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 Barclay Butera Barclay Butera is one designer I think possesses a unique set of design skills.  His ability to combine fabrics and textures is unparalleled; his sense of color is outstanding; his approach to accessorizing a room is wonderful; and his design philosophy of “in Interior Design there are no rules” is admirable. Barclay Butera, in my eyes, is one…

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 Tonight is a special night…Why you ask?  Because Project Runway is back?  Season 8 airs tonight at 9 pm on Lifetime! I can’t wait to see what daunting challenges the designers are faced with and what incredible (or hideous) outfits they design.  As a person who loves fashion, and has spent many years working in the industry, Project Runway always makes…

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As I walked around the Atlanta Gift Mart during the Summer Gift Show, I took notice that not only were lots of people wearing yellow, but there were alot of really great home decor products being shown in yellow.  I was thrilled since yellow,  the vibrant and intense version, is one of my current passions. I love how yellow can lift…

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One of the best parts of attending the Atlanta Gift Shows each year (besides an afternoon spent in the gourmet food section),  is seeing all the new interior design and entertaining books that will be hitting the market in the coming months.  I was so thrilled to see so many incredible books hitting the presses and scheduled for release during the…

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I am back at my desk after being away for 8 days, and I am overwhelmed with the stack of papers and clutter that I’m looking at. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a certified “neat freak”, someone who believes that everything has a place, and that there is a place for everything.  Piles, clutter, mess and stacks drive me crazy. …

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I have been attending the Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings Show for the last 9 days and I am a bit drained by all the mental and visual stimulation that occurs while I am at market.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to look at all the new furniture, decorative accessory and gift products coming to market, but nine days of …

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As seen during Spring and Summer runway shows, denim is a hot fabric trend in the fashion circuit.  While that may not seem unusual, given that denim is a staple in just about everyone’s wardrobe, denim as a new, hot  fabric trend in the home furnishings industry is what is taking people off guard. Years ago, it was not unusual to…

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A few months ago I attended a design seminar at SCAD Atlanta, where the panel of design experts (fashion and interior) told the audience that one of the best resources for design inspiration is international design magazines.  Already a magazine addict, reading just about every major US design publication, I immediately ran to my local Barnes and Noble and picked up a…

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