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It’s no secret that I love jewelry and every season I try to add a few new pieces of costume jewelry to my wardrobe.

Tassel jewelry is and has always been a favorite jewelry style of mine and BaubleBar is one of my favorite sources for affordable, on-trend jewelry.

I was recently on the hunt for a new pair of tassel earrings and after I got finished looking through the Bauble Bar site, I had found several tassel pieces I wanted to bring home.

Tassel Jewelry Under $40.001


These Tiffany Tassel Drops in Ruby are just stunning and the perfect pair of earrings to dress up a simple black outfit.  $28

Wrap bracelets became popular a few years ago and since then they have gotten more and more stylish.  I love the mix of gold and turquoise with black beads in this sleek  Onyx Bracelet Quad.  $48

Statement necklaces like this Rockefeller Tassel Bib Necklace are still popular and begin worn with everything from denim to evening gowns.  The tassel on this necklace makes it even more perfect for day into evening in my book. $46

You can never go wrong with a classic black tassel necklace like the Bettie Tassel Pendant Necklace.  $26

I purchased these Lagos Drop Earrings because of the fun mix of colors that I think will be great during the summer.  $34

If you like a bolder earning, the Nolita Drop Earrings will definitely give you that look.  The black and gray color combo is classic with a twist. $38

The Cape Town Tassel Bracelet is a nice piece that would be fun stacked with other bracelets. $12

Tassel Jewelry Under $40.002

I also picked up the Geode Drop Earrings ($48) because I couldn’t resist the turquoise and pink color combo.

In addition to a great selection of jewelry, Baublebar also offers Free Shipping and Returns on every purchase which makes their site even more enticing.

Shelly Signature


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Statement Necklace Styling


I, like most women have a thing for jewelry. My particular crush is on bold statement pieces that have lots of personality and wow.

During the cold winter months, statement necklaces are a great way to accessorize layered clothing and bulkier pieces like a sweater or blazer.  A statement necklace can add instant impact to any outfit, causal or dressy.

Here’s a round-up of a few statement necklaces I just discovered and styling tips on how to wear them.

Statment Styling


How To Style A Statement Necklace

♦  The chunkier the clothing, the chunkier the necklace–make sure your necklace can hold its own against the texture and visual weight of  your sweater or jacket.

♦  Mix it up–don’t be afraid to wear multiple necklaces together to create your own signatures statement style.

♦  Go for the hi-low mix–a statement necklace can work just as well with a causal sweater and jeans as it can with a cashmere cardigan and tailored slacks.

♦  Layer with necklaces–wear statement necklaces to fill in an open neckline on a v-neck sweater or button up shirt.

♦ Statement necklace and collared shirts are a great combo–wear choker or shorter length necklaces under a collared shirt to create polished look.  Statement necklaces look great with turtlenecks too!

Statement Necklaces.001.jpeg.001

1) Black Stone Metal Necklace–$24.99   2)  Feather Necklace–$34.99  3) Gold Metal Necklace–$24.99

4) Multi-Strand Necklace–$17.99   5) Pria Layered Bead Necklace–$20.00

Statement Necklaces.001.jpeg.002

1) Bainbridge Layer Necklace–$64.00 2) Balletomane Bib Necklace–$98.00 3) Jura Necklace–$99.95

4) Aurelia Necklace–$68.00 5) Manella Stack Pendant Necklace–$58.00


Statment Styling5


Statment Styling2


Statment Styling3


Layered Necklaces


Statement Styling4


Statement Styling5


Do you have a favorite amongst this group of gorgeous statement necklaces?


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Good Morning everyone (or should I say afternoon)!  I hope you all had a great weekend.

Today I wanted to share a little bit about the design workshop I conducted on Saturday. I’ve been partnering with a local retail store called Smith’s for several years now and have conducted seasonal design workshops for their customers.  Smith’s is located in Duluth, GA on Main Street which has lots gift and decor stores, restaurants and art galleries.

Over the years my workshop topic centered around home decor since that was the primary product focus of the store.  However, Smith’s recently made a change to their product mix and in addition to carrying decorative accessories and gifts, they now sell clothing, accessories and footwear.  They have also co-branded their store as Smith’s and BoCo Girl which is the fashion side of the business.

  So, what’s a designing girl like me to do when it’s time to come up with a workshop theme and it has to include fashion? Well, I tapped into my fashion experience and created a workshop that focused on how your fashion style can influence and define your home decor style.

I thought you’d enjoy the presentation here on the blog so here’s my cliff note version of the fashion and design tips I shared with the group.


Fashion Meets Decor Quote

♥  Fashion and home decor and directly related since many of the trends you see in home decor as spun from the colors, patterns, textures and materials you see in clothing.

♥  A great way to define your design style is to look in the closet and identify the colors and patterns you wear most.  Use what you love in fashion to help build a design theme for your home.

Fashion Meets Decor

♥  Sometime fashion only inspires and design trend and in some cases home decor patterns and colors are a direct interpretation of a fashion statement.

♥  Understanding your clothing style (loose and layered or streamline and structured) can relate to how you’d like to style your home and how each room needs to function for you.

Fashion Meets Decor2

♥   Fun patterns in clothing can add personality to your wardrobe just like patterns in your decor can help define the personality of your home.

♥  Your fashion style should play up your best physical assets and the way you decorate your home should highlight the best features of your home (tall ceilings, windows, trim etc)

Fashion Meets Decor5

♥  A favorite wardrobe piece like a classic denim jacket can be the inspiration for the decor in your home.

♥  And if you have a signature look when it comes to fashion like Diane Keaton, use that to determine your design formula.

Denim Decor via Style At Home

via style at home

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton's Bedroom via Domaine

via my domaine

♥  The style of jewelry and accessories you wear can inspire the types of items and the way your accessorize around your house.


necklace available from Smith’s

Coffee Table Decor via Theteacherdiva

via the teacher diva


shoes available from Smith’s

♥  Because fashion is such a personal statement that ties into our emotions, it’s very likely that the elements you like in fashion are also elements you’ll like as decor in your home.

Fashion Meets Decor3

♥  Create a style identity that reflected in your wardrobe and in your home.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren via Macy’s

Living room via From The Right Bank

via from the right bank

♥  Fashion and decor are so inter-connected, it’s a great idea to use use fashion accessories to decorate your home.

Via Cocokelley

Bracelets as napkin rings via cocokelley

So you see, #fashion and #design really are one in the same.  You should dress in clothing that makes you feel good and the best version of yourself and the way you decorate your home should bring  you that same joy.

Style Yourself, Style Your Home!




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Summer Tote

There are a list of things I can’t live without in the summer including my white converse, a pair of classic espadrilles, maxi dresses and a striped tote bag.

During the summer I tend to carry move stuff in my handbag and have found that carrying a tote works best for me.  I own several tote bag styles but when it comes to a summer tote, stripes are a favorite.

 I’ve done a little shopping for you and rounded up my favorite striped bags of the season.

What makes for a great tote bag:  

relaxed but sturdy shape 

comfortable carry handles

sturdy bottom–I love tote bags that have a reinforced bottom, leather bottom or one with metal feet

easy to get in and out of

a zip closure is ideal but not a requirement

and of course cute!


Top row:  Stripe Tote / Collins Woven Tote / Oversized Stripe Tote 
Bottom row:  Tara Tribal Tote / Horizontal Striped Tote / Navy and White Stripe Canvas Tote


With all the space a tote bag has, I know that sometimes the inside can get a little unorganized so here’s a tip that will help you keep the inside of  your bag looking great:

 Buy a purse organizer.  Whoever invented this item is a genius.  A purse organizer allows you to corral all your belongs in a neat and compact way and when you want to change handbags, just pull the entire piece out and place it in your new bag.

Purse Organizer

pink and orange striped tote (below)

Stripe Summer Tote

Summer’s here so grab your tote and enjoy the season.


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Happy weekend my friends.  Just popping in to say hello and share a few inspirational links that I came across this week.

Enjoy your weekend and be inspired!


I’m always on the hunt for clever organizing ideas and this shoe storage idea definitely meets the criteria.

Ottoman Shoe Storage

Fashion Shopping

7 Highly Effective Habits of Fashion Power Shoppers


This is a great article  filled with valuable advice that you should consider whether you’re building a business or a blog.

Nesting Place--Decorating with Flowers

Great tips for decorating with flowers without spending tons of money.

Dimples and Tangles DIY Door Update

This DIY idea to update a basic door is brilliant.

See you back here Monday!


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I might have mentioned this before but when I lived in Seattle it wasn’t uncommon for me to take the first day of the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale off from work.  Given that Nordstrom is based in Seattle, their half-yearly sales are a major deal in that city.   I’ve always loved the Nordstrom sale because it’s a great time to pick up a few in-season pieces and save money while you’re at it.

I spent a little time checking our the deals online and rounded up a few of my faves.

Let’s go shopping shall we…

Espadrilles are the ‘it’ shoe for spring and summer and this black and white platform espadrille is the perfect blend of summer style and comfort.  And the $40 price tag makes it even more attractive.

If I could buy an unlimited number of any one fashion accessory, it would be handbags.  A classic leather handbag should be a part of every girls wardrobe and having one in a fashion color like this beautiful orchid is perfect for spring or summer.  I love the woven handle and all the interior pockets of this Elliott Lucca leather tote.


I love sporting a white watch during summer and since the cheapo one I bought at the mart has seen its last day, I’m going to invest in a new one.  This Nixon patent leather strap watch is the front runner on my consideration list.  I love the round crystal face, the gold rim and hands and the $74.90 pricepoint.

If you love jewelry, you’ll definitely want to get in on one of these deals.  This turquoise stone pendant necklace is only $8.98 and is perfect to wear with summer dresses, tanks and tees.  This Drusy pendant necklace is a bit dressier but would work just as well with a casual outfit and it’s only $13.98.


If you’re planning on doing any traveling this summer or if you like to spend your weekends antique shopping like me, this belt bag is for you.  When it comes to style, fanny packs have come a long way and this striped canvas belt bag is both cute and afforable.

Summers are meant for maxi dresses and Nordstrom has a ton of great styles on sale under $100.  Here are three of my favorite-navy and white maxi for everyday wear, a floral maxi for when you need something a bit dressier and this roll-sleeve maxi when you want to look super chic but casual.


Don’t dilly dally, because the Nordsrom Half-Yearly Sale ends May 31st.  Happy shopping!


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Scalamandre Zebra Wallpaper

One of the things I’ve noticed since I started blogging is that when a popular blogger decorates with hot design trend, it starts showing up all over blogland in one bloggers home after another. As I designer, I’m exposed to the trends more than the average person and while I find myself gravitating towards what’s ‘hot’, I’m starting to feel like some design statements are becoming overused.

What I see happening is that homes are losing their unique personality because everyone is jumping on the same bandwagon.  And it’s also happening in fashion too!

  Take the black and white Ikea Lappljung pattern.  First it was the pillow

Ikea Lappljung Pillow

and then the rug.  Or did the rug come first?   It wouldn’t surprise me if every home in American owned one or both of these items.

(I own the pillow)

Ikea Lappljung Rug

And I’m not even going to mention the Vargyllen pillow.

Vargyllen Pillow--Ikea

Now let’s take a look at six trends that may be reaching the level of over-exposure…

 I’m seeing this Malakos Malachite pillow showing up in so many bloggers homes and on the pages of magazines. Malachite has been a major trend for several seasons now  and while malachite furniture can be pricey, in a pillow the trend becomes something everyone can afford.

Malakos Malachite Pillow

Ok, how many of you have seen this Eliza J Scarf Print Maxi dress showing up on fashion bloggers feeds over the last two weeks.  I think this is the ‘it’ dress of the summer and will be showing up at parties, soirees and even blog conferences across the country.  I spotted the green version at Dillard’s a few weeks ago and even considered buying it myself.

 Eliza J Scarf Print Dress--Coral Eliza J Scarf Print Dress--Green

It appears that a hot commodity in bedding these days is the black and white Linden Duvet from Crane and Company.  I’ve seen multiple bloggers/designers using this set in recent bedroom designs and I think it just highlights the fact that black and white color palettes are popular right now and classic will always be in style.   I love this bedding but I’m going to put a twist on the look for my spring bedroom refresh that I’ll be revealing next week.

Linden Bedding from Crane and Company

Need a little something to hang on the wall?  Well, how about the Beverly IV Tropical Palm Leaves image that is showing up in droves across blogland. It’s bold and dynamic, and fits in with the bohemian modern decorating style that so many people are loving these days.  If the art is a bit much for you, this pattern is also trending in pillow form and as a wallpaper.

Beverly Palm Leaves Artwork

Beverly Tropical Palm Pillow

Beverly Tropical Palm Leaves Wallpaper

Another super hot wallpaper design is the Cole and Company Birch Tree pattern.  It’s being used in just about every room of the home but I especially love it in a bathroom.  It’s fun to see such a unique look become so popular.  If you’re interested, you can purchase the UK design wallpaper from Anthropologie here.

Birch Tree Wallpaper in the bathroom

Birch Tree Wallpaper form Cole and Sons

When it comes to flooring, this Basket Weave Tile just might win for tile of the year.  The black and white color combo is classic and easily mixes with any accent color.  While the tile might be most suited for the bathroom, I must admit I also like it as a kitchen backsplash.

Basket Weave Tile

Basket Weave Tile in Kitchen

So, what’s your take on these trends becoming over-exposed?  Are you one to join in on the fun or are you doing your own thing?


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I love me some jewelry.  If I ever leave home without earrings on, I feel naked and jewelry is one of my favorite impulse purchases. (tip:  I always keep a pair of classic silver hoops in my wallet just in case)

My first buying job out of college was as an assistant buyer in the jewelry department for a department store in Seattle.  This was back in the day when  Monet was the ‘it’ fashion brand, Swatch watches were the style statement and it was trendy to only wear one earring like Janet Jackson did.  (I know I’m not the only one who wore a key as an earring:)

Times have changed and so have the styles of jewelry that are now considered basic wardrobe elements.  I thought it would be fun to take a look back at a few styles that made the 80’s great and what earring styles are considered an essential wardrobe staple today.


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