Caliente-Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Of The Year

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Of The Year--Caliente Red AF-290


This is the time of year when we start seeing color and design predictions for the coming year.  Following a year of in-depth research and culling through thousands of colors, Benjamin Moore has picked a bold, dynamic red called Caliente.

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Of The Year--Caliente Red AF-290


Ellen O’Neill, Director of Strategic Design Intelligence for BM describes Caliente like this…

” Strong, radiant and full of energy, Caliente AF-290 is total confidence.  It is pleasing, passionate and makes people feel special, like “red carpet treatment’!

And used these words that evoke the emotion of Caliente…

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Of The Year--Caliente Red AF-290

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Of The Year--Caliente Red AF-290

Back in the 90’s red was the go-to hue for dining rooms and occasionally used in a bedroom.  Today, power colors are trending which makes Caliente perfect for any room in the house.

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Of The Year--Caliente Red AF-290

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Of The Year--Caliente Red AF-290

I love red on an exterior door.  What a way to make a first impression!

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Of The Year--Caliente Red AF-290

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you’re considering decorating with Caliente or other bold hues:

  1. Determine whether you can commit to using an intense color in your home and just how much you want the tone represented.  If you determine that an entire room painted in a  bold statement would be too much, use it in a smaller space like a powder room, office or hallway.  For dramatic impact with even less commitment, try painting an accent wall in your favorite bold hue.
  2. Consider the lighting in the room.  Rooms with lots of natural light can handle a bold color more effectively than dark spaces.  Natural light can amplify the room without feeling overpowering.  Darker space with bold colors can feel more dramatic and moody.
  3. Contrast a bold color with a crisp white trim.  Bright white will intensify bold colors and make them pop which providing a string contrast.
  4. Once you select your bold color statement, make sure to incorporate accent pieces in the room that create a cohesive color statement.  Artwork, rug and pillows that incorporate your color choice will tie the rooms’ design together.

I couldn’t be more thrilled about Benjamin Moore’s selection since red happens to be my favorite color.  Even though I didn’t have red as part of the decor plan for our new house, I’m now rethinking that.  To learn more insight on how Benjamin Moore selected Caliente, check out this video they created.

Benjamin Moore 2018 Color Of The Year–Caliente


More Hightlights From The Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings Show

I’m back to share a few more highlights from the Atlanta Gift & Home Furnishings show I attended last week.

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Atlanta show is one of the largest gift and home furnishings shows in the world and you’ll find every type of home decor and gift item imaginable.

Here are a few things that caught my eye…


Handcrafted paper flowers designed by Balushka!  Truly amazing.


I came across the work of artist Christoper Marley that encompasses the most beautiful insects I’ve ever seen.  This collage of insect shells and butterflies was captivating.


This feather art is also by Christopher Marley


When it came to more traditional art, botanical art continue to be a hot design trend.  I loved the look of this oversized piece showcasing 6 images in one frame from a new company I discovered called Europe2You.  You’ll definitely want to check out their product offering.


This wall of mirrors was created as for visual impact  and is something you could recreate on a smaller scale in your own home.


There were lot of amazing furniture pieces…

I saw a lot of pickled wood pieces


and weathered wood pieces


and natural wood with oiled finishes.


Detailed door treatments is a look that I spotted in several showrooms.


Gabby Home is one of my favorite furniture and decor lines and they had some great pieces at this market.

This L-shaped side table was great and is perfect when space it at a premium.


Gabby also had a collection of marble tables that were really stunning.

IMG_9451 copy

IMG_9452 copy

Global Views is one of the most popular product lines around and they always have unique pieces including lots of seating at this show.



And gold accents are on every category of product!


I hope you enjoyed this mini market tour!

I’ll be back tomorrow to share some weekend design inspiration.  Until then, have a fabulous day!



A Design Trend To Love: Center Doorknobs

When you look around your home, there are a few design elements that you probably take for granted.  Doorknobs are something we all use on a daily basis but when it comes to giving them some design love, they often fall to the bottom of the project list.

One of the new favorite design applications for doorknobs are knobs placed in the center of the door instead of off to one side. Center knobs have such a regal and European feel and transform a plain door into a stylish decorative detail.

Center Doorknob1

While seen mostly on exterior doors, the trend of center knobs on interior doors is becoming popular and is a great way to update a pair of plain bi-fold or sliding closet doors.

Here’s a little doorknob eye candy that will have you loving center knobs as much as I do.


Center Doorknobs2


Center Doorknob3


Center Doorknob4


Center Doorknob6


Center Doorknob7


Center Doorknob8


Center Doorknobs9


Center Doorknob10






Design Trend: Doors Off

Hello there.  I hope you week is going well.  Today I wanted to share my thoughts on a design idea that is quickly becoming a trend.


Have you noticed more and more kitchens, pantries, laundry rooms and closet spaces are going doorless? New homes are being built with open shelving and lots of homeowners are removing the doors on their existing cabinets to create the open shelving concept in their homes.

New Home with Open Shelving


I must say that I really love the look of open shelving, not only for a kitchen but the other rooms in the home too.

One of the things I like most about this design statement is that open shelving makes a room feel more spacious and airy.


Cabinet doors can become a visual blocker and sometimes limit the storage capabilities in a kitchen.  Open shelves allow you to use every inch of space to display collectibles and functional items, providing a more personal and stylized design statement.


In a laundry room, open shelves make functional items easily accessible and provide a less industrial feel overall.


Don’t think your open shelves have to be plain and boring–you can incorporate decorative hardware or a decorative paint application to make your shelves stand out.



And, standard shelving can be replaced with another material to provide more visual interest.


If you’re considering open shelving in your home, here are a few tips that will help you create the best possible look:

1)  Keep items organized–open shelving will look intentional if items are grouped and organized in an attractive and orderly way.

2)  Create depth and dimension with the items on your shelves by stacking pieces at different heights and layering items from the front of the shelf to the back.

3)  Incorporate decorative elements like decorative platters, vases or collectibles to give your shelves personality.

4)  Use storage baskets and containers to hold smaller items and create areas of impact on your shelves.

5) Consider a contrasting background so that that contents on each shelf stand out.

And remember that design is in the details so approach your open shelving the same way you would decorating a tabletop or bookcase.

So what do you think–do you like the open shelving concept or would you rather keeps things behind closed doors?


Trend Watch: Hexagon Shapes


Hexagon shapes are one design trend I’m a fan of, especially after making my DIY Hexagon Cocktail Tray.

And, this room created by Mandi is one of the my favorite blogger DIY projects.

What I love about Hexagon shapes is that they can take on a modern or traditional feel, depending on the application.  



An exaggerated hexagon tile is a fresh way to accent the backsplash.


Hexagon shaped tables are a great alternative to round tables, providing more design definition within the space.


Just like a round mirror, but with even more style, a hexagon mirror is a great visual contrast when set against square and rectangular shapes.


Hexagon floor tiles add visual movement to a room without being too busy.


A modern hexagon design pairs well with classic, traditional pieces.  


Hexagon wallpaper is a fun and artistic way to accent a wall.


Hanging hexagon light fixtures are a great way to enhance the lighting that is given off in a space.

So what do you think?  Is this a design trend that you love or want to let go of?  


***If you want even more insight into why hexagons are such a great shape, read this interesting article, from the perspective of bees!

Trend Spotting at the Atlanta Gift & Furniture Show

In addition to attending the Haven conference last week, I also squeezed in a couple of days at the Atlanta Gift & Furniture show.  The Atlanta show is one of the largest industry trade shows where the focus in home decor, furnishings and gift items.  If you’ve read any of my previous post on the show you know that there are three massive buildings with hundreds and hundreds and showrooms featuring the latest and greatest design and product trends for home and gifts.

I always attend the shows looking for new resources to use in my design business but also as a way to stay on top of the newest design, color and styling trends in home decor.  While I won’t say that I say any totally new trends at this market, I did see lots of trends that have been building over the last couple of years becoming even stronger.  Want to know what’s hot,  check out the trends I spotted (s0rry in advance for the not so stellar iPhone photos)…

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