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Coffee Table Decor by ConfettiStyle

Like me, many of you have Pinterest accounts and use the site to find decorating inspiration, diy ideas, new recipes, craft projects and entertaining tips.  I use Pinterest for all those reasons and more.  One of the primary reasons I use Pinterest is to help define my personal decorating style.

CS Pinterest2

a snapshot of ConfettiStyle pinterest boards


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Outdoor Entertaining Oasis11

Remember yesterday when I showed you the patio space at my brother’s place.  Well, I’ve been thinking about the space and all of its design possibilities.  So, I created a design plan for the space so that my brother and Mary could use it as a guide as they continue to decorate.


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Kirsten Marie10

I recently came across the design portfolio of designer Kirsten Marie and was immediately taken by the beautiful spaces she designs.  Many of the homes she’s decorated speak to my personal design style which I identify as eclectic glam with a twist.  Every space she has designed is the perfect mix of vintage and modern with an unexpected detail or pop of color that adds a distinct personality.

Kirsten is a California designer who stumbled into the design world but based on her incredible talent she was obviously meant to be a designer.


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There are lots of decorating crimes to be made like placing all your furniture up against the wall or not having the right lighting in a room but there is not worse mistake than that of the dreaded  contoured bathroom rug!

I get why these rugs were invented back in the day but times have changed and you have so many more decorative options than the bathroom-in-a-bag set!


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When you look around your home, there are a few design elements that you probably take for granted.  Doorknobs are something we all use on a daily basis but when it comes to giving them some design love, they often fall to the bottom of the project list.

One of the new favorite design applications for doorknobs are knobs placed in the center of the door instead of off to one side. Center knobs have such a regal and European feel and transform a plain door into a stylish decorative detail.

Center Doorknob1

While seen mostly on exterior doors, the trend of center knobs on interior doors is becoming popular and is a great way to update a pair of plain bi-fold or sliding closet doors.

Here’s a little doorknob eye candy that will have you loving center knobs as much as I do.


Center Doorknobs2


Center Doorknob3


Center Doorknob4


Center Doorknob6


Center Doorknob7


Center Doorknob8


Center Doorknobs9


Center Doorknob10






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Fresh Market

Have you ever gone shopping at your local grocery store for anything other than groceries?  Probably not, but I’m hoping that these ideas will have you looking at your grocery store in a whole new way.

Retail stores, including grocery stores are expanding their product offering to include a variety of decor, home and entertaining items to make themselves a one-stop-shop.  Now it’s easier than ever to find stylish decorative items for your home in the aisles of your grocery store.

let’s go shopping…


 # 1  FLOWERS are a no-brainer when it comes to grocery store shopping but I don’t think most of us make the most of the flower we buy.

Grocery Store Flowers

flower buying tips:

 instead of buying a mixed floral bouquet, buy a variety of single bunches and create your own custom arrangement

if you’re buying one large mixed flower bouquet, split it up and create several mini arrangements to place around your home (more bang for your buck)

buy greens which will add substance, dimension and visual contrast amongst the flowers

grocery stores often sell orchids for less than you can find them at the garden stores or a flower shop

mix fruit in with your flowers to create robust flower arrangements

Grocery Store Flower Bouquet

Flowers and Fruit

#2  OLIVE BOTTLES are an easy way to add style to your kitchen.  The next time you stroll the olive oil aisle, look for decorative bottles with fun labels.

Olive Oil Aisle in Grocery Store


(all the bottles above are available at Whole Foods)

Buy a pour spout to use with your store-bought bottles to make the oils easy to dispense

Oil bottles in kitchen

#3  Decorating with FRUIT is an inexpensive way to add designer style and a major pop of color to your decor.

Grocery Store

Blue and white porcelain is a hot design trend and nothing looks more chic in a blue and white bowl than lemons! 

Fruit In a Bowl

get creative and combine different fruits of the same color to create a chic tabletop vignette

Fruit Under Cloche

#4  There’s something about shopping the UNTENSIL aisle at the grocery store that mesmerizes me.  So many cool gadgets and so many decorating possibilities.

Utensils in Grocery Store

the next time you’re grocery shopping, pick up a few wooden and wire utensils to display in a vintage urn or planter on the kitchen counter

Utensils In Caddy

or create a wall display showcasing grocery store utensils and flowers

Kitchen Utensils

for a quirky touch, framed a grouping of utensils to add charm to your kitchen

Framed utensils

#5 Did you know that you can find pretty LINEN TOWELS are the grocery store?  Yes, you can!

Grocery Store Linens

hang them over a handle

Dish Towels in kitchen

use oversized drawer pulls as a creative hang bar

dish towel holder

and for a really creative touch, turn your dish towels into cafe curtains

Dishtowel curtains

As you walk the grocery store aisles, keep your eyes open because you never know what might be on aisle 7!~

Grocery Store Aisle Sign


Cheers to the weekend!  Have a great one.



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Floral Monogram

Ever since Oprah hosted a garden party years ago, I’ve dreamt of throwing one, or even better decorating for one.  The idea of an outdoor party where everyone is wearing festive spring attire and big sun hats sounds like so much fun.

Oprah's Garden Party

Oprah's Garden Party1

Garden Party Hat

When it comes to decorating for a garden party of any outdoor event for that matter, creativity is key.  And since I have not plans to host my own celebration, I’ve rounded up TWELVE  creative garden party ideas that just might prompt you to host a garden soiree!  Make sure I’m on the invitation list.



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Pom Pom Bag Charm

Hi there,

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I adore long weekends this time of year because it means road trips, sitting in the sun and sleeping in late.  I’m already looking forward to the next 3-day weekend.

So if you’re wondering why I’m posting so late today it’s because I totally planned to publish this post yesterday (Monday) but with all the relaxing I was doing over the weekend I simply forget to hit the publish button.  And this morning my to-do list got the best of me.  Oh well, better late than never.

Today I’m going to show you an easy craft project to can make.  Ever since I spotted my first handbag charm, I’ve been wanting to make my own.  The first one’s I spotted were from Furbish Studio and they featured little elephants.  Soon after seeing that one I began to see bag charm popping up all over web and Pinterest. Since I’m not into animals or fancy details when it comes to my bags, the simpler bag charms became my favorite.

So the question became,  BUY or DIY?

 I decided to diy!

DIY Pom Pom Bag Charm6

Making your own bag charms is really simple and inexpensive.  You’ll need the following supplies all of which are available at your local craft store:


To make your charms, thread a large yarn needle with the yarn color of your choice.

Insert the yarn into one pom pom and then back again leaving a length of yarn hanging.

Thread a large bead onto the yarn and then tie the yard to your hinge hook at the length you want.  You can also thread a bead onto the base of your pom pom like I did with the blue pom pom.

You can tie as many pom poms onto your hook as you want but make sure to stagger them at different lengths so the charms hangs well.

DIY Pom Pom Bag Charm1

It took me about 20 minutes to make my bag charm and I just love the way it turned out.  I’ll definitely be making more of these these.

if you want to make your own pom poms, follow these easy steps

DIY Pom Pom Bag Charm6

Thanks for stopping by.  See you back here tomorrow.


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