Spray Paint Is One Of The Best Design Tools You’ll Ever Have

One question that I’ve been asked quite often is “what’s your best design tool”?  This is a pretty loaded question since there are a lot of different things that go into designing and decorating a room.  It could be my upholsterer who can transform a piece of furniture or my painter who can breathe life into a space with a simple coat of paint.

As an interior designer I have access to a wide variety of tools and a range of exclusive furniture, accessories and home decor items that I can pull from to design a space.

Having access to exclusive items is wonderful but sometimes the best design tool is something simple that doesn’t cost a lot of money, is easy to access and can yields high-end results in a flash.

Sometimes the best design tool you can have is a can of spray paint~

Spray Paint

I’ve used spray paint a lot over the last few years when creating diy projects and I’m always amazed at how spray paint can transform a piece of furniture, hardware, textiles or decorative objects.

If you don’t realize the power of paint, here are 10 creative uses to transform your home with a can of spray paint.


#1 Give an old lamp a new look with paint!

Spray Painted Lamp

 # 2 Paint old books to unify a collection for a tabletop display or bookcase arrangement.

Spray Paint Books

#3  Modernize hardware around your house!

Spray Painted Door Knobs

#4 Create custom window treatments for any room in your home.

Spray Painted Curtains

#5 Update old curtain rods to match your new decor.

Spray Paint Curtain Rods

#6  Create a custom rug to work with your design style.

Spray Painted Rug

#7  Turn inexpensive decorative elements into stunning statement pieces.

Spary Painted Planters

#8  Give aged fabric a new life!

Spray Painted Chair

#9  Give worn vent cover a fresh new look.

Spray Paint Vent Covers

# 10 Take a vintage tub and transform it into a design statement.

Spray Paint a Bathtub

#11  Personalize your decor to fit your style.

Spray Painted Refrigerator

Amazing right?  Spray paint is definitely one of the best design tools you have at your disposal.

Happy Decorating!


image source:  lamp / books / doorknob / curtains  / curtain rods / rug / planters / chair / vent covers / bathtub / refrigerator


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  1. Thank you for your inspiration! Did you Kilz the gold chair before using the metallic paint from Michael’s?

    • Hi Jane,
      Yes, I’ve found that when using gold spray paint it is best to use a primer first. Kilz is a great primer and will really help the paint hold and last.

    • Hi Dana,
      I typically use Rustoleum spray paints and really like the finish and durability they provide.
      I would also recommend Kilz as a spray paint primer. I think most spray paint projects need to be primed before painting to ensure a long lasting finish.
      If you’re looking for a gold metallic spray paint, I recommend Design Masters which you can purchase at Michael’s.
      Hope this helps when selecting a spray paint.

      • Thank you so much for answering, Shelly. I’ve always had trouble with spray paint and just found out beside the cheap paint I was buying my trouble also came from not shaking the can long enough. I already have Kilz so I’m halfway there. Next time I use spray paint it’s going to be a whole new ballgame. I really appreciate you telling me the brand you use.

  2. Brilliant Idea of painting the books! I have a number of old books that could do with a “facelift”. Spray painting would do it and I would still be able to see the titles if applied lightly.


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