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Fall Vignette by ConfettiStyle-Books

I have a lot of design books and they area displayed all kinds of ways throughout my house.  Some are on the coffee table, some are on the console table and some are stacked on a side table.

Everytime I get a new book  (or two) I have an urge to keep it out and display it somehow.  That’s where this DIY project can into play.

DIY Wood Book Stand by ConfettStyle4

I decided to create a simple book stand using inexpensive wood cutting boards.  I purchased a set of 3 cutting boards from HomeGoods.  The set included three graduated sizes and the wood was a natural finish.

To create my book stand I used the large and small size cutting boards and two pieces of unfinished 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″” piece of wood I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I had to cut about 2″ off each piece of wood so that it was the same length as my cutting board.  Since I had to stain the unfinished wood pieces, I also rubbed some Minwax stain on the cutting boards to darken them up a bit and so they would match the wood pieces.

DIY Wood Book Stand by ConfettStyle1

After the wood pieces were stained I glued two edges together so that one was flat and one was standing and then glued the other edge of the flat piece to the cutting board.  I let the glue set over night.

To create an easel back for the stand I attached the small cutting board to the back of the large one using a piano hinge.  To prevent the stand from sliding when standing I attached clear rubber bumpers to the bottom edge of the small cutting board.

DIY Wood Book Stand by ConfettStyle6

Voila!  A chic book stand that I can use to display my favorite design book of the moment.

DIY Wood Book Stand by ConfettStyle5

DIY Wood Book Stand by ConfettStyle3

Simple DIY projects are my favorite!


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DIY Wall Art by ConfettiStyle1

My mother was a school teacher for 27 years and every summer, a couple of weeks before school started, I’d go to the classroom to help her decorate the bulletin boards.  I loved going to her classroom and getting it ready for the first day of school and always love to write on the chalkboard and look at the old school map that hung on one wall.   The map seemed larger than life and I remember loving how it was hung, from two wood rods and a rope.

Vintage School Map


The other day I came across a piece of wall art that was hung in a similar way and it brought back memories.  I decided I needed my own version of vintage school map style artwork in my home and so I created one.  Instead of using an image for my art piece, I decided to create a wall quote instead.


To create this piece I headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up two pieces of  their 36″ x 1″ x 1/4″ pine wood pieces and a 11″ x 14″ canvas.

 Once home I cut the wood pieces in half so that I’d have four 18″ long pieces and then stained them with Minwax stain sheets.

DIY Wall Art by ConfettiStyle

Next I cut the canvas off of the frame so that I’d have a loose piece of canvas.  To create a clean edge, I measured 1/2″ in on each side of my canvas, folded the edge under and secured it with stitch witchery.

Then I got busy hand lettering my quote using a SharpieAlways Believe That Something Wonderful Is About To Happen!

Once I was done hand-lettering I glued the top and bottom edge of the canvas between two pieces of wood.

The piece now hangs as part of an eclectic gallery wall arrangement.

DIY Wall Art by ConfettiStyle2

I love how this project turned out and the memories that it reminds me of.


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I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The hubs and I spent the weekend in Alabama at his high school reunion.  He had a great time seeing and catching up with people he hadn’t seen in years.  I also had a great time hearing stories about him from his high school days and learning about all the tricks he played on his freinds.  I can definitely say that while he has gotten older, he still has the heart and spirit of a kid.

Anyway, I’ve been busy all day getting caught up on work, emails and projects so I’m hitting the send button on this post a bit late.

Today I wanted to share a fun little project I created using Wallternatives wall decals.  During the Haven conference in July,  I got a first hand look at Wallternatives wall decals and immediately my mind starting pondering all the ways I could decoratve with them.



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DIY Stationery Caddy by ConfettiStyle5

I’ve been on a mission this year to send more hand-written notes.

When it comes time to sit down and jot at note to a friend, I go into my craft closet and pull out a card.

 Then I sort through my embellishments for something fun to add to the envelope.

After the note is written, I dig through my desk drawer for stamps.

The simple act of writing a  note become more of a process than a pleasure.

To help make the writing notes more enjoyable and to have all my supplies within reach, I decide to create simple desk-top Custom Stationery Caddy.


 I headed to Michael’s to look for a box or container that I could retro-fit.  What I found was a perfect solution–a decorative washi tape holder!

 There were two compartments that can hold pens and markers, the removable bar holds washi tape I use to embellish envelopes and the bar also works as a divider to separate notecards.

The caddy also has a serrated bar to cut the washi tape.


A solid white box was not going to work for me so out came a sheet of  Wallternatives vinyl silver dots that I got at the Haven Conference. I placed the removable dots randomly around the container and in a flash I had a really cute stationery caddy.

DIY Stationery Caddy by ConfettiStyle4

When was the last time you surprised someone with a hand-written note?  


linking to:


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One of the design trends that I think will be around for a long time is decorating with typography!  Wall letters are a great way to personalize your wall decor and are fun to use when creating gallery walls.



There are a thousand and one DIY ideas out there using paper mache and wood letters that you can buy at the craft store.   A little paint, decorative paper or fabric can customize the look.


via Pottery Barn

But if you’re looking for a something a little more special and unique, Etsy is the place to look.  While browsing the site recently I came across some shops that have taken the art of typography to a new level.


1–I absolutely love the style of these wood letters from ViargoDemure.  The design is reminiscent of vintage metal signage letters but are crafted in wood.  The letters come in a variety of sizes and because they are unfinished, they can easily be customized to your liking.

2–What people are doing with pallets and reclaimed wood these days is just amazing.  SonOfWhale has crafted a collection of rustic yet refined letters that are perfect for bookcases, mantels or wall decor.  Because they use found materials, no two letters are alike which makes them truly special in my book.

3–If you’re looking for letters that really make an impact, check out JunkArtGypsyz.  They make a collection of metal letters that stand 24″ tall which would be fun for the top ledge of a cabinet or armoire.  And you’ll definitely want to check out their marquee letter and sign collection which is amazing.

4–RedCedarWoodcraft has taken a fresh approach to wall letters and makes these really fun letter wall shelves.  The letters are designed so that they can be hung on the wall and used to display books or accessories. These letters are great for decorating a child’s room and will work as the child grows and the decor changes.

5–When I had my store here in Atlanta, I use to buy from aluminum metal signs from GaugeNYC.  They have since expanded their product line to include all types of metal letter decor and jewelry.  Their free-standing metal letter are my favorite and can be used in so many ways.  I also love their numbers which I think are fabulous as table markers for a wedding or large dinner party.

Etsy never fails to deliver!  Stop by and check out these shops.


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Happy Monday!  Can you believe it is already August?  This year has just flown by and before you know it, we’ll all be putting out pumpkins and decorating for Christmas.  I don’t know about you but I need life to slow down just a bit!

This weekend I tried to slow the pace a bit and spent a little time surfing the web looking for inspiration. One of the things I came across on Pinterest was a collection of beautiful spaces, all with one thing in common, a touch of gold.


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Happy Friday!  Just a few things to inspire your creativity!



I love the styling of the shoe closet!  Such a great way to display the pieces you have and create wearable combos at the same time.



Love this idea for Up-Styling a piece of Ikea furniture!



Since my handbags are in constant rotation, I just might have to try making one of these for myself.



 If you’re looking an inexpensive, easy and chic placemat, look not further than the scrapbook aisle at your local craft store for 12 ” x 12″ glittered scrapbook paper.

Here are a few links I know you’ll enjoy!

How to Shop Smart for Antiques

Why Couples Fight at Ikea (oh so true)

Are you doing what it takes to be enormously successful and truly happy?

Even if you’re not a food blogger you’ll find this information on making money with your blog interesting.


See you back here Monday with a look at Christmas trends 2014! ( 5 months and counting)

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As I continue to unwind from the Haven conference and get back into my routine, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite inspiration Pinterest pins.  Just like most of you, I look to Pinterest for creative and DIY inspiration, design ideas and lots of other things.  Pinterest always delivers and always inspires a project idea or two.  I hope you’re inspired by these pins.


Handmade Leather Case


DIY Canvas Art


DIY Bentwood Chair


Lace Dollie Light


Plaster Flower Votives


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