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One of the things I love most in life is shopping flea markets.  There is something exciting about looking for a hidden treasures amongst piles of dirty, dusty and cast-off relics.

Shopping flea markets isn’t something I’ve done all my life, I’ve only been treasure hunting for about the last 6 or 7 years.  In that time I think I have become pretty savvy at vintage shopping, partly because I’ve taken the time read about, study and research the craft.

If you love flea market shopping and want to learn how to find the best collectibles and vintage pieces, I have 5 books I recommend you read.  All of these books are filled with valuable tips on what to look , how to tell if an item has value and they highlight the best flea markets around the country.



Because I’m a big fan of Better Homes and Gardens books, Flea Market Decorating was the first ‘thrifting’ book I purchased.  Included in this book is a state-by-state listing of flea markets and antique fairs and well as tips on refurbishing your vintage finds. There is also loads of decorating ideas using real room settings with actual vintage items. The cover alone should entice you!






I stumbled upon Flea Market Secrets in a thrift store and gave it my usual flip through to get a feel for the images.  One of the best things about this book are the 10 Golden Rules of shopping flea markets that the author outlines.  The rules are tried-and-true and things you’ll want to employ no matter where you shop.  I also like that there are chapters dedicated to different types of items like glass, furniture, textiles and jewelry.  Each chapter give you in-depth information on what types of items to buy, what to pass up and how to care for your treasures.  You’ll also find the authors favorite flea markets around the world from Paris to Round Top, Texas.







I remember when Lara Spencer first announced that she was writing a book of thrifting–I was so excited.  I’m a big fan of Lara’s, have watched all  her HGTV shows and love her design (and fashion) style.  Her book, I Break For Yard Sales is one of the best out there and I love the fact that it combines flea market and thrifting tips with great design advice and inspiration.  Page after page Lara shares her passion form shopping yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales and flea markets.  You’ll learn her bargain hunting secrets and get insight from appraisers on what to look for when shopping.



You gotta love that Lara isn’t above dumpster diving for a treasure!





Lara’s second book, Flea Market Fabulous expands upon her flea market shopping tips by showcasing nine rooms that have been decorated with thrifted pieces. The book walks you through the entire process of decorating with vintage finds, from creating a design plan to building a mood board.  I also love the room illustrations and before and after photos of the DIY transformations Lara and her team pull off.








And finally, my list of inspirational flea market shopping books would not be complete without Eddie Ross’ amazing book Modern Mix.  When you want to take you flea market and antique shopping to the next level, this is the book that will guide you.  Throughout the 8 chapters of the book you’ll find beautiful images of chic interiors, table settings, bars and parties created using vintage pieces.  And along with sharing his secrets to shopping, Eddie will teach you how to expertly combine colors and pattern, mix old and new & curate a high and low mix within your decor.

“Modern Mix cracks the code to navigating thrift shops, yard sales and flea markets with confidence.”






And of course I had to share a few of my flea market shopping tips with you:

  1. Have a list of items you’re looking for but be flexible.  Shopping flea markets can be overwhelming and you can easily get side-tracked so it’s a good idea to have a list of ‘must have’ items to keep you focused.
  2. Let your creativity flow.  Whenever I’m out treasure hunting, I always stop and think about an item I’m interested in.  I think about the different ways I could use it in my decor or how I could transform it into something else.  Many of the items you’ll find shopping won’t be a perfect fit but with a little creativity and work they can be become real gems.
  3. If you love it, buy it.  We’ve all been there–spotting an item but then giving it too much thought and passing it by.  Then we have buyers regret and go back hoping the piece is still there but sadly it’s not.  I learned early in the game that if you love it and it fits your budget and needs then get it.
  4. Negotiate.  Flea market and vintage shop dealers are used to bargaining so don’t be afraid to negotiate the price.  And remember the more items you buy from one dealer, the better your bargaining strength.

For even more flea market shopping tips, read my 10 Tips for Shopping Flea Markets Like a Pro post.

Happy hunting friends.

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Dissecting the details is one of my favorite things about designing a space.  Over the years I’ve learned what essential components need to come together to make a room sparkle and come alive.  Today I’m sharing four great posts with you, tackling some of the most common decorating challenge many people face.

Click on any of the image below to view the entire post.


Learn how to use accessories to pull together any space in your home in the Anatomy of A Well-Styled Room post.

Anatomy of a Well Styled Room.001


Often time the vignettes you have in your home tell a story about you and your family.  In my Anatomy of A Vignette post, I give you tips and visual inspiration for creating vignettes that are dynamic and personal.

Anatomy Of A Vignette.001.jpg.001


Do you want to get your linen closet organized and looking pretty once and for all?  Read my tips for an Organized and Stylish Linen Closet.



And your bathroom needs to decor love too!  I’ve outlined 10 tips for Accessorizing & Styling Your Bathroom to help you pull your space together.

Traditional Home

Let the accessorizing and organizing begin!

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Favorites Of The Week

The time has come for us to sail away on a glorious 8 days cruise.  I’ll be posting the highlights on Instagram so make sure to follow me there.  And next week I’ll be sharing the Best of ConfettiStyle with a round-up of some of the most popular blog post since I started this blog journey.  Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you back here on the 12th with a tan and sand in my shoes!



Only one word to describe this kitchen makeover…gorgeous!

PJ Kitchen 08_edited-1

Lessons in Layering your decor.  A great read and a great home tour too!


William McClure via Marcus Design

Where have these Mod Melts been all my life.  So many ideas and so little time.




This is a beautiful and creative way to design a bathroom vanity.


via Space Crafting

This gold leaf table top table is stunning. The rest of the home is pretty great too.



This is the newest addition to my Words To Inspire Pinterest board which includes over 1800 inspirational quotes and words of wisdom.  If you need to positive energy, check out the board here.




I love the palm leaf trend that is so popular right now and I love this pillow.  Oh, and check out Dolce & Gabbana’s Fall/Winter Botanical Garden collection.

Crewel Palms Pillow



This wall shelf would look great in a kitchen or in a bathroom.  It pays to shop where the teenagers do.


These fall leaf appetizer plates will be the star of the show on your fall dining table. And I love these pumpkin ones too.


I’m so happy to find malachite decor at an affordable price.  You could buy this malachite dish and use it as a coaster.



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After sharing the room image above in Saturday’s post, I spent some time going through the portfolio of the designer that created this space.  If you’re not familiar with the work of Mark. D. Sikes, I’m going to share more of his work with you today.

Mark D. Sikes started his career in visual merchandising and marketing and honed his skill of creating spaces that are filled with beautiful details, classic design elements and a mix of modern and European furnishings.  In 2011 he started his own design firm and has been soaring ever since with numerous magazine features and show house designs under his belt.

What I love most about Mark’s work is the mix.  I mention the “mix” a lot here on the blog because of think it is one of the more important design aspects of any room.  The mix comes through variety–a variety of textures, colors, finishes and styles.  Mark is a master of the MIX!

As you look through the images of his work below, take note of how each room is styled and how items are layered to create a distinctive look for each space.


♦  Mark D. Sikes  ♦

This colorful and eclectic space below is showcased in the September 2016 issue of House Beautiful. The Asian art and the eclectic mix of accessories are my favorite details.




It’s clear from Mark’s work that chinoiserie and bold color are part of his signature style. Many of his spaces include a chinoiserie design garden stool (one of my favorite accent pieces).

House Beautiful HD #42 1108_AN_HouseBeautiful

House Beautiful HD #42 1108_AN_HouseBeautiful

You have to love a designer that’s not afraid of pattern mixing.


House Beautiful HD #42 1108_AN_HouseBeautiful



Mark D. Sikes

In addition to residential projects and show houses, Mark designed Reese Witherspoon’s Nashville store, Draper James.  He created a space that exudes southern charm and style representative of Reese.


Inside the Draper James flagship in Nashville.

In just a few weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy Mark’s work in his first design book, Beautiful.  The book will be released mid-September and I can’t wait to add it to my design collection.

To subscribe to and follow Mark’s beautifully curated blog head here and check out his full portfolio here.

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Fall Flowers

September is one of my favorite times of the year!  FALL is near, leaves will be changing and football season is here.

As I started pulling together my Inspiration Notebook for September, I realized that the things that are inspiring me this month are best explained through pictures and words.  Enjoy!

♦♦Inspiration Notebook--September 2016

Inspiration Notebook--September 2016


Inspiration Notebook--September 2016

Inspiration Notebook--September 2016

I want to take a moment to say Thank You to all of you that read the blog and support this passion journey that I’m on.  I’ve got fun projects planned this month and as always I strive to be your style guide for decorating, entertaining, gifting & more.

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Fall Entertaining Inspiration


I love conceptualizing beautiful tablescapes and finding the unique elements that bring my vision to life.

For my fall table this year, I’m dreaming of blue and white decor with pops of orange and accents of wood.  I want the table to have a rustic but elegant feel with a vintage vibe.  Here’s how I see the table coming together…


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house with corbels


I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I got a lot checked off my to-do list and also managed to fit in some downtime with a Sunday drive.

One of my favorite things to do on a sunny weekend is drive through neighborhoods and check out the exterior decor of homes.  I enjoy looking at the details that give homes their character like shutters, doors and corbels.  Traditionally corbels are used as a support feature to hold up a structure but more and more you are seeing them as both functional and decorative elements.


Some styles of home like Spanish or Cape Code are just meant for corbels and large, oversized designs like these really make an impact along an exterior bank of doors and windows.



They can be simple or elaborate in design and a trend you’re seeing a lot of now is the use of reclaimed or weathered wood to give the home an old-world look.

Deen/Groover Residence


I love corbels as an accent framing the door to a home.  They are a great alternative to columns or pillars and add so much style to a porch overhang.





 On a true southern style home like this, they add to the charm of the exterior.





If adding corbels to your exterior decor is not an option, look at adding them inside as a beautiful architectural detail. They are a great way to frame and visually anchor a room, window or doorway.

Corbel indoors


Corbel in kitchen


Corbels are a quick and easy way to add style to your home, both inside and out.



Osborne Wood
Van Dyke’s
Architectural Depot
Both Lowe’s and Home Depot have smaller corbels perfect for indoor use or smaller outdoor projects


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Favorites Of The Week



This is a great example of eclectic style.  I love all the color in this home.


I loved checking out this bloggers top interior design pins from Pinterest.  So much eye candy.

p.s.  tile from ceiling to floor is a good thing!

Favorite Posts

This was such a cute video and now I’m even more excited about the book.

decorateforaparty_giveaway--Favorite Posts



I’m not a gin drinker but this peach and gin tonic have me rethinking that.

peach-gin-tonic-I-howsweeteats.com--Favorite Pins

This beautifully styled cheese board and the how-to tutorial are great.

Cheese Board--Favorite Pins

I love the organic look of this fall floral arrangement and the oranges are a fun touch.

Fall Flowers--Favorite Pins

This beautiful image from House Beautiful kinda makes me want to go out and buy a red sofa.

Decor--Favorite Pins



This is a great time of year to shop all of the end of summer clearance sales and snag some really good buys.  p.s. H and M Home has some great items worth checking out.

If you have an extra $5.00 lying around, you might want to pick up this black and white pillow cushion.  #chiconashoestring

H and M Home--Favorite Products

Eating a bowl of cereal every morning out of this gold stoneware bowl would make me feel like royalty. Or you could use this bowl to hold flowers or succulents.

Stoneware bowl--Favorite Products

And how about sipping tea out of this leopard print cup! There are also salad plates to match.

Leopard Print Cup--Favorite Products

If you’re looking to UpStyle your organizing game, this black and gold storage box will do that in a flash. #iwant

Large Wooden Storage Box--Favorite Products


Enjoy your weekend friends.  I’m going to be housebound all weekend getting a ton of work done and starting to pull things together for our upcoming cruise.    I’m so excited with the thought that in just seven days my view will look a little like this.


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