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Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

You all know I love design books.  I am constantly checking my favorite book publishers websites to see what new books are being released throughout the year.  Getting a new book feels like Christmas morning so you can only imagine how thrilled I was when I received some happy mail recently.  The great folks over at Rizzoli sent me a copy of the recently published Making House- Designers At Home to check out.

When it comes to design books, there are a few ways I can tell if a book is good or not.  The first is from the cover image.  I knew immediately that the simple chair vignette on the cover  meant that the images and content in the book was going to be good.

The second way I can tell if a book is good is by quickly flipping through the pages.  If the images capture my attention and make me want to dive into the book, its a winner.  The images in Making House–Desgners At Home did just that.

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

 Miles Redd

Written by Dominic Bradbury and photographed by Richard Powers, this book showcases the personal homes of some of the worlds best-known designers such as Jonathan Adler, Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent, Miles Redd and Neisha Crosland.   The book gives you a look into their design process and the personal spaces in which they live and create.

All of the spaces in the book were photographed specifically for this book so the view into the lives and style of these designers is fresh and new.

 As the story of each designers’ home unfolded, I found myself captivated and inspiring. I jotted down design ideas and took to heart the words written by this group of amazing designers.  I especially loved this quote by Miles Redd…

“If you have a keen eye, then it doesn’t matter where you are buying–you can get great stuff anywhere. I am not a provenance snob at all, and if you are, then you miss out. 

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brant

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

Neisha Crosland, London

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

Frederic Mechiche,  Morocco

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

 Jean-Louis Deniot, Chantilly, France

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

Kelly Wearstler

Book Review:  Making House--Designers At Home

Steephen Sills, NY

If you’re in the design industry or just have a love for design then you’ll definitely want to add this book to your collection.  The book makes for an inspiring read and is a wonderful source for design ideas that you can use to create your own personal oasis.

You can purchase your copy of Making House–Designer At Home here {affiliate link}.


The Starting Point Of Design–Revisited

The Starting Point Of Design by ConfettiStyle

Happy Monday!  We made it through another weekend which included a hodge podge of tasks and projects. Most of our weekend was spent at the new house cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms and floors. We also moved all of my Christmas decor into the garage storage unit.  Yesterday we spent some time shopping for sofas and also swung by At Home to pick up a few things.  If you haven’t been to an At Home store, I highly recommend you do.  The store is massive and there are lots of basic decorative items and stylish decor and super affordable prices.

This week is going to be extra busy with client meetings, more packing and shopping for a new dishwasher.  When we were cleaning the kitchen we noticed that the dishwasher had some mold build-up which made me cringe.  So, a new dishwasher just made it to the top of the ‘must-buy’ list.

Since I’m in the beginning stages of creating a design plan for our new house, I thought I’d share a post I wrote back in 2011.  The post, entitled The Starting Point Of Design outlines things to consider when beginning to develop a design plan for a room or a whole house.  I hope you’ll find these tips valuable no matter what stage of decorating you are in.

Read the Post

Inspiration Notebook: February 2017 (the year is blooming)


Did everyone have a great weekend?  I was a busy bee but did make time to watch the Super Bowl last night.  That game just about killed me.  Talk about suspense and sitting on the edge of your seat.  Of course I was pulling for Atlanta to win and hate that it came down to the last seconds of the game, but they gave it a good fight.  I’m sure the players woke up this morning sad but motivated because there’s nothing like a defeat that will motivate you to push harder to reach your goals.

Speaking of motivation, todays post is all about what’s inspiring and motivating me this month. It’s a little of this and a little of that but I’m excited to make the most of everyday and reach for the stars.

♦♦♦Inspiration Notebook--February 2017 by ConfettiStyle

Inspiration Notebook--February 2017 by ConfettiStyle

Inspiration Notebook--February 2017 by ConfettiStyle

Inspiration Notebook--February 2017 by ConfettiStyle

By doing what you love, you inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

Inspiration Notebook--February 2017 by ConfettiStyle

Design Lessons From The Pages Of Magazines (via Pinterest)


Ever since Pinterest came on the social scene, I know many of you, myself included have all spent countless hours looking at design photos, saving the images that serve as inspiration for our current or future homes or that can be used as a source of inspiration in our jobs as designers, decor enthusiast and design bloggers.

I often use images found on Pinterest to share an idea with a client,  highlight an accessorizing concept or to help me pull together a color plan.  Whether you like Pinterest or not, analyzing room photos is a great way for anyone to up their design game and learn what makes a well-design space just that, well-designed!

Today I’m going to share a few rooms from some of my favorite design publications and point out the design details that came together to make these spaces what they are.  Consider this a mini design lesson using visual aids.

Design Lessons.002

Design Lessons.003

Design Lessons.001

Design Lessons.004

Design Lessons.005

If you want more insight into how Pinterest is changing the world of interior design and how we decorate our homes, check out this article


Thanks for stopping by today and thank you to everyone who left wonderful comments on my Swap It Like It’s Hot Post earlier this week.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out all of the blogger projects, please do.  There’s lots of great inspiration to be found.

Happy Weekend!

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