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I was looking around one of my bathrooms the other day and noticed that I didn’t have anything on the back of the toilet.  The vanity was decorated, there was art on the walls and I had decorative towels, rugs and a shower curtain.  The empty space on the back of the toilet sat empty so I decided to change that. I searched Pinterest for some inspiration and noticed a few tried and true decorating  solutions for the back of a toilet.

Decorative Accessory Combo:  Artwork + Pretty Tray + Faux Flowers + Decorative Containers

A grouping of decorating accessories adds a lot of charm to such a functional space

Back of toilet1

apartment therapy

Functional Accessory Combo:  Wire Basket + TP Rolls

Displaying everyday items in a fun way can add personality to a bathroom

Back of Toilet2
country living

Simple Accessory Combo:  Flowers In A Vase

A simple pop of color and texture can soften a functional space

Back of toilet3
cape 27

Fragrant Accessory Combo:  Fresh Flowers + Scented Candles

Even a bathroom can feel special when you accessorize with decor like flowers and candles that enhance the atmosphere

Back of Toilet4

Practical Accessory Combo:  Plant + Toiletries In A Jar + Candle & Matches

Organizing in the bathroom should be practical and pretty and greenery bring energy to any space

 Back of Toilet6
design sponge

I decided to keep the accessorizing on the back of my toilet simple and came up with three options.  Here’s a look a glimpse at the decor in the bathroom…

Guest Bathroom Update (16) copy

Here are the decor options: 

Option 1


Option 2:

Back of Toilet

Option 3


So tell me, have you decorated the back of your toilet?  And which of my decorative options do you like best?  I think I’m leaning towards option #2.


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2015-10-24 12.43.20

Last weekend the hubs and I stopped  by the Country Living Fair for a quick trip around the park. I didn’t have anything specific on my shopping list and love to go to the fair because it always so inspiring.

While I didn’t spend much money (a whopping $3.00) and didn’t take many photos, I did come across three entertaining ideas I really loved.


I’ve always loved setting a table to unique paper products but never thought of using vintage player piano rolls as placemats. The rolls are functional and add so much character and charm to the table.  I was so smitten with this idea that when I got home I went on a search of player piano rolls and found tons of really affordable options on Etsy



The next idea I spotted takes the music theme to a new level.  Pages from a music book were set up as a collage and used in place of a placemat and runner on the table.  I love the eclectic feel of the this table and think it would be really fun for a causal jazz themed dinner party or entertaining around Christmas. I’ve scored some great sheet music books from Goodwill over the years so keep your eyes open when shopping.


The third entertaining idea I saw so such a simple touch but really added a lot to the table–fabric silverware pockets.  I spotted these at the Cutlery Couture booth, which was packed with shoppers.  The ladies behind this company use simple fabrics and everyday embellishments to create these fun pouches.


Cutlery Couture7 Cutlery Couture6

Cutlery Couture5 Cutlery Couture4

Cutlery Couture3 Cutlery Couture2

Cutlery Couture

As usual, there are always a few items I pass up at the fair that days later I wish I would have gotten but I did pick up business cards from those vendors so I can order online.

2015-10-24 12.41.31

If you’re wondering what I bought, it was these three brass stencil letters for a holiday project I’m working on.



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Setting The Table for Thanksgiving.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.002

Despite that fact that I’m not a big fan of turkey, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  I love all the pomp and circumstance that goes in the preparing food and setting the table so everyone can gather around and celebrate togetherness.

  If you’re anything like me, you’re always trying to get a jump on your holiday planning, decorating and entertaining. So, today I’m outlining a few tips for setting your Thanksgiving table along with some inspiring table decor ideas that I rounded up online.  Thanksgiving is just 30 days away so let the planning begin…

Setting The Table for Thanksgiving.001.jpeg.001

 >  Layer the table to create lushness.  From linens to china and glassware to decor, layering  the elements on the table will give your tablescape a warm and robust feel. Use pumpkins in different sizes and incorporate varying shades within a single color story to add visual interest.

>  Use what you have around the house to decorate.  Creating a unique tablescape doesn’t have to cost a lot if you shop your house.  Gather  grouping of candlesticks to use as your centerpiece, use decorative urns as flower vases or pull out some ribbon and use it to drape the table.  Some of the best design ideas come from creativity.

>  Texturized your table.  Decorate your Thanksgiving table with elements that add texture like pinecones, foliage, nuts or textured charger plates.

>  Take your centerpiece to new heights.  When you build your centerpiece, make sure to add elements that add height which will give your tablescape dimension.  Use different size candlesticks to create height or use pedestals, books or cake stands to elevate decorative objects.

>  Let your table shine. Add a few simple items in metallic finishes to add a touch of shine and sparkle to your table.

>  Do something unexpected.  When entertaining, you should always look to add a personal touch to your tablescape so get creative by personalizing your place cards, the backs of your chairs or even with the materials you use as linens.

Setting The Table for Thanksgiving.001.jpeg.003

The beauty of this centerpiece is the layers created with foliage, candle holders and an assortment of pumpkins.  If you won’t be using the ends of your table for setting, create a centerpiece that runs the full length of the table and let a few tendrils of greenery drape over the edge.

Thanksgiving Table via PotteryBarn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids

This tablescape uses overlapping burlap ribbon as a table runner.  Burlap provides texture but still keeps the color palette neutral so the centerpiece stands out.  You can shop my favorite source for burlap ribbon here.

Thanksgiving Table via HGTV


Amy over at the blog Homey Oh My is one of my favorite craft and diy bloggers.   While all of her projects are simple to make, they are always super chic.  She incorporated some of her diy crafts into they beautiful fall tablescape using gold craft tape, glass jars and small pumpkins.  This goes to show you that a little creativity can make a powerful statement.  You can read the how-to’s behind this table setting here.

Thanksgiving Table via Homey Oh My

Homey Oh My

I love the idea of rustic touches mixes with more refined elements on a table.  I single plank of wood as a runner is a great way to get that rough luxe look and it couldn’t be any easier to set up.

Thanksgiving Table via AttaGirlSays


Whenever you can incorporate greenery into your table decor, go for it.  Greens (which you can clip for free from your yard) layered under a wood slice charger creates a really dynamic look for a fall table.

Fall Place Setting 2

Ruffled Blog

My girl KariAnne over at Thistlewood Farms is a genius when it comes to creative decor.  Here she uses a grapevine wreath as the foundation to a beautiful Thanksgiving place setting.  She’s got even more inspiration you’ll want to check out here (I’m so stealing the clipboard ideas).

Thanksgiving Table via Thistlewood Farms

Thistlewood Farms

From the use what you have files, the idea of using a kraft mailing tag as a decorative name card at the table is a fantastic one.  So simple, chic and inexpensive.

Fall Place Setting via Collin Cowie

Collin Cowie Weddings

Here’s another idea using scraps of ribbon you might have lying around the house.  Use a metallic sharpie to personalize ribbon and tie it onto a pumpkin stem to create a unique name marker for your Thanksgiving table.

Fall Place Setting via Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

I hope these tips and inspirational ideas will help you get ready for the holiday ahead.


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Dissecting the Details--COVER.001

It’s my job to dissect the details of a room to evaluate why the design, layout, furnishing or even the details work.  To give you a little insight into my design thought process, today I’m sharing 5 rooms that caught my attention and the reasons why I love each space.


Creating a comfortable and stylish living space directly off the kitchen can pose some challenges.  You want the two spaces to feel connected yet have their own identity.  And you also want there to be some common threads with the color palettes between the two spaces.

I love this living space below because it shares the same wall color as the kitchen which creates that sense of unity.  And I also love how the wall facing into the living space was painted a soft accent color which helps define where one room starts and the other ends.

Design details to love:  layered rugs, potted plants on the mantle, a mix of pillows and that wood covered oven hook!

via LilyPadCottage


Even though you can’t see this entire room in this photo, you definitely know that it’s a fantastic space.  What gives most rooms its personality is the mix of decor, textiles and finishes used to decorate it.  This living space feels right, warm, personal, collected and inviting because of the design details used throughout.

Design details to love: Animal prints (every room needs one), collected grouping of objects on the table, neutral background with pops of color and a gallery wall that’s interesting!

Driven By Decor

Driven By Decor

Even the smallest spaces in your home can have a powerful design statement. Foyer spaces should draw guests into the home while setting the tone for the homes design style.  This foyer space feels so personal because of the collection of framed photos and treasures on the table.  Don’t be afraid to use lots of items to make an impact–repeating shapes and materials will tie it all together.

Design details to love:  Glass cloches (a great way to display collectibles), wood on wood (different wood tones make it work),  gallery wall frames in the same color story but in different shapes and sizes (harmonious but interesting)



Colorful rooms have been trending for a few years now and they are most successful when the room has a neutral or white base like this one.  The room also works because colors are repeated which creates the common thread within the decor.

Design details to love:  Two coffee tables (glass keeps the space visually uncluttered), books arranged by color and touches of black (another thing every room needs)! Oh, that sofa color is pretty amazing too.



Bedrooms don’t have to be bland or even cost a fortune to decorate.  I love this room because of the soft color palette which in my opinion doesn’t feel too masculine or feminine.  I also love the layers that have been created with the furniture, textiles, rug and accessories.

Design details to love:  Desk lamps on the nightstand (use what works), a cowhide rug layered over an area rug (cowhides feel elegant), console tables instead of traditional night stands (use baskets underneath if you need storage), a dynamic accent wall (this one was created with tape) and pop of pink.

The Nester

The Nester

When it comes to dissecting the design details in your home, look for the elements that bring you joy and that make your home feel good.

Happy Friday!


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If you’ve ever gone shopping in stores for a stylish umbrella holder, you know it’s not that easy to find one.  After dealing with the same experience a couple of weeks ago, I went on online to see what was available.  I was thrilled to find lots of a great styles and most at very affordable prices.

Here are my top picks for Chic Umbrella Holders:

Chic Umbrella Stanfds.001

No. 1  The Vine Umbrella Stand is my favorite when it comes to a solid colored ceramic stand.  I love the open-work design and this seafoam color is just gorgeous.  Also available in cream.

No. 2  If you’re looking for a personality piece, this Boot Umbrella Stand is just too cute to pass up.

No. 3  I love bamboo decor and this Antique Gold Bamboo Umbrella Stand has all the design details of a classic bamboo piece.

No. 4  Given the popularity of blue and white ceramic decor right now, the Tollmache Blue and White Umbrella Holder is right on trend.  

No. 5  This Floral Blossom Umbrella Stand will add just the right amount of softness and femininity to your porch or foyer and the black background makes it versatile with any decor style.

No. 6 I’ve always said that every room needs a touch of shine and the Geo Umbrella Stand is a great way to add that glam to your decor.

So, which umbrella holder is your favorite?


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Styling A Console Table Cover.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001


There are countless ways you can approach styling a console table.  You can keep it simple and classic or you can create an eclectic decorative statement with multiple decorative accessory items. Whatever the approach, there are a few tried and true components that every console table should have.


LAMPS–a pair of lamps is one of the most popular design ingredients for styling a console table.  Matching lamps provide symmetry as well as ambient lighting within a room and will give a larger console table the visual weight it needs up top.

tip: for a more eclectic look, use a single lamp on one side of the table and a grouping of accessories to balance it on the other side.

via Fun and Frugality

Best of Both Worlds–Fun and Frugality

PERSONAL TOUCHES–console tables give you the perfect platform for displaying personal items in your home.  Assemble a grouping of collectibles, display family photos and decorate with pieces that have meaning to you and your family.

tip:  place accessories in groups of three for a more harmonious feel (i.e.: orchid+books+clock and bird+two bowling pins)

via Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy

MIRRORS–in place of traditional artwork, try a mirror or two over the console table.  Mirrors will enhance any natural light coming  into the space and is an ideal wall decor solution in a foyer or hallway.

tip: in most cases, the size of the mirror should allow it to hang within the dimensions of the table, not extend beyond the edge of the table

Via Lonny

BASKETS–baskets are one of the best accessories you can use when styling your console table.  Baskets add texture, fill the void under the table and help keep clutter under control.

via Style Me Pretty
Style Me Pretty–Emily Gilbert Photography

OTTOMANS–I love placing ottomans or stools under an open-bottom console table.  Ottomans add visual weight and impact in addition softening the lines of the table.

via Linda Benson Interiors
Linda Benson Interiors

DECORATIVE ACCESSORIES–it’s a given that your console table should have accessories on it but which accessories you choose can make or break the overall design impact of you console.  My top three accessories items for console tables are VASES, FLORALS & FRAMES.  Don’t be shy with your accessory statement and mix and match colors, finishes and styles to give your table that personal touch.

tip:  create a color theme with the furnishings and decorative elements you use to style your table

via DecorPad

BOOKS–you can never go wrong with books when styling a console table.  Use books to fill shelves, elevate decorative objects and add color.

via domainehome
Domaine Home

ARTWORK–the artwork you hang over a console table can really help define the space and the overall look for the table vignette.  A collection of art can be just as dynamic as a single large piece and decorative objects added into the arrangement can provide added visual interest.

tip:  use uniform spacing between the art pieces so the arrangement reads as a single grouping versus individual elements

Via Pottery Barn2
Pottery Barn

Are you inspired?  I know I am.

I’ve got a beautiful wood console table that I’m considering painting black so I decided to pull together an inspiration board to help me visualize the look.  If you see something you like, you can shop the board below.

Styling A Console Table.002



Crystal Column Lamp–Lamps Plus / Faceted Metal Vase–West Elm / Rosewood Porcelain Ceramic Vase–Ballard Design
Nate Berkus Metal Feather Ball–Target / Rossington Console Table–Wayfair / Silk Orchid–Overstock
Kelsey Umbrella Stand–Wayfair  / Safavieh Heritage Black and Ivory Rug–Wayfair

You don’t have to use all of these elements when styling your table but a combination of 2 or 3 will definitely help you create a table with style. 




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ConfettiStyle Spring Bedroom Refresh9

The other night I was sitting on the couch and looked around at my walls.  I have several gallery wall arrangments that are a mix of art and objects.  As I looked at the walls, I began to feel unsettled with the eclectic mix and the random arrangement.  A desire for a more calm, symmetrical and orderly look washed over me.

My design style is eclectic with classic undertones so I was surprised at the feelings I had when I looked at the walls.  I think the need for order and calm is stemming from my life at the moment where I’m juggling lots of balls, can’t get it all done in a day and longing for a quiet weekend getaway.

What’s a girl to do with this artwork dilemma and feeling of uneasiness?

 Block out a weekend to unwind (unfortunately it can’t happen for a few weeks) and turn to Pinterest for some wall decor inspiration.

As I was looking through Pinterest, I came across these images where artwork was hung in a grid fashion providing organized and calm feel.  I like the look of art hung in a grid but am not 100% sure whether this is the look that I want.  Regardless, these images are inspiring me to make some changes to my wall decor.

My thoughts….

I love the tight grouping and a single frame choice but don’t know if I can commit to one style of art.

Tight Art Grouping

via Tobi Fairley

The impact of a grid arrangement is great so that’s a plus in my book.

Artwork Grid
via Apartment Therapy  

If the color of each artwork piece is similar that can be the thread that ties it all together.

Artwork Grid10
via Emily A. Clark

I love the look of this eclectic mix of art but don’t think it’s exactly my style.

Artwork Grid3
via Martha Stewart 

This arrangement is nice because it is still symmetrical but has a bit more personality than artwork all in the same size.

Artwork Grid4
via Houzz 

Grid layouts definitely work with black and white art but not my style.

Artwork Grid5
via Home Bunch 

I love seeing non-traditional elements framed as a collection.  Definitely something I’d do.

Artwork Grid 6
via  BHG 

Fall is a great time of year to hang framed botanical art and the look is fresh and modern.  Gets my vote.

Artwork Grid7
via BHG 

This image might be the solution…symmetry but frames hung both horizontally and vertically which adds a bit of an eclectic feel.

Artwork Grid 9

via BHG

Decision, decisions!

So tell me, is the gallery wall look still appealing to you or do you love the symmetrical art arrangements?  I’d love to know what you think.


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What to buy at WalMart.001

I think a lot of people shop Walmart just for kitchen and beauty staples and have never recognized that they also carry some great decorative pieces too.   If you take a look around the store you’ll not only notice stylish containers and dinnerware but there are some nice accent furniture and storage pieces as well.

Whenever I’m at Walmart I browse the aisles looking for what’s new and thought today would be a great day to share FIVE decor pieces I think are worth buying at Walmart.

Happy Shopping!


The Heritage Jar has been one of my favorite jars for several years now.  When I first spotted it at Walmart I think the price was $10 and even though the price has increased a bit to $16.29 it’s still a good value.  The glass is thick and at a one gallon size the jar is one of the most functional and stylish way to store dry goods in the kitchen.

Walmart Gallon Heritage Jar

Heritage Jar in Kitchen

Deal alert:  I just spotted a 2 gallon version of the Heritage Jar at Target for $13.99 which is an even better deal


I love finding a good deal on lampshades and Walmart has a classic drum shades at a great price.  This Better Homes and Garden Black Drum Shade is only $12.97 but has the look and details and higher priced shade.  You can’t go wrong with this!

BHG Black Drum Shade

Black Lampshade


And if you want even more style in your lampshade, I absolutely love this Black and White Cow Lampshade for only $25.00

Black and White Cow Drum shade


If you’re looking for an inexpensive storage ottoman, Walmart has a nice selection to choose from.  This Kent Storage Ottoman is a great piece that pack a lot of style for just $168.17.

Kent Storage Ottoman Bench-solo

Kent Storage Ottoman Bench


And another super chic storage ottoman is the Liverpool Linen Storage Ottoman–$240.18

Liverpool Linen Storage Ottoman


Finding a nice looking bookcase can be challenging.  This BHG Crossmill Bookcase is a great piece and I love the weathered finish and the $199.88 price tag.  It also comes in a version with lower cabinet doors for $109.00

BHG Crossmill Bookcase

Crossmill Bookcase--kitchen


Crossmill Bookcase with Doors



When it comes to organizing, baskets and bins are an essential design element and I especially love bins that have some character and charm to them.  Walmart sells lots of different basket and bin styles but at the top of my list is this Galvanized Bin.  There are two sizes available ($7.47 and $12.44) which means you have a size to fit all your decorating and organizing needs.

Walmart-Galvanized Bin

Galvanized Bins--styled


If you have a favorite decor piece from Walmart, leave me a comment and let me know what it is!



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