11 Favorites From The New Ikea Catalog

If you’re sad that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over don’t fret!  The new Ikea catalog is out so you can still flex your shopping muscles like a pro.

There are so many things I’m loving about this new catalog, I don’t know where to begin.  The first thing I noticed was the emerald green product on the catalog cover. Emerald is one of my favorite colors so I’m thrilled to see the new items in this color.  Next, just when I thought Ikea could only do modern decor, I spotted several industrial inspired designs in the catalog.  And then there are the new black and white pieces which are just too good for words.

After flipping through the catalog, I rounded up 11 items that I’m totally swooning over and wanted to share them with you.  Let’s go shopping shall we…

***You can check out all of the new items here.

11 Favorites From The New Ikea Catalog


11 Favorites From The New Ikea Catalog

11 Favorites From The New Ikea Catalog

11 Favorites From The New Ikea Catalog


1 //  Tuvalie Throw ($12.99)–This classic grey and white stripe throw is going to become hot commodity for designers and bloggers in no time flat.  I’ve got one on my shopping list and might buy the red version too since red is my favorite color.  This is the perfect layering piece for the foot of a bed.

2 // The Nymo Lampshade ($19.99)–This lamps shades delivers modern elegance at a great price.  The brass interior is gorgeous and I’m sure the scalloped pattern creates a beautiful reflection when lit.  The shade also comes in white, green and dusty blue.

3 // Tilladg Flatware ($59.99)–It seems that black flatware is fast becoming a hot design trend and I predict that this set is going to sell out quick. And the gold version will be right behind it.

4 // Stockholm Serving Bowls ($39.99)–I love the deep cobalt blue color and the low profile shape of these bowls.  I will definitely be picking up a set to mix with my blue and white china.  I also think they would look great as planters with succulents in them.

5 // Lillhomen Wall Lamp ($19.99)–I want to see this lamp in person to gauge the actual size but I’m loving the look from the photo.  A pair of these flanking a vanity mirror would look fabulous.  Also available in a chrome finish ($14.99) and a ceiling mount version.

6 // Stockholm Armchair ($249)–I am so in love with this chair!  The design is fabulous and the dark grey cushions really make it pop.  I’ll take two please. fyi–If you don’t like the grey cushions, you can purchase the chair alone for $149 and make your own cushions.

7 // Stockholm Cabinet ($349)–This cabinet is a beaut. I love the light airy feel of the rattan and the petite brass handle pulls.  Such a great little detail.

8 //  Tjena Storage Box ($3.99)–Ikea makes having a stylish home office so easy.  The emerald green abstract design will really create a wow moment in an office or creative space.  Also available in white, lt. blue and black.

9 // Glattis Coasters ($6.99)–Gold coasters and less than $10–need I say more.  You might want to pick up a couple extra sets to put in your gift closet because these will make great holiday gifts.

10 // Mastholmen Armchair ($100)–This chair was designed of outdoor use but I could easily see it being used inside in a casual living space.

11 // Fjallbo Shelf ($99)–Just when you thought everything at Ikea has a modern flair, they come out with this industrial designed shelf unit. This is a great piece for a home office, closet or mud room.


I’ll be spending lots of time at Ikea in the coming weeks as I look for creative ways to organize our new house.  If you see me roaming the aisles, say hi!

p.s. Copies of the new Ikea catalog are available in stores now or your can download a copy here.

Shopping TJ Maxx from the comforts of home

Are you aware that TJ Maxx has an online store?  That’s right, you can shop TJ Maxx from the comforts of your home.

The product assortment in the online store isn’t as extensive as what you’d find in your local store but the prices are the same. And I see items online that I’ve never seen in my local store which might give me another reason to shop online.

An if you can’t find your size (hello shoe department 🙂 or two of one item, the online store might have the item so its worth checking out.

When I checked out the online store the other night, I saw several items that peaked my interest.  Let’s go shopping shall we…

Shopping TJ Maxx Online

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The Nate Berkus Fall 2016 Collection

Nate Berkus Fall 2016 Collection for Target

Every season, Nate Berkus develops his product line for Target and every season it gets better and better.  His fall collection is filled with texture, chic design details and metallic elements. And I am truly astonished at the affordable price points.

As I looked through the collection on the website, it was hard to narrow down my top picks. I did and came away with a list of 12 items that will elevate the style of any home in a flash.

The Nate Berkus Collection For Target–Fall 2016

No. 1–There is so much to love about the Screen Door Nightstand, from the door detail to the brass handles.  Its easy to envision it next to a bed but I could also see it used for storage in a home office or even in a bathroom.

No. 2–I’ve been looking for a small console table for a client and this Brass and Gold Console Table might be it.  The size is perfect for a small hallway, next to the front door or in a guest bedroom.  I can also envision this table with small stools nested underneath it.

No. 3–This Marble and Gold Console Table is a great option for a small wall space between windows or on a stair landing.  I’d also consider using a pair flanking a bed with wall mounted sconces above them.

Nate Berkus Fall 2016 Collection for Target

Nate Berkus Fall 2016 Collection for Target

No. 4–If you’ve  shopped for small side tables you know how hard they can be to find.  The Brass and Hexagon End Table is ideal next to an upholstered chair or sofa to hold a cocktail.

No. 5–Rattan stools are a classic design piece and I love the two-tone detail on this Rattan Stool.  I’d place a pair in front of a fireplace for additional seating or use them as side tables in a sunroom.

No. 6–The Equestrian Side Table might be my favorite piece in the entire collection.  I love the idea of a pair used as a coffee table alternative or one or two under a console table in a foyer.



No. 7–This Braided Woven Storage Basket is just begging for a couple of throw blankets or a lush plant.  Or you could use it in a kids play space to hold toys.

No. 8–I’m a sucker for pretty bowls and this Faceted Mini Bowl is perfect for snacks or used to hold jewelry and trinkets in a bedroom.

No. 9–You can’t beat the elegant style or the $19.99 price of this Gold Mirror vanity mirror. 

Nate Berkus Fall 2016 Collection for Target

Nate Berkus Fall 2016 Collection for Target

No. 10–I’ve talked about my love for letter organizers here on the blog before.  This Gold Hammered Letter Sorter is great because the scale will hold letters, file folders or magazines.

No. 11–The black and gold color combo plus the price of this Brass and Gold Coffee Table made it an obvious choice for my list.  Just imagine this in a reading/lounge area flanked by four upholstered slipper chairs.

No. 12–Black and white is a hot design trend for bathrooms so this chic Graphic Bath Rug is right on target. I think it would look fabulous in this bathroom.

Nate Berkus Fall 2016 Collection

After I checked out the collection online, I visited my local store to check them out in person. Everything looks great and the furniture pieces are well-built for the price.

p.s.  as I was writing this, I noticed that many of the items in the collection are on SALE.  You’ll want to act fast if you see anything you like.

You can shop the entire Nate Berkus collection here.

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Designer Looks You Can DIY On A Budget

Designer Looks You Can DIY On A Budget

Over the years, decorating on a budget has been the vogue thing to do.  In fact, with the DIY movement that’s been made popular by bloggers, budget decorating is more achievable and affordable than ever.

Whenever I surf Pinterest, I marvel at some of the DIY hacks that people have done, many of which as been inspired by high-end designs.  For those of you that want to save money when decorating and have some DIY skills, here are four high-end design hacks you should try. And I’ve rounded-up all the supplies you’ll need to recreate these looks.

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DIY Potential–Ikea’s New Product Line

Ikea 2017

Besides thrift stores, Ikea is one of the best sources for DIY items. If you follow any DIY or craft bloggers, I’m sure you’ve seen them transform an item or two from Ikea.

When I got the 2017 Ikea catalog in the mail last week, I filled through the pages.  While there didn’t appear to be a lot of new items, I did spot quite a few pieces that would make for great DIY projects.


The Gladom Tray Table is just begging for a DIY UpStyle.  I envision this piece painted gold, black or even Hermes orange.  And if you love color, you could paint the removable tray one color and the stand another. $29.99

gladom-tray-table-green--Ikea DIY

Th $35.00, the Lixhult Cabinet is a super affordable way to add storage to any room.  Those doors a begging for some Overlays and I’ve even consider adding brass leg caps.

Lixhult Cabinet--Ikea DIY

The Knotten Standing Desk is a great catch-all piece to place near the front door or in a mud room.  And to Upstyle it, I’d paint it grey and add a marble slab top. $149.00

Knotted Standing Desk--Ikea DIY

There are many creative ways to DIY this StenStorp Kitchen Island. I’d start by staining the top darker and painting the base.  Then I’d add this brass towel bar to one side to hold kitchen towels. $399.00

Stenstorp Kitchen Island--Ikea DIY

The Vesken Shelf Unit is a great buy at $12.99 and would be perfect for a small bathroom that needs extra storage space.  I could see this piece painted and the trays lined with beautiful paper.

Vesken--Ikea DIY

The Norraker Bar Stool would be easy to paint or stain and then I’d Upstyled it with an upholstered seat cushion and a cup pull mounted on the back. $99.00

Narrater Bar Stool-Ikea DIY

I can easily envision the Flisat Children’s Stool painted primary colors for a kids play area. But then again, it could also be painted a more sophisticated color and used as a small plant stand in a living room. $14.99

Flisat Stool--Ikea DIY

 Have you had time to flip through the new Ikea catalog?  I’d love to know what great pieces caught your eye.

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Product + Inspiration: Metallic Contact Paper

Contact Paper.003

I think this post is really going to spark your creativity because the product is inexpensive and the ideas for its use are endless.

I’ve used contact paper forever to line drawers, cabinets and even to line decorative trays.  Over the years, contact paper has evolved and now comes in beautiful designs, pretty patterns and decor-friendly looks.  It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I became away that contact paper now comes in metallic finishes.  Gold, silver, pewter and brass to be exact.

Armed with this knowledge, my creative wheels started spinning and I went looking for design inspiration. Here’s just a few of the contact paper projects I spotted on Pinterest.

To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail. ~Giorgio Armani.

How gorgeous is this gold striped ceiling created by Grace at A Storied Style?  So much easier than paint and a whole lot quicker to apply too!  You can see the entire space here.

Metallic Contact Paper--A Storied Style

Just imagine all of the Ikea items you can transform using metallic contact paper.  These shelves are stunning wrapped in copper.

Metallic Contact Paper--Livet Hemma
image via Ikea

Jenny from Little Green Notebook gave a plain lampshade real style by lining the inside with silver metallic paper. #projectlist  She walks you through the entire process on her blog.

Metallic Contact Paper--Little Green Notebook

I spotted this cute bathroom on Apartment Therapy and was surprised to see the dots are made from contact paper. You can see more project using decorative contact paper here.

Metallic Contact Paper--Apartment Therapy

This idea is brilliant!  Let’s say you own a rental property with dated appliances or your appliances only have a bit of life left in them but you want to update the look of your kitchen.  Cover the surface with faux stainless contact paper like Julie Blanner did.

MEtallic Contact Paper--HGTV

Here’s another great use of metallic contact paper–a temporary backsplash in the kitchen.  You won’t believe these countertops are done with contact paper.

Metallic Contact Paper--My Goal Is Simple

If you’re thinking contact paper is just for basic projects, this gem mirror from A Beautiful Mess proves you wrong.  #stunning

Metallic Contact Paper--A Beautiful Mess

So whose ready to go shopping for metallic contact paper?   Art stores like Dick Blick carry some metallic papers but I found the best source to be Amazon. They carry all of the metallic finishes and the prices are better than most stores.


Metallic Contact Paper
Contact Paper.001

 Metal FX Brushed Gold Contact Paper //Metal FX Stainless Silver Contact Paper
Metal FX Stainless Pewter Contact Paper //Metal FX Copper Contact Paper


If you’re looking for other decorative contact papers, Amazon carries lots of designs and you can also find them on the Contact Brand website. While you’re there, check out their project gallery for a load of ides using all the contact brand products.  Here’s some of my top picks for designer looks…

Contact Paper.002

I’ve definitely got a few contact paper DIY projects I just added to my to-do list.

If you’ve used contact paper in a creative way, I’d love to know what you did and even better…send me a pic.

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Inspiration {plus links you’ll love}

Jenny Wolf

I came across this image when I was looking at photos from interior designers homes.  This cozy little corner belongs to Jenny Wolf, a New York based designer who once worked for Ralph Lauren.  What caught my attention about this space was the beautiful soft pink chair and the vase full of seeded eucalyptus.  The rest of the home which you can see here is also filled with great details.

And be sure to check out these links, which I’m sure you’ll love.


I can totally relate to what Kate is saying about Choosing Absence.

The Billy Bookcases never fail and this office makeover is proof that you can get style on a budget.

I found this article on the history of pockets in women’s fashion pretty interesting.

This will be me if you know who becomes the President Of The United States.

Which one of these celebrity homes do you like the best?  They are both stunning.

Tips for selecting textiles for Roman Shades.

If you’re doing some decorating this weekend, be sure to check out my High-end Decor on a Budget post.

And if you’re out thrifting you might want to look for a sideboard to decorate with.

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How To Get A High-End Look On A Budget

Hello friends.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a great weekend.  My Valentine’s Day was super casual and instead of taking me to Jared :), the hubs took me somewhere he knew I’d like even better…antique shopping.  I found some great goodies which I’ll show you tomorrow, but today I wanted  to address a question I get asked a lot–how to add high-end design style, on a budget?

When it comes to design, one thing I know for sure is that most people desire to have a high-end look for their home but want save money doing it. Of course to get a high-style look you can go out and buy expensive furniture, lighting and accessories but when that’s not an option, there are ways to get the look without breaking the bank.

 If you’ve ever wondered what design tricks designers use to achieve high-style, today is your day because I’m sharing NINE Ways To Get A High-End Look On Budget!

High End Look.001

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