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Halloween Hostess Gifts

I’ve been invited to a couple of Halloween parties, and never one to show up empty-handed, I have been on the look out for unusual hostess gifts. My search has taken me through many a store and all around the internet, but I think I have found a few great options to choose from.  Check out my choices below and let me know which…

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With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I’d share with you the BOOtiful Halloween Basket I made for my front door last week.  As a member of the blog team for May Arts Ribbon, I am constantly challenging myself to come up with stylish, unusual and easy DIY projects using beautiful May Arts ribbon, along with other craft elements. This is one…

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Apparently I have fashion on my mind this week, because all my blog post have been about fashion.  It’s no surprise, since last weekend I began giving my closet a complete overhaul, which led to a complete overhaul of my wardrobe, which led  to a complete overhaul of my accessories, which led  to a complete overhaul of my budget, which led…

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In all the years that a woman is alive, does she ever find the “perfect” handbag?  Have you?  Handbags are yet another one of my obsessions (I tend to have too many), and I am constantly looking for the “perfect” handbag.  One that is not too big, but big enough for all my stuff.  One that can be held in my…

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    via “The Woman who is CHIC is always a little different.  Not different in being behind fashion, but always slighting apart from it.” Emily Post


Every season, it seems that I am hooked on a different fashion or accessory trend that I want to incorporate into my personal fashion line-up.  For fall, my first obsession has been with vintage inspired rings, which I wrote about in a earlier post here.  Now, my new obsession is with Brooches.   I love that Brooches come in all shapes, sizes, colors, stones, finishes…

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Silhouette Portraits

Something old is new again.  I am loving the use of classic, old-time silhouette portraits in home decor these days.  Dating back to the 18th century, silhouette portraits were the classic way of representing a persons appearance. Today, I think silhouette portraits are a really cool way to infuse a graphic element into your wall decor arrangement or even your fashion  statement.  Check…

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