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Monogram Hat Cover.001


In a couple of months we’ll be setting sail on our 8th cruise to the Caribbean.  This time around out ports of call will be Aruba, Bonaire, the Dominican Republic and Grand Turks.  #soexcited

I’ve already started picking up a few new items for the trip, one of which was a new sun hat for me.  A plain straw hat would have worked fine but I had to give my hat a little extra something-something.



Monogram Straw Hat

Here’s how the project started…

I bought this basic wide brim hat from Wal-Mart for under $5.00 ($3.35 to be exact).  You can see that it has a thin brown cord as a decorative touch but the brown wasn’t working for me.  Neither was the plain brim.

Straw Sun Hat

So I replaced the cord with a black and white striped ribbon and added my monogram to the back of the brim.  Instant style!

Mongram Straw Hat2

All it took to replace the cording was a few snips with the scissors and some fabric glue to attach the new ribbon.

To create my monogram, I purchased some white iron-on letters from Hobby Lobby.  These are the same brand of letters I used to make my monogram napkins.

What I love about these letters is they allow you to create a true three-letter monogram.

Joy Monogram Letters

The only downside is the letters only come in white so your design options are limited.

I came up with an easier solution and all it took was a Sharpie.  To get the black letters I wanted, I used a Permanent Sharpie Marker and colored over each letter.

thumb_IMG_2636_1024 2

All that was left to do was to position my monogram onto the back of the hat and iron it in place.

(before ironing, cover the letters with a piece of fabric so you don’t get ink on your iron or burn your letters)

Monogram Straw Hat

This was such an easy update and now my hat that looks like it was made for a Mediterrian cruise.

Mongram Straw Hat2

The hat is available in four other colors so take your pick and make your own chic summer sun hat.

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I’ve been thinking about giving our bedroom a refresh for a while now and I think I’m going to pull the trigger.

This is the current look of the bedroom–a mix of wood, black & white accents and pops of color.

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh7

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh6

My love affair with blue and white has me thinking of a look that incorporate navy, black, white and pops of color.

Here’s the Chinoiserie Inspired inspiration board I came up with…

Summer Bedroom Refresh .001.jpeg.001

Since the black armoire and chair will be staying, I need to find a duvet cover that can tie the navy and black together.  About a month ago I spotted a Ralph Lauren set at HomeGoods but decided to pass on it.  Now I can’t get it out of my mind.  I’ve been searching for it again but so far I have only found  it in a king size and we need a queen.  The pattern is called Tamarind and I did find it on Amazon (more expensive) so if I don’t have any luck at HomeGoods I have another option.

When it comes the accessories, I’m planning to change the black drapes to a dark navy and I’m  looking at this pink pillow…

Pink Pillow

and some chinoiserie inspired artwork from Etsy.

Pagoda Print

Floral Print

And of course I’ll incorporate some blue and white ceramic pieces into the mix.

Blue and Whtie Ginger Jars

As always things may change before it’s all said and down but I’m excited to create a fresh new look for our space.

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Styling Tips For Your Nightstand.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001

One of the things I am always look for on Pinterest are beautiful nightstand images.  I love getting a glimpse at a person’s lifestyle and seeing how they style and decorate different areas of their home.

As a designer, I recognize that accessorizing a small, compact area like a nightstand can be more challenging than a larger living area for some people. So today I’m sharing the ingredients for styling your bedside table like pro.

4 Fall NightStand 2014

Your bedroom is the most private space in your home and the items you put on your nightstand should be a mix of personal and decorative decor.


When it comes to pulling your items together, keep these style tips in mind:

 Layers!  Unless you take a minimalist approach to decorating, you want to position items to create a layered look.  Layers will add the visual interest and help create a dynamic statement with you collection of items.  Vary the placement of items on the table surface, front to back and side to side and keep the scale of your lamp in mind when positioning items.

 The Mix!  This is where style and function meet.  Accessorize with items you use on a daily basis (alarm clock, journal/book) along with items that are decorative.  Decorative items like small trinket trays, lidded boxes and containers can work as storage AND as a design statement. And personal items like books and picture frames will add a personal feel to the decor on your nightstand.

♦  The Background!  Even if you have a wall decor piece hanging over your bed, don’t forget about the wall space directly behind the nightstand.  Hanging a mirror or piece of artwork over your bedside table is a great to build up the impact for the overall vignette.  You can even lean pieces of art or other flat decor against the wall like I did at Christmas one year to enhance the layered look of your decor.

2014 Bedroom Decor (42) copy

 Softness! A soft element like flowers or greenery can add an air of energy and life to the vignette.

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh8

 Keep it Fun! And finally, as you go about decorating your nightstand, throw in an unexpected object to add personality and flair.


Nightstand Styling Inspiration

In addition to the tips above, I also wanted to serve up some visual inspiration for you. I went virtual shopping at Z Gallerie and put together two inspiration boards that pull all the elements together.

It’s no secret that I one of my favorite color combinations is black, white and gold and Z Gallerie as some beautiful decorative pieces that will work great in a bedroom.  This look is bold, dramatic and super chic!

Styling Tips For Your Nightstand.002


Shop the Black & Gold Nightstand Vignette:

Devon Table Lamp // Rey Mirror // Allium Sphere
Camille Tray // Acropolis Frame // Sawyer Nightstand // Emila Canisters //  Chanel Book


My current bedroom decor is a black and white theme and I’m working on a summer refresh to incorporate more blue and white.  This look is classic, elegant and has a calming feel.

Styling Tips For Your Nightstand.003


Shop the Blue & White Nightstand Vignette:

Let Me Go Artwork // Addison Table Lamp // York 3-Drawer Nightstand //Acropolis Bookends // Charles Table Clock
Gold Elephant Jewelry Dish //Glow Candle // Potted Phalaenopsis


Surround yourself with things you love!


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I’ve been making jewelry ever since I was a kid.  After I got the hang of it, I tried my hand at making a necklace using seed beads. #majorfail   In fact if you were to look through my jewelry supply box today,  you’d see an entire case of seed beads that I’ve collected over the years.

Seed Bead Earrings

via anthropologie

 If you’re not familiar with seed beads, they are the tiny beads you see on those popular tassel earrings everyone is wearing, those beads on decorative pillows and the ones on those trendy summer tunic tops that are in all the stores.

Seed Bead Pillow

Tunic Top via Boston Proper

via boston proper

Even though they are tiny, seed beads are great because of the intricate designs and beautiful color combinations they create.

During Spring New York Fashion week, I noticed seed bead jewelry as part of several designer runway shows and I’m glad to know that this jewelry style has become a hot trend.  One day I may pull out my stash of seed beads and try making a necklace again but until then I think I’ll shop for some seed bead jewelry.

Seed Bead Jewelry.001.jpeg.001


 1)  Piñata Tassel Drop Earrings–$36.00   2)  Seedbead Necklace–$18.00
3)  Seedbead Bracelet–$16.50  4)  Majorca Lariat Seed Bead Necklace–$48.00
5)  Kyla Earrings$25.00  6)  Orange Beaded Earrings–$16.00
7)  Danita Cuff–$49.00  8)  Zoey Clip On Earrings–$35.00


Etsy is another great source for handmade seed bead jewelry and Biulu Artisan Boutique has one of the best selections of intricate designs I’ve ever seen.  The shop sells necklaces, bracelets, earrings along with complete jewelry sets.  Each piece  is handmade in western Mexico and the designs are inspired by many Native American groups including Iroquois, Cherokee, Aztec, Maya and Inca.

I also loved reading the story of how this shop started, how the business has grown and now supports many of the people in their community.  You can read the Biulu story here.

Huichol Necklace

So who else out there loves the look of seed bead jewelry?

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 Summertime and the living is easy!

I loving this beautiful weather we’re having.  I trying to soak up every minute of these low humidity days because I know that in no time flat it will be hot, humid and sticky outside.  A couple of weeks ago I purged my closet and organized it for the warmer months.  I’ve also been doing the same with my decor.  After all the organizing was done I made a shopping list for a few new things I needed wanted to help me usher in summer.

Summer Must Haves-2016.001

If you know me, you know I love colorful earrings, especially during the summer.  I’ve got my eyes on these Baha Drop Earrings which happen to have two of my favorite summer colors in them–turquoise and orange.  
I’ve had this book, It’s Not How Good You Are on my reading list for a while now and just picked it up to take on the cruise we have planned later this summer.  I always enjoy inspirational reads when we travel because my mind is more relaxed and I can really absorb the content.  
My favorite candle scent of all times is gardenia and this Gardenia Scented Candle is what I’m burning right now in my office.  I wish you could scratch your screen and enjoy this amazing scenes with me.
I’ve never met a handbag I didn’t like and this Boho Clutch is not only colorful and cute, it’s only $9.99!  The perfect piece for a weekend or to throw in a larger summer tote like the one below.
Target has some really, really fabulous tote bags right now and this classic Straw Tote with Tassel is perfect of all my summer activities.  Available in 4 colors.
I spotted this Acrylic Monogram Bracelet  when I was shopping for earrings and think it’s perfect for my summer wardrobe.
I started wearing readers a few years ago and have been on the hunt for reader sunglasses.  My favorite reading eyewear company, Peepers has a great selection of sunglasses and great prices and these tortoise Reader Sunglasses are my fave.
I already own 3 pair of Converse sneakers and just ordered these adorable Converse Crochet Sneakers.  They’re also available in navy.
I think I found the perfect dessert spoons for summer,  Floral Dessert Spoons  from One Kings Lane.
I rarely shop at Old Navy but popped in over the Memorial Day weekend because they were having a great sale.  I bought these Stripped Linen Pants ($20) which just scream summer to me.  Also available in a cropped length which would be really cute with your crocheted sneakers.


Summer Is

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Decorating With Color--Color Rule

How confident are you when it comes to decoration with color?  Like many people, this might be one area of decorating that you find challenging but don’t worry because there’s a simple design formula that can decorating with color easier.

The 60-30-10 decorating rule is a tried and true method to help pull together the color theme for a room.  The rule relates to how colors should be proportioned within room to achieve a balanced and harmonious feel within the space.

The 60-30-10 color rule is really simple for anyone to apply, even the novice decorator.  Here’s how it works…


The main color you selected for a space should represent 60% of the color within the room. In a family room the 60% would be represented by the wall color, large decorative pieces like a rug and in some cases the larger furniture pieces like a sofa. The 60% color should serve as the dominant impact in the room and anchor the space.


The 30% should be represented by the secondary color within the room and have half the impact and presence as the main color.  In a family room secondary color can come from the drapes, accent furniture or even artwork.  In a bedroom, the secondary colors can represented through the bed linens or smaller accent rugs.  The goal is to have the secondary color (30%) be an accent and enhance the main color (60%) within the room while adding to the overall personality of the space.


10% of your color within a room should be represented by accent colors.  In a family room setting your accessories will provide your accent–decorative pillows, tabletop decor and smaller pieces of artwork and lighting.  In a bedroom the accent colors will come from the pillows, lamps and nightstand accessories.  The accent colors that represent 10% of the overall color palette should be pulled from your drapes, area rug and larger upholstered pieces so that the overall color theme ties together.

Here are a couple of examples showing the 60-30-10 color rule in use…

Decorating With Color--Color Rule


Using the 60-30-10 color rule can make choosing color simple, and help you achieve balance in decorating.

Decorating With Color--Color Rule


Finding the right color balance within a room can be challenging but if you follow the general principles of the 60-30-10 color rule you’ll be able to create a color theme for any room in your home with confidence.  And if an abundance of color is what you love, follow your gut and decorate fearlessly like actress Mindy Kaling did in her home office below.

Colorful Office

design by Nathan Turner


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image source:  Country Living, DIY Network

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Cloth Dinner Napkins.002

When we purchased our first home in Seattle years ago we didn’t have a lot of money to spend on decorating it.  One day when walking through a department store I picked up a pack of cloth dinner napkins that were on clearance.  The pattern was what caught my attention at first but as I opened the napkins up, I remember thinking that they would make great pillow covers.  Fast forward to today and cloth napkin pillow covers are still one of my ‘design on a dime’ decorating tips.

If you’ve never thought about using cloth napkins to make pillow covers, let me tell you why it’s a good idea:

♦  Most cloth napkins are sized perfectly for pillows–18″ x 18″ or 20″ x 20″ which means standard pillow inserts will fit.

♦  Cloth napkins are already hemmed so there is no cutting on your part.

♦  Cloth napkins are inexpensive so you can make seasonal pillow changes without breaking the bank.

♦  Many big box stores (Pottery Barn, World Market, Target) sell napkins in the same prints that they sell in their pillow collection so you can have the same look for a fraction of the price.

♦  Napkin pillow covers are simple to sew or you can use fabric glue to make the pillow covers if you don’t have a sewing machine or don’t know how to sew.

♦  You can add decorative trim to your napkin pillow covers to UpStyle the look even more.

Now let’s get to the inspiration part of the post and check out some pillow covers made using cloth napkin…

Cloth Napkin Pillow Cover

View From The Fridge

Cloth Napkin Pillow Cover--Centsational Girl

Censational Girl

Cloth Napkin Pillow Cover--Southern Lady

Southern Lady

Pretty cool idea don’t you think?

 I did a little shopping for you and rounded up a few of my favorite napkin designs that I think would make beautiful pillows.  Let’s go shopping…


Cloth Napkins

top--WORLD MARKET:   Anita Napkin // Succulent Napkin // Pink Pip Floral Napkin // Foil Geometric Sheila Napkins
middle--Anthropologies:  Caicos Napkin  //  Fellina Napkin–orange  //  Fellina Napkin–blue
bottom--TARGET:  Dot Napkin // Geometric Decorative Napkin // Indigo Print Napkins

Cloth Dinner Napkins.002


The long weekend ahead is the perfect time to whip up a few napkin pillow covers.  Happy crafting!

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It’s been quite a while since I’ve visited the Scott Antique Market and even longer since I’ve done a post about the market.

Last Thursday I woke up and decided to make the trek down to Scott’s to check out the show and see if I cold snag any great pieces.  The Scott Antique Market is definitely one of my favorite antique shows and every time I go I’m wowed by all the vintage, antique and sometimes new pieces that the dealers have.  This market I spotted lots of great pieces…

There were a lot of really great oversized mirrors.  I can envision this beauty in a foyer or positioned at the top of a stair landing.


One of the great things about the Scott Antique Market is the number of custom furniture dealers that attend.  If you have a challenging area or simply desire a custom piece, you can find many options at this market.

I loved this upholstered banquet which if just made for a breakfast or dining area.


The turned wood arm-chair with grey linen fabric.  Perfect for a beach house.


My friend Julie whose an upholsterer and owns The Upholstery Fashionista is known for her faux animal skin upholstered pieces.  She sells pieces in this fabric every month and these chairs were her newest pieces. She’s also known for the details she puts in every piece like the burlap back and sides of these chairs.



Cut stools in a fun fabric.


I spotted a lot of great farm tables this show.


A pretty bench cushion sofa with great lines and a tufted back.


I adored this bench and the fabric it was in.



The table would make a great kitchen island.


Lots of classic vintage furniture with beautiful hardware and details.



Check out the carved wood detail on this piece.



A beautiful buffet with gorgeous carved doors.



There is always lots of blue and white chinoiserie pottery.  This bowl was oversized and I loved the octagon shape.


These foo dogs were super-size.


Lots of blue and white ginger jars and vases.


This dealer has the most gorgeous preserved flowers and arrangements and his booth is always packed.


I’m on the hunt for vintage Japanese calligraphy brushes but these were incredibly expensive so I passed.


One of my favorite dealers always have unique bottles and jars.  Most of these were $35 or less.


If you love industrial pieces you’ll find lots to choose from at Scott.


May of the outdoor dealers sell vintage olive buckets which can be used for plants, magazines or just about anything.n


There is always an abundance of wood crates..some old and some reproduction.


One of the permanent outdoor dealers always have a good collection of brass door hardware.


I’d love to create a wall display with a grouping of these brass numbers.


I’ve mentioned before that the market is made up of two buildings so there are hundreds of dealers to shop from and you never know what you’ll find.  There are a couple of dealers that I always shop with and here are a few of the pieces I scored this market.

I wasn’t really looking for anything for me this show but was focused on finding a few items for my Etsy shop.  But I did find a few things I’m going to keep.

I sell a lot of these silver-plated toast rack so I buy them whenever I come across a great deal.  I also bought this brass shell dish which need some major polishing and this pewter pineapple dish.  All of these items will be going in my shop.


Vintage globes are hard to come across at a good price so I was happy to find this one for less than $10.


I bought this pair of brass candle holders for $6.00. Score!


And lucked upon this brass book stand.  I’ve sold 3 or 4 of the in my shop before.


I scored this beautiful oversized blue and white vase for $10–another great find.


And I’m always on the hunt for Christmas items for the shop.  These napkins were just .50 cents each.


And my favorite finds of the show were these acrylic drawer pulls for just $2.00 each!  These babies and big and chunky and I’m keeping these.


And these Staffordshire Dogs which I scored for $20.


I must say, I had a pretty good haul this show.


If you’ve never been to Scott Antique Market before but are planning a visit, here are few shopping tips:

Tips for Scott Antique Market:

* The market opens at 10:30 on the second Thursday of each month (but get there about 20 minutes early as they tend to let cars in early)

* There is a shuttle bus (Fri, Sat, Sun) that will shuttle you between the two buildings (runs about every 15 minutes)

* There are food vendors on site and some of them look really good.

* If you want a great deal, shop the outdoor vendors. Many of them shut-down when the weather is not but those that stay open are willing to negotiate.

* Bring cash–a lot of vendors take checks but you’ll get a better deal if you’re negotiating with cash–{cash machines on site}

* Saturday night of the market there is an auction that takes place where great deals can be had. More details here.

* Bring your own tote bags or rolling bags. Most vendors have hand-me-down plastic grocery bags for you to put your treasures in.

* Plan on spending a full day at the show to see both buildings and the outdoor spaces.

Hope you enjoyed this overview of Scott Antique Market and hope to see you at the show next month.

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