DESIGN PLAN: Tuscan Dining Room

I had the pleasure of creating a design plan for a young couple who have just purchased their first home.  The goal for the dining space was to merge his traditional style with her love for rustic yet refined decor.  They both love natural rooms with pops of color and wanted the overall feel of the dining room to be warm and inviting.

After dissecting their design styles, I came up with the theme, Tuscan Dining.  My vision was rich, warm colors with a mix of dark and light wood tones.  I also envisioned a mix of classic and transitional furniture, colorful textiles and lots of texture.


Tuscan Themed Dining Room Design Plan by ConfettiStyle


No.1 & No. 5–A traditional dining room set will work best for this couple who loves to entertain.  The oval table maximizing seating and helps with the traffic flow in and out of the room. The dark wood stain on the table adds depth and contrast against the lighter tones in the room.

No.2–To bring in a more modern touch, I suggested an upholstered settee for one side of the dining table.  This larger piece of furniture will add softness to the room and can easily be moved to other areas of the home when needed.

No. 3–All of the lighting for this dining room is in a bronze finish which adds even more warmth to the space.  The chandelier has lots of curves to it which create visual movement for the eye.   And if the couple wants an even more traditional feel they could add shades to each arm.

No. 4–These patterned drapes are the wow factor in the room.  The all-over damask pattern have a traditional vibe but the bold colors will help the room maintain a sense of playfulness.  I also like that the drapery pattern/colors will give the couple lots of options when it comes to accessorizing.

No.6–A sleek round mirror over the rustic sideboard keeps the wall decor statement simple.  Plus a round mirror has a more modern feel than a rectangular design.

No.7–Instead of lamps, wall sconces are another way to add lighting to a dining room and expand the wall decor statement above a buffet. These double arm sconces will provide ample lighting and visually draw the eye up.

No.8–I love a neutral colored rug with lots of texture.  The subtle diamond pattern of this sisal rug adds a cozy and relaxed feel plus lots of visual interest.

No.9–A good way to create dimension and depth within a room is by mixing furniture with different finishes.  The blonde wood finish on this sideboard ties into the lighter tones in the drapes and the rustic finish adds the dimension.

 No.10–I wanted to pull in some navy to coordinate with the drapes and a pair of ceramic garden stools flanking the sideboard will do the trick.  Plus I love the raised vine design which adds more visual interest.



My Fall Tablescape–Natural + Gold


Hello friends and happy Friday!

 It seems that the mother nature is going to bring an early taste of fall to Atlanta this weekend with temps in the 70’s.  Perfect timing since I just pulled together this fall tablescape and I’m beyond ready for the season to be here.


This year I decided to create a table featuring natural hues with accents of gold.  I love how it turned out and hope you do to.

 Enjoy the photos and cheers to the season!

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My Fall Centerpiece

Even though I don’t do a ton of fall decorating, I usually build a centerpiece statement for my dining table.  This year it was a use what you have decorating project so all it took was trip to the garage, washing some glass pieces and a little faux bois wrapping paper.

Fall 2014 Centerpiece by ConfettiStyle14

I love using wrapping paper for a table runner and this faux wood grain paper is perfect for a fall tablescape.

Fall 2014 Centerpiece by ConfettiStyle7

Whenever I create a centerpiece arrangement I always use items that will add texture and I always create layers.  I used several of my vintage trophy urns to elevate pumpkins and to hold small containers of mums.  Instead of using all one color of pumpkin, I used a variety which gives the centerpiece lots of depth.

Fall 2014 Centerpiece by ConfettiStyle5

My collection of cloches and glass domes is ever-growing and they are great to use on the table.

Fall 2014 Centerpiece by ConfettiStyle9

Pumpkins perched on top of urns and under glass create the layered look I love.

Fall 2014 Centerpiece by ConfettiStyle3

Fall 2014 Centerpiece by ConfettiStyle1

When the clock strikes FALL tomorrow, I’m all ready to usher in the season.


Product sources:
Faux Bois Wrapping Paper–Target (no longer available), similar here
Faux Pumpkins–Hobby Lobby and Michael’s
Velvet Pumkin–DIY
Trophy Urns–vintage
Antler–My Favorite Place (local thrift store)
Large Glass Cloche–Creative Co-Op (to the trade)
Tall cloche–Smith’s 

FIVE Last Minute Ideas for Your Christmas Table

Tick, Tock…even though there may be a shortage of time between now and Christmas, there’s still time to pull together some fabulous décor ideas for your holiday table.




No. 1 — Use stemware, extra ornaments and paper tags to create fun and easy place markers for the table.


No. 2– Gather together greens from the yard or pick some up free at your local hardware store and create a bold statement for each chair at the table.



No.3 –Bring the lanterns in from outdoors create a dynamic centerpiece grouping.  Add greenery and pinecones for a seasonal touch.



No. 4 –On your evening walk tonight, gather some pinecone and then spray paint them gold.  Add a name card and a unique placecard marker.



No. 5 –Pull a few packages from under the tree and set them on top of candlesticks for a fun and whimsical centerpiece.  Take down will be a breeze!

Here’s hoping all your last-minute holiday task are getting checked off the list.


Five Ways to UP-STYLE your Dining Room

Hello and Happy Monday!

I hope you weekend was great and that there was sun in your neck of the woods.  Here in Atlanta we had rain which made for a good weekend to stay indoors and “try” to catch up on work.  One of the projects I’m working on is a dining room revamp for a client and the entire project got me thinking about different ways to give a dining room added style. Furniture is always the first element that defines a dining room but beyond that, there are some other ways to enhance the style and make your dining space a bit more personal and unique.




Adopting this look can be done pretty easily just by painting different styles of chairs in the same color or color family so that they work with the textiles and color you have in your dining room.  I love this look for eclectic and vintage styled homes but it can also be done with more traditional styling as well.
The neutral colors along with the grey tones are used in different applications giving each chair a unique look while keeping the entire statement coordinated.
In a more traditional space, variations of the same color keep the color palette tight and classic.


A bench is a fun way to break up a dining room set while still providing the same amount of seating that chairs would.  Using a bench also allows you to incorporate a strong pattern statement with the upholstered seat and helps to lighten the visual impact of a heavy wood dining set.
With the bench finish the same as the chairs, it feels like it is part of the set.
Fully skirted benches add softness and provide a contrast against the legs of the table and chairs.


Switching out your traditional chandelier for something that is unique in style, material or shape is one of the easiest ways to up-style your dining room.  I also like the idea of hanging double chandeliers instead of one for a more personalized look.
These uniquely shaped hanging glass pendants grab your attention and help define the style of this dining room.
A popular trend of late is turning vintage wire and wicker baskets into chandeliers.  This look works great for more casual dining rooms.
I love this cluster of round lights, shaped to form a unique chandelier.  Keeping the chandelier white allows the shape to command attention and not a color.


I’ve always wanted a house where the rooms were such that the dining room and living room could switch places.  If your home gives your this option, move your dining room into the living space where there is built-in architectural features or a fireplace.  These elements will add instant character to your dining space.
I’m seeing bookcase walls being used in dining spaces more and more.  This look adds a personal feel and in a pinch the lower shelves can be cleared and used as a serving station.
Opt for open shelving in a dining room versus a china hutch or closed cabinets.
Glass front cabinets will keep your dining space open and airy while still adding an elegant touch.
With open shelving, your serving pieces become decorative objects that help style the room.


Yes paint is the easiest and cheapest way to dress up a space but in a dining room think about doing something different to your walls like adding a fun wallpaper, stencils or mirrors.
A unique wallpaper will immediately define the style of your dining room.  Be bold and use it throughout instead of just on one wall.
If you have lots of windows in your dining room, use your drapes as the decorative statement.  Double up the panels to make the curtains plush and full and drape them back to add visual movement and shape.
A wall of antique mirrors is a great way to add style without your dining room looking like a dressing room.   And check out those unique light fixtures above the table.
If your room doesn’t come with built-in architectural detailing, you can always add it.  Cut a niche into the wall and using a wide molding, create a dramatic frame.
Beyond these 5 Ways to Up-Style your Dining Room, make sure your centerpiece is also something that stands out and defines your space.
Happy Decorating!

XO Shelly

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Cuttin’ a Rug

Good Day everyone!  I’ve been MIA for the last two days due to my schedule which got a bit over-loaded.  I’ve got things back on track and wanted to pop in today and share one of my favorite product resources with you.
In the midst of working on a design plan for a client, which calls for a number of rugs,  I came across some real beauties!  Rugs have come a long way from low pile, flat weave, uninteresting designs to looks like this that will make a room come to life.  All of these rugs are available from one of my favorite rug sources, which offers great prices, great service and great delivery.
If you are in the market for a rug you should check out these rugs or the hundreds of others available at!  Oh, and did I forget to mention that they have a slew of rugs 50% during the month of February!
Happy Shopping!
Rugs USA Quinta Moderno Trellis Ash Rug
Rugs USA Quinta Moderno Trellis Ash Rug–Great in a living/family room, home office or bedroom!
Rugs USA Satara Moroccan Inspire Grey Rug
Rugs USA Satara Moroccan Inspire Grey Rug–Love this look for an office or dining room.
Rugs USA Plymouth Grove Slate Rug
Rugs USA Plymouth Grove Slate Rug–This would look great in a bedroom or could even be fun in a sophisticated nursery.
Rugs USA Moderna Dynasty Charcoal Rug
Rugs USA Moderna Dynasty Charcoal Rug–A fun rug for a living room or dining room.
Safavieh Wyndham WYD374 Blue Rug
Safavieh Wyndham WYD374 Blue Rug–Love this for a bedroom, breakfast area or foyer.
Safavieh Wyndham WYD372 Blue Rug
Safavieh Wyndham WYD372 Blue Rug–A beautiful choice for a bedroom, home office or girls room.
Rugs USA Kilim Trellis Green Rug
Rugs USA Kilim Trellis Green Rug–This classic style will work in just about any room of the house.
Rugs USA Marquis Chevron Natural Rug
Rugs USA Marquis Chevron Natural Rug–So loving this for a study, office or large bathroom.
Rugs USA Fergana Acantha Floral Brown Rug
Rugs USA Fergana Acantha Floral Brown Rug–A whimsical and fun rug for a sun porch, keeping room or office.
Rugs USA Santa Ana Verden Ikat Navy Rug
Rugs USA Santa Ana Verden Ikat Navy Rug–A classic Ikat that would look great in a dining room or living room.


{This is not a sponsored post, just me sharing one of my favorite design resources! }

Thanksgiving Decor–5 Last Minute Ideas

I ventured into the grocery store yesterday and was quickly reminded that shopping within days of a major holiday is not such a  good idea.  Along with me, there were lots of last-minute shoppers trying to get the job done.  That whole process got me thinking that there are probably lots of people out there who have put off pulling together their Thanksgiving decor as well!  If you happen to fall into that group, don’t fret because there are lots of quick and easy looks you can pull together in time for Thanksgiving.  To give you a little inspiration, I’ve rounded up five of my favorite Thanksgiving DIY projects.

fall flowers pinned on pumpkins...great decoration for Thanksgiving!


Fresh flowers are a must for the dining table but this look will jazz up your table more than a vase of flowers ever could.  Purchase several bunches of fall flowers, snip the flowers heads off and glue them to the outside of pumpkins.  You’ll want to create this centerpiece an hour or two before your dinner so the flower heads will stay fresh.

Thanksgiving mantle decor


It’s easy to pull together a Thanksgiving look for your mantel just by adding a few fall pieces to the decor that you already have.

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor


Let nature do the work when it comes to creating a fun table centerpiece.  I love how the leaves add layers and dimension on top of a simple fall tablecloth.

DIY Thanksgiving table decoration, thanksgiving centerpiece, thanksgiving craft, thanksgiving decoration, fall craft, fall centerpiece, fall decor, easy thanksgiving craft


This is a great project to get the kids involved with.  Cut leaf shapes from different colors and patterns of paper and felt, and use double-sided tape to attach them to the edges of a plain white tablecloth that’s been accented with a band of ribbon.  Crafty chic for sure!

Natural Decor: Pinecone garland for Thanksgiving or Christmas


And finally, gather some pinecones from the yard, add eye ring screws and create a garland for the mantle!

Here’s to being Thankful for so many creative ideas!

16 + 1: Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

From casual to elegant and anywhere in between, the ideas are endless…


A centerpiece that’s long and low, with candles of course!


Simplicity at its best!


A personalized approach!


Love the hanging pumpkins and branches!


The antlers add an unexpected touch!


Shades of white with accents of gold!  So elegant.


Straight from mother nature!


Show off the fruits of your labor!


Go old school with a Cornucopia!


Opt for a unique charger plate and carry the nest them throughout your decor.


My all time favorite.  Beautiful birds on a branch!


A simple harvest centerpiece!


Glitter adds glam!


Make the flowers fabulous and keep the rest simple!


Add the details… the glass goblet place card holder!


An unexpected color palette always surprises!

And don’t forget the kids… 


What do you have in store for your Thanksgiving table decor??

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