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Did you know that Saturday is National Picnic Day?  If you’re lucky enough to  have great weather where you live, it’s the perfect time to pull together your favorite picnic décor, picnic food and head to the park.  Despite a busy weekend of work and projects, I’m hoping to squeeze in a couple of hours of lounging under a tree and enjoying the our first picnic of spring.

Picnicking has become an art form over the last few of years and it’s no longer PB and J sandwiches and an old quilt.

These days, picnic basket are a style statement and just about any woven basket will work.  I was lucky to score a really great vintage basket last year similar to these below.  The great thing about these vintage baskets is that they are sturdy, have a wide-open interior and it’s easy to pack food, blankets and anything else you might want easy.



I also love picnic baskets like this one below which come fully stocked with plates, utensils and linens.  All you have to do is add food.



And there is something to be said about keeping it simple like Camille Styles did with these individual baskets using inexpensive apple totes which you can buy from any craft store.

picnic 4


When it comes to picnic blankets, an old school look with a plaid blanket or quilt is always great.  Often times you can find vintage blankets at flea markets and thrift stores for less than $10.

Vintage Picnic Blanket


Picnic Quilt


I’ve seen lots of great DIY blankets created by craft bloggers and have a blanket project on my to do list this spring.

DIy Blanket

Martha Stewart has an quick and easy tutorial on waterproofing an everyday blanket.

And if you’re looking for a new blanket, here’s one that’s worth checking out. Besides the $19.99 price, this blanket can be used in several ways.  It folds up into a tote for carrying and then zips open and lays flat as a blanket.  The leather square creates the perfect spot to place all your food.  And, it’s waterproof too!

Picnic Blanket

Foldable Outdoor Picnic Blanket

Foldable Picnic Tote

Now that we’ve got the basket and blanket sorted out, let’s talk food.  The number one rule in my book for picnic food is that it has to be good and has to look good.

A great sandwich is a requirement and this turkey, apple and cheddar Panini recipe is one I’m going to try.

Turkey Panini Recipe

Cookin Canuck

When it comes to side dishes, glass jars are a ideal for serving and transporting all kinds of foods.

Salads in a jar make them easy to eat and keeps all the ingredients contained.

Jar Salads


There are lots of dessert recipes you can make in a glass jar like this Key Lime pie.  Yum!

Key Lime Pie

Live, Love, Sugar

And I love using old canning jars to as drinkware.  With a metal lid, drinks are easy to transport and they help keep the beverages cold.


Indeed Decor

I hope you have a great weekend and I hope you get to Celebrate National Picnic Day.

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