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After showing the gold foil quote art I found at #HomeGoods on Monday, I went looking for some fresh gallery wall inspiration.  While looking through images a really perplexing questions came to mind…what frame color is best for a gallery wall display–white, black, gold or a mix?  

While that might sound like an easy question to answer, there are decorating pros and cons with each frame color making the decision a tough one.

So to answer the question and to give me an opportunity to share a few design tips with you,  I thought we’d tackle The Great Frame Debate once and for all!


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I’ve spent the last few days at the Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings show and I’m here to share a little of what I’ve seen so far, so grab a cup of coffee and get ready for a long post.

 For those of you that aren’t familiar with the show, it is an international gift, home accessory and furniture show that is held here in Atlanta several times a year.  There are two major shows, January and July which draw retail buyers and interior designers from all over the world.

Americas Mart Atlanta

AmericasMart, where the show is held, is made up of three buildings with 1000’s of manufacturers showcasing their products for buyers.  This show is one of the largest gift and home furnishings shows in the country and it’s where you’ll see the newest trends and hottest styles in furniture, decor, textiles, wall decor, lighting and gifts.


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DIY Monogram Dish by ConfettiStyle2

So you all know I love a good craft project especially one that can be done in three easy steps and takes less than 10 minutes to make.

Step 1:  Buy a couple of white ceramic candle plates from Ikea

note:  standing in line at Ikea will definitely require more time than it takes to make this project

DIY Monorgram Dish by ConfettiStyle8

Step 2:  Print vinyl monograms on your Cricut Explore 

disclaimer:  my friend Tina just so happens to own a Cricut Explore and gifted me with a couple of monograms for my birthday

DIY Monorgram Dish by ConfettiStyle7

Step 3:  Apply vinyl decal to ceramic plate

DIY Monorgram Dish by ConfettiStyle4

Step 4:  Add decorative washi tape to the plate

tip:  if you don’t own any washi tape you need to buy some because it can be used to decorate anything

DIY Monorgram Dish by ConfettiStyle3

Step 5:  Coat the top of the plate with Mod Podge to seal the monogram and create a protective surface

tip #2:  mod podge is another diy staple you should own

DIY Monogram Dish by ConfettiStyle

In less than 10 minutes (plus the drying time for the mod podge)  you can make yourself a set of these adorable dishes.

There’s nothing better than a crafting session that results in a decorative accessory that can be used in so many ways:

♦  jewelry dish

♦  candle tray

♦ desk accessory

♦  coaster

♦ key and sunglasses dish

♦  nightstand catchall

Happy crafting!


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Beads in a Bowl


When in comes to accessorizing, sometimes the littlest item can make the biggest impact.

One unexpected accessory item I’m seeing more and more in room vignettes is a string of beads. Whether draped over a decorative jar or nestled in a bowl, a strand of beads can make a style statement that stands out.

I love this wood bead and tassel strand that Myquillyn over at The Nesting Place created.  Such a fun accent hanging on a chair, over the edge of a mirror or on off a door.

 Beads and Tassels

Pottery Barn sells a variety of beads which make a fun accent on a coffee table, draped over a decorative jar or gathered in a wooden bowl.

Beads on Table


Beads on Jar


Beads in Bowl2


You can make your own bead strand using beads of any size.  Larger beads will make a bolder impact and work great clustered in a tray.

Beads in tray


Sherry over at Design Indulgence is one of the first people I saw using beads as a decorative accent.  She has a gift when it comes to accessorizing and I love the way she used beads as part of her decor.

Sherry has beads draped over books, hanging on a bust and placed on a tray.

Beads on Books


I love the look of these natural wood beads mixed with glass beads.

Beads on Bust


Beads of Coffee Table


Making your own bead strand is pretty simple and you can find beads at your local craft store, on amazon and via Etsy.  If you need one, here’s an easy DIY tutorial from The Nesting Place and if you’re looking for specialty beads, check out this source.

Have fun crafting and decorating!


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Happy Monday my friends!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  

I’ve been busy the last few days getting ready for a visit from my mom. Since my mom’s back surgery in 2006 she hasn’t traveled much and it’s been about 7 years since her last visit to Atlanta.  My uncle and his family are making a trip to Florida and my mom decided to tag along for the ride.  They’ll drop her off here in Atlanta on their way and she’ll be spending a  week with me and my brother.  I’m so excited to see her and now that my brother is here, it’s going to be week of family fun.


Anyway, after spending the last few days cleaning, organizing and doing some restyling around the house, I thought I’d share some ideas if you’re wanting to refresh and restyle your home.



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Outdoor Entertaining Oasis11

Remember yesterday when I showed you the patio space at my brother’s place.  Well, I’ve been thinking about the space and all of its design possibilities.  So, I created a design plan for the space so that my brother and Mary could use it as a guide as they continue to decorate.


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Summer Tote

There are a list of things I can’t live without in the summer including my white converse, a pair of classic espadrilles, maxi dresses and a striped tote bag.

During the summer I tend to carry move stuff in my handbag and have found that carrying a tote works best for me.  I own several tote bag styles but when it comes to a summer tote, stripes are a favorite.

 I’ve done a little shopping for you and rounded up my favorite striped bags of the season.

What makes for a great tote bag:  

relaxed but sturdy shape 

comfortable carry handles

sturdy bottom–I love tote bags that have a reinforced bottom, leather bottom or one with metal feet

easy to get in and out of

a zip closure is ideal but not a requirement

and of course cute!


Top row:  Stripe Tote / Collins Woven Tote / Oversized Stripe Tote 
Bottom row:  Tara Tribal Tote / Horizontal Striped Tote / Navy and White Stripe Canvas Tote


With all the space a tote bag has, I know that sometimes the inside can get a little unorganized so here’s a tip that will help you keep the inside of  your bag looking great:

 Buy a purse organizer.  Whoever invented this item is a genius.  A purse organizer allows you to corral all your belongs in a neat and compact way and when you want to change handbags, just pull the entire piece out and place it in your new bag.

Purse Organizer

pink and orange striped tote (below)

Stripe Summer Tote

Summer’s here so grab your tote and enjoy the season.


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I took the design style quiz over on the decorist.com website and by golly I think they defined my style to T!

Here’s what it said…

You… like eclectic styles at heart with an eye towards integrating more modern looks.

You prefer to mix and match different styles rather than be totally traditional or modern, but you like to use the clean looks of more modern pieces. You love figuring out how to combine different designs into one cohesive whole.


  • want your home to be stylish and that is a reflection of you and your overall tastes.
  • like a rustic or natural but refined look to your home.
  • like ethnic accents and a “worldly” look.
  • like warm colors.
  • like bright pops of color or colorful accents.
  • like luxurious materials.
  • like to use texture for visual interest.
  • like to use some traditional gilded or wood accents in your home to give it a sense of timelessness
  • like the look of natural materials in your home

The one thing the quiz failed to pick up on is that I love décor with a high-end look.

When it comes to decorating, I love to mix of budget finds with investment pieces, vintage finds with new pieces, and refined looks with rustic styles.  I don’t think your house has to be filled with expensive décor and furniture to have style, but I do believe there are easy and cost-effective things you can do to give your décor the look of high style .


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