guests may be going in different directions.  Place a key to the house on a special key ring and give it to them so they will feel free to come and go at they please.  And don’t forget to give them your security code so they don’t have to deal with the police on their visit.
  • Another little detail that can make their stay special is a  listing of local events.  Include events, website addresses and even maps to a few places your guests might want to check out.
  • And finally, flowers.  Place a vase of flowers in the bedroom to welcome guests in style!
Guest Room Ready.001.jpeg.001

How do you make your holiday guests feel welcome?

Read my post on what to put in a holiday guests basket here!


images by me!

Larger Clock

I have always been a fan of clocks when it comes to decor for the home. I love clocks of all sizes but over the last few years I’ve seen the trend of larger clocks growing. Clocks like this Howard Miller Postema Gallery Wall Clock which measures 49 inches in diameter is not only unique but it is a great way to make a bold statement with your decor.

Larger clocks are a fun accent in a foyer with expansive ceilings and ample wall space.

Large Clcok1

Beckwith Interiors via Jennifer Rizzo

large clock2

Ballard Design

Many of the larger clock made of metal can be use in an outdoor covered setting which can give your lots more options for your outdoor decor.

Large Clcok3

New Canaan Design by Town and Country Living

Large clocks are the perfect solution for that always hard to decorate wall space in a kitchen.

Large Clock8

Found Design via looks like white

I love the idea of a wall clock anchoring a console table vignette.

Large Clock5

via Horchow

For an uncomplicated and bold look, hang a large wall clock in the living room instead of artwork.

Large Clock 5

the painted cottage

Large Clock6

Kylie M Interiors

And hanging over a sofa, a large wall clock adds a unique style statement and punch to a room.

Large Clcok7

Vintage Chic

If you love the look of a large wall clock, there are many different styles on the market so you can easily find a look that fits your decor.

Here’s my round-up of favorite super-sized wall clocks…

Super Sized Wall Clocks.001

Harrington 36″ Wall Clock / Romanian Style Antique Wall Clock / 39″ Oversized Wall Clock
Pierre Wall Clock / Moment In Time Wall Clock / Chatham Wall Clock

When it comes to large wall clocks, the saying Go Big or Go Home definitely fits.


It's a Good Day

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how important it is to start my day off on a good note.   It’s the little things like how I wake up and how I view the day ahead that determines whether my day will be good and productive or lousy and unproductive.

If you’ve found yourself in a funk as you start the day, take some time to think about what you can do to make your morning better which will result in a better day over all.

Here are 10 morning principles I use to make my day the best it can be…

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2015-10-25 19.18.02

I don’t think there’s any better way to share a Halloween post with you than to share photos from the annual Halloween party we attend every year.  When it comes to Halloween decor, no one does it better than our friends who host this annual event. I’ve shared images from the party in the past but every year the decor gets even better.  Every detail, both inside and out is amazing.  Let the picture speak for themselves.

2015-10-25 19.13.05

2015-10-25 20.54.51

2015-10-25 19.13.12

2015-10-25 19.13.22

2015-10-25 19.14.14

2015-10-25 19.14.24

2015-10-25 19.14.38

2015-10-25 19.15.41

2015-10-25 19.16.35

2015-10-25 19.17.14

2015-10-25 19.17.53

2015-10-25 20.55.05

2015-10-25 19.18.24

2015-10-25 19.21.47

2015-10-25 19.21.58

2015-10-25 20.48.48

2015-10-25 20.52.05

2015-10-25 20.54.00

2015-10-25 20.54.04

2015-10-25 20.54.08

2015-10-25 20.54.46

Happy Halloween!


I was looking around one of my bathrooms the other day and noticed that I didn’t have anything on the back of the toilet.  The vanity was decorated, there was art on the walls and I had decorative towels, rugs and a shower curtain.  The empty space on the back of the toilet sat empty so I decided to change that. I searched Pinterest for some inspiration and noticed a few tried and true decorating  solutions for the back of a toilet.

Decorative Accessory Combo:  Artwork + Pretty Tray + Faux Flowers + Decorative Containers

A grouping of decorating accessories adds a lot of charm to such a functional space

Back of toilet1

apartment therapy

Functional Accessory Combo:  Wire Basket + TP Rolls

Displaying everyday items in a fun way can add personality to a bathroom

Back of Toilet2
country living

Simple Accessory Combo:  Flowers In A Vase

A simple pop of color and texture can soften a functional space

Back of toilet3
cape 27

Fragrant Accessory Combo:  Fresh Flowers + Scented Candles

Even a bathroom can feel special when you accessorize with decor like flowers and candles that enhance the atmosphere

Back of Toilet4

Practical Accessory Combo:  Plant + Toiletries In A Jar + Candle & Matches

Organizing in the bathroom should be practical and pretty and greenery bring energy to any space

 Back of Toilet6
design sponge

I decided to keep the accessorizing on the back of my toilet simple and came up with three options.  Here’s a look a glimpse at the decor in the bathroom…

Guest Bathroom Update (16) copy

Here are the decor options: 

Option 1


Option 2:

Back of Toilet

Option 3


So tell me, have you decorated the back of your toilet?  And which of my decorative options do you like best?  I think I’m leaning towards option #2.


ConfettiStyle Christmas Tree 2014 (1)

This holiday, let ConfettiStyle Interiors do all the hard work decorating your home!

 Our services include custom holiday home decor, Christmas tree decorating, custom wreaths and garland, decor of parties and events and custom gift wrapping.

 2015 Holiday Decorating Flyer--FIN

(click image above to enlarge)

We’ve got years of experience with holiday decor and will work with you to create a design plan for your home or event, including Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years.

Christmas Mantle

2014 Christmas Table By ConfettiStyle(33) copy

Christmas 2013-26

Christmas Decor by ConfettiStyle Interiors

The holidays are a special time, so let us help you celebrate in style!

For more information about the holiday decorating services or to schedule your appointment, email me at shelly.confettistyle@gmail.com.  Appointments are limited!


2015-10-24 12.43.20

Last weekend the hubs and I stopped  by the Country Living Fair for a quick trip around the park. I didn’t have anything specific on my shopping list and love to go to the fair because it always so inspiring.

While I didn’t spend much money (a whopping $3.00) and didn’t take many photos, I did come across three entertaining ideas I really loved.


I’ve always loved setting a table to unique paper products but never thought of using vintage player piano rolls as placemats. The rolls are functional and add so much character and charm to the table.  I was so smitten with this idea that when I got home I went on a search of player piano rolls and found tons of really affordable options on Etsy



The next idea I spotted takes the music theme to a new level.  Pages from a music book were set up as a collage and used in place of a placemat and runner on the table.  I love the eclectic feel of the this table and think it would be really fun for a causal jazz themed dinner party or entertaining around Christmas. I’ve scored some great sheet music books from Goodwill over the years so keep your eyes open when shopping.


The third entertaining idea I saw so such a simple touch but really added a lot to the table–fabric silverware pockets.  I spotted these at the Cutlery Couture booth, which was packed with shoppers.  The ladies behind this company use simple fabrics and everyday embellishments to create these fun pouches.


Cutlery Couture7 Cutlery Couture6

Cutlery Couture5 Cutlery Couture4

Cutlery Couture3 Cutlery Couture2

Cutlery Couture

As usual, there are always a few items I pass up at the fair that days later I wish I would have gotten but I did pick up business cards from those vendors so I can order online.

2015-10-24 12.41.31

If you’re wondering what I bought, it was these three brass stencil letters for a holiday project I’m working on.