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Statement Necklace Styling


I, like most women have a thing for jewelry. My particular crush is on bold statement pieces that have lots of personality and wow.

During the cold winter months, statement necklaces are a great way to accessorize layered clothing and bulkier pieces like a sweater or blazer.  A statement necklace can add instant impact to any outfit, causal or dressy.

Here’s a round-up of a few statement necklaces I just discovered and styling tips on how to wear them.

Statment Styling


How To Style A Statement Necklace

♦  The chunkier the clothing, the chunkier the necklace–make sure your necklace can hold its own against the texture and visual weight of  your sweater or jacket.

♦  Mix it up–don’t be afraid to wear multiple necklaces together to create your own signatures statement style.

♦  Go for the hi-low mix–a statement necklace can work just as well with a causal sweater and jeans as it can with a cashmere cardigan and tailored slacks.

♦  Layer with necklaces–wear statement necklaces to fill in an open neckline on a v-neck sweater or button up shirt.

♦ Statement necklace and collared shirts are a great combo–wear choker or shorter length necklaces under a collared shirt to create polished look.  Statement necklaces look great with turtlenecks too!

Statement Necklaces.001.jpeg.001

1) Black Stone Metal Necklace–$24.99   2)  Feather Necklace–$34.99  3) Gold Metal Necklace–$24.99

4) Multi-Strand Necklace–$17.99   5) Pria Layered Bead Necklace–$20.00

Statement Necklaces.001.jpeg.002

1) Bainbridge Layer Necklace–$64.00 2) Balletomane Bib Necklace–$98.00 3) Jura Necklace–$99.95

4) Aurelia Necklace–$68.00 5) Manella Stack Pendant Necklace–$58.00


Statment Styling5


Statment Styling2


Statment Styling3


Layered Necklaces


Statement Styling4


Statement Styling5


Do you have a favorite amongst this group of gorgeous statement necklaces?


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Last year I started a holiday series entitled 30 Days of Holidays.  I had such a blast sharing all kinds of holiday decorating, wrapping, gifting and entertaining ideas that I’ve decided to run the series again this year.

 The 30 Days of Holidays series will kick off on Nov. 24th with the first of my holiday gift guides.  I’ve been shopping my favorite stores and online shops to bring you the best gifts to give (or put on your list) this Christmas.  As part of the series I’ll also be sharing holiday DIY projects, gift wrap ideas and my holiday decor.

Since I’ve got holiday gifts on my mind, I thought it would be fun to share my personal gift list with you.  These are all items that I’d buy for myself (and in some cases already have) or would love to find under the tree on Christmas morning.  

Enjoy and let me know which item is your favorite!

Favorite Things 2015.002



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Good Morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend.  

I was a busy beaver but did manage a little time outdoors enjoying the weather.  One of the big task on my to-do list was adding new items to the ConfettiStyle Etsy Shop.  I added over 50 new vintage decor and jewelry items and still have more to add, including some vintage holiday pieces.

If you’ve never been to my Etsy shop and are wondering what types of items I sell, let me tell you about the shop.  I opened my Etsy shop a few years ago and really focused on selling pieces that I loved and would decorate my own home with.  I am an avid flea market shopper and the shop was a great way for me to make some of what I find available to you.  There are several different categories of items in the shop but you’ll find milk glass and ironstone pieces, brass decor and lots of unique vintage items. Back in 2012 I started making vintage jewelry and add my handcrafted jewelry to the shop.  2012 was also the year when my jewelry was selected as an editors’ pick by Country Living Magazine and was featured in the Dec/Jan 2012 issue.

Over the years I’ve added additional handcrafted pieces including designer clipboards which have been very popular.  I have a new collection of clipboards that will be available in the shop soon.

So all in all, my Etsy shop is an extension of my passion for vintage decor, jewelry and my love of handcrafting!  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the items you’ll find in the shop…

New To The Etsy Shop--Sept. 2015.003

New To The Etsy Shop--Sept. 2015.001

New To The Etsy Shop--Sept. 2015.002

Designer Clipboard

And in case you missed it, I’ve decided to expand my shop presence and begin selling vintage finds on Instagram in a new shop called The Vintage Box.  This has been something I’ve thought about for almost a year and I’m excited to launch the shop later this month.

The Instagram shop will have a more focused product offering and I’ll also be selling vintage jewelry as well.  I’m still nailing down the details of the sales so follow along here to be the first to know when the shop opens.

You never know what treasures are in the box!

 The Vintage Box.001


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It has been months since I’ve been to Anthropologie.  I try to pop in at least once a month to see what new gems they have but my summer travels and work kept me away.

I took a little time this past weekend to drop by the store (in hopes of starting a little Christmas shopping) and there were so many awesome items that I could hardly contain myself.


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Happy Friday!  This weekend is shaping up to be another busy one for me with lots of organizing, purging and cleaning on the to-do list.  Since the weather is changing a bit, I feel the need to go through my closet and begin the summer to fall transition with my clothing and accessories.  I’m always on the hunt for creative ways to display and store accessories and came across these ideas that have me really inspired!

Cheers to the final weekend of summer!

Closet Crush 2

image source

Thrift Store Picture Frame Jewelry Display

Closet Crush 5

image source

Old Door + Shelves + Picture Frame and a curtain bar= Stunning accessory display

Closet Cursh 4

image source

A Vintage Ladder turned shoe rack

Closet Crush6

image source

Shadow Box Frames to Hold Jewelry


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I like to think that over the years I’ve developed somewhat of a signature fashion style–a fashion sense that speaks to who I am and what I’m about.  My signature style revolves around the silhouettes, style details and colors that I like to wear and that make me feel good, comfortable and my best self. My signature style conveys a lot about my personality and influences the way that I carry myself and interact to others.



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  •  Build your wardrobe to break down like this–70% classics, 20% novelty and 10% trend.  The classic pieces in your wardrobe should include items like solid colored cardigans, pencil skirts, black pants, dark denim and white shirts.  These classics will serve as your fashion foundation and easily allow you to mix and match with the other items in your wardrobe.  The 20% novelty should be represented by items like patterned blouses, print skirts and fashion blazers. And the 10% trend are styles, silhouettes and colors that are hot for the season–items like patterned pants, novelty sweaters and print dresses.
  • Know what styles look best on you.  Try on the things you have at home to get a feel for the styles and silhouettes that look best on you and accentuate the parts of your body you like most.  Then head to the store and try on more clothes.  The more time you spend getting comfortable with your personal style the more confident you’ll feel when shopping and wearing the pieces you buy.


  • Buy quality fibers and materials and AVOID ACRYLIC.  Cotton, wool, cashmere, linen, silk and flannel are always good fabric choices and will stand up to long-term wear and care.  Fabrics like acrylic and polyester usually show their wear within a season through pilling and surface shine.  When buying cashmere, buy the best quality you can (if you pull the fabric and is doesn’t spring back its a lesser quality).
  • When buying novelty or trend pieces, buy complete outfits.  Novelty and trend clothing is usually designed to represent a hot color or pattern of the season, so it’s important to buy different pieces in that color family so that you have items that work together long term.
  • Buy key pieces at the end of each season to build your fashion foundation and save money. The end of the spring and summer season is a great time to buy tanks, cami’s and layering tees.  At the end of the fall and winter season look for light weight cardigans, blazers and denim.  One of your best sources for clothing pre-season is outlet malls which typically have items 3 months before the season begins.
  • Organize the clothes in your closet by category and then by color within each category.  This will help you see what you have, identify core items you need to purchase and help you stay organized.


  • If you are wearing a loose fitting top pair it with a slimmer fitting pant.  Likewise, if you are wearing a wide leg pant, pair it with a slimmer top.  Wear clothing that gives you a balanced appearance and avoid an all-over baggy look.
  • Don’t buy over-sized clothing thinking it will make you look smaller.  The area just under the bust is a woman’s smallest torso measurement, so emphasizing it with a structured waistband that hits higher than your natural waist will make you look a size smaller.
  • The most slimming fashion statement you can create is wearing one color head to toe.


  • Know your neckline.  The neck and decolletage area can make or break how you look in a top.  Figure out if you look best in a v-neck, crew-neck or other neckline.  You want to accent this area to draw the eye to the face and help give you an overall leaner look.
  • Invest in an accessory wardrobe so you can add personality to your wardrobe.  Scarves, belts, necklaces and earrings can turn a classic fashion piece into a fashion statement.  When buying necklaces, buy pieces in different lengths so that you have pieces to work with a variety of neckline styles.


  • Save money on footwear by creating your own fancy flats.  Buy flats in basic colors and then use inexpensive but stylish clip-on earrings to Up-Style them.  Yard sales and thrift stores are a great source for cheap clip-on earrings.


  • To make your legs appear longer, wear shoes in the same color family as your skin-tone.  Your legs and foot will create a seamless line and your legs will appear longer.
  • When buying denim, buy a pair that has a snug fit.  Denim always stretches and buying a relaxed fit from the start will result in a baggy fit when the jeans stretch.
  • Wear jeans at least two times before washing.  I’ve heard fashion experts say jeans should be worn 3 to 4 times between washes to maintain the fit and the color.  To help with fading, turn jeans inside out when washing.


  • Never dry your bras in the dryer.  Dryers will breakdown the elastic and underwire quickly and result in ill fitting bras.  Wash bras on delicate in cold water and then hang them to dry.
  • If you spill something on your clothes, don’t rub the stain instead blot the stain.  Rubbing can break down the fibers and actually embed the stain further into the fibers.  p.s.  this also goes for carpet stains–blot, don’t rub!
  • Alterations can be your best friend when it comes to fashion.  Always buy clothing to fit the largest part of your body and then have the garment altered to fit where it is too big.  Well fitting clothes actually make your clothes look more expensive and higher quality.



  • When packing for a trip, roll your clothing pieces instead of folding which will help cut down on wrinkles.  It will also save space in your luggage.
  • A basic white tee is one the best fashion buys you can make.  A white tee can be dressed up or down, worn with any color and can be layered under just about anything.  When you find a tee that fits, buy 3 to 4 so you’ll have a fresh one when one wears out.  Same goes for a well fitting pair of jeans.


  • Wear a t-shirt bra when you wear a t-shirts to keep your bust area smooth.  It’s not a flattering look to see lace details or bra seams under a tee.
  • Wear the right color lingerie.  Don’t wear a black bra if you are wearing a white blouse or top.  Wear nude or natural lingerie with white, cream and lighter colors and wear black with darker tones.
  • Have several black pairs of pants in your closet that work with different heel heights.  Hem a pair to work with flats and a pair to work with heels.  An  ‘all-purpose’ length will end up looking OK with some shoes and bad with others.
  • Always look at yourself in a black tee under light to make sure the fibers aren’t see-through.  In many cases light-weight black fabrics have a see-through nature to them which may show up under light.  If you are attending an event where photos will be taken, try on your outfit at home and have a couple of pictures taken of you.  Check the photos to make sure you’re not exposing something you weren’t aware of.


  •  Always check your rear view before leaving the house.  Most of the time people look in the mirror before they leave the house to see how they look from the front but don’t always check the back.  Make sure your clothes fit from all angles.


  • An inexpensive way to Up-Style an inexpensive blouse or blazer is by changing out the buttons.  Pearlized, tone-on-tone and leather buttons are always a good option.
  • Wider belts are typically more flattering then thin belts.  Wider belts pull your waist in and help define it.


  • Always keep an emergency kit in your handbag or car.  The kits should include safety pins, double stick tape, a lint brush and a stain remover stick.
  • When in doubt, Overdress.  In today’s world, jeans can be worn to just about any occasion but there’s nothing worse than showing up at an event under-dressed.  If you don’t know what the dress code is, overdress. There’s no harm in looking too pulled together, but you’ll feel uncomfortable if you think you look out of place.
  • If you feel uncomfortable, you probably look uncomfortable!  Your confidence is affected by what you’re wearing, as sad of a thought as that might be. So if you’re feeling self-conscious about your outfit, you’re likely to be tugging at it or double-checking that everything is in place all day and night.  For instant confidence and a feel-good attitude, always opt to wear your favorite color…mine is red or something bright!


  • Take care of your footwear.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been somewhere are seen someone dressed to the nines only to look down and see scuffed shoes or even worse, a heel with a missing cap.
  • Take photos of your favorite outfits (including jewelry) and hang them in your closet for easy reference.  It’s always good to remember outfits that made you feel like a million bucks, especially if you’re trying to get dressed in a hurry.
  • Dress you age!  Enough said.


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I love wearing jewelry and necklaces are an essential part of my style statement.  Sometimes I wear a single necklace and other times I layer several together for a more eclectic look.



But from time to time I’m faced with a necklace challenge…What’s the right necklace length?


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