Home Tour | Interior Designer Jessica Buckley

I was scrolling through the Apartment Therapy site and stumbled across a home tour they featured in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The home, owned by interior designer Jessica Buckley has to be one of the prettiest homes I’ve seen in a long time.  

Jessica’s style is fresh and modern with classic elements and just the right amount of feminine details.    With an apparent love for color you can see that she has used color on the walls as a way to define each room within her home.  The blue grass cloth on the walls in the living room is dramatic but not overwhelming.  I love the depth and texture it has against all of the white mouldings and trim work.  Another fun aspect to Jessica’s home is her use of patterns and how expertly she has mixed and matched them.  The paring of black and white with a bold floral in the kitchen is an ideal accent for the soft pink walls.  And the fabric drape over the guest bed is stately but modern.

Jessica is definitely one to watch and be inspired by.


Home Tour of Interior Designer Jessica Buckley

Home Tour of Interior Designer Jessica Buckley

Home Tour of Interior Designer Jessica Buckley

Home Tour of Interior Designer Jessica Buckley

Home Tour of Interior Designer Jessica Buckley

You can view Jessica’s design portfolio here. And check out her delightful blog here.

all images via Apartment Therapy

Behind The Blog: Steve McKenzie’s

Behind The Blog--Steve McKenzie's

Like many friendships today, my friendship with Steve and Jill McKenzie started through social media. We connected with each other on Instagram and eventually had the pleasure of meeting in person a couple of years ago.  I first met Steve on a  visit to their beautiful home decor and gift store and then Jill at a design conference here in Atlanta.  Since then our paths have crossed on many occasions including the Black Southern Belle Atlanta Tastemaker Summit where we both had the pleasure of conducting workshops.

Before I jump into the Behind The Blog Q & A with Steve and Jill, let me tell you a bit about them and their business.

Steve McKenzie’s is a high-end home decor, furniture and gift store located on the edge of the trendy Westside Design District. Their retail business opened in 2012 and continues to thrive with an ever-expanding product assortment.  Their product offering ranges from statement furniture to home accessories to a wide-range of tabletop items and paper goods.  You’ll also find textile designs that are derived from the canvases of Steve’s artwork and handmade items from southern artisans.  Steve McKenzie’s also serves as the Southeast showroom for the french furniture maker Grange Furniture. Along with their retail business, they have a full service interior design business, McKenzie Design, where they create personalized spaces for their clients.

Steve McKenzie’s has been published in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle, and has been recognized by other national publications, including House Beautiful and Traditional Home for curation of the businesses’ showroom. The inception of the interior design and home décor businesses have since parlayed into product line design, an upholstery collection, a line of rugs through Verde Home and women’s fashion with a stunning line of scarves.

“To us, a memorable space features layers of new items mixed with timeless treasures–objects that tell a story.  Spaces like these encourage comfortable living and great conversation.”  –Steve McKenzie


Behind The Blog--Steve McKenzie's


Now its time to go Behind The Blog for my chat with Steve and Jill…

Both of you have backgrounds in retail and home furnishings so it only seems natural that you’d own a retail store. Tell us a little about Steve Mckenzie’s and what types of items and services shoppers can expect to find in the store.

Shoppers can expect to find unexpected treasures, big and small.  Folks need to make several  loops around the store to take in all the layers, everything from home décor to jewelry to unique pottery, also furniture, pillows, and tabletop.  Shoppers can expect a warm greeting, an offer to gift-wrap their perfect gift, and perhaps a pick-me-up espresso.

Behind The Blog--Steve McKenzie's

Many people may not know that much of the artwork and textiles you carry in the store is created by Steve. Tell us about Steve’s art and what inspires his work.

SM— I painted for nearly 30 years.  I am an intuitive abstractionist who enjoys exploring making marks which lead to other marks until the painting is complete.  I do not start with a preconceived idea of what a painting should look like.  Colors in nature and interesting lines inspire me to make these marks.

Behind The Blog--Steve McKenzie's

In addition to your retail and design business, you also write a blog. Tell us about the blog and what readers can expect from your posts.

Our blog covers design, art, life, leaving us pretty open to what catches our attention.  We enjoy book reviews on favorite art books; Tastemaker Tuesday posts on talented designers, artists, creatives; entertaining tips and recipes.   Hopefully we inspire!  We enjoy sharing our passion for entertaining, books, travel and design.  We also love to share our Tastemaker stories from friends, new and old, who inspire us and we plan on featuring ConfettiStyle soon!


Behind The Blog--Steve McKenzie's


How would you describe your personal design style?

Personally, we hope we convey our international style.  We love the antiques combined with modern and a very storied interior with objects collected from travels and which have personal meaning.  I hope our style is comfortable, approachable and infused with stories.

Where do you find your design inspiration?

Design inspiration comes from so many sources!  Definitely magazines, especially international design magazines.  My current favorite is Cabana from England.  Instagram and Pinterest inform me quickly.  My biggest inspiration comes from museums, a painting that has a particular color palette or combination of textures. Right now, it is the Arte Povera  movement of Italy which is informing my color palettes.

Behind The Blog--Steve McKenzie's


If you could live anywhere other than Atlanta, where would it be and why?

SM -Paris, hands down!  When I was the CEO of a multinational Berkshire Hathaway company, I traveled the globe and my heart always returned to Paris.  The number of museums, the respect for the historical yet the love of the modern, the beauty of the architecture.  The French government has a policy with artists to manage the estates which has encouraged many magnificent mini-museums to happen.  (Rodin museum).  You can explore for a lifetime and find inspiration at every corner.

JM- Indianapolis.  Besides being my hometown, Indy is a delightful blend of culture, practicality (the city is divided east to west by Meridian Street and by north and south by Washington Street…its a grid system marked in miles instead of blocks), art (IMA, Eiteljorg Museum , Herron School of Art and Design) and fun (Indy 500 and the largest Children’s Museum in the world).


In addition to being married, the two of you have a great working relationship—How do you balance your personal and professional life?

We respect each other’s ideas and opinions, and it’s a team effort.  Always.  


Behind The Blog--Steve McKenzie's


You hosted an entertaining workshop at the Southern C Summit earlier this year—what three tips can you give us for setting a beautiful party table?

  • Keep a well-stocked tabletop closet so you have these items at the ready.  
  • Relax.  Your guests will be understanding and enjoy the event if you are relaxed.
  • Be unorthodox.  Use the unexpected.  It makes the table and conversation more interesting.  For example, a rug runner or quilt makes a great table topper. {I couldn’t agree more}

Behind The Blog--Steve McKenzie's


If you could lunch with any famous couple, who would it be and what burning question would you want to ask them?

Charles and Ray Eames–They so influenced American design through their art and products, their logos, branding work, interior design.  We would just like to know how they did it.

I always like to throw a quirky question into the mix so tell us about your favorite things…

  • Steve’s Favorite Color: Paprika
  • Steve’s Favorite Decorative Accessory: A classic bust
    Steve’s Favorite Design Book:  It changes constantly but right now it’s Ken Fulk’s new book, “Ken Fulk’s Magical World”.  It inspires me to create magic for my design clients.
  • Steve’s Favorite Southern Food: cornbread-my grandfather’s recipe that I make in our “cornbread only” iron skillet, handed down from my grandfather.

and now it’s Jill’s turn…

  • Jill’s Favorite Color: Periwinkle
  • Jill’s Favorite Decorative Accessory: unusual baskets
  • Jill’s Favorite Design Book: currently enjoying My Stylish French Girlfriends book
  • Jill’s Favorite Southern Food:  my father-in-laws biscuits

Behind The Blog--Steve McKenzie's


Personally and professionally, share a few items on your bucket list?

  • Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC {me too!}
  • Round Top in Texas {Steve & Jill, you’re going to love it}
  • Paris runway show
  • Falling Rock Visit


Wow, what a truly inspiring and talented couple they are. Thank you so much Steve and Jill for giving all of us a glimpse into your life and business.

If you live in Atlanta, I encourage you to visit their beautiful store.  To learn more about Steve McKenzie’s stop by their website and connect with them on social media ( Instagram // Facebook // Pinterest //  Twitter).  To follow their blog, head here.

Steve McKenzie’s, 999 Brady Ave NW #1, Atlanta, GA 30318


This is the last installment of the year for the Behind The Blog Series.  I’m lining up a fantastic group of designers, bloggers and creative talents to share in 2017.  Until then, enjoy all of the 2016 features all over again…
Behind The Blog:  J. Schoenberger Designs
Behind The Blog:   Erika Ward Interiors
Behind The Blog:  Thistlewood Farms
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Behind The Blog: Dwell By Cheryl


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Design Crush: Profiling Jenny Wolf Interiors

Jenny Wolf Interiors

Jenny Wolf

Do you love looking through the portfolios of interior designers as much as I do?   Recently I came across the work of Jenny Wolf, a New York based interior designer and was utterly impressed with her design work.  Jenny grew up living in New Orleans and on the coast of South Carolina and eventually made her way to New York where her design career began.  After landing in NY, she worked in retail development for Ralph Lauren (dream job) where she managed visual merchandising and shop installations for RL women’s shops.  After a 5 year stint at RL, she left to attend Parsons where she earned her degree in Interior Design.

Flipping through Jenny’s website, is it clear that her design aesthetic reflects a co-mingling of southern flair with big city style.

 Here’s a look at one of my favorite projects from her portfolio.

 ♦  Jenny Wolf Interiors–The Hubert  ♦

Jenny Wolf Interior Design

As you tour this home, you’ll notice simple and classic styling infused with beautiful detail. The trim on the curtain panels and the nail-heads on the sofa are little touches that make the decor special.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design12

Jenny Wolf Interior Design6

I love the cozy arrangement Jenny created in this the living area and the eclectic mix of materials and design styles. The accessory mix is perfection.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design8

The ‘X’ benches are to die for.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design7

Throughout the home, Jenny combined different textures with the furniture, rug, textiles and accessories. All of the textural elements in the dining area bring the neutral palette to life.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design10

Jenny Wolf Interior Design9

The bedroom is soothing and fun at the same time. Pattern mixing adds color and personality.  I love the combination of red and navy mixed with khaki and white.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design2

Jenny Wolf Interior Design5

A textural statement was also added in the bedroom through the linen lampshades, bamboo chest, natural woven rug and linen curtains.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design4

Jenny Wolf Interior Design3

And throughout the house, you’ll see accents of black which help to add that city sophistication.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design11


Another one of her projects that really stood out to me is the Hudson Street project. This decor in this home is the perfect mix of cottage, boho and traditional design.  You can tour the entire home here.

Jenny Wolf Interiors 15

Jenny Wolf Interiors16

Jenny Wolf Interiors17

I’m so glad I discovered Jenny’s work. The spaces she creates are beautiful and inspiring and she is definitely one to watch.

You can view Jenny’s entire residential portfolio here and her commercial work here. And be sure to follow her on Instagram for more design & style inspiration.

Jenny Wolf Interior Design--Commercial

all images via Jenny Wolf Interiors

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Behind The Blog: Jennifer Schoenberger Design

I’m excited to bring you the very first post in my new Behind The Blog series her on ConfettiStyle and I’m even more excited to be featuring my friend and fellow interior designer Jennifer Schoenberger and Jennifer Schoenberger Design.



Photograph by Kristy Dickerson

I met Jennifer a few years ago and immediately felt her warm and genuine spirit.  Since that time our friendship has blossomed and I have become one of Jennifer’s biggest fans. As a designer, she has an eye for detail, can accessorize a room like no other and designs rooms that exude the ultimate in comfort and luxury.  One of the things I really love most about Jennifer’s design style is her ability to mix old and new and modern with vintage, creating spaces that feel collected, personal and timeless.  And if you need some fashion inspiration, Jennifer has impeccable personal style with a love for vintage fashion.

Jennifer Schoenberger Designs



Jennifer Schoenberger Designs2


Jennifer Schoenberger Designs8




Jennifer Schoenberger Designs5


Jennifer Schoenberger Designs3


Jennifer Schoenberger Designs6




Recently I posed a few questions to Jennifer so that we can learn a little more about her and take a look behind her blog, Vreeland Road.

Grab a cup of coffee of let’s chat with Jennifer and take a look at more of her work…



Jennifer Schoenberger Design

How did you get into the interior design field? And what do you love most about design?

My career began after the purchase of our first home in Roswell. It was my first canvas and I went to work creating with paint, lighting and flea market finds. Friends and friends of friends began asking for help and it started as a little side business/hobby while working a nine to five. In 2010 I started blogging and showcasing my work and ideas, and at that point I felt like folks started to take it more seriously and business took off. What I love most about design, is helping people create a home they love living in. Our surroundings are so important to our daily lives and energy. It plays a role in everything we do, I really believe that. And being a designer is a gift. I’m so grateful (and flattered) every time a new client calls inviting me into their personal space. It’s a privilege I take very seriously.


I know you have fabulous style but can you give me three words you think describe your personal style?

Oh gosh, it’s so hard for me to label my style. It’s a conglomerate of so many things and always changing! I think if I had to come up with three words it would be FUN, classic and a little bit rock and roll.


Jennifer Schoenberger Designs19

Jennifer Schoenberger Designs9

Design trends come and go, but which design trend are you loving most right now? And which one do you wish would fade away?

I have to say I’m a huge fan of the notion of opposites attract. The idea of mixing an antique desk with a modern chair or hanging an ornate gold frame against a rustic, reclaimed wood wall. You see a lot of this mixing going on, traditional with modern. I’m not so sure this is a trend, so to speak, but I hope it sticks around because it creates great interest in interiors. As far as a trend I wish would go away, nothing really jumps out at me. I guess if you are going to hang your tv over your fireplace, please be discreet and creative in trying to camouflage it when not in use.


What’s your favorite room in your home?

Right now, none of them! LOL. But if I had to pick, I’d say our kitchen/keeping room is on track to being my favorite, probably because it’s the only space close to being “finished” and it’s where we spend most of our time together.

Jennifer Schoenberger Designs7

-those drapes!


What’s your most prized decorative accessory? 

My most prized decorative accessory would be anything that belonged to my Mother. For example she had a pocket watch she wore on a gold chain, and I incorporate those things into vignettes around our home as a reminder of her love and sacrifice. Being a Mom is a really hard job!


If you could share one piece of advice with aspiring designers, what would it be?

Be fearless in your design and ideas. Stick to your guns and don’t let any contractor, vendor, husband-of-the-client talk you out of it. Nothing is more frustrating, when you come up with an idea you laid in bed all night long thinking about, to have them roll their eyes at it and think you are crazy. You are not crazy. That and be prepared when you lay out your business plan, brand, processes and procedures. Have all that ready and rocking for when the flood hits because it will be too difficult to go back and implement while trying to design the lights out of five different spaces at once.


What’s your favorite way to rewind after a long day?

Family dinners. Hands down. I feel like our corporate culture owns us Monday through Friday, so for me it’s so important to make those days count with a family dinner around the table. It might be 8 o’clock at night by the time we all sit down, but it’s happening. And Mommy gets very angry when over-the-top coaches or sports interfere with weekday family time. It’s so important for Mom, Dad, siblings to have that connection every day. To be heard.



I know you are from Michigan and love your home town, but what do you love most about living in the south?

What I love most about living in the South is Southerners passion for living! Whether it be their homes, gardens, entertaining, the way they still “get dressed” – the South is big on living and I think it played a major role in the success of my design career. I can’t say for sure that if I was still living in Michigan, I would have developed such a passion for interiors.


Tell me 5 things you can’t live without?

  1. Music (and the shazam app)
  2. a breeze and the sound of birds chirping
  3. Summers in Michigan (!!!)
  4. Backroads (an alternate route that forces you to slow down and enjoy the ride)
  5. Pinterest!


And finally, if you had to choose…bold color or subdued neutrals?

Subdued neutrals. My next house will be all white! White floors, white everything.

Jennifer Shoeberber Designs


Thanks Jennifer for sharing your world with us.  Your talent is inspiring to me and so many others.

To learn more about Jennifer and here design work, please visit her website at jenniferschoenbergerdesigns.com.  And make sure to follow her fabulous blog, Vreeland Road.



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Design Crush: Anna Spiro

Absolutely Beautiful Things

Do you ever have one of those fleeting moments when you see the decor in a home and it makes you think about redecorating your entire home.  I have those moments a lot but recently I started delving in one of my design books and it really has me itching to change my look.

The book I’m talking about is Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro.  Anna is an interior designer and shop owner based in Brisbane, Australia.  Her store, my Black & Spiro is filled with a unique collection of colorful, eclectic and interesting decor and accessories.

When it comes to designing rooms, you can tell that Anna’s approach is all about infusing color and vibrancy into the space.  Let’s take a look at her style shall we…

Anna Spiro

The wallpaper above is just one of Anna’s designs available through Porters Paints.

Anna Spiro3

You have to love this eclectic gallery wall arrangement.

Anna Spiro2

Classic with a pop of color–yes please!

Anna Spiro4

The white piping and monogram take these black end chairs to a whole new level.

Anna Spiro5

Colorful pillows on a traditional settee is the perfect combination.

Anna Spiro7

I’m crushing on bold sofas these days and love the decorative boxes on the coffee table.

Anna Spiro11

A traditional chair with a twist–such a statement piece.

Anna Spiro6

This entire banquette setting has me drooling.  I just love the colorful mix.  It’s such a happy place.

Anna Spiro9

And if you ever questioned whether bright colors and traditional furniture could mix, here’s proof.

Anna Spiro10

One thing I know about my personal design style is that I love classic styling, whimsical touches and pops of color so that’s why I’m so drawn to Anna Spiro’s style.  A trip to Australia and a visit to Black and Spiro are on my bucket list but until that happens I’ll keep arming Anna from across the pond.

To learn more about Anna and Black and Spiro, you can visit her site here and follow her on Instagram here.

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Design Crush: Alessandra Branca

Alessandra Branca6 via Traditional Home

Hello friends.  The last few days my life has been a little like this beautiful inspiration board above…a mass of stuff on the to-do list and lots of projects the works.  In times of stress, I look to sources of inspiration to get me through. So I’m popping in today with a quick post to share one of my sources of inspiration and favorite designers, Alessandra Branca.

Alessandra Brance via Lonny phot by Joshua McHugh

via Lonny, photo by Joshua-McHugh

If you’re note familiar with Alessandra Branca, she is a Rome-born designer known for her use of color and her skill of combining  chic, old-world style into the spaces she designs.  

Here are some of the reasons why I love her style:

Exquisite pattern mixing + that floor lamp

Alessandra Branca3

Sophisticated color combinations + those upholstered chairs

Alessandra Branca2

Decorative details + that coral dutch door

Alessandra Branca4

Dramatic design + that plaid daybed

Alessandra Branca

Her fabric line for Schumacher + this chair

Alessandra Brance for Shumacher

via branca

Alessandra Brance for Schumacher--Upholstered Chair

via Schumacher

Traditional Roots + those stools

Alessandra Branca8

Her passion for pink + that rug

Alessandra Branca9

Her whimsical side + that ceiling treatment

Alessandra Branca11

Her use of trims + that chair detail

Alessandra Branca13

When it comes to design with personality and polish, Alessandra Branca is definitely a designer that inspires me.

You can view more of her design work here or pick up a copy of her book…

Alessandra Branca New Classic Interiors


all room images via Alessandra Branca unless noted

Design Trends Come Alive at the ASO Decorators’ Show House

Hello and welcome to a new week!  As you may have noticed, the blog has been a little silent the last few days.  Last week was one of those weeks when my schedule got the best of me and blogging got pushed to the side.  Despite everything and a week of rainy days, I had a good week and got lots accomplished.

One of the fun things on my schedule last week was a preview event for the Atlanta Symphony Decorators’ Show House.  Along with select designers and bloggers, I was invited to a private tour of the home before it opened to the public.  Having attended many of the ASO show house over the years, I must say at this years’ show house, Chateau Soleil is one of my all-time favorites.

Let me take you on a little tour….

Chateau Soleil

Built in 1998 and designed by architect William T. Baker, the 14,000 sq. foot French style estate sits on 2 beautifully landscaped acres.  Named for its sunny, golden façade, Château Soleil is a show-stopper both inside and out.

Read the Post

Design Crush: Studio McGee

The internet is amazing! 

Have you ever stumbled upon a room photo where a single item like lighting has caught your attention?    You click to find out more about the lighting and fall into a black hole of design.  Well it happened to me recently after I saw the light fixtures in this work space but instead of falling into a black hole I found myself in a place a bliss!

Studio McGee6

The shape and gold finish of these light fixtures caught my eye and the work space was also intriguing.  A few clicks later and I found myself on the website of the design team behind this simple but beautiful space–Studio McGee.

If you’ve never heard of Studio McGee before, let me give you an overview.  Studio McGee is a design company run by husband and wife team, Syd and Shea.  Fueled by Shea’s love of design, the two started the their own design business and have been creating beautiful spaces ever since.

What I love most about the rooms design by Studio McGee is the clean, crisp esthetic and the use of vibrant color accents.  Many of the spaces incorporate black walls which can sometimes be a challenge but they seem to have found the formula for using black in just the right way.  I also love that when designing a room, they use a mix of modern and traditional elements which keeps their spaces looking timeless instead of trendy.

Studio McGee2

Love the pops of color and brass accents.

Studio McGee


Black, white and gold–a winning color combo.

Studio McGee3

And that table…swoon!

Studio Mckee5

Studio McGee4


You can see more of the Studio McGee portfolio here and check out Shea’s beautiful blog here.

Be inspired!


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