Fabric Shopping (and what it says about home decor trends)

I discovered a new fabric warehouse the other day and all I can say is WOW!  Before I entered the showroom the customer service rep warned me that there was a lot of fabric behind those doors.   Man oh man was she right.

Walking through those doors was like walking in a fabric wonderland. There were rolls of fabric, stacks of fabrics, hanging fabric and more remnant fabrics than the eye could see.

As I walked the aisles, I began to take note of the colors and patterns I was seeing so I’m sharing that with you today.


MAD FOR PLAID–Large buffalo plaids appear to be a pattern that is gaining in popularity.  Where you once just saw classic colors like red, navy and black you’re now seeing plaids in every color and every size scale.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Cotton blend plaids have a more causal feel to them and so I prefer linen blends which have more texture and dimension. Plaid patterns are ideal for window treatments, pillows and furnishings as you’ll see in these inspirational images…




MELLOW YELLOW–Pantone identified Primrose Yellow as one of the trending colors for 2017 and while I didn’t see a lot of bold yellow fabrics, I did see lots of soft yellow.

Most of the fabrics in the yellow color family were traditional floral or geometric designs perfect for upholstery, drapes of bed linens.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

image source

SHADES OF BLUE–With the popularity of blue and white decor it’s no surprise that there are lots of blue and white fabric patterns on the market right now.  I spotted florals and well as more modern geometric and boho inspired designs and the color palette ranged from deep navy to shades of teal.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends



Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

FLOWER POWER–Bold floral motifs are a trend that forecasters identified for 2017 and the fabrics I saw supported that.  From tiny prints to large oversized designs, feminine florals have a fresh, modern feel.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

I love the look of this antique, washed-out floral fabric.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

The mum design was bold and had lots of texture and dimension.  I could envision this on club chairs or an ottoman.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

image source

BLACK & WHITE--Never will I tire of black and white patterns.  Black and white are a classic color combo and pairs well with anything you put with it.  The white with black plaid at the top would look great made up in pillows.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends


50 SHADES OF GRAY– Many of you may want to see the grey color trend go away but I think it will be around for a while.  Grey is a great way to introduce color into your decor when you don’t want to go all white but want a little color.

I also noticed lots of fabrics that combined grey and soft teal which is always a pretty palette.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends


PRETTY IN PINK-The pink fabric aisle was one of my favorites.  Instead of looking like fabrics for a baby’s room, the patterns looked modern and updated.  The second fabric down was gorgeous and you know I love the animal print.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends


I snapped a lot more pictures but the visual eye candy has to end sometimes, right?

Finding the perfect fabric is key to a beautiful space and I’m so glad it’s something I get to do as part of my job.

p.s.  I’d love to know which of the fabrics I spotted grabbed your heart!

Happy Friday, friends.


Pillow Pairings | My Favorite Black and White Pillow Styles

Raise your hand it you own this black and white pillow cover from Ikea.  I think half the world owns the Lappljung Ruta cushion cover, including me!

I think the appeal of this covers is the graphic design, the sturdy fabric and of course the black and white color combo.  And let’s not overlook the $10 price which makes this pillow one of the best design deals around.

Ikea Black and White Pillow

via Ikea

While I love the Ikea pillow, I think its time a new black and white pillow becomes the darling of the design world. To find a winner, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite black and white pillows/cushion covers along with the accent pillows I’d pair them with them when decorating.

Check out my pillow pairings and leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite.


No. 1

Black, white and greek key are always a winning combination and a classic look that will be around for years to come.  The black velvet pillow pairs beautifully with this dusty blue Schumacher floral fabric and a tan and white mini animal print.

 Black Velvet Pillow Cover with Greek Key Trim // Hot House Flowers Pillow Cover // Tan Cheetah Pillow Cover 

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle


No. 2

This woven black and white pillow has a casual vibe that is perfect for a sectional or sofa.  Because of the texture, I’ve paired it with a deep yellow velvet pillow and an abstract floral so the look is relaxed and carefree.  The black and white woven pillow would also look great paired with other black and white pillow designs.

p.s.  the velvet pillow is available in 10 fabulous colors
 Linework Woven Decorative Pillow // Watercolour Floral Pillow Cover // Brenner Yellow Velvet Pillow

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

No. 3

By far my favorite black and white pillow grouping!  This textured black and white pillow cover is so versatile that you can easily pair it with other patterns.  Since I love all things emerald green I used that as the accent color for this combo.  The floral pillow keeps the overall look soft while the velvet green pillow with greek key keeps the look classic.

   Ben Soleimani Textured Wool Nailhead Pillow Cover //  Bermuda Blossoms Pillow Cover // Emerald Green Velvet Pillow 

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

No. 4

If you like a more modern vibe, you’ll love this combo.  I like how the bold design of the black and white grid pillow mixes well with a modern strip and Asian floral design.

p.s.  there are a thousand shades of white so don’t think you have to have the exact hue in each pillow design.  A little contrast is a good thing.
 Modern Black Pillow //  Black and White Dotted Stripe Pillow Cover // Asian Floral Pillow Cover
Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

No. 5

I’m starting to see black and white buffalo check pillows all over Pinterest so it looks like this pillow design is a new favorite amongst designers and design bloggers.  An oversized plaid like this works will with ditzy prints and florals and you can go with just about any color combo you want.

 Buffalo Check Pillow // Dalmatian Spots Pillow // P. Kaufmann Candid Moment Pillow Cover

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

Tips For Pairing Pillows Like A Pro


  1. Ensure all pillows have a consistent color theme.  If you’re using a black and white pillow as the foundation, pair it will other designs that include black, white or both colors so there is a connection amongst the pillows.
  2. The scale of patterns should balance each other, not compete for attention. A good rule of thumb is one large , one medium and one small.
  3. Texture is important and can be visual texture (what the eye sees) as well as tactile texture (what you actually feel).  Texture adds warmth and depth to pillow pairings and should always be a part of your pillow mix.
  4. The size of the pillows matter.  Just like you scale the size of print, you want different sizes of pillows. Here’s a winning combo you can always count on…

For the sofa:  (2) 24×24 pillows  + (2) 20×20 pillows + (1) Lumbar pillow  //  For a loveseat: (2) 20×20 pillows + (1) Lumbar pillow

So, which black and white pillow is your favorite and which pillow pairing do you like most? 

Design Details | Rooms I’m Loving From My Favorite Designers

Hi friends.  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that I took the hubby on a little adventure on Sunday.  I learned about a wildlife safari from my friend Yuni and knew my hubby would love it.  The safari is about an hour ways from Atlanta and gives you up close and personal interaction with the animals.

Now that the weekend is over, I’ve got a busy week of design work ahead and I’m looking for some fresh inspiration to inspire me.

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Refresh Your Decor for the New Year

Refresh Your Decor for The New Year

Every year when the Christmas decor comes down I feel like my decor has lost its luster.  My living room feel bare, my decor feels stale and everything that I loved before Christmas feels like it needs fresh, new energy.  I know I’m not alone in this feeling and that many of you are looking at your decor right now and wondering how you can inject some life and energy into it.

Over the years I’ve learned and employed some simple and inexpensive decorating tricks the refresh my decor for the new year.


Refresh Your Decor for The New Year

Every now and then you need to change things up in your decor to give it a new feeling.  The start of a new year is the perfect time to try a new furniture arrangement, move pieces from one room to another or re-arrange your accessories.  Move lamps around a room or even consider layer a smaller rug over the top of a larger one.  Sometimes all it takes is a tiny shift of perspective to see something familiar in a totally new light.

Refresh Your Decor for The New Year

Many time when I’m feeling a sense of uneasiness with my decor it has to do with clutter and disorganization.  Dedicate the month of January to cleaning, organizing and purging every room in your home.  Donate the things that you no longer use, organized the spaces (drawers, closets and tabletop surfaces) that use most offend and give your entire home a deep cleaning.  Clutter in you physical surroundings will clutter your mind and spirit.

Refresh Your Decor for The New Year

Color is an immediate mood booster so try adding in a new accent color into your decor to refresh the palette.  Switching out pillows is easy and cost-effective and will add big pops of color within your decor.  Color accents can also be added with small accent furniture, blankets & throws, artwork and decorative accessories.  In decorating, it’s often the little things that make the biggest impact.

tip:  when shopping for pillows, look for covers with hidden zippers so you can reuse the inserts when you change your pillow decor

Refresh Your Decor for The New Year

During the holiday season we are surrounded with and abundance of patterns and colors.  Once the Christmas decor is down your surroundings may feel flat and lifeless.  The quick fix for that is pattern mixing.  Combine different pattern styles and colors to re-energize your decor.

tip:  a winning pattern mix combines small patterns against large ones and includes one big solid ( on sofa, floor, or wall) in the room. 

Refresh Your Decor for The New Year

You might think that once artwork is hung on the wall it’s there to stay.   That doesn’t have to be the case.  During the winter months you can bring a room to life by simply switching out a piece of artwork with a mirror.  Mirrors enhance the light within a room(both natural and decorative) and will instantly make a room feel lighter, brighter and more open.

tip:  oversized floor mirrors will make small spaces feel bigger in addition to making the decor feel more important

Refresh Your Decor for The New Year

Look around the rooms in your home and see where you can create a cozy seating area or reading nook.  Cozy areas will make your home feel more intimate and personal which is the feeling your home had when all your Christmas decor was up.

Refresh Your Decor for The New Year

Plants and flowers will  make your decor feel special anytime of the year but during the winter months the emotional energy these elements add is enhanced.  Place small plants or a vase on flowers on tabletop surfaces in the main living areas of your home as well as the bedroom and bathroom.

tip: if you don’t have a green thumb, decorating with artificial plants and flowers–they provide the same emotional lift that real greenery does.

Refresh Your Decor for The New Year

Candles are my go-to accessory during the cold winter months.  Not only can candles provide a sense of warmth but the glow increases the sense of relaxation and coziness that a room has.  Arrange a group of candles on the coffee table or along the mantel.


It doesn’t take a lot to give your home a fresh, new feeling for the new year so use one or all of these design tips to refresh your decor.


all images via Ballard Design

Favorites Of The Week (all from the One Room Challenge)


Hi friends.  Sorry it’s been a bit quite here on the blog this week.  I made several attempts to sit down and finish this weeks blog posts but things just kept getting in the way.  I’m going to be back on schedule next week with an eclectic (don’t you just love that word) mix of posts.  I’ll be sharing some holiday gift wrap inspiration and wrapping tips, my first holiday gift guide and a DIY project that has been on my to-do list to ages!

I’m closing out the week my usual ‘favorites’ post but this time it’s all about the One Room Challenge which is now in its 10th season.  Have your had a chance to check out all the spaces that were transformed over the last 6 weeks?  I haven’t made it through all the participating bloggers posts but what I’ve seen so far is WOW!  Holy Moly, there are some truly amazing design ideas, before and after transformations and a whole lot of inspiration.  Check out a few of my favorite spaces (so far)…



First up is Burlap and Lace.  Shannon did an amazing job adding style and detail to a long narrow room with lots of bookcases.  

{all images via Burlap and Lace}


The before…


And the after…


a coat of black paint made those simple bookcase look like high-end custom-built shelves


the faux fireplace adds another focal point within the room


impeccable styling

You can see the full Burlap and Lace reveal here.


Next is Kris from Driven By Decor.  Kris was also working with a room that had lots of bookcases but instead of going dark and dramatic, she created soft and soothing space.

{all images via Driven By Decor}


The before…


And the after…


one of the prettiest gallery walls I seen in a while


pillow mixing at its best–bold pattern + texture + small print


this color palette is a breath of fresh air


You can see the full Driven By Decor reveal here.


The next space I absolutely love was designed and transformed by Kristin from The Hunted Interior.  She was also working with a long narrow space and added a wall of bookcases to create drama at the far end of the room.  

{all images via The Hunted Interior}


The before…




And the after…


i love the bohemian vibe the comes from the pattern and texture mix



Notice that mix of materials?  That’s a design detail all rooms need.

You can see the full Hunted Interior reveal here.


I love every space that Nancy of Marcus Design creates and the bathroom transformation she completed is just stunning.

{all image via Marcus Design}


The before…



And the after…


Blue + white + gold=perfection.


drawer lines are such a simple detail that adds so much style


Classic details that will stand the test of time.

You can see the full Marcus Design reveal here.


This is just the beginning of so many more beautiful spaces created by the featured designers participating in the One Room Challenge.  You can see each and every one of the featured spaces here.


And then there are over 200 additional room transformations from the Guest Participants you’ll want to check out too.  You can find all link to all those space here.


Happy weekend and I’ll see you back here Monday!

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ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme–2016


Every year I develop a design plan for my Christmas decor and share it with you here on the blog.  I create an inspiration board that gives a visual overview of the colors, patterns and tree decor that will make up my holiday decor.  Today’s the day that I’m sharing my 2016 Christmas decor theme with you before the elves (me) get to work decorating.

I also wanted to let you know that I am again hosting the Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour blog hop with Kellie from Design Asylum.  This is the 2nd year for the blog tour and it’s exciting because we have even more fabulous bloggers participating and two great brand sponsors for 2016.

So, without further a-due, here’s a look at my Merry & Bright Holiday Home Design Plan for 2016…


2016 ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme

The inspiration for my theme started when I spotted this Poinsettia wrapping paper from Paper Mart.  I fell in love with the design and bold but classic color combination.

2016 ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme

Then I spotted Cassie’s Christmas tree on Pinterest which was decorated in all of the colors used in the wrapping paper design.  From there my plan really came together.

My Christmas tree will bold and bright and will include a mix of classic colors and pops of pink and gold.  And I’ll be throwing some black and white into the mix as well.

I’m planning to pair the poinsettia wrap with other patterns like stripes and dots and will be using a variety of ribbons to tie the colors together.

2016 ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme

Another fun element I’ll be using are touches of boxwood.  I’ll be hanging a boxwood wreath from Silk Plants Direct and I’m also planning to use boxwood elements in my gift wrap and in my holiday tablescape.

I’ve ordered some pretty tags and stickers from Zazzle and have my eyes on a couple of new Christmas pillows like this one and this one.

2016 ConfettiStyle Christmas Decor Theme

Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year and I can’t wait to share my decor with you. I also have some great gift guides, entertaining posts and easy DIY projects planned. 

Mark your calendars for the 2016 Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour.  Like last year, all of the participating bloggers will be sharing their holiday home tours over a 3 week period starting November 30th.

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 Merry & Bright image via Dribble

Favorite Posts, Pins and Products (of the week)!

Favorites Of The Week

Hi friends, just popping in to share my favorites posts, pins and products of the week.  Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!



You’d never know this was a dentist office.  The entire space is gorgeous.



These might be the cutest DIY pumpkins I’ve ever seen.  And they look easy to make.


via BHG

10 Interior Design Quotes to Live By including this one…



You have to check out this stars NY loft. And that dining room♥♥




I’m loving this blue and white fall tablescape.


Everything about this feminine office space is just perfect. And I especially adore that desk.




If you love vintage furniture and decor but don’t like sifting through a flea market or thrift store, check out this Etsy shop.

I’m loving this Christmas Tree Tea Towel.  It would be a great way to wrap a cookbook or kitchen accessory. And this plate is pretty cute too.


H and M Home has some great Christmas decor and I’m kinda in love with these black and white stripe ornaments.


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FIVE Spaces That Took My Breath Away

Have you noticed that surfing Pinterest is kinda like shopping at Costco.  You go in for one thing and come up with a cart full of items that weren’t on your list.  In the case of Pinterest, one beautiful image leads to another and the next thing you know you’ve been sitting in your chair for hours and your ‘pin it’ finger hurts.

My latest foray into the Pinterest black hole uncovered some really stunning spaces–space that took my breath away.

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