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I’m like most women and love to shop and nothing is better than shopping when you can do it for free.

You see, a couple of weeks ago I entered a giveaway over on Jenna’s blog, Rain on a Tin Roof and I won!  I didn’t win a free book or a new power tool, I won a $200 credit to Rugs USA!


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Bohemian Style Home2

Did you know that the definition of Boho Chic can be found in the Urban Dictionary?

The term Boho Chic as it relates to clothing is described as a fashion trend that is part bohemian and part chic. It is tied to the vintage phenomenon in fashion where the trend was to bring back vintage styles for the modern era. Boho chic combines organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces.

Boho fashion style1

The trend is said to have been started by actress Sienna Miller in 2005 when she wore bohemian-style clothing in the movie Alfie and back then the style was only expected to be around a few years and then fade away.  The boh0 look became a hit and people began to imitate the style and fashion designers took notice.


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via My Domaine

I love a beautiful office space like the one above from House of Harper.  A space doesn’t have to be big or super fancy to grab my attention, it just has to be efficient and filled with stylish organization and lots of personality.

 I have an entire pinterest board dedicated to office, craft and hobby rooms with over 500 images of some of the most beautiful and creative work spaces ever.  The common thread within all of the spaces I admire are the style details and organizing ideas.


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Thank you for all the wonderful comments on our spring bedroom refresh.

Today I wanted to share a little more about the beautiful prints I used in the bedroom.  I knew I wanted to place a grouping of images on the wall next to the window and closet to my side of the bed.  You see that wall when you enter the room so I wanted to make an impact.  I also knew that whatever I hung I that wall would be hung in gold frames.

Since one of the goals for the refresh was to add more accents of gold into the space, frames were an obvious and easy solution.

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh12

All four of the prints I used are from an awesome Etsy shop called MyLoveNotedesigns.  The shop is run by Christina who personally designs all of the printable art, many which contain inspirational words and positive messages.  Christina opened her Etsy shop in 2014 after starting a family and leaving an accounting career and the corporate world behind.  Christina said she started designing her prints as a way to inspire and remind herself of what is meaningful in life and to personally connect with others.

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh9

The collection of prints I choose to use were perfect for a bedroom space and also allowed me to add a touch of personalization into the room.  The LOVE print is one of my favorite designs and gold foil is so pretty once printed.  The HEART of flowers couldn’t have been more perfect for our room with a black background and pink flowers.  I also choose a monogram print and love how Christina has added flowers to give the design a special touch.  The last design in the group reads All Of Me Loves All Of You and I love both the message and the delicate details of the design.

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh2

Once printed, I placed each image in a Ikea frame which I spray painted gold using Rustoleum Bright Coat Spray Paint (which happens to be my favorite gold spray paint)

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh22

I’ve purchased several printable images from Etsy in the past and I must say that the collection of designs that MyLoveNotedesigns offers is one of the best.  There are over 450 designs to choose from including gold foil, nursery designs, calendars, meal planners, expense trackers and weekly planners and most of the designs are $5.00 or less.  And, Christina also offers custom orders if you have a specific design in mind.

Because there are so many great prints, picking your favorites will be tough but you can use my list of top 10 to help you shop…


Feather and Floral / Be Our Guest (so awesome for a guest bedroom or bath)


Home Sweet Home (great housewarming gift) / You Got This (fun print for an office)


Ampersand Floral (add this to a gallery wall arrangement) / Fox Fun (fun for a kids room)


Watercolor Feather (love this) / Family Initial (great wedding gift)


Gold foil HEART/  Love Arrow (love the chalkboard feel of this print)

MyLoveNotedesigns can be used in any room of your home and because the prints are so affordable, you can create a gallery wall arrangement with minimal investment.


I know you want to go shopping but before you head over the MyLoveNotedesigns, let me tell you about a great sale Christina is offering right now..

 Buy 2 Prints Get 1 Free (code GET1FREE) minimum cart purchase $15 prior to coupon 


Buy 3 Prints Get 2 Free (code GET2FREE) minimum cart purchase $25 prior to coupon
(Custom Prints excluded from coupon use)

ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh16

See the full bedroom refresh here
Thank you to MyLoveNotedesigns for providing the prints used in my bedroom designs.  I love sharing my favorite Etsy shops with you and know you’ll find something for yourself in her shop.  All opinions are 100% mine. 


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Whew!  Refreshing our bedroom for spring has taken a lot longer than I expected.  I was originally waiting for pillow covers to arrive from overseas, then my schedule got super busy and last week I got sick.  Despite it all, I’m so glad to have the little project done and so excited to share it with you.

Let’s take a look at where it all started.

I spotted this floral pillow cover on Etsy (several months ago in fact) and immediately fell in love.  I usually don’t decorate with a lot of floral pattens but there was just something about this bold design and the colors that captured my heart.

Pink Rose Pillow

Once I had the pillows in my mind, I created a design board to represent the vision I had for the space.  I love our wood headboard and frame and wanted to stick with a foundation of black and white for the room.  I also wanted to add in more gold accents and a pop of green.

 As I was planning the space, Christina from MyLoveNotedesigns contacted me and wanted to know if I would be interested in some of her custom designed art.  I jumped at the opportunity!  What timing and just the detail I was looking to add to the room.


Now that the vision was set, it was time to execute (lots of photos to follow)…


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Mother's Day Giftwrap2

The inspiration I get for wrapping gifts comes from a variety of places.  Whenever I shopping, reading a magazine or even watching TV, my eys are always focused on litte details that may inspire me. Inspiration can come from a piece of artwork, a spool of ribbon or even a rug pattern.

When I started thinking about how I was going to wrap my mom’s Mother’s Day gift, the card I bought for her became the inspiration.  I loved the butterfly and flower design and the touches of glitter that made the card sparkle.

Mother's Day Giftwrap10

After studying the card, I knew I wanted to create a 3-D version with butterflies and flowers and I found just what I was looking for in the sticker aisle of Michaels.

Butterly Fly Stickers

I picked up a set of butterfly stickers and paper roses, and used a paper mache box, gift wrap and ribbon I already had on hand.  The gift wrap is a beautiful gold embossed diamond pattern from HomeGoods and the ribbon is a reversible satin from my favorite ribbon source MayArts.

Mother's Day Giftwrap13

I wrapped the top and bottom of the box separately in the gold paper and used two different ribbon colors as wraps around the box.

Mother's Day Giftwrap12

The butterflies and flowers are placed in a random pattern on the top of the box and secured with glue dots.

The ribbon is secured under the bottom of the box so it will be easy for my mom to open her gift without messing up the top arrangement.

Mother's Day Giftwrap4

It’s always a treat to send my mom a little something that I’ve crafted and I know she will love her gift and the gift wrap.


Mother's Day Giftwrap2

Mother’s Day is May 10th!


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When it comes to furniture functionality and chic diy transformations the Hemnes Shoe Cabinet is probably one of my favorite Ikea hack pieces. The slim size of this piece make it ideal for narrow closets or hallways and the piece can be used for much more than shoe storage.

You can create a compact mud room next to the front door and use the top drawer to hold keys, chargers, batteries and other daily essentials.

Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinete

Ikea sells several styles of shoe cabinets including this  4 drawer version.


There are a thousand and one ways you can customize the shoe cabinets to give it a unique style.

Ikea Hemnes via Apartment Therapy

via Apartment Therapy

I love this library look achieved by adding brass label holders with pulls.

Ikea Hemnes via Windgate Lane

via Windgate Lane

A couple of coats of paint and stylish knobs can dramatically change the look of the basic shoe cabinet.

Ikea Hemnes via I Heart Organizing

via I Heart Organizing

O’verlays has created a collection of designer overlays to fit the Hemnes cabinets which is another easy way to get a designer look in a flash.

Overalys on Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

I love the look of two shoe cabinets placed side by side to function as a console cabinet.

Ikes Hemnes via Scraphacker

Most of the shoe cabinets are available in black-brown and white or a wood grain finish.

Ikea Hemnes via Intergrations Blog

The shoe cabinet can also work to hold cold weather accessories, files, cords or lightweight books.

Ikea Hemnes via Frugal Faye

The 3-drawer Brissa shoe cabinet is a great buy at $39.99 and looks great customized with a wood frame and brass cup pulls.

Ikea Hemnes Single Unit via Yellow Brick Home

via Yellow Brick Home

I love these Ikea shoe cabinets so much and have been trying to figure out where I could put one of these in my home.

Here’s a round-up of all the Ikea styles available…


I hope you were inspired.


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Can you believe May is almost here?  Before you know it store shelves will be stock with holiday items and we’ll all be planning to ring our jingle bells.   This year is soaring by way too fast and to be honest it has me a little anxious.  The anxiousness I feel has put me in the mood for change.  I’ve been finding little (and inexpensive) ways to change-up my fashion, my routine and my decor.  Surrounding myself with a new look feels good and has squelched my desire to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff (except for the two new pair of shoes I just bought :)

  Today I’m going to share with you simple decorating ideas to refresh your home and later in the week I’ll  share easy ideas to change-up your fashion style.

Let’s take home decor!  I love it when you can change the look and feel of your decor without spending a lot of money or exerting a lot of effort.  Many times a new look can come from using what you already have and other times spending a little money can make a big impact. Whether you rent or own, have a large house or a small one, there are easy ways to make major changes in your decor in less than 30 minutes.  Here are some of my favorite quick change decorating tips.




One of the easiest and no-cost ways to freshen up your decor is by moving things around.  Shuffle the seating in your living room or switch out artwork from one space to another.  Use what you have and give you home a new look.

Move Furniture


Plants bring a sense of energy and life to a room so mix a few plants into your decor and feel and rooms come alive.

Succulent Decor via HGTV


Having things organized is one of the ways that I make my home feel good.  Spring is a great time to de-clutter, donate what’s no longer serving a purpose and organize everything from the kitchen to the closet.  Your home will breathe a sigh of relief and so will you.

Organized Mud Room


When it comes to adding new accessories into your decor, it doesn’t have to break the bank.  Visit a few of your favorite thrift stores and see what gems you can find.  And as you shop, don’t overlook something that may need a little TLC with paint or fabric.

Thrift Store Decor

Painted vases via It All Started With Paint


Revive an old piece of furniture with paint or think about painting an accent wall in your home.  Painting is cheap, easy and yield results in a flash.

Painted Furniture


You’ll be amazed at how spending a little time taking things off your bookshelves and re-arranging the items can freshen up your decor. Once the shelves are cleared, place the items you love most first and then work your way to your least favorite items.  You may realized that the items are the bottom of the stack are no longer needed which will help you de-clutter.

 Bookcase Decor via BHG


For less than $10 you can replace the pillow covers on your sofa with new ones from Hobby Lobby and for less than $40 you can replace the duvet cover or drapes in your bedroom with something fresh from IKEA.  When adding the new textiles, think about changing up your color theme which will be an instant style refresher.

White with Jute Trim $9.99 Orange and White Swirls Pillow $7.99


Have you ever thought about giving your artwork a new look by painting the frames?  A quick coat of paint can change the look of a single piece of art or and entire gallery wall.

Painted Frames

So what’s you favorite way to refresh your decor?


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