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Favorites Of The Week

Boy has this been a crazy week and to top it all off, I am in a battle with Target trying to get an online order issue resolved.  It is so sad that customer service has just fallen by the wayside and that companies just don’t seem to care.  When I had my store and even now with my design and Etsy business my #1 priority is to provide a great product and great service and to leave my customers satisfied and happy.

Enough about my trials and tribulations…let’s get on the some happy stuff.  I’ve been sharing inspirational photos and links on Saturdays for a while but a couple of weeks ago I reworked the Saturday post to share my favorite Posts, Pins and Products with you.  I really like the format so I’ll be sprinkling more of these post into my lineup going forward.

I hope you find inspiration in what I’m sharing and are enticed to shop some of the great products I come across (No affiliate link involved).  Enjoy!


Favorite Posts



This home tour is just beautiful.  Proof of just has beautiful simple details and a neutral color palette can be.

SImple Details Blog

This home tour features a few of my favorite things…blue and white, milk glass, brass and gorgeous pillows.

Favorite Pins



Every little detail in this bedroom just has my heart a flutter.  That headboard, wow!


I think everyone might want to paint their bathroom black after seeing this space.

Favorite Products

Have you checked out all of the new items at Anthropologie.  So many cute things!

Belleville Serving Set

Wedding season is coming and these beautiful salad servers would make a perfect gift.  They look far more expensive than they cost.

Horn Inlay Flatware

Boy would I love to design a party table around this gorgeous flatware.

Whimsy Monogram Hook

These monogram hooks are just adorable.  I’d spell out WASH or DRY and hang them in a bathroom.

Tote with Handle Detail

Cute bag alert!  This tote/handbag is a great price and I love the handle.

See you back here Monday with a fun gift wrap idea.

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More and more lately I’m feeling the urge to live with less.  That feeling has me organizing every nook and cranny of my home.  Yesterday I spend some time organizing my bathroom drawers and boy was did it leave me with a great feeling.

Bathroom Drawers5

It feels good to get rid of stuff that is not being used and no longer has value and it’s nice to look at drawers that are pretty and organized.

Since I feel I’m pretty good at organizing, I wanted to share a few of my tried-and-true organizing tips with you.


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I know lots of you look for cost-effective ways to decorate your home, so today I wanted to share the best and most budget friendly decorating idea to make your bathroom look more expensive.



Paint is the easiest way to Up-Style and chanage the look and feel of any room in your home, including your bathroom.  Pull out that paint brush and by the end of the weekend you can have a totally new look in the lou!

Here’s a little motivation to inspire you…

before and after painted bathroom cabinets

Painted Bathroom Cabinets and Knobs

Black bathroom cabinets

Seafoam bathroom cabinets

Sage Bathroom Cabinets

Grey Bathroom Cabinets

Taupe bathroom cabinets

Tips for painting bathroom cabinets:

1)  Clean and then sand the existing finish–doing this will get any oils or residue of the cabinets and create a fresh surface for the paint

2)  Prime the cabinet and doors–this will ensure a smooth paint application

3)  Use a quality paint like Ace Hardware Cabinet, Door & Trim paint (this paint will level after applying and will not show brush strokes)

Ace Hardware Cabinet, Door & Trim Paint

4) Use a foam roller and quality brush to apply paint

5)  Paint one door to ensure you like the color before moving on to the rest

6)  Add two or three coats of paint (waiting about 24 hours between each coat)

Once your cabinets are painted, think about investing a bit more money and upgrading your hardware if needed.  New hardware will be the icing on the cake.


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Greetings and Happy Friday!  

Writing this blog is somewhat like talking a a girlfriend or guy friend on a daily basis and dishing about all the stuff that is going on in my life.  It’s my place to share the new shopping spots I’ve found, a great bargain I’ve come across or a new restaurant I want you to try.

Since we’re friends, whenever I come across fabulous design tips,  how-to tutorials or something exciting, I feel a desire to share it all with you.  So girlfriend, sit back, relax and let me share a few things…  

How to Paint a Sink

How to Paint a Sink

Painted Chair

How to Paint a Fabric Chair

I so excited that one of my favorite stores now has a paper shop.

10 Decorating Mistakes we’ve all made.

This living room transformation is simply stunning!


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Are you familiar with DemiLune tables?  The characteristic of this table style is its semi-circular shape which is designed so that the table can be pushed up against a wall.

As a member of the console table family, demilune tables feature three legs but are often overlooked as a design option in favor of their traditional four-legged console table companion.  I however love demilune tables and think they are the perfect solution for many space challenged rooms.

Demilune tables are ideal for small wall spaces where a chair or larger piece of furniture would feel over-powering.  Using a table with a shaped design detail will help to create visual interest and give that small space a focal point.

 Traditional Home

Traditional Home

When an impromptu cocktail table is needed, a demilune works great with just enough space to hold a few key party essentials.  Demilune tables are also great to position in front of floor mirrors, creating lots of visual impact.

 Cocktail Table

source unknown

One of my favorite places to use a demilune table is in a bedroom.  The shape of the table works in a narrow space next to the bed and functions as a nightstand as well as a intimate writing desk.



Amy Meier Design

Amy Meier Design

Both as a cost saving option and as a style solution in a foyer, two demilune tables facing each other is one of my favorite looks.   

 BelClaire House

BelClaire House

Demilune tables can also be retro-fit to work as a bathroom vanity.  The curves of the table add softness to what is often a space of  hard lines and square shapes.


 Architectural Digest

What to put in that space between the windows?  A small scale demilune table works great to fill that space and serve as the backdrop to a beautiful wall piece and tabletop accessories.


Cote De Texas

Wall mounted demilune tables can be used like a display shelf in a foyer or hall and again is ideal when wall space is limited.

 Mix and Chic

Designer SueEllen Gregory via Mix and Chic

When shopping for demilune tables, look for styles that feature scalloped or shaped details for added style.

 Sucasa Designs

SuCasa Designs

  In a small kitchen eating area, demilune tables provide just enough room for two people to sit and eat comfortably.  Hanging a large grouping of artwork over the table as shown in this photos is also a great way to give the table and surrounding area more visual impact.


 Ladies Home Journal

Demilune tables are most often used in a foyer, next to the front door.  The table scale keeps the foyer open while providing the perfect perch for keys and mail.

BHG foyer


Other places to use demilune tables:

In smaller rooms, demilune tables can be placed under a wall-mounted TV but close attention needs to be given to ensure the table scales balances the TV.



In bedrooms where twin beds are used, a demilune table is often a better design solution than individual night stands.  When placed between the bed, the table works as a nightstand for both and is a great use of space.


A demilune placed at the end of hallway or at the top of stair landing fills the space without it becoming over-crowded.


I also like to use demilune tables in the nooks next to a fireplace.  This is another spot where the curve of the table will add softness to the room.


And because many demilune tables are shorter and smaller in scale than a traditional console table, they work great positioned under a window.


The next time you’re on the hunt for a new table, consider a Demilune Table.  Not only are they an unexpected option but a demilune table can work just about anywhere you’d put a traditional console table.

Happy Decorating!


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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, Design is in the Details.  And that’s one of the things I love about design.  The fact that you can take a basic ordinary architectural element, accessory, furniture piece or decorative element and use it to create something unique and beautiful for your home.  I’m working on a project that is requiring me to think about details and how they can be used to transform a space and save money at the same time.  With details on my mind I thought I’d share 11 of my favorite ideas, ideas you can use in your own home.


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Happy Friday!

Besides splurging on cute paper napkins for dining and fun wood pencils for my desk, I also have a thing for beautiful bath towels.  One of my favorite sources for luxury towels in Peacock Alley.  Not only are their towels lush and soft but their textured towels are some of the prettiest you’ll ever see.


Park Avenue Towels


Astoria Towels

I recently purchased a few of these beauties below.


Uptown Towels

Investing in luxury bath towels is wise because you’ll enjoy them more, they will last longer than thinner, value priced towels and they are great way to add UpStyle to your bathroom.







And if you love luxurious bed linens, Peacock Alley has those too.  Check our their full collection of product and do some shopping here.  My shopping list includes this and this!

Here’s wishing you a luxurious weekend!


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Design Details in Unexpected Places


House Beautiful

I feel that many times homeowners don’t put that extra effort into decorating their master bathrooms, so I love it when I come across a bathroom design that is expertly detailed with the same level of design attention that goes into main living spaces.

Design Tip:  Curtains are a simple way to add an elegant design statement to a bathroom. Simple rods in a metallic finish and  soft fabrics will add that feeling of relaxation and comfort bathrooms call for.


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