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Who besides me loves a great deal?  When it comes to decorating my house, I love nothing more than finding a great looking item at an incredible price.  I am constantly shopping at big box stores like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx for budget friendly decor and just recently started shopping H and M Home.

I’ve always shopped H and M for inexpensive fashion accessories and was thrilled to learn that they offer home products.  Just like the jewelry and clothing that H and M sells, the home decor pieces aren’t investment pieces that will last a lifetime.  Their items are great for seasonal updates and if you love to change out your decor on a frequent basis like me, the H and M home prices allow you to do that without guilt.

I did a little surfing this weekend on the H and M site and found lots of items that I really love.  Here are six items that have great style and would be great for a end-of-winter decor update.




 Brass accessories are a hot trend and this beautiful swan would make a wonderful tabletop statement.  I’d use it to hold  lush green plant or beautiful orchid.    Brass Swan $14.95 
Another hot trend this spring is floral decor.  You can mix this floral duvet with solid colored linens to create a really great look for your bedroom.  Floral Duvet Cover $49.95 
This gold tray is a great buy and would look stunning on a vanity or bar card.  Gold Tray $14.95
I think every household in America owns that black and white pillow covers from Ikea so I’m happy to see a new kid on the block.  This classic black and white stripe will never go out of style and at this price you can’t go wrong. Striped Pillow Cushion $5.95 
As a bookshelf accessory or flower vase, this textured glass vase packs and lot of style for a small price.  Glass Vase $19.95
When it comes to picture frames this marble finish is a stylish accent that will work with any style decor.   Marble Look Picture Frame $9.95

You can check out the full line of H and M home decor item here.

Happy Shopping!



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Coffee Table Books

Hi there!  I hope you enjoyed the post on the trends I spotted at the Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishing show last weekend.  Today I’m back to share something else from the show–books!

Checking out all of the soon-to-be published interior design books at market is one of my favorite things to do.  And this market did not disappoint.

Here’s a round-up of my favorite design books that will be released in the first quarter of 2015!

{click on the image to read more about each book & pre-order}

No design library is complete without Barclay Butera!

Past, Present, Inspired--Barclay Butera

If you read the blog Subtle Revelry (and you should)  you’ll definitely want to get Materially Crafted written by Victoria, the creator of that blog.  

Materially Crafted--A DIY Primer for the Design Obessed--Victoria Hudgins

India Hicks is a design icon and creates some of the most beautiful tropical inspired space. This book is filled with lots of design ideas you can use in the city too.

Island Style--India Hicks

Another design icon, Barbara Westbrook is coming out with a book entitled Gracious Rooms.  And every page is just that,  photos of beautifully designed and gracious rooms.

Gracious Rooms--Barbara Westbrook

Since I love shopping at flea markets, I’m excited about this book, Flea Market Secrets!  It’s filled with shopping sources and shopping tips to turn you into a thrift market pro!

Flea Market Secrets--Geraldine James

Bohemian style is really popular right now and this book provides lots of design inspiration if this is your design style.  I love it for the creative and unique accessorizing ideas.

Bohemian Modern--Emily Henson

And the book that I am most EXCITED about is Modern Mix by Eddie Ross.  I’m sure all of your know Eddie and love his style as much and I do.  I’d give anything just to spend a day with him but until that happens I’ll be spending lots of time pouring over is his.  

Modern Mix--Eddie Ross

Great inspiration is at your fingertips!


top image source

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Today I wanted to talk a bit about decorating styles. One of the things I love most about being an interior designer is that there is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to decorating. Creating a look that fits YOUR lifestyle, personality and esthetic is what decorating your home is all about.

When it comes to helping clients infuse their personal style into their home, bookcase arrangements are one of the areas I love to work on the most.  Bookshelves provide the perfect space for showcasing things you love, sharing your interest through books and representing your unique design style.


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As a designer, one of the requirements of my job is to keep my eye on which design, style, color and fabrics are trending or fading in the home decor industry.

I keep up-to-date by attending trade shows, spending lots of time on the web, reading countless magazines and shopping lots of stores in person and online.  Every year I see new trends come on the scene.  Some evolve and gain popularity while others fizzle out before they can even get started.  Needless to say, the home decor industry is constantly changing but some trends are here to stay (at least for the foreseeable future)!

Here’s a look at my Top Trend List for 2015!



We started seeing eclectic designed rooms a few year ago and I think you’ll see more of this in 2015.  While there are a few common threads that tie rooms of this style together (ie: elements of black or gold, floral or geometric patterns), what makes these spaces so great is the artful combination of patterns, prints, colors, finishes and styles.  Eclectic decor has and will continue to be a great ways for homeowners to express themselves through their decor and it’s also the ideal design style that effortlessly mixes and matches old with new and refined with funky.

Eclectic Decor



When it comes to finishes, silver in no longer the leader of the pack in the design world.  Gold and brass have truly become the top accent color and finish choice in furniture, wall decor, decorative accessories and even textiles.  If you love silver, don’t worry because you’ll still find this finish in lots of decor and mixing gold and silver is no longer considered taboo!

Gold Details


10 years ago, the idea of having a house full of black finishes would not have gone over well with most homeowners.  Back then everyone wanted walls with color, crisp white kitchens and pristine white trim. Today, black is looked as a dramatic not drab and sophisticated not sorrid! One of my design mantras is that every room needs a touch of black and this trend is definitely one way to make that statement in style.

Black Trim

Black Walls

Black Cabinets

image 1 , image 2 , image 3 


Watercolor prints are one trend I am going to embrace in 2015.  Floral patterns have always been a traditional and popular design statement, but watercolor versions give floral patterns a fresh, modern feel.  When decorating a room, you don’t want to over-use floral patterns so watercolor floral pillows or artwork are great ways to incorporate this trend into your decor and still have impact.

p.s.  black and white stripes will also continue as a hot trend in 2015

Watercolor Floral Pillows



Every design magazine I looked at in 2014 and every showhouse I toured featured rooms with oversized lighting.  I see people are moving away from multi-arm chandeliers and using large lantern styles for indoor decor.  I think you’ll continue to see larger light fixture in both living spaces and kitchens for 2015.

Oversized Lighting



I think blue and white rooms feel fresh for 2015.  Once considered super traditional, blue and white is making a comeback through new and modern patterns, updated styles and variations of the color blue being mixed together vs a single tone.  The room below feels updated because of the pattern mixing, style mix and texture combinations.

Blue and White Decor


And, if you’re looking to update some of your home accessories in 2015, here’s my list of pieces you should invest in:

*  Oversized Mirrors  (especially with bamboo details)

*  Ceramic Table Lamps

*  Blue and White Pottery

*  Gold Accent Tables

*  Vintage Brass Decor

*  Marble Bookends

*  Cowhide Rugs

*  Copper Accessories

*  Velvet Pillows

*  Gold Silverware

So there you have it, my take on the trends that will continue to lead the design pack in 2015!  

What trend do you like that most?


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One of the gifts the hubby and I splurged on for Christmas was new iPhone 6’s for both of us.  So far I am loving all the upgraded features, bigger size and lighter weight.

iphone 6

I had my iPhone 5 for a couple of years and never invested in a pair of tech gloves that would allow me to operate during the cold months.  I would either take my leather gloves off or I’d wear my fingerless gloves which allowed me to use my phone but expose my fingers to the cold.

Since my brother knew I was getting a new phone he thought it was time I got a pair of tech gloves so I would stop complaining how cold my hand would get.

It’s a good thing that my brother is a techie and loves gadgets because it knew exactly which gloves to get that would merge my fashion sense with my tech needs.

UR Rusched Spandex Gloves--Dillards

These are the gloves he bought for me.  They are the U/R Rusched Gloves and are available at Dillard’s which are now on sale for $24.00.

What I love about these gloves is how sleek and stylish they are.  The rusched detail near the cuff is pretty and feminine and the line detail on the palm enhances the gripping details of the glove.

Rusched Spandex Gloves--Red

Instead of a single finger touch feature, these gloves feature touch capabilities in all 5 fingers.  That means you can use any finger on your phone screen and can easily touch and drag or expand images.  The gloves are also insulted and will keep you hands toasty warm.

Rusched Spandex Gloves--Fossil Grey

If you’re in need of a great pair of stylish tech gloves I highly recommend these.


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via Sweet Something Design

When ever I teach a holiday design workshop and talk about decorating with faux Christmas trees and garland, I always recommend mixing real cedar into your decor to give your home the scent of Christmas.

I also share the tip that if you go to any of the big box hardware stores and ask for the cedar clippingsfrom the Christmas Trees they sell, the stores will let you take it for FREE !

Whenever I share this tip, I’m always asked for other ways to incorporate cedar into Christmas decor so I decided to share a few of those ideas with you today on the blog.



1)  Wire cedar sprigs to a monogram letter form for a unique door hanging


2) Use a cedar piece as a gift wrap embellishment
3)  Add cedar to a flower arrangement to give a holiday feel
4)  Bundle leftover cedar pieces together to make a chair swag
5)  Add cedar sprigs to faux garland to add texture, highlights and a holiday scent
6)  Use cedar sprigs as an hors d’ oeuvres pick
7)  Embellish a chandelier with cedar branches
8)  Use cedar pieces to accent the base of a candle holder or around decorative items on a tree
9)  Fill an outdoor planter with cedar for a fall porch accent
10)  Gather cedar pieces together and hand from the front door as a holiday wreath alternative


11)  Make cedar candle rings for your tabletop candlesticks!

Oh what fun it is to decorate for free during the holidays!



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Holiday Party

The Ruffled Blog

Ok, who out there loves going to holiday parties?  I know I do.

 When it comes to pulling together an outfit for a Christmas or New Years party there are a few key wardrobe essentials I think should be apart of every outfit.




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Happy Halloween

Hello there!  Happy Halloween to you all.

 In honor of the day, I thought I’d share a few room design that are no where near spooky.  In fact, all of these black and orange spaces are utterly stunning, beautifully accessorized and  truly inspiring.

Enjoy the day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow!  Yikes…I can’t believe it’s November already!

Black and Orange Living Room2


Black and Orange Breakfast Area


Black and Orange Bedroom


Black and Orange Dining Room


Black and Orange Living Room


And this next image has to be my favorite.  I would have never thought that orange lampshades could look so good.

Black and Orange Vignette



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