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Fall Inspried Bedroom


I’m so glad it’s the weekend!  The rain outside is giving me incentive to stay indoors do some work, catch up on magazines and plan a fall refresh for our bedroom.  I stumbled across this beautiful bedroom image above and it’s serving as my inspiration to combine some fall colors with my black and white palette.  Stay tuned!

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy these inspirational links.


This bar cart is just one of the awesome new pieces in their fall decor line.  I especially love this throw, this tray and these plates. Every season just gets better and better.

Wood and Metal Barcart--TargetOne really good example at how fast the world has changed.

Office via BHG

Here’s a round-up of beautiful table settings that are sure to inspire your next party.

Table Setting

Small ways to enhance your life for the better, in the next 100 days!

cup of tea


This article will have you thinking differently about the liquor bottles on your bar cart.

Liquor Bottles


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Hartman Office Chair

I bought a new office chair months ago and knew that I wanted to give it a little makeover. The chair is the Pearson Desk Chair from Ballard Design and I found it at the outlet store for $39, a big discount off of its regular price of $249.

When I first told you about the chair, I had replaced the casters with metal ones and I was debating between painting the frame gold or black and had also narrowed down several fabric options.


Well, I decided on a gold frame and made a slight change in the fabric.

Here’s the new look of my desk chair…


I used Rustoleum Specialty Metallic Gold Spray ( a great gold spray paint) paint and applied two coats to the frame.  To add an additional layer of protection to the frame I sprayed on two coats of Krylon Clear Gloss Acrylic Coating.


The fabric I decided to use is a leopard print velvet that I snagged during a fantastic sale at Boca Bargoons here in the Atlanta area.  The fabric was originally $59.99 a yard but the store had a weekend sale with select fabrics 75% off so it only cost me $15.00/yd.   I bought enough to cover my chair seat and make a pillow.

Even though I had originally planned to use a larger scale pattern I love  how this fabric looks with the gold frame.  And at $15.00 I won’t feel guilty if I decide to change it up in the future.





I’m glad to have another project checked off the to-do list and now I can definitely work in style!


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Plaid via Midwest Living

midwest living

Hello friends.  You may have noticed that posting on the blog has been sparse this week for several reasons.  I’ve been busy as a bee with work and projects and on top of that I’ve been fighting off a cold and haven’t felt good.  I guess that sudden change in cooler weather caught my system off guard.  Anyway, the combination of buy and sick hasn’t left me with the time or energy to blog.

I did want to pop in today to share one of favorite on-line shops with you, one which I have mentioned quite a bit here on the blog.  Mark & Graham can do not wrong in my book.  I love every one of their items and especially love their totes, cosmetic bags and small travel accessories.  Mark & Graham has been flooding my inbox with their new fall introductions so I thought I’d share a some of my favorite plaid piece with you today.  If you’re not excited for fall yet, these gorgeous plaid items will definitely put you in the mood.

Mad About Plaid.001

I think this Monogrammed Plaid Tote is the perfect fall bag for a day of shopping or taking to the football game. The navy colorway is pretty cute too.

Buffalo CheckTote via Mark and Graham

How cute are these Monogrammed Plaid Pillows?   At just $39 for the pillow cover, I think they’re a really great Christmas gift. You can find the herringbone style here.

Plaid Pillows from Mark and Graham

A girl can never have too many scarves and this Green Plaid Blanket Scarf is too cute to pass up.  $49 includes a single letter or three-letter monogram.

Blanket Scarf

This Essex Plaid Handbag could be used as a gym bag, travel bag or business tote and it’s currently on sale.

Essex Wool Handbag


Mark and Graham have lots more plaid items to choose from so if you’re mad about plaid like me, head over to their site and have fun shopping.

I’m taking the rest of the week off to get well and get caught up on work and projects so I’ll see you back here on Monday!


this is not a sponsored post, just me sharing a site and products I love





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A couple of years ago I started a blog series entitled ‘Anatomy Of’ but recently I fell of the wagon and have neglected the series.  Today I’m jumping back on the wagon and sharing another installation in the series…The Anatomy Of a Vignette.

Anatomy Of A Vignette.001.jpg.001

The premise behind these blog posts is to share design tips and decorating inspiration for specific parts of your home so you can tackle decorating with confidence.  

If you’re not clear on what a vignette is, here’s the formal definition that explains it:

‘Vignette is a short impressionistic scene that focuses on one moment or gives a trenchant impression about a character, idea, setting, or object’  

Or in general terms, a vignette is a capsule of items that tell a story, convey a feeling or create an impression.

Vignette--Min Lilla Veranda

min lilla veranda

I love creating vignettes when decorating homes because they are one of the best ways to add personality and create visual interest within your decor. Here are a few tips to help you build vignettes around your home and lots of beautiful images to inspire you.

TIP:  Layers are key!  Vignettes are not just about what the eye sees on the surface but what it sees front, middle and back.  Layer and overlap items as you build vignettes to create visual dimension.

TIP:  Variety is the spice of life!  The items you include in a vignette don’t have to be a perfect match in finish, color or even style.  As long as the combination of items feel cohesive the vignette is successful.

TIP:  Texture sets the tone!  Use items with different finishes to create visual energy within your vignettes.  Baskets with metal, wood with ceramic and stone with glass are good combinations.

TIP: Style from top to bottom!  When creating vignettes in your home, look at the entire area where the vignette sits and make sure the area above and below is part of the visual statement or is left free and clear.

TIP:  Make it personal!  One of the best tips I can give you for styling a vignette is to incorporate a few truly personal items into the mix.  Photos, travel treasures or collected pieces will always give vignettes a personal feel and make them feel connected to your decor.

Vignette--Edith and Evelyn

edith and evelyn
 Vignette--Nell Hill
nell hill

Vignette--Pottery Barn

pottery barn

Vignette--A Decorators Notebook

a designer’s notebook

Vignette--Domaine Home

Domaine Home






Read more of the Anatomy Of series:

Anatomy of Accessorizing A Bathroom

Anatomy of A Linen Closet

Anatomy of Styling A Coffee Table Tray

Anatomy Of A Place Setting

Anatomy Of A Kitchen Island

Anatomy Of Bathroom Windows


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I love taking baths and have used one of those inexpensive big-box store metal bathtub trays over the years.  I threw the last one I had  away because it start falling apart.

About a month ago I had the idea of making a new bathtub tray in anticipation of fall and winter which is when I enjoy a soak the most.  After purchasing all the supplies I took everything with me when we headed to Alabama a couple weeks ago to visit my husband’s brother.  I love visiting my brother in-law because he lives on a farm, has horses and an awesome 4-wheeler which I could spend hours on.  He also happens have every wood working tool known to man so I knew I’d have everything I needed to make my tray.  Here are some simple steps to make your own:

Supplies you’ll need:

 1″ x 3″ Pine Wood Boards ($1.35)

1″ wide decorative cabinet trim ($7.00)

 2″ x 2″ x 36″ wood square end baluster ($.97)

Wood Glue

Nail Gun (courtesy of brother-in-law)

Drawer Pulls  (optional).  I added some to make taking the tray on and off the tub easier.  ($2.47 ea)

Stainable wood filler to fill any seams and nail holes.

Wood Stain in your desired finish.   A small can is all you need.


Measure the width of your tub and cut the 1 x 3 board into three pieces at that width.  Next, cut your baluster into three pieces that are 3″ shorter than the combined width of the pine boards.

Once the boards and baluster are cut, place the boards together side by side.  Glue the three baluster pieces onto the long wood pieces (see below), one piece in the center and a piece about 8 inches to the left and right of the center piece.  Let the glue dry.  Once the glue is dry, flip the board over and reinforce the baluster with nails using your nail gun.


Once I had the tray assembled, I decided to add a hole to hold a wine glass.  I measured the base of a standard wine glass and my brother-in-law drilled the hole for me.


Next you add trim.  We cut it to size, mitered the corners and attached it around the edge of the tray edge using the nail gun (boy did I love that nail gun).


The last step before staining was to add the handles.


A then a few coats of stain and your tray will be complete and ready for you to enjoy.



upclose detail of tray edge


tip:  add rubber bumpers along the tray sides to prevent any scratching on the edge of the tub

I am thrilled to pieces at how my tub tray turned out.  I’m hoping to get some R & R this weekend and it just might involve a soak in the tub.


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Round Mirrors.001

domaine home

When it comes to decorating, some spaces call for a rectangular mirror while others are ideal for round mirrors.

Mirrors as a whole are wonderful to decorate with because of the added dimension and light they add to a room.  In addition to that, mirrors can create a sense of space and make a smaller room feel bigger.

I’ve used round and rectangular mirrors as part of my decor but if I had to make a choice, I think I’d choose a round mirror or a square or rectangular any time.

Here’s a look at five places where round mirror are ideal for decorating:


No. 1 –Round Mirror In The Foyer

A round mirror in the foyer adds an unconventional touch to traditional decor.  The curved lines of a round mirror provide a contrast to the straight lines of doorways and stairs and when placed opposite a glass inset door, the mirror enhances the natural light that flows into the space.

Round Mirror via My Domaine

 my domaine

No. 2 –Round Mirror Over A Nightstand Vanity

If you are using a desk or vanity table as a nightstand, consider a round mirror.  Again the round shape provides a visual contrast to the square lines of the furniture and will create a vignette that feels softer and more feminine.

Round Mirror via CB@


No. 3 –Round Mirror Over a Mantle

When placed over a mantle, a round mirror creates a open feeling and works when layered with other framed art pieces or decorative objects.  Pay close attention to the size of the round mirror you use over the mantle to ensure it has a enough heft and weight to balance the overall scale of the fireplace.

Round Mirror via DomaineHome

Domanie Home

No. 4 –Round Mirror At The End of A Hallway

Decorating the wall at the end of hallway can be challenging.  A mirror is a good option for this space especially if the area doesn’t get a lot of natural light and if the space is compact. The reflection in the mirror will create visual dimension and add visual interest.

Round Mirror in Hallway via Homebunch

Coastal Living Showhouse–Burnham Designs

No. 5 –Round Mirror In A Gallery Wall Display

Since gallery wall displays typically  include an abundance of square and rectangular framed art pieces, a round mirror thrown into the mix will give the overall arrangement a more relaxed feel.  When using a single mirror in the grouping the mirror can be the focal point and when if you’re using multiple mirrors, go with mirrors in a smaller size so the total wall grouping is the focal point.

Round Mirror via the neotraditionalist

the neotraditionalist

Round Mirrors in Gallery Wall Display via Domaine Home

 Domaine Home

When it comes to shopping for round mirrors, I’ve lucked out and found some great styles at HomeGoods but one of my go-to sources with guaranteed inventory is Wayfair.  Here are some of my faves from their site:

Entwined Wall Mirror

Entwined Wall Mirror–$327.80

Devon Wall Mirror

Devon Wall Mirror -$138.99
Kichler Scallop Wall Mirror
Kichler Scallop Wall Mirror–$250.00
Howard Elliot Rex Convex Mirror–$252.00

And for small mirrors, I always shop Target which has a great selection of mirror sets between $24.00 and $39.00.

Target Mirror Set

Threshold Mirror Set

So when it comes to mirrors, do you stick with traditional rectangular shapes or have you given round mirrors a try?


p.s.  this is not a sponsored post, just sharing the sources I love to shop.

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Hello friends and Happy Monday!  Sorry for the last blog post today.  I had a morning meeting and then had to get a few things checked off the to-do list so I’m late getting this post out.  Anyway as the saying goes, ‘better late than never” so here I am with some gift wrap inspiration for you.


Whenever I’m looking for a new idea to inspire a gift wrap project, I usually don’t have to look far.  The inspiration for this wrapping came from some flowers I spotted while on an evening walk recently and a denim shirt I had in my closet. This package is headed to a girlfriend and I just know she’s going to love the wrap.


The box I used for this package is a two-piece box with separate lid and I wrapped each piece in the beautiful floral paper I picked up in the dollar ($1.50) section at #Michaels.  Then I added a denim heart, also from Michaels and adhered it with tape around the edges so it could serve as a pocket.

{p.s.  my local Michaels just restocked the dollar area and there are lots of really cute fall and Christmas items you should check out
{p.s.s.  the denim hearts are on clearance at 80% off and they have denim pockets too}

The finishing touches are a pink gift tag with hand lettering and a silk bow and flower that are clipped onto the edge of the heart using a small clothespin.

ribbon from May Arts




Wrapping gifts is always fun but when you can create a beautiful box using just a few items and in less than 10 minutes it’s even better.

I hope you give this gift wrap idea a try.  If you can’t find denim pieces at your craft store, you can always cut up old clothing that is slated for the thrift store.

Happy wrapping!


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Cheers to the weekend!

When it comes to creative work spaces, the space below is one of my all time favorites.  I love how open the room is and the sense of organization and order.  And despite all the structure in the room, the space exudes warmth and creativity.

Even if you don’t have a creative space as big as this, you can be inspired by some of the details in this room:

♦  Use baskets to add texture, warmth and organization

♦  Use decorative tags to label baskets, bins and storage boxes

♦  Create a sense of order by using one style of storage box or binder

♦  Opt for nontraditional seating if it works for how you use the space

♦  Add a narrow counter height table to serve as your computer desk and then use a large table as a work surface

♦  Hang decorative lighting to add style and highlight the work area within the room

Office Space via Atl Homes Mag

via Atlanta Homes Magazine

For even more inspiration, enjoy these weekend links:

Advice for creative entrepreneurs.

These tassels are yet another genius craft project from one of my favorite craft bloggers.

You can never have too many containers, especially when they can look like this and are easy to DIY.

I recently discovered this blog (where has it been all my life) and if you love blue and white pottery, you’ll definitely want to follow the Chinoiserie Chic blog.


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