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Hello there my friends!  Today I wanted to share with you an exciting feature that the great folks over at Terrys Blinds did on yours truly.

If you are not familiar with Terrys Blinds, they are an international based window covering company offering a range of stylish and affordable window blinds.  As a regular feature on their blog, their Designer Insights column spotlights individuals in different creative fields, ask their top picks of the season, and seeks business advice and career tips for the Terry Blinds readers.  I am thrilled and honored to have been featured!

You can ready my full feature here!


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Have you ever been asked the question “what famous person would you like to have dinner with?”  I have and my list of names includes a handful of people, one of which has inspired me in design and in life.

The first person on my list, Oprah, needs no explanation and I am grateful to her for giving the second person on my list the design opportunity of his life and making me aware of him.


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I am constantly amazed at the talent that some people posses.  Those people who the can find creativity in the most unusual places and turn totally functional and mundane items into amazing works of art. Have you ever looked at a dryer duct in the hardware store and thought to yourself, I can turn that into something magnificent?  What about gutter guards?  Have those ever been on your DIY project supply list?

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica, one of my blog readers and fellow Atlantan who just so happens to have the ability to look at dryer ducts and gutter guards and envision beautiful wall art and light fixtures.  From her creative vision comes amazing hand-crafted Signature Piecez.

Sig Pz - Bow - Red and Silver

These beautiful wall décor piece are crafted from dryer vent and are really dynamic on a wall.  I think the red or silver version would be a fun twist on a traditional Christmas wreath look.

Sig Pz - Bow - Silver and Gold



Jessica makes a lot of commissioned pieces like this large art canvas which again is crafted from dryer vent.


Who knew gutter guards could be so chic?!


This table setting and chair décor was created for a local event, To Live and Dine.



One of my favorite pieces…tissue paper chandelier.


By day Jessica is an accountant but after hours she can be found walking the aisles of the hardware store looking for her next source of inspiration.

To learn more about Jessica, see more of her amazing work and learn more about Signature Piecez head here!


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The other day I attended a design presentation at ADAC Atlanta given by Sarah Richardson, a designer that is at the top of my design idol list.  Sarah is the talented Canadian designer behind the popular HGTV shows Design Inc. Sarah 101 and Sarah’s House.  In addition to designing fabulous rooms on her shows, Sarah shares the ins and outs of the design business and gives design advice that any homeowner can put to use. All this, along with Sarah’s charming personality are the reasons I admire her so much.
Seeing Sarah in person was pure joy and hearing her words of inspiration on building and growing a business was icing on the cake.
{cute as a button}
Before Sarah got started with her presentation she let us know that Tommy, her adorable sidekick was home sick in bed.  She asked us all to wave and say hi as she took a video to send to him.
Once the presentation began, Sarah shared how she got started in the design business,  showed images of her work and gave all the designers in the room some really simple but great design advice.
Here are the things that stuck out in my mind.
Every designer should define, understand and CREATE A SIGNATURE STYLE for themselves and KNOW YOUR BRAND.  Knowing this will not only help you be a better designer, but it will help your clients understand who you are and how you approach business.
I also loved Sarah’s design philosophy…”Create rooms tailored to your clients and their interpretation of what home means to them.”
Another aspect that she spoke about that both designers and homeowners need to tap into is their INSPIRATION.  Knowing what inspires you as a designer or someone who is decorating a home will help you create a space that is right for you.  Sarah spoke about the things that inspire her…pattern mixing, color, rooms that have both a feminine and masculine point of view and mixing old with new.
Sarah has been designing for quite a few years and one of the things she really focuses on beyond the work is BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS.  Building relationships with your clients, support team, painters, contractors and anyone you work with is key to developing and maintaining a successful business. She fully acknowledged that her business is a team effort and not a solo one.   I couldn’t agree more!
 And the final inspiration point that stood out to me was this…every designer should HAVE A POINT OF VIEW & UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE. To help with this process Sarah divides her work in to 4 key looks that form the starting point of every space she designs:
SHORE–Coastal colors, a soft palette, a relaxed vibe
BOULEVARD–City chic, refined color palette
SIDEWALK–Family friendly interiors, light-hearted, youthful
FARM HOUSE–Rich color palettes, warm, antiques
After the presentation we headed to the Kravet showroom where Sarah’s new line of fabrics were on display. I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful her collection is.
Each color grouping has the perfect mix of solids, textures, pattern scales and the looks can be mixed and matched in so many ways.
This is my favorite collection and the floral below is my favorite pattern.
If you’ve ever watched one of Sarah’s show you’ll recognize that these patterns are definitely her signature style…classic with a vintage feel.
Sarah loves blue color palettes which are heavily represented in her collection.
The fabric line is launching as we speak and you can already find many of the styles at Forsyth Fabric here in Atlanta or online at House of Fabric.
Oh, I forgot to tell you that Sarah also mentioned she is working on a book.  It’s in the early stages so there is no release date yet but I can’t wait to add her book to my design library.
 Everyday I look to be inspired by something or someone and spending the afternoon with Sarah was inspiring beyond words.
To learn more about how Sarah got started in the design business head here and to see more of the beautiful spaces she and her team design head here.
Follow Sarah on FB and Instagram!


images via Sarah Richardson.com

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I was down at the gift and furniture mart here in Atlanta last week and took a moment to stop by a few showrooms to check out some of the new design books coming out this fall.  During the fall months, there are always a slew of new books being published which in turn means the UPS man will be stopping by once or twice.
I’m somewhat of a book snob and really don’t like to buy books unless I can take a sneak peek it be before hand.  That’s one of the good things about have the mart here in Atlanta.  While many of the books are in mock-up form I at least get to check out the cover and look at a few of the pages.  The cover says a lot about a book and if it is mostly text heavy, and has little visual inspiration, it’s usually not at the top of my purchase list.
Anyhow, here are some of the books I was able to spy and I’ve noted the ones that will definitely be making their way to my home.  All of these books are available for pre-order on Amazon so you too can start you book buying planning too!  Enjoy and let me know which title(s) you’ll be adding to your bookshelf.
Nell Hills
I am so excited that Mary Carol Garrity is coming out with a new book Nell Hill’s Rooms We Love.  Like all of her books, this one is filled with beautiful images of comfortable, stylish rooms each with a distinct personality.  Mary Carol, the owner of the specialty retail stores Nell Hill, shares her design tips, design approach and design tricks in this book.  And you’ll get to look inside Mary Carol’s home which is a design dream.  This one’s a definite!
p.s.  All of the other Nell Hill titles are worth investing in too!
Aerin Lauder
I hadn’t really followed the career and life of Aerin Lauder until I started seeing images of her home appear on Pinterest and saw this article on ElleDecor.  Ever since them I’ve been in love with her style and her fashion sense.  Her new book, Beauty at Home looks like it is going to be stunning and the cover alone should make you want to buy it. This one is getting added to my Christmas list!
Anything Veranda is worthy of a place on the bookshelf and I am definitely looking forward to reading this new title, The Art of Outdoor Living.  This book looks like it will provide a photo tour of some of the most beautiful gardens and homes ever designs.  Yes please, get here as soon as you can!
Rachel Ashwell
While Rachel Ashwell’s style is not totally in sync with mine, I am looking forward to reading Couture Prairie because it includes a tour of Round Top, Texas and the world-famous flea market that takes place there every year.  I am also excited to get a look at Rachel’s home and see how you creates her signature style using flea market finds, salvage items and architectural treasures.  I’m for sure getting this book and planning a trip to Round Top.
Fashion House
I love all things illustrations and know I will love this book filled with just for that reason.  Fashion House is all about showcasing the interiors of design and fashion icons through hand-drawn images.  When I can tap into my love of fashion and design I know I’ve found my happy place. On the Order List!
If you love beautiful illustrations too, you’ll also want to check out A Life of Style by Rebecca Moses.  This book has been out for a few years but it one of my favorite design books of all times.
Suzanne Kasler
Suzanne Kasler is one of my favorite designers and just like her first book, Timeless Style is going to showcase her work from homes across the country.  I’m looking forward to adding this classic design book to my library.  On order!
Candice Olsen
I’ve never owned a Candice Olson design book before since I watch her shows and admire her style and design approach I’m looking forward to checking Everyday Elegance out.  What I like most about Candice’s style is how elegant she can make a room look using simple and practical design ideas.  I know the before and after photos of this book will offer up lots of design lessons.  Another one added to the Christmas list.
And finally, while not a design book, I adore Ree Drummond so The Pioneer Woman Cooks a Year of Holidays is a must have book.
Pioneer Woman
I’m a faithful viewer of the Pioneer Woman cooking show every Saturday morning and just love how easy and effortless Ree makes cooking look like.  She is so down to earth and makes cooking look fun, which has even prompted a non-cooker like me to try a few of her dishes.  And being from Oklahoma myself, I can’t help but love an Oklahoma gal!
So there you have it…what I’ll be reading this fall and winter?
Happy Reading!

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The other day I came across this photo of designer Kristin Albers office space and was captivated.  I usually lean towards bold, fun colors in my work space but I really felt a connection with the monotone color palette.  The space feels cozy and totally relaxing with a simple sophistication to it.



In doing a little research about this office space I discovered that all the binders, which I originally thought had been wrapped in Kraft paper, were actually products made by a company right here in the USA.

Guided Products makes simple, durable, reusable and beautiful binders, folders, business cards, labels and iPad cases. And the company has a great business philosophy.


When I started looking for information on Kristin Alber I learned that she is pretty amazing designer and business woman.  In 1999 Kristin and her husband founded the store Domestic Bliss in Mesa, Arizona and have since gone on to establish FOUND Design Co. a second store which sells a curated collection of home finds.  Kristin is also the talent behind ReStyleSource.com which is a national guide to local shops and restaurants plus a blog featuring amazing content on interiors, DIY projects, fashion, food, entertaining and parties!  You can read about RestyleSource here.

The Domestic Bliss store is one of most beautiful stores I’ve come across in a long time and I haven’t even seen it in person.  The store is filled it with an amazing collection of vintage and new items and is expertly merchandised with lifestyle vignettes and creative displays.  I could go on and on about this store but I’ll let these photos speak for themselves.







blogboard2 (3)




2 (2)

Here are a few images of the store decorated for Fall and Christmas….

found fall 3a

found fall 2


5 (2)

3 (2)

Domestic Bliss also offer interior design services and creates beautiful spaces for their clients like these…


Such a great mix of patterns, colors, textures and finishes.


This home decorated in shades of white and cream is just stunning…





Wow, right??  So much goodness under one business umbrella.

We are planning a trip out west next year and I will definitely include Domestic Bliss on my list of places to check out.

For more inspiration you can find Found on Pinterest or you can visit them in person in Mesa.

FOUND by Domestic Bliss
166 W Main St   
Mesa, AZ 85201
Open Tuesday thru Saturday
More images of Kristin’s work space can be found in the book Where Women Create Organization!
 Be Inspired!

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As a designer, blogger and all-around creative, I read about and study lots of interior designers.  One of the designers that has recently stood out to me is Katie Ridder.  Although Katie has designed since 1995, after a stint at House & Garden and House Beautiful magazine, her work has made an impression on me because of her use of color.
In today’s design world so many designers are creating rooms that are “quite” and “soft” often using totally neutral color palettes.  While these low-key rooms are on trend and have their place, it’s refreshing to see a designer like Katie designing rooms that are just as stylish, just as on-trend, just a sophisticated yet full of color.  Color is obviously a signature design element for Katie and she does it well.  Take a look as some of Katie’s work…


I love that Katie has used the same color on the wall and chair fabric resulting in a room that feels very cozy and relaxed.


A colorful sofa is something you will find in lots of Katie Ridder designed spaces.  The sofa is always the attention grabber but plays beautifully with the other textiles in the space.


I love this combination of yellow and teal which makes the room feel pretty without being too cute.


A colorful bed, something you don’t see a lot of these days.


Oh how I love this orange sofa against the creamy walls and flooring.


This is one of my favorite Katie Ridder rooms.  I love the Americana feel with a touch of eclectic glam and whimsy.


Americana with a traditional spin. The pops of red really give this room energy.



A great example of saturated colors mixed with pastels.
I recently added Katie Ridder’s book to my design library and have been inspired by so many of the spaces she has designed.


To learn more about Katie and view her complete portfolio, visit her website!

XO Shelly

all images via Pinterest

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As I blogger, it has always been somewhat of a mystery about who it is that actually reads my blog.  I know that a larger percentage of my readers are women and many of you are designers like me.  I also know that I have quite a few male readers (yeah men!) and that lots of you love the same things I do…fashion, entertaining, gifting and design.  It is always nice to connect with my readers and I love it when one of you takes the time to drop me a note to let me know how much you enjoy what I write and share with you.
A couple of months ago, I got an email from one of my readers in NY letting me know how much HE liked my blog.  Victor had a website listed at the bottom of his email and of course I checked it out.  Come to find out that one of my blog readers is Victor-Raul Garcia, a very well-known abstract modernist painter from NY.  Victor and I have traded a few emails and I have come to love his work and wanted to share it with you.

Here’s Victor in action creating one of his colorful and dynamic pieces.
Victor was born in Lima, Peru, raised by his grandmother and came to the US at the age of 8.  He has long had an interest in interior design, visual expression and color therapy, all which led him to follow his passion of being an artist.  Victor is known as an artist that explores new ways to create his work, often mixing traditional materials with non-traditional elements like coffee grinds and wood stains.
This is how Victor describes his work…”Layers are the distinction between past and present, old and new, buried and rediscovered. The process I use in my work I call ‘art archeology’ since I am stripping away layers to unravel a hidden mystery or putting on layers to add mystery to what’s hidden. I believe we all have a physicality, a personality and an essence, which is what I hope to portray in each piece.
Victor’s work has been collected by people all over the world, has been shown in many galleries and has been featured in many magazines.  Here’s a look at some of his current pieces.


What I love most about Victor’s art is the intense use of color and the bold statement each piece makes.  I hope to one day own a piece of Victors work.
The blog world is an amazing space.  While I may never know who each and every one of my readers is, I love when I can connect with someone, make a new friend and find a whole new source of inspiration.  As someone who has always wanted to dabble in painting, I’m inspired by Victors art.
Thanks Victor for reading ConfettiStyle and for reaching out and saying Hi!
To learn more about Victor you can visit his website here or connect with him on Facebook here!

XO Shellyp.s.  I’d love to get to know my readers better so leave me a comment and let me know your name and where you are from.

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