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I’m a sucker for office supplies  and love a chic office space like this one that belongs to Danielle of Shop Dandy. And as soon as the school supplies begin hitting the store shelves for back to school, I’ll be first in line.

Office Space

If you love cool office supplies like I do and can’t wait until back to school season, here are a few pieces I selected from Etsy for my Best of Etsy feature.


I’ll take a pencil any day over a pen and have stocked up on stylish pencils like these from ACD Shop.  They are sure to brighten up your desk and your day!

ACDShop Pencils

Personalized Pencils

Why not organize the clutter on your desk in style.  This gold foil acrylic tray from InkSpot Workshop is the perfect catch-all tray for office supplies, business cards and such.

Gold Foil Acrylic Tray

Ever since Nate came out with gold paperclips I’ve been obsessed.  They do the same thing as silver paperclips but they’re just so much more chic. Available from InkKit.

Gold Paper Clips

Add a little shimmer to your desk with the gold glitter tape dispenser from Alice and Marie.  And if one glitter piece on your desk isn’t enough, they’ve got lots more piece to choose from.

Glitter Tape Dispenser

Gold Glitter Desk Tray

Gold Glitter Desk Tray

Glittered Stapler

Glitter Stapler

Etsy is a great source of unique office supplies and vintage accessories.

Happy Shopping!


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via My Domaine

I love a beautiful office space like the one above from House of Harper.  A space doesn’t have to be big or super fancy to grab my attention, it just has to be efficient and filled with stylish organization and lots of personality.

 I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to office, craft and hobby rooms with over 500 images of some of the most beautiful and creative work spaces ever.  The common thread within all of the spaces I admire are the style details and organizing ideas.


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Today I wanted to talk a bit about decorating styles. One of the things I love most about being an interior designer is that there is more than one way to skin a cat when it comes to decorating. Creating a look that fits YOUR lifestyle, personality and esthetic is what decorating your home is all about.

When it comes to helping clients infuse their personal style into their home, bookcase arrangements are one of the areas I love to work on the most.  Bookshelves provide the perfect space for showcasing things you love, sharing your interest through books and representing your unique design style.


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Hi there.  I hope you are having a great weekend and staying warm if you’ve got cold weather like me.

  Since the start of the new year I’ve been able to get back into the swing of things and have checked a few things off the to-do.

I’m ending the weekend by attending the Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings show which is taking place here in Atlanta.  I can’t wait to check out the latest and greatest products, colors, styles and trends in home decor and I will be taking lots of photos to share with you next week.

Until then, enjoy this beautiful space and check out the links for even more inspiration!

Favorite Office Space

links you’ll love…

These design tips are tried and true and you’ll find lots of decorating ideas from this round-up of beautiful spaces.

You’ll definitely want to try this lampshade update!

I think everyone should take these words to heart!

These diy dollar store baskets will make you want to organize in the new year.

A great example of the power of paint.

This home makeover really does have star power.

What you need to do to keep moving forward in life!


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I love a work space that combines functional features with creative touches!

Happy weekend and let these links inspire you!

Three entrepreneurs who will inspire you to follow your passion!

Easy steps to ensure you’re living your best life.

Finding your ultimate happiness with the life you have now.

Never regret another day of your life.


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Happy Hump Day!  I hope your week is going swell and that you are doing great things!

Today I wanted to share with you a  few room designs I created, inspired by HomeGoods.

Every time I walk through HomeGoods, I find myself snapping pictures and envisioning how I’d use a particular item in a room.  Instead of keeping my imagination to myself, I’ve decided to share my vision with you in a new series that will be popping up on the blog from time to time.  It’s called Rooms Inspired by HomeGoods.  Sometimes I’ll be sharing room designs, sometimes it might be an entertaining tablescape or it might be a vision I have for chic bathroom.  The rooms and spaces I feature will vary, but the inspiration will all come from something I’ve spotted at HomeGoods. 


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Happy Friday!  What have you been up to this week?  This week has been kind of crazy for me with lot of balls in the air and lots of projects in work. Today I thought I’d share the inspiration for a project I’m working on at home and a few links that I think you’ll enjoy.

I’m in the mood to give my workspace a little update and these office spaces are my inspiration…




Links you’ll like…

You’ll find lots of design inspiration from these celebrity homes.

It always amazes me how great Ikea kitchens can look.

After seeing this, I’m going out to buy some succulents.

This is one of my new favorite blogs and I love her small but dynamic office .

How fun would these placecards be for your next party?


p.s.  If you live in Atlanta and want to take a photography class I highly recommend The Showcase School of Photography.

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One of the best ways to stay motivated while working is to have an office space that gives you everything you need–inspiration, comfort, visual interest, organization and storage.  Combine these ingredients with your personal style and you can create a work space that allows you to maximize your work efforts while at the same time fueling your passions.


Inspiration for your work space can come in the form of artwork hung on the wall or by creating an inspirational vision board.  Hang things on the board that relate to your goals, the dreams you have for your life and your business and be sure to include inspirational quotes to keep you motivated and moving forward.




Ample lighting is a key to an effective work space. I love using decorative tabletop lamps instead of traditional office lamps when the decor allows.  Pretty lamps, with pretty lampshades will make your office feel more intimate and relaxing.




It’s hard to be productive or creative in a work space that is messy and cluttered.  Take advantage for the vertical space in your office for storage and use space under tables to store office equipment or supplies you don’t use often.


source unknown


Surround yourself with things you love.  Tea cups, pretty pencil cups and stylish desk accessories will help personalize your work space and make working more enjoyable.




In my world, every office space needs a punch of color.  Vibrant colors stimulate the mind and will keep you energized when working.  Simple touches like colorful storage boxes, a framed bulletin board or even flowers on your desk can add the pop of color you need.  Tip: your desk chair is a great way to introduce color into your work space.




If space allows, create a separate meeting or work area in your office.  Just getting from behind you desk and creating a different view to look at will make working more enjoyable.  I love the corner work area below–big enough to spread out and get creative, but compact enough not to crowd the room. And check out all the personal touches that give this area style.




And of course a pretty chair is a must for an inspiring work space.  Check thrift store for a chair that you can easily re-upholster, paint and make your own.



If you thought these design tips were just for home office spaces, check out how these cubical work spaces were given a dose of style by their owners.








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