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I think every home needs a quite spot where you can hide away with a book, take a nap or find your inspiration.  A daybed is a great furniture option when you are creating a nook in your home.  Use the area at the top of  stair landing, the end of a hallway or maybe ever consider placing a daybed inside an unused closet space.





Design Tip:  If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to build a daybed for your home, consider using pre-made kitchen or bathroom cabinets as the foundation and build up from there. The cabinets will not only look good but they will give you hidden storage space.  Place a twin mattress on top, add some decorative pillows and you’ll have the reading nook you’ve always wanted.


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Hexagon shapes are one design trend I’m a fan of, especially after making my DIY Hexagon Cocktail Tray.

And, this room created by Mandi is one of the my favorite blogger DIY projects.

What I love about Hexagon shapes is that they can take on a modern or traditional feel, depending on the application.  



An exaggerated hexagon tile is a fresh way to accent the backsplash.


Hexagon shaped tables are a great alternative to round tables, providing more design definition within the space.


Just like a round mirror, but with even more style, a hexagon mirror is a great visual contrast when set against square and rectangular shapes.


Hexagon floor tiles add visual movement to a room without being too busy.


A modern hexagon design pairs well with classic, traditional pieces.  


Hexagon wallpaper is a fun and artistic way to accent a wall.


Hanging hexagon light fixtures are a great way to enhance the lighting that is given off in a space.

So what do you think?  Is this a design trend that you love or want to let go of?  


***If you want even more insight into why hexagons are such a great shape, read this interesting article, from the perspective of bees!

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DIY Stationery Caddy by ConfettiStyle5

I’ve been on a mission this year to send more hand-written notes.

When it comes time to sit down and jot at note to a friend, I go into my craft closet and pull out a card.

 Then I sort through my embellishments for something fun to add to the envelope.

After the note is written, I dig through my desk drawer for stamps.

The simple act of writing a  note become more of a process than a pleasure.

To help make the writing notes more enjoyable and to have all my supplies within reach, I decide to create simple desk-top Custom Stationery Caddy.


 I headed to Michael’s to look for a box or container that I could retro-fit.  What I found was a perfect solution–a decorative washi tape holder!

 There were two compartments that can hold pens and markers, the removable bar holds washi tape I use to embellish envelopes and the bar also works as a divider to separate notecards.

The caddy also has a serrated bar to cut the washi tape.


A solid white box was not going to work for me so out came a sheet of  Wallternatives vinyl silver dots that I got at the Haven Conference. I placed the removable dots randomly around the container and in a flash I had a really cute stationery caddy.

DIY Stationery Caddy by ConfettiStyle4

When was the last time you surprised someone with a hand-written note?  


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I love sharing entertaining tips with you here on the blog.  Today I thought I’d share an idea that can help you create the decor for your next party or shindig (love that word)!

When it comes to party decor, there are no set rules to follow but there is one sure-fire way to create a decorative look that is stylish and dynamic, and its all about the color palette you choose.    Here are four easy ways to pull together the look of your party…


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Happy Monday!  Can you believe it is already August?  This year has just flown by and before you know it, we’ll all be putting out pumpkins and decorating for Christmas.  I don’t know about you but I need life to slow down just a bit!

This weekend I tried to slow the pace a bit and spent a little time surfing the web looking for inspiration. One of the things I came across on Pinterest was a collection of beautiful spaces, all with one thing in common, a touch of gold.


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This is a great example of how simple elements can come together to create a stunning vignette.  The mix….pattern play, colors that connect, texture mix and pops of gold.


This may be something you’ve never thought about but it’s an important part of the design detail of your home. How to get the perfect fold in your drapes!

 Are you feeling Confident!

This is just about the best party idea I’ve ever come across and a great way to Search For Your Awesome!

My favorite PIN of the week.  Those gold pulls are to die for!

Happy Weekend!


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Today I’m talking about a design trend that I’m sure most of us have tried at one time or another when decorating and that trend is Accent Walls.  I remember the first time I saw a room with a painted accent wall .  It seemed kinda odd that someone would paint just one wall.  Then I remember seeing a painted ceiling for the first time and I thought that was even odder.  Today, I think paint and decorative wall treatments are one of the easiest and more affordable ways you can create drama for a room.

Remember when accent walls were just a solid color?  That was then…



This is now...the design trend of accent walls has evolved into something much better!


Exquisite paint treatments…


Abstract Paint


Chevron Stripes


Polka Dot Wall

Stylish wallpaper…


Patterened Wallpaper


Wallpaper Panels

Rustic wood accents…


Wood Planks


Chevron Wood

Stunning stenciled treatments


Stenciled Circles


Stenciled Diamonds

One of my go-to design sources for diy wall accents is Royal Design Studio.  If you haven’t checked out this site before it is filled with amazing stencil designs, Wallternatives wall decals and removable wallpaper.

And if you’ve never tried stenciling before, they have a great how-to section on their site to show you how to stencil on walls, floors, ceilings and fabric.

Here are a few of my favorite stencil and wall decal designs…


Boxwood Trellis stencil


Feathered Damask stencil


Cheetah Spots stencil


Chez Sheik stencil


Star Diamond Moroccan stencil


Ribbon Lattice stencil


Budquette removable wallpaper


Bee Sweet removable wallpaper


Shine Bright wall decal


Rose Bouquet wall decal


So when it comes to accent walls, what’s your favorite wall treatment…paint, stencil or wall decals?  Leave me a comment and let me know.


this is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing products I love sharing the products I love!

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Happy Friday!  Just a few things to inspire your creativity!



I love the styling of the shoe closet!  Such a great way to display the pieces you have and create wearable combos at the same time.



Love this idea for Up-Styling a piece of Ikea furniture!



Since my handbags are in constant rotation, I just might have to try making one of these for myself.



 If you’re looking an inexpensive, easy and chic placemat, look not further than the scrapbook aisle at your local craft store for 12 ” x 12″ glittered scrapbook paper.

Here are a few links I know you’ll enjoy!

How to Shop Smart for Antiques

Why Couples Fight at Ikea (oh so true)

Are you doing what it takes to be enormously successful and truly happy?

Even if you’re not a food blogger you’ll find this information on making money with your blog interesting.


See you back here Monday with a look at Christmas trends 2014! ( 5 months and counting)

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