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September–A Season Of Change

September is a magical time of year!  Summer is winding down and the pace of life seems to slow a bit. Vacation getaways are replaced by lazy Saturday mornings and weekend road trips.  The days are still warm but there is a recognizable chill in the morning air because fall is fast approaching.

This is my favorite time of year to go thrifting, visit the farmers market and take walks in the park.  I’m hoping to do all of these things in abundance and enjoy each day as it comes.   We still have a lot to do to get settled into your new house  into our new house but my focus this month will be to get my office together.  I’ll be sharing my design plan for this space later this week so stay tuned.

While I’m enjoying the beauty of September and the coming of fall, I also have the holidays on my mind.  I’ve starting flushing out my holiday decorating plans and a sneak peek of my color theme is included in the images below.

It’s going to be a busy month but I plan on making the most of the glorious month.


September 2017 Inspiration Notebook by ConfettiStyle

September 2017 Inspiration Notebook by ConfettiStyle
September 2017 Inspiration Notebook by ConfettiStyle


While we’re easing into a new month, here are some fun facts about September that I thought you might enjoy.  Cheers to the month ahead and the adventures that await.

Fun Facts About September

♦ The 9th month of the year marks the beginning of autumn in the Northern hemisphere and the start of spring in the Southern hemisphere.

♦ September starts on the same day of the week as December each year, but does not end on the same day of the week as any other month in the year.

♦ This month has three birth flowers: the forget-me-not, the morning-glory and the aster. Forget-me-nots represent love and memories, asters represent love as well, and the morning-glory represents unrequited love. These are all very passionate flowers.

♦  In the northern hemisphere, the Autumn Equinox occurs and fall begins. This takes place on September 22nd or 23rd, depending on the year.

♦  Fun days to celebrate this month:  9/5: National Cheese Pizza Day,  9/9: National Teddy Bear Day, 9/16: National Play-Doh Day, 9/19: International “Talk Like A Pirate Day”.


Autumn Decorating Idea–Fall Leaf Branches


Fall Decorating Idea:  Fall Leaf Branches 

Last week the hubby and I headed off on a road trip to visit my mom in Oklahoma.  Our travels took us through three states and lots of countryside where I really started to notice the coming of fall.  Trees are starting to turn, leaves are beginning to trickle to the ground and the warm, rich colors of fall are starting come alive.

One of the things that struck me on our drive was the simplicity and beauty of fall foliage.  Since I don’t do a ton of decorating for fall, I’m loving the idea of a few fall leaf branches placed in a jar or vase.  The leaves add color and texture, the branches create visual dimension and a natural touch like leaves makes any space feel more inviting.

Decorating for fall doesn’t get any easier than that!



Clip and gather branches of brightly colored leaves and arrange them like flowers in a decorative vase.  Clear containers let the beauty of the leaves stand out while colorful glassware creates a more modern look and feel.



With so many varieties of leaves just outside your door, it should be easy to find a color that works with your décor.





For a dramatic centerpiece, gather several large branches into a large vase or pot.  Let the branches extend up and out to create a more organic arrangement.





Large groupings of leaves can create a visual backdrop over a mantel just as a mirror or piece of artwork would do.





If you like the idea of decorating with fall leaf branches, here are a few tips that will help your arrangements last:

  1. Choose bright-colored branches that have not peaked in color
  2.  Clip branches with a sharp garden clippers
  3. Remove 2 to 3 inches of bark from the end of the branch and then pound the end of the branch flat.  This will help the branch absorb water better.
  4. Place branches in a container with a mixture of 1/3 glycerin and 2/3 warm water.  Branches should last for a couple of weeks.



When it comes to fall décor, do you go all out or do you like simple touches?


I’ll be back tomorrow to share some high-end designer looks you can hack on a budget.

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Inspiration Notebook: September 2016 (in pictures & words)

Fall Flowers

September is one of my favorite times of the year!  FALL is near, leaves will be changing and football season is here.

As I started pulling together my Inspiration Notebook for September, I realized that the things that are inspiring me this month are best explained through pictures and words.  Enjoy!

♦♦Inspiration Notebook--September 2016

Inspiration Notebook--September 2016


Inspiration Notebook--September 2016

Inspiration Notebook--September 2016

I want to take a moment to say Thank You to all of you that read the blog and support this passion journey that I’m on.  I’ve got fun projects planned this month and as always I strive to be your style guide for decorating, entertaining, gifting & more.

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My Inspiration Notebook–September 2015


Hello September!

I can’t believe how fast the last 30 days have flown by.  If there’s one thing to hate about getting older, it’s the fact that time seems to go by at a quicker pace while our daily routines seem to get  busier and busier.

 As summer ends and fall blooms I hope each of you will take some time to relax and enjoy the beauty of it all. I sure plan on doing that.

I introduced the idea of my Inspiration Notebook last month and I’m really enjoying the process of jotting down the things that inspire me and collecting pieces that represent that inspiration.Today I’m bring you the September installment in my notebook.   It gives you a glimpse at how I plan to enjoy the month and a few new adventures I have planned for the blog and on Instagram.  Enjoy and be inspired!

September Inspiration Notebook.001


Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.07.48 PM


Fall Blankets by Southern Sweetie


What’s in your inspiration notebook for September?


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