I so admire the very talented design and lifestyle expert Erinn Valencich.  Not only does Erinn posses incredible interior design skills, but she is also a style expert in the field of cooking and entertaining. Having grown up in Northern California on a horse farm, and moving with her family to Los Angeles at the age of 9, Erinn’s style aesthetic mixes the casual, comfortable feel that can be found on the farm, with the stylish, glamorous design personality of LA.  I love that her designs are multi-layered and intricately stylized, while at the same time feel very attainable and real.


Erinn Valencich

As the owner of her own multi-faceted design firm, Omniarte Design, Erinn excels in designing spaces that are modern, eclectic and chic!  Her ability to combine colors and patterns, gives her designs a distinct edge.  I love the boldness of the red sofa and the graphic accent of the black and white throw.

I adore the mix of patters Erinn used in this space.  There is such a refined, yet comfortable vibe that this space gives off.  The upholstered chair, with the painted wood frame is to die for! 

With a love for gardening, Erinn often incorporates beautiful fresh flowers into her room designs. 

I love the button detail on this slipcover.  What a unique and unexpected touch.

Classic elegance defines the accessorizing of this bookshelf.  Simple and to the point!

Besides running Omniarte Design, Erinn has made regular appearances on HGTV and Entertainment Tonight, giving savvy style and decorating advice that inspires both the design novice and the design educated.  Her list of celebrity clients continues to grow and includes stylish stars such as Jaime Pressly, Mischa Barton and Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

The chartreuse walls give this classic black and white palette real energy.

The pattern mixing that in this space gives it an eclectic, high design feel.  I love the ornately framed mirror that has been painted high gloss red. Fabulous!

A mix of BOLD (headboard, duvet cover) and DEMURE (side table and lamp) are what define the personality of this space.

There’s  not much to say about this side table expect–LUSCIOUS!

Unexpected furniture additions like this ladder night stand are a trademark of Erinn’s.

 A few of Erinn’s decorating principles:

  1. Layer your Lighting–“The quality of light in a room not only affects color, texture and mood, but it can add architectural interest to a room. Having three sources of light in every room is a good rule to go by.
  2. “When choosing a color palette for your room, decide on two main colors and a third accent color.”
  3. “Don’t be afraid to mix styles of furniture in a room.”

Thank you Erinn for inspiring me and my design style. You make creating beautiful rooms, look so easy!

Photos:  HGTV Designers Portfolio


Having worked in the fashion and home decor industry for over 25 years, I have seen both the best and worst of what the design industry has to offer.  With so much product being mass-produced these days, it is hard to find an item that is truly unique and special, with a distinct style.  While surfing on the other day, I came across some wonderful handmade pillows that made me stand up and take notice.  While the concept of pillows themselves is not all that unique, it’s the button application that the designer Peggy creates on her pillows that makes them standout. After leaving a long career in television news production, Peggy started her hand-made pillow line, Letter Perfect Designs in 2007. Her love for fabrics and buttons comes through in her unique designs and application.  Here are a few of my favorite designs from Peggy.  You can check out more of Peggy’s work on , and contact her directly to have a custom pillow made just for you.  How Splendid!


all images via letter perfect designs


I am one of those super organized people who always makes the bed before I leave each morning, never leaves dishes in the sink, stuffs my handbags with paper so they will hold their shape and cleans up my desk each night before I leave work.  When it comes to my closet, my organization skills fall apart a bit.  Not because I don’t try, but because I just don’t have enough space to hang by color, sort by style, fold beautiful stacks or see all my shoes at one time.  If I won the lottery, yes, I’d pay off all my bills, but I’d also build my dream closet, inspired by these beauties…

This closet was designed by Steven Gambrel, almost like a kitchen would be…lots of  function without giving up a bit of style. I love that everything is behind closed doors.

I love the painted wall in this closet.  Painting your closet walls is a quick and easy way to add a bit of style.

This gorgeous closet belongs to my design crush Nate Berkus!

Super organized, stylish and chic!  The hat boxes and storage bins are a classic touch.

In my dream closet, organizing my jewelry would be high on the list.  And I’d sort it by color just like this.

The wallpaper in this closet is so fun and whimsical.  And I love how the chandelier adds a bit of high style.

Black cabinets, or white cabinets…what’s a girl to do?


This closet space was designed for Mariah Carey and is only a small section of her entire closet.  The knobs on the outside of each unit allow you to hang up selected outfits and I love that each space is individually lit.  The white cabinets, floor tile, crystal chandelier and stylish furniture really make this space glamorous and sophisticated.  How pretty!

So, If I never win the lottery and get the chance to build out my Mariah Carey dream closet, I’ll organize my tiny space and make it as pretty as I can.

But, a girl can dream can’t she!


all images from Pinterest


I spend hours upon hours at home looking through design magazines,  flipping through decorating books and searching the web for beautifully decorated rooms.  Besides being part of my job, it is one of my favorite ways to spend a leisurely afternoon, unless of course I am at Barnes and Noble doing the same thing.

 After years of collecting photos, I have accumulated a filing cabinet full of my favorites.  It’s fun to go back from time to time to look at them all, but I thought it would be even more fun to share a few of the rooms I just love.  




I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Happy Monday!


all images via Pinterest




Good Design does not have to be jaw dropping…

It just has to feel good!

–James Michael Howard


Beyond the world of Interior Design and Fashion, is my love (crazy love) for beautiful gift wrap and ribbon.  I don’t know when it all started, but sometime during my teen years, I developed this passion for wrapping gifts in pretty paper and tying the box with a nice cotton ribbon.  Over the years, as more and more gorgeous papers and ribbons have become available, I have labeled myself a true paper and ribbon fanatic!  It’s official, I am addicted.

Since I am always on the hunt for beautiful wrapping, elegant ribbons and creative ways to wrap a gift, I was thrilled when I stumbled across the website A Gift Wrapped Life.  Sande Chase began the company after spending 20 years in the interior design business.  Her love for “the art of gifting” led her to develop this business, which not only offers the materials for creating beautifully wrapped gifts, but also provides how-to instructions for creatively wrapping your gifts. The papers and ribbon she sells are “decidedly feminine, uniquely special and over-the-top luxurious!”



 Sande Chase–Founder of A Gift Wrapped Life


Many of the gift wrap packages offered at A Gift Wrapped Life include some type of embellishment to make you gift presentation even more special. I just love these little birds and how they work so well with the French Birds Nest paper.

So feminine and pretty!

All of the gift packages include multiple rolls of wrapping paper and the ribbon needed to create beautifully wrapped presents!  I guarantee that you will spend endless hours coming up with unique paper and ribbon combinations.

In addition to the wrapping materials, A Gift Wrapped Life also sells a wonderful selection of gift items.

 Isn’t this Paris Salon paper too cute for words!

Just when I though it couldn’t get any better, Sande has created her own blog , filled to loads of inspiring and creative gift wrapping ideas, interior design inspiration and great stories about her life and family.  Sande, thanks for fueling my passion!

And, for those of you who like to make the most of your obsessions, below are two of my favorite books on gift wrapping and ribbons.

Carolyne Roehm

Nicholas Kniel

 If you have any unique gift wrapping ideas or sources for paper, I’d love to hear about it.


all gift wrap images via A Gift Wrapped Life/ book images via Amazon


It’s week 2 of HGTV’s Design Star and so far I am a little disappointed in the creativity that the design hopefuls have shown.  Compared to earlier seasons, where Antonio Ballatore, Kim Myles and David Bromstad came out of the box with their “unique” guns blazing, the room designs that have been created so far are just plain dull.  If you’ve missed the show, here’s a peak at a few of the episode 1 and 2 designs:

In episode 1, the white box challenge gave the designers the opportunity to create a room based on the design style of one of the other designers.  With a blank canvas, $500 dollars and the full run of an Asian Market, the opportunity to design a fabulous room was at their finger tips.

 Here are the rooms Micheal (left) and Emily (right) designed.  Michael’s room does have some visual interest and he did incorporate some accessories, but the overall design, in my opinion, is messy and lacks any substance.  And what can I say about Emily’s room….the paint is the only interesting element in this space.

The rooms Tom (left) and Julie (right) designed were a bit more interesting.  Tom went a bit overboard with the Asian market theme, but his room did have layers that made it interesting.  Julie on the other hand appears to have been releasing a lot of anger with that wall treatment and all the feathers on the floor.  I would surely have nightmares in this room.

Courtland designed this purple room and although it is a bit simplistic, it does have a point of view and the color statement works.

 This is my absolute favorite room, designed by Tera.  The design is classic, the room feels totally pulled together, and I really like her color statement.

So, having seen a few of the designs from this seasons white room challenge, I can really say they don’t compare to seasons past.

Take a look…

Over the top but really creative…

Stylized, modern and visually interesting…

A bit edgy, but that wall treatment is so cool.

In episode 2, the designers, men vs. women, had to design rooms based on runway fashions they selected.  There were some beautiful outfits that should have given the designers lots of inspiration, but again, I think for the most part, the designs fell short of creating something great. 

Look at this fabulous wedding dress, which was interpreted via the white squares headboard.  Huh?  The inspiration of this dress should have resulted in a fabulous design.

To me the only thing inspiring in this space are the stripes on the wall and the design of the coffee table.  How about some decorative pillows inspired by that Tommy Bahama shirt?


 The ladies team created this fabulous chair, based on a high-end designer outfit.  I think this chair has lots of style and looks expensive. This was my favorite element from the entire challenge.

With the plaid shirt and navy “urban” outfit as inspiration, this is the bedroom designed by the women.  I love the chocolate wall and starburst mirror, but what’s up with those window treatments.  It looks like they were duck taped to the windowsill.

As I continue to watch Design Star this season, I can only hope that the designers get a bit more creative and design spaces with real STAR power!

Who’s your favorite designer and what’s your favorite space so far?

all images via HGTV

MY DESIGN STYLE (at the moment)

When it comes to interior design and defining your design style, could you sum it up in a couple of words or even with just one photo?  Believe me, this little task is much easier said than done.  If you are the least bit obsessed with interior design like I am, finding one photo that can visually sum up your design style is not an easy task.  So, when Ally from the blog from the right bank  sent out a challenge to all design buffs to find a photo that says it all, I began digging through my archive of photos.  It didn’t take me too long to find THE ONE….

Rustic Chic Bedroom

room design and image by Suzanne Kasler
While  I am a person that loves to wear color, the subtle color statement of this room just makes my heart sing.  A bit rustic, a touch shabby chic and a whole lot of refined elegance, this room has just the right amount of detail mixed with simplicity…all the things I love!
Challenge yourself to find that one photo that describes your personal style, and share it with us at from the right bank. 
Until next time…

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