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Adding Color To Your Decor.001

As someone who loves color and loves to decorate with it, I sometimes find it hard to relate to someone who expresses a color phobia to me.  I was recently working with a client where color in their book equated to having different shades of brown within a room.  Yes, different shades of brown is a color combination and bright  colors aren’t for everyone but I do believe that color can work magic within a room if approached correctly.


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Like many of you, I too have become a big fan of the HGTV design show Fixer Upper and Chip and Joanna Gaines.  There is just something magical in the way they can transform a worn down house into a charming, personality filled home and make it look as easy as a summer afternoon in the south.

Since the odds of being on Fixer Upper or hanging out with Chip and Joanna are pretty slim, the next best thing for getting a little Magnolia magic is to visit their retail store in Waco, TX.  I was thrilled when I got the chance to do just that at the beginning of the month.

Magnolia Market and the silos is a magical place.  You can feel it the minute you enter the downtown area of Waco and begin to see the traffic building as the silos loom in the near distance.


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Apothecary Jar



Apothecary Jars got their claim to fame back in the day on the shelves of doctor’s offices and in drugstores where they held medicines and health products.  They were looked as a purely a fictional item that held precious contents that people needed to live and survive.

Vintage Apothecary Jars


Fast forward to today where Apothecary Jars have become a popular decorative accessory and can be found as a decorative statement in just about every room in the home.  Not only has the use of Apothecary Jars changed over the years, so has the look and style.

Decorative jars today are bigger and more decorative and are designed so they you can easily get items in and out of them and that make they great for decorating in different ways.


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Swap It Like Its Hot Logo


It’s an exciting day around these parts because I get to share two fun projects I worked on for Swap It Like It’s Hot.

If you’re not familiar with Swap It Like It’s Hot, let me tell you a little about it.

Charlotte from Ciburbanity had this brilliant idea a few years ago to get  a group of bloggers to trade thrift store finds with each other and then transform the (in many cases not so pretty) treasures into something beautiful.  It’s kind of like Cinderella’s transformation when she put on the glass slipper except in our case it involved our DIY skills.  Each participating blogger was to spend between around $10 on whatever thrift store item(s) they wanted so our shopping skills were put to the test.

Before we jump into the makeovers, let me share what my swap partner, Christy from Our Southern Home sent me.  I received an ice bucket with a wood grain vinyl cover and a top that was showing its wear plus two picture frames with images that were definitely not my style.

After looking at the items for a few days,  I came up with a game plan on how I wanted to transform these pieces and give them a new life.

Swap It Like Its Hot--#1.001


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Small Bathroom.001


Have you ever heard the saying that bathrooms and kitchens sell a house?  Well, its true and even small bathrooms count when it comes to design whether you’re selling your house now or will be sometime down the road.

Whenever I’m talking to design clients about re-designing a bathroom my focus is always to add as much style as possible into that space.  With larger bathrooms that’s pretty easy to do but with a smaller bathroom space it can be more challenging.

Even with limited space, there are lots of things you can do with structurally and decoratively to add major impact to your bathroom.


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Creative Ideas to Inspire Your Gift Giving


Gift Wrap Inspiration

One of my favorite ways to wrap gifts is using embellishments instead of, or in combination with ribbon.  I love using items that add dimension and bring gift wrap to life.  I have a basket full of odds and ends that I’ve picked up at clearance sales that I use when wrapping gifts.  Embellishment can be anything from ornaments and jewelry to button or crafting materials.  Use whatever you have to make your gift extra special.


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Favorites Of The Week

Boy has this been a crazy week and to top it all off, I am in a battle with Target trying to get an online order issue resolved.  It is so sad that customer service has just fallen by the wayside and that companies just don’t seem to care.  When I had my store and even now with my design and Etsy business my #1 priority is to provide a great product and great service and to leave my customers satisfied and happy.

Enough about my trials and tribulations…let’s get on the some happy stuff.  I’ve been sharing inspirational photos and links on Saturdays for a while but a couple of weeks ago I reworked the Saturday post to share my favorite Posts, Pins and Products with you.  I really like the format so I’ll be sprinkling more of these post into my lineup going forward.

I hope you find inspiration in what I’m sharing and are enticed to shop some of the great products I come across (No affiliate link involved).  Enjoy!


Favorite Posts



This home tour is just beautiful.  Proof of just has beautiful simple details and a neutral color palette can be.

SImple Details Blog

This home tour features a few of my favorite things…blue and white, milk glass, brass and gorgeous pillows.

Favorite Pins



Every little detail in this bedroom just has my heart a flutter.  That headboard, wow!


I think everyone might want to paint their bathroom black after seeing this space.

Favorite Products

Have you checked out all of the new items at Anthropologie.  So many cute things!

Belleville Serving Set

Wedding season is coming and these beautiful salad servers would make a perfect gift.  They look far more expensive than they cost.

Horn Inlay Flatware

Boy would I love to design a party table around this gorgeous flatware.

Whimsy Monogram Hook

These monogram hooks are just adorable.  I’d spell out WASH or DRY and hang them in a bathroom.

Tote with Handle Detail

Cute bag alert!  This tote/handbag is a great price and I love the handle.

See you back here Monday with a fun gift wrap idea.

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Day Beds via Apartment Theraphy

Apartment Therapy

When it comes to furniture and creating cozy spot in a home, I love the idea of a daybed.  Daybeds are often relegated to a guest bedroom, a kids room and sometimes are used as causal seating in a room that serves multiple purposes.

If you do a quick search on the interest you’ll see that daybed styling has come along way.  Yes, you can still find metal styles like the ones you see in a lot of dorm rooms or first apartments but don’t fret if you’re looking for something with more style…they are out there.

You’ll even see daybed designed for outdoor use which takes decorating outdoor spaces to a new level.

A daybed is an easy way to create a cozy outdoor lounge space that can be shared my several people and used as a unique summertime porch bed.

Doesn’t this outdoor space make you want to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea?

Day Beds

Dominique Decoratrice


Daybeds can be used indoors to create a retreat space in pass through areas of your home which are often challenging to decorate.  Think of them as an oversized window seat.

I just love the blue and white fabrics used on the daybed and window to create a stylish setting for this space.

Day Beds2
The Enchanted Home


You can create a charming daybed set-up in a guest bedroom that will make your guests feel like they are at a luxury hotel.

A fabric canopy is a great way to frame a daybed and give it a more luxurious feel.

Day Beds3


And daybeds are a fun way to add seating  and a reading nook to a home office.

This day bed has a middle trundle which makes it even more functional and I love how the bolster pillows add a stylish touch and make it look more dynamic.

Day Beds4
Design Dump

Now that I’ve got you inspired and thinking about Daybeds in a new way, you can shop my favorite Daybed styles.






OK, who else out there is a fan of daybeds?

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