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Entertaining FLAIR

I love books, all kinds of books, but one on my  favorite book topics are books about entertaining and decor. And, the newly published book by Joe Nye, FLAIR, takes the cake. This is one of the most exquisite entertaining, design and style books I’ve come across.  Flair Exquisite Invitations, Lush Flowers, and Gorgeous Table Settings Broken down in to four…

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I love to decorate with fresh flowers and am always looking for creative and inexpensive ways to add them to my home.  So, while doing a little research on flower trends, I was surprised that my reasearch lead me back to a staple in the flower family–Carnations! I’ve always thought of carnations as a cheap filler flower, and have made it…

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I’ve begun to check out what will be some of the hottest fall fashion trends and am thrilled to see that ANIMAL PRINTS are back.  To me, animal prints never really go out of style but it is exciting to know that there will be lots more choices for me to select from. Here are a few of my early…

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Have you noticed how cool bathroom designs are these days?  No longer is it just the floor tile, the vanity mirror or the shower curtain that give a bathroom style.  Sinks, and really cool ones, are becoming the shining stars of bathroom design.  If you need a little inspiration for a bathroom remodel, check out these fabulous bathroom sinks!  …

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It appears that the color of royalty will remain a strong design influence into Fall 2010.  While purple is not a color that I would typically design a whole room around, I do love how it can give a room a shot of modern elegance and sophistication! via elle decor How would you use the color purple in your home?


As a young child, I was one of those kids that wanted to challenge every “rule” that came my way.  I just didn’t get why some things had to be a certain way…   Why did I have to make my bed every morning? Why did I have to be in the house before dark? Why did I have to take woodworking…

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Don’t you just love how headboards are really becoming statement pieces in a bedroom?  I love the trend of upholstered headboards and how one can give a traditional bedroom design a fresh, modern feel. But, if you  happen not to be an upholstered headboard convert, there are lots of other wonderful design alternatives that pack jump as much punch. via hgtv via house…

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