Gift Wrap Inspiration: DIY Paper Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

If you know me, you know that I’d rather make my own gift bags versus buy them at the store.  Handcrafted gift bags are easier to make than you might think and you probably already have the supplies on hand.

For my latest gift wrap project, I made some spring inspired gift bags using wrapping paper, ribbon and craft bags from Paper Mart.  I created a variety of sizes and decorated each one differently to show you how easy it is to customize handmade gift bags.  And I created a how-to guide that you can download (link at end of the post).

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Once you’ve made your first handcrafted gift bag you’ll see how quick and easy it is to make a bag to fit any size gift or any gift occasion.


DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Blue/Blue Striped Wrapping Paper // ‘Periwinkle’ Floral Wrapping Paper // Mini Chevron Bags

You can see that I made different styles of ribbon handles for each bag.  My favorite is the braided handle on the large striped bag.

To create the braid,  I cut three equal lengths of ribbon and braided them together. Once the ends were inserted through the holes at the top of the bag, I tied them in a knot to secure the ends.

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

On the large floral bag below, I punched holes on the corners and in the center and tied ribbons through the holes. I used white hole reinforcements to protect the holes from tearing.

tip: Everyday office supplies can make great gift wrap embellishments.

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Kiwi Satin Ribbon // Navy Satin Ribbon // Mini Chevron Bags

The mini chevron bags I taped to  the front of my gift bags holds a kraft gift tag.  The bags would also be great to hold sweet treats with an Easter gift.

Paper Mart sells the chevron bags in three sizes and 8 colors and I love using them in gift wrap projects.

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Periwinkle Floral Wrapping Paper // Mini Chevron Bags // Similar Craft Flowers // Silver Glitter Gift Tags

I you want to embellish your bags even more, you can glue on fabric or paper flowers like I did.

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Blue/Blue Striped Wrapping Paper // Kiwi Satin Ribbon // Navy Satin Ribbon

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Periwinkle Floral Wrapping Paper // Mini Chevron Bags // White Gift Tags // Paper Hole Reinforcement

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Paper Mart has one of the largest selections of satin ribbon on the market with over 50 colors and 10 widths to choose from.  #oneofeachplease

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Spring is gift giving season. Stock up on your favorite wrapping paper and ribbon so you can personalize your gifts with a handmade gift bag.

DIY Gift Bags Using Wrapping Paper by ConfettiStyle

Download DIY Gift Bag Tutorial


To see other projects I made using Paper Mart products, check out these posts…

Valentine’s Day Centerpiece
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This post is in partnership with Paper Mart.  My love for wrapping paper and ribbon as well as all opinions of Paper Mart products are 100% my own.

Favorites Of The Week: DIY Transformations

I am sooooooo happy that it’s the weekend.  It’s been an extra busy week running from one appointment to another, working on design projects and battling a sore throat.

I am prone to coming down with a cold whenever there are fluctuations in the weather like we’ve been having.  #ugh!  I doing some shopping with a client tomorrow and then I’m spending the rest of the weekend at home gearing up for another busy week.

Here’s my roundup for favorite posts from the week, all great DIY inspiration.

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend!



 #1–Great DIY tutorial on adding trim to plain doors.  What a transformation!

DIY Transformation--Adding Door Trim

#2–It’s refreshing to see a bathroom design that doesn’t include black cabinets. Kate is a genius at design and DIY transformations.

DIY Bathroom Makeover Transformation

#3–Simply elegant living room makeover.

DIY Living Room Makeover

#4–A pretty dining area makeover.  The DIY window seat is the perfect touch.

DIY Kitchen Eating Area--DIY Transformations

#5–Stunning DIY transformation–garage turned office space.

 Garage to Office Makeover-- DIY Transformations


other favorites this week:

This closet makeover.  Wow!

This sneak peek of the The House of Hope.  The lighting!

SIX Favorite Blue & White Lamps {all under $100}

Budget Friendly Blue and White Table Lamps--Under $100


I’ve been shopping for budget friendly blue and white lamps for a client and haven’t had in luck in the stores in my area.  HomeGoods has some beautiful Ralph Lauren lamps but the $199 price point is not in the budget for my client.  Since I couldn’t find any lamp options off the shelf, I did some shopping online.

A few clicks and key words and I found some great lamp options, all under $100.



Budget Friendly Blue and White Table Lamps--Under $100



The Benoit Blue and White Ceramic Table Lamp is a great value ate $49.95 and has a more traditional feel because of the shade of the base and the shade. This lamps would work great in a living room or on bedside tables.

The ginger jar shape of the Blue and White Porcelain Temple Jar Lamp gives it a more traditional Asian feel.  Because the floral pattern is more compact I’d pair this with striped or geometric textile patterns in a living room. ($79.95)

This is my favorite lamp and the one my client loved.  The Maude Blue and White Ceramic Table Lamp has a more modern vibe because of the acrylic base and tapered drum shade.  ($69.95)

Small lamps that can work on a kitchen or vanity counter are hard to find.  I love the look of this Blue and White Floral Ceramic Table Lamp which has the Asian symbol for happiness on the front. ($69.99)

If you need a more modern design then the all-over geometric pattern on the Blue and White Geo Table Lamp is it. I also love the chunky wood base. ($90.00)

The Floral Blue and White Mini Tea Jar Porcelain Table Lamp is decidedly more traditional in design and feel.  This lamp would look great on a small side table or console table.($79.99)

Happy shopping!

*Affiliate links used for your shopping convenience. I may earn a small commission through these links at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting ConfettiStyle to keep great content coming!

Design Chat: Accessorizing Bookshelves and adding the finishing touches

I received an email from one of my blog reader, Megan who was looking for help with the wall decor and accessorizing the built-in bookshelves in her family room. The bookshelves and the walls have been empty for 3 years and Megan doesn’t know where to start with a decorating plan. She is also struggling with the sofa, which she’s not a fan of but others in the family are.

Here’s a look at Megan’s family room…

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

And here’s my design vision for Megan’s room…



The tan sofa, beige walls and white built-in shelves create a neutral color foundation for the room.  The area rug has different tones of red, browns and green in it so that should be the jumping off point for accessorizing the rest of the room.

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

The expanse of white shelving surrounding the TV needs a major pop of personality.  Beyond getting the right mix of accessories, I recommend that Megan either paint the backs of the bookshelves in an accent color or cover the backs with a grass cloth wallpaper.  Wallpaper would achieve two things–1) color and 2) visual texture which would really enhance the space.

When painting the backs of bookshelves, I usually recommend that you go a shade or two light or darker than your wall color.Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle



When it comes to decorating bookshelves, the items you decorate with are just as important as how you arrange them. Here are a few tips on accessorizing bookshelves and a graphic with accessory groupings that always work.

  1. Create depth ‘top to bottom’ and ‘front to back’.  Arrange items so the pieces are not at the same level or position of the shelf.  Your accessories should feel layered and not uniform.
  2. Vary the size, scale and shape of your accessories.  Decorate with a variety of items to create visually interesting arrangements.  And also keep in mind that if your shelves are adjustable you can create wider openings which will allow for larger decorative pieces.
  3. Create balance from shelf to shelf and side to side.  As you arrange items, step back to make sure the overall look of each shelf and each side of the fireplace feels balanced.
For more bookcase decorating tips, read my post 5 Ways To Style Your Bookcase.

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle



Wall decor is one of the most important elements of accessorizing a room.  In many cases your wall decor will serve as the focal point for the room.  In Megan’s room, the wall decor will provide a dominate impact statement within the room so it needs to be dynamic.

I recommend a large piece of artwork flanked by starburst mirrors for the most visible wall in the family room.  A piece of art will add color and draw you in to the room.  Mirrors will add a graphic detail and enhance the light coming in from the opposite window.

To enhance the sofa, Megan should add accent pillows and a small-scale bent arm floor lamp at the end of the sectional providing much-needed task lighting.

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle



The other decorative items I’d recommend is a console table behind the sofa, an accent chair near the built-ins and curtain panels for the windows.

 A console table will visually extend the partial wall behind the sofa and create an additional surface for a lamp and accessories.

The accent chair will provide additional seating and create a more balance space, filling the now empty corner.

Curtain panels will add softness and another pattern element within the room.

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle



Unique accessories and colorful wall decor is all that is needed to bring Megan’s room to life.

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

Favorites Of The Week {a little of this and a little of that}

Happy weekend friends!

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for spring to get here.  When I was driving home the other day I noticed that the The weather in my neck of the woods as been all over the place.  One day it’s 40 degrees and the next day it’s 70.  I need mother nature to settle down and bring us some consistent warmth and lots of sunshine.

Until then, enjoy a few of my favorites from the week.

♦♦♦Favorites Of The Week

This is a beautiful kitchen makeoverone of my favorites of all time.

Favorites of The Week--Kitchen Makeover

Does anyone else out there listen to Podcasts?  It’s my new favorite thing to do while I’m working.  I recently discovered #MelRobbinsLive and really loved this one on The Definition of A Winner.

Favorites of The Week--Podcast

There are so many great blogs out there and I love discovering new ones like Decor Gold Designs.  I love Jennifer’s style and her home tour is pretty fabulous.

Favorites of The Week--New Blog

 You’re going to love the before and after of this beautiful blue and white home makeover? 

Favorites of the Week--Home Makeover

Anthropologie is having an additional 25% off on their sale items.  #rundon’twalk

Favorites of The Week--Anthropologie Sale

In case you missed it this week on the blog…

The pages from my Inspiration Notebook for February

My Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Valentine’s Day Tablescape In My Favorite Colors

Valentine's Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

This year Valentine’s Day was going to be super low-key because my hubby was scheduled to have dental surgery that morning.  Luck was on our side and his dental work was pushed up to this week so now we can plan something a little more special.  We thought about going out to dinner but have decided to stay in, relax and enjoy the evening.

 To make the table feel a little special I pulled together this colorful Valentines tablescape using my favorite colors along with a few of my blue & white ceramic pieces.

Valentine's Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Whenever I’m creating a tablescape, I start with the centerpiece.  I’ve always want to use tissue paper honeycomb balls down the center of the table and this was the perfect occasion.   PaperMart, one of my go-to sources for gift wrap and paper products sells tissue paper honeycomb balls in 2 sizes and 9 great colors.  I used a combination of the 8″ and 10″ balls in red, pink and white.  The smaller white honeycomb balls came from Ikea.

Valentine's Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

I place a red table runner down the center of the table and filled a vintage milk glass vase with faux peonies. I placed two of my vintage (and thrifted) blue and white chinoiserie jars on each side of the flower vase. And the final step was scattering the honeycomb balls down the table, in and round the vase and jars.

Valentine's Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Valentine's Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

As with all the tablescapes I create, this one includes layers of color, texture and pattern.

Valentine's Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Once the centerpiece was complete I added my place settings.

I used black and white striped placemats to add a graphic pattern to the table.  Square white dinner plates and the new blue and white floral plates I found at HomeGoods recently finished the place setting.

Valentine's Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Valentine's Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

Valentine's Tablescape by ConfettiStyle

This is one of the easiest centerpiece I’ve ever pulled together and I love the way it turned out.

I’m going to have fun using these honeycomb balls for all sorts of party and entertaining decor this year. And they have even spurred an idea for my 2017 Christmas decor.

Love is definitely in the air at our house?  How do you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day?


8″ Tissue Paper Honeycomb Balls ||  10″ Tissue Paper Honeycomb Balls ||  Small White Honeycomb Balls
White Milk Glass Vase (vintage)–similar here || Faux Peony’s–Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart ||Red Table Runner–HomeGoods || Black and White Placemats
White Dinner Plates–HomeGoods || Blue & White Floral Plates–HomeGoods || Red Monogram Dinner Napkins (my DIY)


DIY Inspiration: Project Footstools {the Inspiration}

A several weeks ago I came across this pair of round footstools at one of my favorite flea markets and snapped them up.  Despite the fabric being hideous the bones of the ottomans were in good shape and I knew they would make for a great DIY transformation. Plus I couldn’t pass up the $11 price tag.  #thriftscore

Footstools-- DIY Project

My initial vision is to recover the pair in velvet, maybe a pretty emerald green or deep navy.  I want a fabric and look that is going to be long-lasting and classic and either of these colors would give me that.  I’m also planning to keep the top button tuft detail which I think gives the stools added character.

Footstool Inspiration


This online store has great prices on solid colored velvet by the yard. And I love this quilted velvet.

Footstool Inspiration


After considering velvet for a couple of weeks I went on the search for more inspiration and stumbled upon these images.

 This pair of stools is covered in mustard colored leather with a nailhead trim.  I like the color but the nail heads are a bit much for me.

Footstool Inspiration


These seafoam colored stools are really pretty but I’m not a pastel girl when it comes to decor and I definitely don’t have time to do all that tufting on the top.

Footstool Inspiration

I love , love Chartreuse as a color and really adore the way it looks on this footstool.   The styling of this ottoman is almost identical to mine except the ones I have don’t have feet which I’m now considering after seeing this piece.

Chartreuse is one of those colors that people tend to steer away from but it is a great accent color that mixes well with neutrals and with black.

Footstool Inspiration


Hum…maybe I should consider a Mongolian lambs fur?  I love the look but I can just hear my hubby talking about how impractical they would be.  My response…sometimes pretty trumps practical.

Footstool Inspiration


Just when I was set on a solid color I saw this velvet beauty!  I love the idea of two different patterns and am thinking maybe I could find some vintage fabric at the Roundtop Antiques Market.  I also found this source for embroidered velvet fabric.

Footstool Inspiration


Speaking of patterns, a beautiful Kilim or woven leather rug could be a fun way to upholster my footstools. In looking at rug options, I think this idea might cost more than I want to spend.

Footstool Inspiration


If all else fails, I could also cover them in an animal print which is classic, timeless and versatile.

Footstool Inspiration


I’m not sure which direction I’m going to go with the fabric but I’ll be sure to keep you posted. In the meantime, I’ve got a couple other DIY stools that are sitting in the garage waiting for their makeover.

If these footstools were yours, which fabric and color would you go with?

Product + Inspiration: Blue & White Garden Stools


One of my favorite accent furniture pieces is a garden stool.  Specifically blue and white garden stools.

As the popularity of chinoiserie and blue and white decor has gained steam over the last few years, so has the use of garden stools as a decorative accent.

If you’ve never considered a garden stool as part of your decor, let me tell you why they are a great design option.

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