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It’s hard to believe that I started this blog almost 6 years ago.  I’ve enjoy the process from day one and while I’ve found myself getting caught up in the ‘their doing this’, ‘their doing that’ game along the way, I’ve tried to stay true to what my mission was.

 My goal from the start was to share and inspire and today that goal remains the same.  One of my passions is interior design and I want this blog to motivate and inspire you with your own decorating.  Entertaining, whether on a small or large-scale is something I love and I want to share unique and creative entertaining ideas with you.  I’ve been a crafter all my life and through this blog I plan to share fun and easy projects with you.  And when it comes to creative gift wrapping, my passion soars and I want to show you how to gift in style. ConfettiStyle is a lifestyle blog meant to enhance your life.

So, what do I have planned for ConfettiStyle in 2016?

Over the last couple of years I’ve featured several design series here on the blog and many will continue in the new year.   In the Design Chat series I’ll continue to answer your design questions and offer up advice, solutions and inspiration to help you tackle it like a pro.

  The ConfettiStyle Design Guide series lets me share my design knowledge with you in more detail and will include topics like The Best Paint Colors For Decorating, Selecting Lighting For Your Home, Organizing & Decorating a Home Office and Small Space Decorating Secrets Designers Use.

Another fun series you’ll continue to see is Product + Inspiration.  This is where I share a popular home decor item along with inspirational photos and decorating tips for that item.  This series just might make you look at an item in a new way.

I slacked a bit (ok, a lot) last year on my Gift Wrap Inspiration posts but have lots of fun, new gift wrap ideas to share with you in 2016.

A new series you’ll see on the blog is called Behind The Blog.  I’ve made lots of friends and contacts through my blog and want to share them all with you.  In this series, I’ll do a personal interview with bloggers I admire, giving you a glimpse into their blog, their inspiration and their talents.

And finally, I’ll continue to bring you crafting and DIY projects, fashion finds, easy decorating ideas and so much more–all the things I’m passionate about.

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Thank you so much for stopping by ConfettiStyle each day.  Good things are coming in 2016!

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Cozy Chair

house beautiful  UK

Well, folks we made it thought the first full week of 2016.  I must say it has been nice to ease into the new year.  On my agenda this weekend is garage organizing part 1, preparing my blog post for next week and down time catching up on my magazine stack.  I’ll be at the Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings show all next week so not much is going to get done at my desk.

As you continue to ease into the new year, I hope you enjoy these links I rounded up for you.


Home Organizing Tips That Really Work!  Really!

If health and fitness is a goal this year like the rest of America, you’ll want to check out the best fitness apps for 2016.

Black and white continue to be a popular color palette and these design tips will help you create black and white rooms that work.

This information on the business of blogging is worth reading if you’re new to blogging or even if you’ve been blogging for some time.

Sit and savor this beautiful home renovation.

Cozy Living Room


See you back here Monday where I’ll be sharing my blog goals for 2016!


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On Monday I’ll be outlining my full list of blog goals for 2016 and one of  them is to develop a series called Design Guide. I wrote the first Design Guide series last year, all about sectional sofas.  I’ve been so surprised at the response this blog post and pin has gotten and just how many people are struggling with sectional sofa decorating.  I receive emails weekly (4 this week alone) from people who’ve found the blog post and want additional decorating tips for their sectional.

The Design Guide series will fulfill my desire to share my design knowledge with you so that you can decorate your home with confidence.  If there is a design topic you’d like me to write about just leave me a comment below.

Today’s post is the first installment of  the Design Guide series for 2016 and it’s all about the key measurements you need to know when decorating.  Before you jump into the guide, let me say that while these measurements are ideal in most situations, they won’t work in others.  Every home is different and every design layout and plan requires some adjustments so keep that in mind as you read through the guide.  Your home needs to work for you and your family so make adjustments where they are needed, so they will work for your decor.


Dining room



♦ Allow 36″ – 48″ of space between the back of each dining chair and the wall or furniture behind it to so chairs can be pulled in and out with ease.

♦  The distance between the top of the table and the chair seat should be about 12″. To determine the best seat height for your table, take the height of your table and subtract 12 inches.  Example: A 30″ high dining table (standard height) works best with chairs with a seat height of 18″ (30″-12=18″).

♦  For comfortable dining chairs, look for chairs with a seat depth of between 16″ and 18″.

♦  For rectangular dining tables, allow a minimum of 24″-28″ of table length per person and keep in mind the  width of the chair seat may impact the space needed for each place setting at a table.


Furniture Placement


♦  18″ is the ideal distance you want between the couch and the coffee table.

♦  Walkways between furniture and walls should be at minimum 36″ to allow for easy movement in all directions.

♦  The ideal amount of space you should allow between two chairs placed side by side in the living room is 42″.  A standard size side table will easily fit between the two chair.

♦  The height difference between an end of table and the top of a sofa arm should be 1-2″.




♦ When hanging artwork over a sofa or another piece of furniture, leave 5″- 9″ of space between the top of the sofa/furniture and the bottom of the art. You want to have some separation between the two elements.

♦  When hanging an art grouping above a sofa or piece of furniture, the grouping should be approximately 2/3 the width of the furniture below it. Your goal is for the artwork to be balanced (not too large or too small) with the element below it.

♦  For a single piece of art, the center of the image should be at 56″ – 60″ from the floor, which places the middle of art at eye level. Naturally if the entire family is extra tall or short, you can and should adjust the art so it feels comfortable for viewing.

♦  When hanging multiple pieces of artwork in a stacked layout above a piece of furniture, handle the art as if it was a single, larger piece. The space between the top and bottom piece of artwork should fall at 56″ to 60″.

♦  For symmetrical gallery wall displays, hang wall decor pieces about 2-3″ apart.  For asymmetrical and artistic layouts, arrange the wall decor so it’s pleasing to you.  Keep in mind you want the overall arrangement to feel balanced top to bottom and left to right.


Window Treatments


♦  It’s always a good idea to hang drapery rods as high as possible above window casing/trim which will make your room and windows feel taller and more expansive. A good rule of thumb for the average window is to mount the rods 5″ to 10″ above the trim.

♦  The trend today is for window treatments to skim the floor.  Letting your drapes puddle on the floor is matter of preference and tends to look best in more formal environments.

♦  To give the impression of wider windows extend the drapery rod 6″ to 12″  beyond the window casing not counting the length of a finial is you are using one.

♦  Many people hang curtain panels for decorative purposes only.  If you want your drapes to be functional, your panels should be 2 to 3 times the width of the window.  You can have custom drapes made in the appropriate width or you can hang multiple off the shelf panels together to achieve your desired width.



Dining Room Light


♦   The bottom of the chandelier should hang between 30″ – 34″ above the surface of the table for ceilings that are between 8′ and 9′ high. Higher ceilings will require the light fixture to be hung higher, approximately 3″ for every additional foot of ceiling height.

♦  Height–the higher the ceiling, the taller the chandelier. The rule of thumb is 2.5-3 inches for each foot of ceiling height. A standard 8-foot ceiling will accommodate a chandelier that is 20-24 inches in height.

♦  Diameter–add the height and the width of the room space together. Treat that sum as inches, and you have the suggested diameter of the chandelier for that room. For example, if the room is 20-feet by 18-feet, the sum is 38 feet. The approximate diameter of the chandelier should be 38 inches.


Foyer Light


♦A chandelier should be hung in the center of a foyer or entryway.

♦If your foyer has a window above the door, the chandelier should be centered in the window so that it can be seen from the outside of the home.

♦If an entryway is two stories tall, the chandelier shouldn’t hang below the second floor.

♦ A fixture hung in an open space like a foyer should hang approximately 7′ above the floor.


Kicthen Lights


♦  The standard distance between a kitchen island and a pendant light (top of counter to bottom of light fixture) is 30 to 36 inches.   Adjust the height to ensure the view across the island is not obstructed.


♦  To determine the fan size that’s most appropriate for your space (fans are sized by the number of inches that their blades span), first determine the square feet of your room by multiplying the room’s length by its width. Then use these suggested guidelines:

For rooms up to 75 sq ft, choose a 29″ – 36″ fan
For room 76 to 144 sq ft, choose a 36″ – 42″ fan
For rooms 145 to 225 sq ft, choose a 44″- 48″ fan
For rooms 225 to 400 sq ft, choose a 48″- 54″ fan
For rooms over 400 sq ft, choose a fan that is 54″ or larger
For large great rooms, a fan as large as 72″ may be appropriate
If the room is over 400 sq ft, consider using two fans




♦  Rugs under a dining room table should be at least 24-30″ wider and longer than the table, allowing the back legs of the chairs to stay on the rug even when the chairs are pushed out.

Here’s an easy guide to follow:  

Rug Chart.001.jpeg.001

♦  Area rugs under a bed should extend at least 18-24″ beyond each side of the bed.  Also note you can place runners at each side of the bed as an alternative to a full area rug and runners can be placed along the side or at the foot of the bed.

Runner in bedroom


♦  For standard size living, family there should be between  12″ – 24″ of bare floor between the edges of the area rug and the walls of the room. Smaller rooms should have between 6″-10″ of bare floor exposed.

♦  In living and family rooms, the rug should be larger enough so that the front legs of furniture sit on the rug.

Rug Size



♦  Allow 20″ to 28″ inches for leg clearance below a desk and the seat height of the chair should be 14″-18″ with your feet flat on the floor.

♦  Bookshelves that are used to hold books, including oversized art books should have depth of at least 15″.

♦  For optimal viewing, size your TV based on its distance from the sofa. To get the minimum screen size in inches, divide the viewing distance by 3; for the maximum, divide by 1.5. Already have a TV? Use these guidelines to position your couch. Aim for a 15- to 20-degree viewing angle to the center of the screen.

♦  Always measure your rooms, ceiling height and doorways before you go shopping for furniture to ensure pieces will fit through doors and in their planned space.




These measurements will get your started on a solid design plan for your home.


AmericasMart Atlanta

In about a week I’ll be heading to AmericasMart for the Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings show where I’ll be checking out the new products that manufacturers are introducing to the market. I always love the January because it’s refreshing to see the talked about trends come to life and because it’s a nice departure from all the glitz and sparkle of Christmas.

As the market approaches, I’ve also started getting new catalogs in the mail from all the major online and retail furniture and home decor stores.  I spent a little time the other night flipping through them and wanted to share 11 home decor products I’m loving right now.

Pottery Barn

Explosion Chandelier--Pottery Barn

Explosion Chandelier–a beautiful statement piece

Talia Printed Rug--Gray--Pottery Barn

Talia Printed Rug–Gray–I love the subtle pattern and soft colors

Damask Print Pillow Cover--Pottery Barn

Damask Print Pillow Cover–a fun, energetic pattern for late spring, early summer

West Elm

Organic Fading Ikat Duvet Cover

Organic Fading Ikat Duvet Cover–I love the abstract design and the classic navy and white color combo

Mongolian Lamb Pouf

Mongolian Lamp Pouf–A fun accent in a room and the blush color is my fave

Rectangular Metal Curtain Rings

 Rectangular Metal Curtain Rings–SO awesome! (if you can find a shower curtain rod less than 1 7/5″ w you could use them for that too)

Ballard Design

Mei Pagoda Shelf

Mei Pagoda Shelf–a pretty shelf for a vanity counter or even in a chic kitchen

Livy File Box

Livy File Box–very cool and a great way to show off those decorative file folders that are so hot now

Tortoise Umbrella Stand

Tortoise Umbrella Stand–tortoise never goes out of style (kinda like an animal print)

Felicity Acrylic Coffee Table

Felicity Acrylic Coffee Table–the ideal piece to keep a room looking light and airy

Z Gallerie

Gilded Sapphire Art

Gilded Sapphire Art–I’m kinda crushing on navy these days and this piece could easily mix with other colors

So many amazing new items and it’s only January.

Do you have a favorite amongst the group?


Hello January, 2016!

January 2106 Inspiration Notebook.001

a look inside the pages of my inspiration notebook…

Jan 2016 Inspiration Notebook5


Jan 2016 Inspiration Notebook

Jan 2016 Inspiration Notebook6


Jan 2016 Inspiration Notebook2




Jan 2016 Inspiration Notebook3

Ok 2016, let’s do this!




Top 10.001

Over the weekend I did a little review of the blog to see which post were your favorites in 2015.  While some of the top post surprised me, others didn’t.  As I looked at the top 10 post, I was happy to see that the things you love most are the things I love sharing most with you on the blog…design tips and decorating how-to’s, product inspiration, easy craft day’s and unique gift wrap ideas.

All of the blog topics you enjoyed most last year will continue here on the blog with even more impact.  I plan to share lots more design information in my Design Guide, Product + Inspiration and Design Chat series and have some fun and easy gift wrap and DIY projects for you as well.  I so appreciate the time you spend here on the blog and if there is anything new you’d like to see in  2016, just leave me a comment below.

I’m excited for what 2016 will bring but for now let’s take a look back at the Top 10 Blog Post of 2015!

{click on the photo captions to read the full post}


How To Style a Sectional Sofa

How to Style a Sectional Sofa  {my most popular PIN on pinterest}

Decorating Tops of Bookcases and Armoires

Decorating Bookcase and Armories1

Decorative Tops of Bookcases and Armoires

Barn lights

Barn Lights–A Uniques Indoor Decorating Option

Diy Mug Wraps

DIY Mug Wraps (2014)  {one of my most popular Pins too!}

Decorating with the things you love

Decorating With Things You Love

Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Product + Inspiration:  Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Christmas Theme--2016.002

My Christmas Theme 2015

{p.s.  There’s a sneak peek of my 2016 Christmas theme over on the ConfettiStyle Instagram page}

Gamleby Plate Shelf

Product + Inspiration:  Gamleby Plate Shelf

Christmas 2015-16

Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour–Part 1

Gift Wrap Inspiration by ConfettiStyle1

Gift Wrap Inspiration:  A New Way To Add Ribbon



Organizing Christmas Decor.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001

Happy New Year.  I’m really excited about the year ahead and will share more about that tomorrow but for today I must talk about a big project I have ahead of me.

We finally got all of our Christmas decor taken down and in the garage.  And when I say in the garage, I don’t mean stored away neatly with all the bins stacked to Martha Stewart perfection, I mean sitting the middle of the garage.

The bins aren’t going to stay that way because I made the decision that this year is the year of purging and organizing.  I’m getting rid of things I haven’t touched in ages, don’t use and don’t want or need anymore and I’m starting with my Christmas decor.

As someone who owned their own home decor store for 8+ years and changes up their holiday theme each year, I’ve amassed quite a collection of holiday items and it’s time to free myself from the stuff.

Organizing my Christmas decor (and garage while I’m at it) isn’t going to happen overnight, I suspect it will take a weekend or two to get it in order.  Since I’m preparing to tackle this massive project, I thought I’d share my organizing tips on how I’m going to get the space in tip, top shape.


TIP #1–Sort items by color and keep like items together.  This is one thing I haven’t always done a good job at so I’m going to focus on doing it this year.  Not only will it make finding items easier but it will also make it easier for me to pull together my tree theme in each.

Tip #2–Store holiday decor in plastic bins.  I’ve always used plastic bins to store the majority of my Christmas decor and I can’t tell you how easy this make organizing your storage space.  I’ve got an assorted variety of plastic bins (some see through and others not) so we are investing in some new bins this year.  I perfect see-through bins for my Christmas decor although I must say that the solid colored bins are a bit thicker and more sturdy.

Plastic under bed storage bins works great for storing garland and can be stacked to save space.  Label each bin with the location of where the garland goes in the house.

Plastic Under Bed Storage

Tip #3–Label your bins.  I’ve done this a bit but after years of accumulating stuff, the contents in my bins no longer matches the labels.  When listing the content of each bin, be as specific as possible. Another tip is to take pictures of the items inside the bin and then print and tape the pictures to the inside of the bin lid for each reference.

**  I’m going to use these removable labels and handwrite what’s inside each bin.  The labels will then go on the outside of each storage bin 
**removable labels make it each to change out the bins as needed and keeps your storage looking tidy
** Wal-Mart has some of the best prices and best selection on storage bins

Labeled Storage Bins


Tip #4–Pack with care.  When you pack away your Christmas decor, take the time to protect the items you own.  I use tissue paper or newsprint between layers of ornaments and recently came across this idea of using coffee filters as individual ornaments cups.  250 coffee filters at Costco for $5.99.

Ornaments and Coffee Filters


You can also use cardboard beverage trays to hold ornaments inside your bins.    You can buy a 75 count, 4 cups trays at Sam’s Club for $14.48.

Ornaments in Beverage holders


And here’s another idea that I love…plastic cups glued to cardboard to hold individual ornaments. This storage method is a bit time-consuming but once done, it’s a great way to protect ornaments from breakage.

Ornaments in cups


Tip #6–Store Wreaths on Hangers.  A great way to store your Christmas wreaths is by tying them onto a hanger and covering the wreath with a clear dry cleaning bag.  The hanger makes it easy to hang a wreath from a nail or hook.  And if you have multiple wreaths, put a hanging bar (clothesline style ) in your garage or storage room and hang all the wreaths together.

Wreath in bag


Tip #7–Detangle the lights.  There is nothing that makes me crazier than lights that have become a jumbled mess.  A quick fix is to wrap your Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard.  The cardboard will allow you to stack your lights, maximize storage space and it makes it easy to test each cord each season when you get ready to decorate. This storage idea will also work for beaded garland and ribbon.

Lights wrapped around cardboard


Tips #8–Keep wrapping paper accessible and protected.  I buy a lot of gift wrap in generic patterns so it can be used year round but if you buy paper specific to Christmas or any other holiday for that matter, try storing your rolls in clear garment bags.  The garment bags will hold multiple rolls and can be easily stored in the back of a closet.

** you can pick up clear garment bags at the dollar store

Wrapping Paper Garment Bag


Tip #9–Vacumm pack your holiday pillows.  If you have holiday pillows with removable covers, remove the covers and store them folded in a drawers or storage bin.  You can then use the pillow inserts for other pillows throughout the year.  If the pillows don’t have removable covers, think about storing them in vacuum packed bags which will keep them fresh and protected and save you a ton of space.

**  you can pick up Space Bags at Walgreens

vacumm packed

Tip #10–Store holiday signs and wall decor under the bed.  Plastic or cloth under-bed storage containers are a great way to store holiday wall plaques and decor.  I bought a couple of these bags from Container store and love them.  They are large and durable and the handle makes it easy to pull out from under the bed.

Underbed storage


Wish me luck as we tackle the garage.  I’ll be sure to share before and after photos once it’s all done. Stay tuned!

If you have any Christmas decor organizing tips to share, please do because I’d love to know.




Pinterest Home and Lifestyle Trends.001

I spent some time on Pinterest over the holidays and while surfing, I stumbled across the board Pinterest 100 for 2016.  The board highlights 100 trending lifestyle, fashion, food and style pins from the most influential Pinners on Pinterest.  Today I’m sharing 10 of these trending pins to give you a glimpse at what will be red-hot in the new year.

         Stan Smith Sneakers

The Pinterest 100: Style; Game-changing throwback sneaks like the Stan Smith gold toe by Adidas are all the rage.

{I love an old school sneaker especially when it’s been updated with a touch of glam.  p.s.  After some searching, it seems like this sneaker is sold out everywhere}

Sleak Speakers

The Pinterest 100: Tech; Bridge the gap between music, design and technology with chic speakers in warm metallic hues.

{ We got the Amazon Echo as a Christmas gift and I must say it’s a pretty slick gadget}

6 Minute Morning Workout

The Pinterest 100: Fitness & health; “No excuses” workouts that you can fit into any schedule.

{I’ve already started making this a morning routine}

Metallic Wallpaper

The Pinterest 100: Home; Add a touch of warmth and richness with gilded metallic wallpaper.

{Wallpaper continues to make a strong comeback}

Coloring for Adults

The Pinterest 100: Art & design; “Who knew coloring for grown-ups would make a resurgence? I love the idea of getting creative and all of the health benefits that coloring provides. It’s so relaxing!” – Pinner Amy Anderson

{I’m got to coloring books I’m working on and not only is it really relaxing, but it’s a great source for inexpensive artwork too}

The new mom jean

The Pinterest 100: Style; Modern “mom jeans” making a comeback. “The skinny jean has ruled denim for the last five years, but this year, all kinds of fresh shapes are gaining ground,” said Pinpolyee and Stylist Larkin Brown. “One of the most popular styles is the Mom jean, a high-rise straight leg with a relaxed fit. While you may think the last thing you need is another pair jeans, changing up your denim style can make a go-to outfit feel brand new.”

{I’m not a fan of the high waist but I’m loving the look of these more relaxed jeans}

Mental Tricks for Healthy Eating

The Pinterest 100: Fitness & health; Brain hacks to improve your mental fitness.

{What you think you achieve}

belt Bag

The Pinterest 100: Style; Hands free bags. Belt bag is the new fanny pack.

{A fashion trend I’m loving, especially for flea market days}

Hair Masks

The Pinterest 100: Fitness & health; Healing your hair with DIY masks.

{Good for your hair and money saving–double win}

Pattern Mixing in Fashion

The Pinterest 100: Style; “The new richness with no rules… This trend is all about mixing patterns, embroideries, colors and fabrics,” said Pinner Paul Lowe. “It looks so effortless and fresh.”

{this is one trend that’s not for everyone–pattern mix responsibly my friends}


You can check out all 100 of the 2016 trending Pins here.