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Colored Pencils


Ok, its confession time.  How many of you have coloring books?

I jumped on the coloring book craze when it first starting gaining popularity.  As a creative, I’ve loved coloring my entire life and the idea of a coloring book for adults was so up my alley that I couldn’t resist.  My first coloring book was this one filled with Beautiful Patterns just like the title says.  I was drawn to the abstract and intricate designs which are perfect for someone like me that is a ‘coloring inside the lines’ kind of gal.

Beautiful Patterns--Coloring Books

Since my first coloring book I’ve been gifted several others by family and friends and now switch back and forth between books so none of them gets neglected.

Recently I read that several of my favorite bloggers (and authors) are jumping on the coloring book wagon and developing home decor themed books.  I can’t wait!

  John and Sherry from Young House Love have their coloring book, Color At Home coming out in October and from the looks of the cover image, it is going to be a good one.  The cover image resembles many of the beautiful rooms you see on Pinterest.

Color At Home--Cover Coloring Books

And Melissa, the blogger and author behind The Inspired Room blog has a coloring book coming out in July, aptly named The Inspired Room Coloring Book.

The Inspired Room--Coloring Books

Melissa shared a few pages from her book on her blog and it is also looks like it’s going to be a fun book.  I love that there will be room environments along with individual home decor items to color. I see a whole lot of #chinosierie inspiration in my future.

The Inspired Room Coloring Books

The Inspired Room Coloring Books

I don’t know who or why the adult coloring book trend started but I think it’s only going to get bigger and home decor coloring books take it to a new level.   Being able to color design a room in any color combination you want can provide great visual inspiration for someone decorating a room in their home.

For those of you that can’t wait until the Color At Home and The Inspired Room Coloring Book come out, here are a couple other home decor related coloring books I found.

Color Me Cluttered–The title and cover image of this coloring book might scare off a lot of people but I’m really intrigued by the artwork and potential transformation that can happen after a few hours of coloring. And the minute I saw the image of the gift wrap, I was hooked.

Color Me Cluttering Coloring Books

Color Me Cluttered Gift Wrap Page--Coloring Books

Color Me Cluttered--Coloring Books

Color Me Clutterd Room--Coloring Books

Off the Bookshelf–This coloring book contains a range of images, many of bookshelves and home decor scenes and others more random.  This book was also designed using a slightly heavier paper weight so you don’t have any color bleeding if you use markers to color your images. And I like that each page is perforated making it easy to tear out the pages and frame as artwork.

Off The Bookshelf--Cover Coloring Books

Off The Bookshelf Coloring Books

Now that I’ve got you itching to purchase a few coloring books, you’ll also need to buy some great pens or markers.  I switch between using pencils and markers when I color.  If I want more intense color on the image I go with markers and if I’m looking for a softer effect, I tend to choose colored pencils.  Here are several brands that love and in most cases own myself so I can highly recommend these from personal experience.

Coloring Book Tools--Coloring Books

No. 1  Prismacolor is definitely my favorite brand for markers and I also love their colored pencils.  They sell a variety of styles at price points from affordable to expensive.   The Premier 24 pk. Colored Pencil Set is a great value, includes enough colors so that you have lots of options to work with and the pencils are ideal for blending colors.  There are larger sets available too.

No. 2  Tomboy Dual Brush Pen Art Markers are great because of the dual brush heads and because the pens are odorless, bendable and non-bleeding. 

No. 3 I’ve owned a set of Uchida Le Plume II Double Ended Markers for many years and they still work like a charm.  They’ve traveled with us when we moved for Seattle to Atlanta and I’ve only had a few dry up. The extra-fine tip is great for intricate designs and the pens are easy to handle and won’t cramp your hand.

No. 4  For those of you that might want to take your coloring on the road or in the air, here’s a great set of 48 Marco Affine Artist Quality Pencils that include the roll-up case.  While I don’t own this exact set, I am considering purchasing a case to hold my pencils.  I like this case but if you’re looking for a great deal, you’ll want to scoop this case up. 

No. 5  The 72-piece Prismacolor Premier Double Ended Art Marker set is for the serious color artist and crafter because these markers are an investment.  This is another set that I’ve owned for years and just love.  These markers provide a very saturated color and work great for blending.  I also love them because once applied, the color is consistent with no blending or start/stop lines.

Coloring books for adults is a pretty cool thing in my book.  I’m a big fan and encourage you to give it a try is you haven’t already.

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DIY Chinoiserie Playing Cards

You all know I’m having a love affair with all things blue and white chinoiserie.  A couple of months ago I picked up a pack of blue and white scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and have had so much fun crafting and creating with all the beautiful designs.

Cottage Rose

I’m also kind of addicted to custom monogram stickers from Zazzle.  I’ve ordered several sets and I’m using them on everything from stationery to tabletop decor.  This green and white design with navy monogram is my most recent purchase.

DIY Monogrammed Chinoiserie Playing Cards

And my latest craft  project was to transform one of the many basic decks of cards I own into something a little more stylish.

What started as this….

Deck of Playing Cards

Got UpStyled into these…

DIY Monogrammed Chinoiserie Playing Cards

DIY Monogrammed Chinoiserie Playing Cards

DIY Monogrammed Chinoiserie Playing Cards

It was really simple to make these cards and it only took a couple of supplies.

How to:

Step 1:  Coat the back side of a piece of 12″ x 12″ decorative paper with Mod Podge.  It will take several sheets to cover all the cards in the deck.  You’ll notice that I used several different paper patterns to make my set.

Step 2:  While wet, place the playing cards onto the Mod Podge surface with the number side facing up.

Step 3:  Let the adhesive dry and then cut out each card.

Step 4:  Flip the cards over to the decorative side and adhere monogram sticker in the center.

This is a fun project that would make a great gift so give it a try.

DIY Monogrammed Chinoiserie Playing Cards

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Valentine's Day Gift Wrap.001

If I had the time I would find an excuse to wrap gifts everyday.  I just love a beautifully wrapped gift and always want my gift wrapping to be part of the gift giving experience.

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, I had the perfect opportunity to get creative and wrap gifts for the favorite people in my life.  I decided to keep things simple and use embellishments to add the wow factor to my gifts.


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Yesterday I shared tips on decorating and organizing your office space and included the idea of using decorative clipboards to pretty up your walls and help you stay organized. And today I’m showing you just how simple it is to make a decorative clipboard with a super easy DIY project.


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Top 10.001

Over the weekend I did a little review of the blog to see which post were your favorites in 2015.  While some of the top post surprised me, others didn’t.  As I looked at the top 10 post, I was happy to see that the things you love most are the things I love sharing most with you on the blog…design tips and decorating how-to’s, product inspiration, easy craft day’s and unique gift wrap ideas.

All of the blog topics you enjoyed most last year will continue here on the blog with even more impact.  I plan to share lots more design information in my Design Guide, Product + Inspiration and Design Chat series and have some fun and easy gift wrap and DIY projects for you as well.  I so appreciate the time you spend here on the blog and if there is anything new you’d like to see in  2016, just leave me a comment below.

I’m excited for what 2016 will bring but for now let’s take a look back at the Top 10 Blog Post of 2015!

{click on the photo captions to read the full post}


How To Style a Sectional Sofa

How to Style a Sectional Sofa  {my most popular PIN on pinterest}

Decorating Tops of Bookcases and Armoires

Decorating Bookcase and Armories1

Decorative Tops of Bookcases and Armoires

Barn lights

Barn Lights–A Uniques Indoor Decorating Option

Diy Mug Wraps

DIY Mug Wraps (2014)  {one of my most popular Pins too!}

Decorating with the things you love

Decorating With Things You Love

Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Product + Inspiration:  Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Christmas Theme--2016.002

My Christmas Theme 2015

{p.s.  There’s a sneak peek of my 2016 Christmas theme over on the ConfettiStyle Instagram page}

Gamleby Plate Shelf

Product + Inspiration:  Gamleby Plate Shelf

Christmas 2015-16

Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour–Part 1

Gift Wrap Inspiration by ConfettiStyle1

Gift Wrap Inspiration:  A New Way To Add Ribbon



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Holiday Mug Wraps by ConfettiStyle.001

Last year one of my favorite holiday DIY projects was the mug wraps I created.  It was so simple to make these chic cup coozies with just some plush tartan plaid ribbon and velcro.

2014 Holiday Mug Wraps

DIY Mug Wraps (17)

I wanted to update the look this year to fit my holiday decor so a new version of my Holiday Mug Wraps was in order.

2015 Holiday Mug Wraps

 2015 Holiday Mug Wraps-2

My 2015 Mug Wraps were made with printed burlap ribbon (from Hobby Lobby)  and instead of velcro, I attached red eyelets to the edges and used red suede cording to lace up the ends of the wrap.

2015 Holiday Mug Wraps-5

Just like last year, these wraps are easy to remove when I don’t want to use them or want to change the look.

2015 Holiday Mug Wraps07

I love this years version of my mug wraps just as much as last years and from the looks of things, mug wraps are going to be a yearly project for me.

Only 3 more days until Christmas, are you doing any last minute holiday crafting?



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DIY Tile Ornaments

Hey, hey, hey!  Just when I thought I was finished decorating I came across a remnant supply in the garage as I was organizing some shelving in the garage.  I walked around with the remnant in my hand for a bit, not knowing what to do with just this single piece.  Toss it…store it….donate it….or craft with it.

If you know me, you know the answer was craft with it.  So that’s what I did!

I’m sure you’re wondering by now what the remnant supply piece was, well the wait it over.


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Merry & Bright Holiday Gift Wrap Crate

Hello friends!  I hope everyone is easing into the Christmas season with joy and merriment.

This year I’ve been able to complete several DIY projects to include in my holiday decor and I’ve got fun and simple one to share with you today.

 It’s no surprise that I love to wrap gifts.  I love paper, ribbon and all the fun embellishments that can make wrapped gifts special and unique.

During the course of the year I keep my gift wrap rolls and supplies stored in a basket in my office.  But when the holidays roll around I want to make our holiday wrapping supplies accessible for me and the hubs so I created a mobile gift wrap crate.

I picked up a wood crate at HomeGoods similar to this one.  The one I found was painted grey and black.

Wood Crate

Since I wanted the crate to be mobile I added brass casters to the base.  I had the casters in the garage and they were the perfect size for this project.

Brass Casters

Once the caster were attached I decorated the crate.


The feature element of the crate is the darling Merry & Bright vinyl decal from Welcoming Walls.  Candi, the owner of the Welcoming Walls Etsy shop graciously partnered with the Merry & Bright Holiday Home Tour and sent me and the other bloggers a decal to use in a holiday project.  The Merry & Bright decal was the perfect piece.

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate By ConfettiStyle

The decals are super easy to use and will work on a variety of surfaces.  I placed my white decal on the center board of the crate so the decal really pops against the black background.  I used a decorative paper ribbon  (from another favorite Etsy shop) on the top and bottom boards and secured them in place with white thumbtacks.  It will be easy to remove the paper and change the look whenever I want.

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate by ConfettiStyle-1

To make the crate super functional I added two short tension rods to create sections for wrapping paper rolls, tissue paper and rolls of ribbon.  I added a plastic shower caddy to the side to hold gift tags, scissors and small ribbon rolls.

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate 2

Including the time it took to attach the casters, this project took less than 30 minutes to complete.

Merry and Bright Gift Wrap Crate by ConfettiStyle-2

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate by ConfettiStyle

Vinyl decals are such an easy way to decorate and personalize the decor around your house. Welcoming Walls has over 150 amazing  decals including designs for the kitchen, inspirational quotes, children’s decal and custom door decals.  And not only do you have an amazing array of designs to choose from but you can select from 12+ colors so your decal will fit your decor to a T.

Merry & Bright Gift Wrap Crate3

I’m hoping to finish up my holiday shopping this weekend so my giftwrap crate will be getting lots of use.

Cheers to the weekend my friends~



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