I’m already preparing for my trip next week to Washington DC which tells you how excited I am about going to visit my brother, see the city and hopefully see the Cherry Blossom tress in full bloom.

After many years of traveling both domestically and to the far east I’ve pretty much mastered the art of packing and traveling.  One of the things I do to make packing easy is to always have my toiletry bag stocked and ready to go. I fill it with smaller sizes of all the items I use.  The other thing I do to make traveling more relaxing is to pack a few travel essentials.  There are SIX TRAVEL ESSENTIALS that you’ll always find in my bag.


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untitled (21)

I am a professed bag lady with more handbags and totes than the average woman really needs.  One of the reasons I have so many bags is because I love handbags and think of them like I do jewelry, an essential accessory to my wardrobe.  The other reason that my bag collection is always growing is because I am always on the hunt for bags that serve different functions in my life.

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So, how was your weekend?  I hope it was filled with all things good.

Today we are talking lamps.  Unique lamps to be specific.  Have you ever made your own DIY lamp or thought about having a lamp made using a favorite decorative piece?  If you are looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind lamp this just might be an idea for you.

You could turn a ceramic ginger jar into a lamp like this…

The Hunted Interior


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As I child I loved to write.  There was just something about having a big fat No. 2 pencil in my hand and a thick pad of lined paper.  I loved to practice writing my alphabet like the school books showed but what really intrigued me was making my letters fancy.  It seems at a young age I found a love for hand lettering.


Over the years I would hand letter a card or the address on an envelope but I had really gotten away from practicing what I loved.  So recently I picked up the pencil again and started scripting.

Making gift tags is something I really enjoy and here are a few I’ve made.


Getting back into the art of hand lettering is like riding a bike.  You don’t ever lose the skill but it takes a minute to remember the techniques and to strengthen your body to enjoy the ride.  Boy is my right hand sore.


I feel like I’m back in the saddle again with my hand lettering so look forward to me sharing a few more projects with you throughout the year.

Cheers to a great weekend and embracing the things that bring you joy.


I’ve been in a crafting mood lately and this project is right up my alley.  It combines my love of crafting with my love for gifting and giftwrap.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle 13

One of the items I love to gift (and get) most are candles.  Often times I buy my candle gifts at HomeGoods or TJMaxx because they usually have a variety to select from and the price is right.  The only downside is that many of their candles don’t come in boxes which means you have to come up with your own packaging.

I have several friends with birthdays in April so the other day I headed to HomeGoods in search of a candle and found this one.  The glass jar was really pretty and classic but I knew to give it as a gift I would need to put it in to some kind of gift packaging.


I decided to make a pretty custom gift box.  This is a pretty simple project and the box becomes an added gift that the recipient can use as décor in their home.

To create the gift box I used a  few crafting supplies and clear stamps from CraffitiDirect,  including one of the new sets from expert crafter Mark Montano .

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle11

Supplies Used:

Hinged Wood Box
Mark Montano Vintage Nature stamp set from Craffiti Direct
Thank You Flowers stamp set from Craffiti Direct
Sticker Paper
Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pad in Walnut Stain
Prima Markers
American Crafts Glitter Tape
Drawer Knob from Hobby Lobby

I knew I wanted to add a handle to my box so before I got started with the paper design, I drilled a hole in the lid of the box to fit a decorative knob I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

To cover  each side of my wood box, I stamped five sheets of 4″ x 6″ sticker paper using the Thank You Flowers Stamp and the Mark Montano Vintage Nature set.  Once stamped and colored in using Prima markers, I placed the sticker paper to the top and sides of my box and then cut off the excess paper.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle9

The box had a hinged lid so I used my exatco blade to cut the paper between the opening and around the back hinges.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle8

To finish the edges and add more dimension I used glitter tape to frame each side of the box.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle5

And as an extra touch I covered the front and back of  a couple of small matchboxes with stamped sticker paper using one of the beautiful butterfly image from the Vintage Nature stamp set.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle7

I’m addicted to decorative match books now!

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle4

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle2

Each side of the box has a different design layout so it is really unique.

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle 14

Candle Gift Box by ConfettiStyle 15

Creating your own decorative gift wrap is an easy way to personalize any gift you give.  I hope you enjoyed the project and hope that it inspired you to get crafty!



If you’re anything like me you read a lot of blogs and think you have pretty good idea of what the person who writes it is like.  Even though I’ve never met them, I feel like I know KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms and Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey designs because over the years they have shared bits and pieces of themselves on their blogs.

Over the last three years I’ve shared  a little about me and my life but I have another opportunity to share a bit more of what makes me tick because I’ve received an award that encourages just that….sharing!


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Every design client I work with is looking for ways to make their décor unique and different. Along with paint, fabric and personal touches, one of the ways I share with them to achieve a unique decorative statement is by using pieces in unexpected ways. 

Tables are a staple in most homes but when placed in unexpected places they can help create a space that stands out and meets the goal of unique and different. If you can’t think of where to use a table beyond the living room or dining room, here are SEVEN unexpected places where tables can fit into your decor.



1) Tables next to the tub add a fun accent to a bathroom.  I like the idea of using the table surface to hold bathroom luxuries like fragrant soaps, bath decanters and flowers.



2) Everyone can use a little extra surface space in their closet.  How about placing a small accent table at one end and using it to hold folded sweaters or accessories.



3) I know it hard to think about giving up storage space in a kitchen but a table as the center accent can be so much prettier than an island. And a table becomes a great serving area for casual meals or buffet settings.



4) Ok, most laundry rooms are not this grand but if yours is, why not place a table in the center.  Boy would this make sorting and folding easy and what a great spot for gift wrapping too.



3ece0c834add3af5a21580d098df2a5a (2)


5) I love an accent at the foot of the bed and a small-scale table can be just as practical as an ottoman or bench.  Make sure the table height fits the height of the bed so that it doesn’t become a visual block within the room.



6) Have you ever considered a table on the porch?  If you have a covered porch, the addition of a table is a great way to add personality and create a seasonal display area.



7) If your kitchen island wasn’t made to fit stools, how about adding a table to create island-side seating?  I absolutely love this look and think it is a great way to create a unique statement in your home.



Sometimes decorating your home is thinking about things in new ways and using pieces in new places.

Looking for more unique decorating ideas, check out my post of unique ways to decorate with mirrors.


Good morning and happy Monday.  I hope you weekend was great.

We had some fantastic weather here in Atlanta over the weekend but unfortunately I only had a little time to get out and enjoy it.  Saturday I made myself stay in and tackle the stack of magazines that have grown since December.  OUT.OF.CONTROL!  I got through most of the stack, found lots of inspiration, have a stack of project pages to file away and feel much more relaxed now that all of magazines are out-of-the-way.


In addition to all the magazines I read, I got caught up on my blog reading.  So many great blogs and so little time!

One of the things I try to pay particular attention to when I’m going through magazines or reading blogs are the design elements and the accessories that appear over and over. While there are companies that forecast design trends, seeing what items people are actually using in their homes is the best gauge of whether a trend or item is really hot or not.  Magazine after magazine and blog after blog I began to see several items show up over and over which is an obvious sign that they are the

‘IT’ Accessories of the Moment!

The Moroccan Shag Rug

I’ve seen this rug in photos and on blogs before but in the last several weeks I’ve seen it show up in so many rooms that designers and bloggers are styling. It’s soft, it’s chic and the classic design mixes well with just about any décor.






Kristin from Bliss at Home recently added the rug to her gorgeous living room.

You can find the Moroccan Shag Rug at  RugsUSA.com and if you hurry you’ll get it on sale too! RugsUSA is one of my favorite sources for rugs and you can read more about why here.

Ikea Black and White Striped Pillow

First it was the rug



then came the throw



and then fabric by the yard


and now Ikea has introduced the black and white striped pillow cover. This pillow ( Vargyllen) doesn’t seem to be available on the website yet but I did see it in the store here in Atlanta for around $9.


 Just like all the other black and white items that Ikea sells, this one is sure to be a hot commodity and is sure to appear on many blogs in the coming months.

Watercolor Floral Pillows

Flowers are a hallmark of spring so it’s only natural that watercolor floral pillows are so popular now.  I love the artistic feel of watercolor designs and pillows are a great way to refresh your look for the season so this is a winning combination.








If you love this look you can find similar styles at HomeGoods and Etsy has a great selection like the pillow above.

Since spring is officially here and if you’re anything like me you want to refresh your home for the season so my question to you is,  will that refresh include any of these IT accessories?

p.s.  The four ‘it’ accessories I wrote about last year are still a hot trend too!