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Hi there! I hope you’re having a good day. The sun is shining again today here in Atlanta and that makes it a great day in my book. As promised,  I’m back today to share an easy Gift Wrap Inspiration for you, perfect for Mother’s Day.

Flower Bouquet 2

I always take extra care when it comes to wrapping a gift for my mom.  She’s one special woman and deserves a special gift wrap.  For her mother’s day gift this year I decided to craft a flower bouquet for the outside of the box.

Here’s how I did it.

Once the box was wrapped in a black and white check paper (from TJMaxx), I added a band of pink striped grosgrain ribbon.

Next I folded the left and right edges of a paper lace dollie towards the center of the dollie to create the shape of a cone.

Flower Bouquet 3

I taped the dollie on top of the ribbon and paper and used glue dots to attach an assortment of paper flowers.  The pink roses, yellow flowers and pink and yellow tiny flowers came in a cluster on stems so I simply inserted those into the cone and added tape behind to hold them into place.

The last step was a pretty pink bow and a gift tag.

Flower Bouquet 3

Since I can’t give my mom flowers in person, her flower bouquet wrapped gift will do the trick.

Flower Bouquet 1

Happy Wrapping!


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Hello there!  I’m back from my trip to DC and getting back in the swing of work and blogging.  My trip was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to share the photos with you.  While I’m sorting through photos and doing laundry, I thought I’d bring you a few quick and easy Easter décor ideas since the big day is this Sunday.

I don’t do much decorating for Easter but I do like to have a touch of the holiday on my dining table. Ideas like these are super easy and quick to pull together and will definitely welcome Easter morning in style.

Paint, stickers or a little decoupage work and you can create a fun assortment of designer Easter eggs.  I love the idea of creating a mix that matches your décor and not a traditional mix of pastels.


Blue and White Eggs

If you’re hosting Easter breakfast or dinner, this is an easy way to decorate the table. Use your paper shredder to create a bundle of paper that can be formed into the shape of a nest and then add a letter sticker to the outside of a plastic Easter egg.  Cute and simple.

d1bc754498711805e213097cf49d5331 (2)

Monogram Egg

Looking for an Easter centerpiece idea?  How about combining glass candlesticks, paper flowers and plastic eggs to create these cute Easter egg flowers.

Tip:   If you don’t already own clear glass candlesticks, head to Dollar General where you’ll find different styles and sizes.


Easter Egg Flowers

 I started collecting mis-matched egg cups and thing this would be a really great way to put them to use.  Use decorative craft scissors to scallop the edge of cupcake liners to get the look of flower petals.


Candy Filled Egg Cups

Flowers are a must for Easter and the simple addition of plastic eggs to line the vase or container will turn your stems into a pretty Easter arrangement.  What’s also great about this is that come Monday all you have to do is remove the eggs and enjoy the flowers for the rest of the week.


Egg Filled Flower Vase

And since I love cloches so much, this décor idea is right up my alley.

Tip:  If you can’t find nest at this late date, create a nest with twig branches you pick from the yard or buy at the craft store.


Nest in Cloche

When it comes to last-minute holiday decorating, I love ideas that are quick, easy and yield beautiful results.

I’ll be back tomorrow to share the highlights of my DC trip and to show you my Easter tablescape.


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IMG_6316 copy

I almost always accent my gift with ribbon and 9 times out of 10 I add a ribbon bow.  That’s it until I got crafty and made my own paper bow.

Now I’m loving the idea of wrapping all my gifts with handmade paper bows.


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I love to give gifts and when I can give something that is unique and unexpected that makes gift giving even more fun for me.

DIY Sewing Kit 6

This gift is going to my brother who recently moved from Kentucky to Washington DC and is without some key household items that can make life easier.  One of those items is a sewing kit.

DIY Sewing Kit

As a professional who is on the go constantly and doesn’t always have time to run to the cleaners or an alterations person, I thought it would be nice to make him a sewing kit for when he needs to mend a hem or sew on a button in a hurry.

And of course I had to do a little crafting to make his sewing kit uniquely his.

DIY Sewing Kit 8

I painted the top of a wood box, purchased at Hobby Lobby, in a stripe pattern.  I used different shades of grey and added white to keep the look masculine.  The base of the box is solid grey.

Sewing Kit 2

Once painted I used the Mark Montano by Craffiti Direct Vintage Scissors stamps and created a label for the top of the box. The ABC stamp set was used to spell out the words.

When I was all done decorating the box I filled it with essential sewing supplies like pins, needles, thread, buttons and stitch witchery.

Easy as pie–I had a uniquely crafted sewing kit to give to my brother.

DIY Sewing Kit 7

Sewing Kit 3

DIY Sewing Kit1

DIY Sewing Kit 8

There are so many creative ways to use stamps when crafting so head over to the Craffiti Direct website and check out the full line of stamps.

To see all the Mark Montano stamp designs head here. 

Happy Crafting!


Products Used (click on photo to buy):

CD-HM0009-504x880 (2)             CD-MM0002-504x880 (2)    434343

  763367       7090095  prd5147

Decorative scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby
Sewing supplies from Wal-Mart







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Do you know what happens when you have a picture of an item in your head…..


West Elm Sculptural Sphere

followed by a major clean out of your craft room which yields a handful of raw embroidery hoops?


You create an easy DIY Sphere, that’s what happens!

IMG_7978 copy

This is such a simple project.

2 Embroidery Hoops
Gold Spray Paint
10 minutes

IMG_7972 copy

Pull your embroidery hoops apart and spray paint the inside out outside of each ring.  Once dry intersect the rings to create your sphere.

I left the screw pins on my hoops so I could tighten two of the rings to keep the sphere from coming apart.

IMG_7975 copy

Easy DIY…my kind of project!



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Baskets are one of my favorite decorative elements and I have them all over my house.  They are good for holding things, hiding things, storing things and can even be used to make a bigger and bolder statement in your home.

How about a basket light?


Open weave baskets will allow plenty of light to show through.


Over a table, a tight weave basket hung low will allow the light to flood the table surface.


Even small baskets can be turned into cute pendant lights.


Large baskets are a great way to add a decorative element to a larger room when they are not the only light source.



You know those flopping baskets you see in stores, they make the cutest light pendants.


I love the look of hanging basket lights over an island.  The perfect charming rustic detail.


In a covered outdoor space, baskets are a great way to bring the textures of the outdoors into a living space.


So cute.  Painted baskets are just adorable in a baby’s room.


So who besides me has added a basket light to their project list?  They’re easy to make and here’s a tutorial  giving the all the diy details.

And when you go looking for the perfect basket to use for your light, check out these styles all available from Cost Plus World Market!


Kamila Mixed Rope Basket
Amelie Round Twist Basket
Round Vinnia Basket
Calley Rattan and Metal Basket
Janna Basket with Lid

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Ever since moving to the south in 2000 I’ve developed an obsession for monograms.  I’ll never be one of those people who has a monogrammed car decal or a full set of luggage with a monogram (unless of course it’s a full set of Louis Vuitton)  but I do love monograms for linens, personal items, decorative accessories and some furniture.




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