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Have you noticed that surfing Pinterest is kinda like shopping at Costco.  You go in for one thing and come up with a cart full of items that weren’t on your list.  In the case of Pinterest, one beautiful image leads to another and the next thing you know you’ve been sitting in your chair for hours and your ‘pin it’ finger hurts.

My latest foray into the Pinterest black hole uncovered some really stunning spaces–space that took my breath away.


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Designer Looks You Can DIY On A Budget

Over the years, decorating on a budget has been the vogue thing to do.  In fact, with the DIY movement that’s been made popular by bloggers, budget decorating is more achievable and affordable than ever.

Whenever I surf Pinterest, I marvel at some of the DIY hacks that people have done, many of which as been inspired by high-end designs.  For those of you that want to save money when decorating and have some DIY skills, here are four high-end design hacks you should try. And I’ve rounded-up all the supplies you’ll need to recreate these looks.


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I came across the image the other day and all I could think about was cooler temperatures and getting cozy under a plush throw blanket.  Cooler temps are on the way and now it the time to shop for that perfect fall throw blanket.



When I’m shopping for a cozy throw blanket, there are a few things I look for and avoid…

  1.  I avoid synthetic fibers like acrylic which won’t provide much warmth and typically has a rougher feel.
  2. I look for natural fibers like cotton, wool or cashmere all of which are soft to the touch and will keep you warm.  And now you can even find washable wools which provide warmth and allow for easy care.
  3. I look for oversized throw blankets that will cover you from head to toe.  A great size is 60″ x 80″.
  4. I prefer blankets with a straight edge and no fringe.  I’ve found that over time, fringed edges tend to pull apart or tangle.  note: I would buy all of the fringed blankets I’ve shown in this post because they are well made and the fringe is individually knotted.
  5. You can never go wrong with classic styles like herringbone or cable knit.  And solid colors are naturally more versatile than patterns although I love the African Shibori throw below.



These Natural Hyacinth Braided Cameron Tote Baskets are perfect for flat weave throws because they won’t snag on the basket. And the handles make it easy to move around the house or wherever movie night is happening. Grab these now because they are on sales–$20.99-$23.99!



For chunky throws you want a basket with a smooth interior like these Kiel Rope Weave Baskets or this Mamba Basket.  I love the subtle texture and  pattern on both of these baskets and the robust size means you can stash lots of blankets away.

Kiel Rope Weave  $59-$99


Mamba Basket $64.95



And if you like to keep your throw blankets under wraps, theses lidded Collin Mocha Wicker Storage Baskets are two of my favorite.  $79.95-$99.95


The season is almost here!



Shop these throws:

Herringbone Throw $39  available in 4 colors // Interlochen Throw  $98 available in 2 colors
 Landyn Chunky Knit Throw–$69.95 available in 3 colors // Moroccan Wedding Banded Throw–$399 available in 2 colors
Handcrafted African Indigo Shibori Throw–$349 // Cashmere Cable Knit Throw–$199-$299  available in 8 colors

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I’ve mentioned before that I have an Etsy shop where I sell vintage decor and handcrafted items.  One of my best-selling items are vintage toast racks. Whenever I come across one in good quality I pick it up.  You might be thinking that I sell these rack to use to hold toast but you’d be wrong.  After buying my first toast rack and styling it as a stationery/letter holder, that’s how I’ve been promoting them ever since.


via ConfettiStyle Designs

Most of the racks I’ve round have been silver-plated but you can find them in brass, milk glass or even decorative ceramic styles like this blue and white beauty. #yesplease 



Toast Racks are the perfect chic storage piece to hold thank-you notes, bills or small electronics like your cell or linens. During the holidays, they are a great way to display Christmas cards without taking up a lot of room.





They come in all shapes and sizes and prices can range from as little as $5.00 up to hundreds of dollars.



Designs range from ornate and Victorian to simple and classic and some designs have more slots than others.







When shopping for vintage toast racks on Etsy, use these search terms to narrow your findings:  toast rack , letter rack, card holder, letter holder, Victorian rack

I’ve made shopping easy for you and rounded up a few of my favorite toast racks, all under $20!

 This one is for all you blue and white lovers.

This one is perfect for a desk and can hold more than just stationery.

If your style is art deco, you’ll love this one.

And I love this brass swan piece.

We’re heading off on a road trip tomorrow and I plan to stop at a few flea markets along the way.  Fingers crossed that I score a few toast racks.

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Dissecting the details is one of my favorite things about designing a space.  Over the years I’ve learned what essential components need to come together to make a room sparkle and come alive.  Today I’m sharing four great posts with you, tackling some of the most common decorating challenge many people face.

Click on any of the image below to view the entire post.


Learn how to use accessories to pull together any space in your home in the Anatomy of A Well-Styled Room post.

Anatomy of a Well Styled Room.001


Often time the vignettes you have in your home tell a story about you and your family.  In my Anatomy of A Vignette post, I give you tips and visual inspiration for creating vignettes that are dynamic and personal.

Anatomy Of A Vignette.001.jpg.001


Do you want to get your linen closet organized and looking pretty once and for all?  Read my tips for an Organized and Stylish Linen Closet.



And your bathroom needs to decor love too!  I’ve outlined 10 tips for Accessorizing & Styling Your Bathroom to help you pull your space together.

Traditional Home

Let the accessorizing and organizing begin!

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Favorites Of The Week



This is a great example of eclectic style.  I love all the color in this home.


I loved checking out this bloggers top interior design pins from Pinterest.  So much eye candy.

p.s.  tile from ceiling to floor is a good thing!

Favorite Posts

This was such a cute video and now I’m even more excited about the book.

decorateforaparty_giveaway--Favorite Posts



I’m not a gin drinker but this peach and gin tonic have me rethinking that.

peach-gin-tonic-I-howsweeteats.com--Favorite Pins

This beautifully styled cheese board and the how-to tutorial are great.

Cheese Board--Favorite Pins

I love the organic look of this fall floral arrangement and the oranges are a fun touch.

Fall Flowers--Favorite Pins

This beautiful image from House Beautiful kinda makes me want to go out and buy a red sofa.

Decor--Favorite Pins



This is a great time of year to shop all of the end of summer clearance sales and snag some really good buys.  p.s. H and M Home has some great items worth checking out.

If you have an extra $5.00 lying around, you might want to pick up this black and white pillow cushion.  #chiconashoestring

H and M Home--Favorite Products

Eating a bowl of cereal every morning out of this gold stoneware bowl would make me feel like royalty. Or you could use this bowl to hold flowers or succulents.

Stoneware bowl--Favorite Products

And how about sipping tea out of this leopard print cup! There are also salad plates to match.

Leopard Print Cup--Favorite Products

If you’re looking to UpStyle your organizing game, this black and gold storage box will do that in a flash. #iwant

Large Wooden Storage Box--Favorite Products


Enjoy your weekend friends.  I’m going to be housebound all weekend getting a ton of work done and starting to pull things together for our upcoming cruise.    I’m so excited with the thought that in just seven days my view will look a little like this.


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Even though temps are still in the 90’s and the air is sticky, I can feel the coming of fall.  There is something in the air and I can definitely feel my mood changing. I’m looking forward to the season officially arriving.

 In anticipation of the first day of fall I did a little web search to check out Pantone’s fall color picks.  I’m excited about the colors that were selected because all most of them are great colors when it comes to decor. Of the 10 colors that made the list,  there are a few that I’m particularly drawn to.  Today I’m sharing what I’m loving most about the fall 2016 color trends plus I’ve rounded up some product picks to get you started on your fall decor.


Fall 2016 Color Trends




Red is my favorite color and even though Aurora Red is a bit more russet in tone, I’m still a big fan.  It’s a color that will mixes easily with neutrals and grey and it works both as a statement color and as an accent.  A mirror or accent pillows is an easy way to add this color into your mix for fall.


Aurora Red Product Picks:

The Suzani Appliqué Pillow Cover would make a great accent pillow for a sofa, chair or bed.  And with the popularity of blue and white, I could see this being a great fall update in a blue and white bedroom.


The Malone Campaign Desk is a great piece for a small foyer, hallway or guest bedroom.  The brass accents really jazz it up and I love the clean lines and simple details.



Yes I love emerald green and yes I’m excited it made the cut for fall.  The Pantone version, Lush Meadow is a bit softer than a traditional emerald but it still has the life and energy that has made this shade of green so popular.


Lush Meadow Product Picks:

Garden stools continue to be a popular decor piece and this Safavieh Chinese Dragon Stool is a stylish way to add chinoiserie and emerald green into your decor for fall. #ineed


Here’s a green table lamp I know you’re going to love.  The green glass (a hot style trend for fall) and the faux wood grain lampshade make this Jade Table Lamp a stunner.  And you won’t believe the $139 price. #iwant

Jade Tall Table Lamp


If you’ve followed color trends for the last two years, you’ve seen the surge in the popularity of the color yellow. Spicy Mustard is the color Pantone has identified as a trend for fall and I love the rich and luxurious look that this color adds to decor.  And If given the opportunity, I’d would definitely own a yellow sofa.


Spicy Mustard Product Picks:

I recently spotted this Bradberry Downs collection rug and think it would be an awesome rug to spice up a living room or dining room.  And I love that it can work with black or wood stained furniture and both silver and gold finishes.


If you haven’t jumped on the x-bench trend, the Safavieh Palmer X Bench is a great way to do that. I love the pattern and nailhead trim and would nestle a pair under a console table or at the foot of a bed.


This Large Glass Vase caught my attention on the H and M Home site not only because of the beautiful mustard color, but also because of the $12.99 price point. #greatbuy

Large Glass Vase


Grey continues to be a hot, hot trend in decor and the focus for fall is a rich, classic shade of grey with an enticing name…Sharkskin.  p.s.  you’ll continue to see the popularity of grey for kitchen cabinets too!


Sharkskin Product Picks:

Grey is one of my favorite colors to decorate with in a bedroom.  It’s a soothing and relaxing color with a sophisticated edge.  The Asher Organic Duvet is a favorite for fall especially mixed with black and crisp white.


This classic chevron patterned throw is the perfect accessory to drape over a chair or sofa.  And it would make a great gift too.

Mini Chevron Throw


Unlike Serenity which is a Pantone 2016 colors of the year, I am a fan of the blue they picked for fall called Riverside.  I love the steely grey undertones of this color and how well it mixes with the richer colors you always see during fall.


Riverside Product Picks:

I can already envision this Unlimited Beads Blue Dinnerware set as part of a fall table setting mixed with orange and white pumpkins and lush greens.  #yesplease


I’d love to get new lamps for our bedroom, and this Blue Ceramic Table Lamp would definitely be on my list of options. The matte blue base and the lattice design lampshade really make it stand out.



So friends, even though we’ve got a few more weeks to enjoy summer, I’ve got fall on my mind and ideas in my head.

How about you?  Are you dreaming of fall and which of Pantone’s fall colors are your favorite.  Do tell!

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Jenny Wolf Interiors

Jenny Wolf

Do you love looking through the portfolios of interior designers as much as I do?   Recently I came across the work of Jenny Wolf, a New York based interior designer and was utterly impressed with her design work.  Jenny grew up living in New Orleans and on the coast of South Carolina and eventually made her way to New York where her design career began.  After landing in NY, she worked in retail development for Ralph Lauren (dream job) where she managed visual merchandising and shop installations for RL women’s shops.  After a 5 year stint at RL, she left to attend Parsons where she earned her degree in Interior Design.

Flipping through Jenny’s website, is it clear that her design aesthetic reflects a co-mingling of southern flair with big city style.

 Here’s a look at one of my favorite projects from her portfolio.

 ♦  Jenny Wolf Interiors–The Hubert  ♦

Jenny Wolf Interior Design

As you tour this home, you’ll notice simple and classic styling infused with beautiful detail. The trim on the curtain panels and the nail-heads on the sofa are little touches that make the decor special.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design12

Jenny Wolf Interior Design6

I love the cozy arrangement Jenny created in this the living area and the eclectic mix of materials and design styles. The accessory mix is perfection.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design8

The ‘X’ benches are to die for.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design7

Throughout the home, Jenny combined different textures with the furniture, rug, textiles and accessories. All of the textural elements in the dining area bring the neutral palette to life.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design10

Jenny Wolf Interior Design9

The bedroom is soothing and fun at the same time. Pattern mixing adds color and personality.  I love the combination of red and navy mixed with khaki and white.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design2

Jenny Wolf Interior Design5

A textural statement was also added in the bedroom through the linen lampshades, bamboo chest, natural woven rug and linen curtains.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design4

Jenny Wolf Interior Design3

And throughout the house, you’ll see accents of black which help to add that city sophistication.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design11


Another one of her projects that really stood out to me is the Hudson Street project. This decor in this home is the perfect mix of cottage, boho and traditional design.  You can tour the entire home here.

Jenny Wolf Interiors 15

Jenny Wolf Interiors16

Jenny Wolf Interiors17

I’m so glad I discovered Jenny’s work. The spaces she creates are beautiful and inspiring and she is definitely one to watch.

You can view Jenny’s entire residential portfolio here and her commercial work here. And be sure to follow her on Instagram for more design & style inspiration.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design--Commercial

all images via Jenny Wolf Interiors

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