New House Diary: Master Bedroom Design Plan

New House Diary--Master Bedroom Design Plan by ConfettiStyle

Hi friends.  I’ve decided to start a new series here on the blog called New House Diary.  The new series document the decorating journey of our new home.  I’ll be sharing the design plans as well as before and after photos so you can see the spaces come to life.  I’ve already shared the design plans for the office  and the living room and today I’m sharing the plans for our master bedroom.

We’ve been in the house for two months and are moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to decorating.  We have yet to hang artwork or curtains and we’re still waiting for our new sofa to arrive.  Fingers crossed it will be here next week!

When we moved, I made the decision to take my time decorating. That decision has been both good and bad.  The downside is that we’re still unloading boxes and trying to get closets, cabinets and drawers organized.  The positive thing is that taking my time is helping me make the right design decisions.

Here’s a look at our master bedroom the day we closed on the house.  The carpet was in desperate need of replacing and the paint colors were not at all appealing to me.

New House Diary--Master Bedroom Design Plan by ConfettiStyle

The bedroom is a good size but there aren’t many options when it comes to arranging the furniture.

New House Diary--Master Bedroom Design Plan by ConfettiStyle

Here’s the space plan for the room…

New House Diary--Master Bedroom Design Plan by ConfettiStyle


I want for the room to have a calm, sophisticated and warm look and feel so that’s what inspired the colors and design plan.

The walls are painted a soft grey, Whisper by Benjamin Moore and I absolutely love the color. All of the trim is BM Simply White (semi-gloss) and the doors are BM Black Satin also in semi-gloss.  I’ll be introducing darker grey through some of the accent fabrics the fabrics which will give the space more depth.

New House Diary--Master Bedroom Design Plan by ConfettiStyle

We already own most of the furniture for the room but are purchasing a couple of new pieces to complete the space. And I’ve got new linens and decor on my shopping list too.

Master Bedroom Design Plan…


New House Diary--Master Bedroom Design Plan by ConfettiStyleTo add dimension and visual interest to the neutral color palette, I’ll use patterned pillows and textured linens. The neutral foundation will also make it easy to  change the look seasonally, adding more color during the warmer months.

The plan is for velvet curtains and to use velvet on a bench that I’m having recovered.  Brass lighting will add a touch of shine and glam within the room.  I have one vintage brass lamp that I want to use on the nightstand and I’m hoping to luck upon a matching one at an antique or thrift store.

 The pillows patterns I’m showing are the general direction that I want to go, using a plaid, floral and animal print together.


New House Diary--Master Bedroom Design Plan by ConfettiStyle


I’m planning to have our bedroom complete before Thanksgiving so stay tuned for the reveal.


Black Nightstand 

Black Undredal Dresser (I’m planning to change our the drawer hardware)

Washed Percale Waffle Duvet Cover (also available in grey)

Charcoal Grey Plaid Pillow

Schumacher Linen Leopard Animal Print Pillow

Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock Pillow

Brass Chandelier

Charcoal Curtain Panels

Decorative Trim (similar here)

Upholstered Bench (I’ll be recovering one I already own)

Vintage Brass Lamp (similar here)

Medallion Rug

Pillow Pairings | My Favorite Black and White Pillow Styles

Raise your hand it you own this black and white pillow cover from Ikea.  I think half the world owns the Lappljung Ruta cushion cover, including me!

I think the appeal of this covers is the graphic design, the sturdy fabric and of course the black and white color combo.  And let’s not overlook the $10 price which makes this pillow one of the best design deals around.

Ikea Black and White Pillow

via Ikea

While I love the Ikea pillow, I think its time a new black and white pillow becomes the darling of the design world. To find a winner, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite black and white pillows/cushion covers along with the accent pillows I’d pair them with them when decorating.

Check out my pillow pairings and leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite.


No. 1

Black, white and greek key are always a winning combination and a classic look that will be around for years to come.  The black velvet pillow pairs beautifully with this dusty blue Schumacher floral fabric and a tan and white mini animal print.

 Black Velvet Pillow Cover with Greek Key Trim // Hot House Flowers Pillow Cover // Tan Cheetah Pillow Cover 

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle


No. 2

This woven black and white pillow has a casual vibe that is perfect for a sectional or sofa.  Because of the texture, I’ve paired it with a deep yellow velvet pillow and an abstract floral so the look is relaxed and carefree.  The black and white woven pillow would also look great paired with other black and white pillow designs.

p.s.  the velvet pillow is available in 10 fabulous colors
 Linework Woven Decorative Pillow // Watercolour Floral Pillow Cover // Brenner Yellow Velvet Pillow

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

No. 3

By far my favorite black and white pillow grouping!  This textured black and white pillow cover is so versatile that you can easily pair it with other patterns.  Since I love all things emerald green I used that as the accent color for this combo.  The floral pillow keeps the overall look soft while the velvet green pillow with greek key keeps the look classic.

   Ben Soleimani Textured Wool Nailhead Pillow Cover //  Bermuda Blossoms Pillow Cover // Emerald Green Velvet Pillow 

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

No. 4

If you like a more modern vibe, you’ll love this combo.  I like how the bold design of the black and white grid pillow mixes well with a modern strip and Asian floral design.

p.s.  there are a thousand shades of white so don’t think you have to have the exact hue in each pillow design.  A little contrast is a good thing.
 Modern Black Pillow //  Black and White Dotted Stripe Pillow Cover // Asian Floral Pillow Cover
Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

No. 5

I’m starting to see black and white buffalo check pillows all over Pinterest so it looks like this pillow design is a new favorite amongst designers and design bloggers.  An oversized plaid like this works will with ditzy prints and florals and you can go with just about any color combo you want.

 Buffalo Check Pillow // Dalmatian Spots Pillow // P. Kaufmann Candid Moment Pillow Cover

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

Tips For Pairing Pillows Like A Pro


  1. Ensure all pillows have a consistent color theme.  If you’re using a black and white pillow as the foundation, pair it will other designs that include black, white or both colors so there is a connection amongst the pillows.
  2. The scale of patterns should balance each other, not compete for attention. A good rule of thumb is one large , one medium and one small.
  3. Texture is important and can be visual texture (what the eye sees) as well as tactile texture (what you actually feel).  Texture adds warmth and depth to pillow pairings and should always be a part of your pillow mix.
  4. The size of the pillows matter.  Just like you scale the size of print, you want different sizes of pillows. Here’s a winning combo you can always count on…

For the sofa:  (2) 24×24 pillows  + (2) 20×20 pillows + (1) Lumbar pillow  //  For a loveseat: (2) 20×20 pillows + (1) Lumbar pillow

So, which black and white pillow is your favorite and which pillow pairing do you like most? 

Design Chat: Accessorizing Bookshelves and adding the finishing touches

I received an email from one of my blog reader, Megan who was looking for help with the wall decor and accessorizing the built-in bookshelves in her family room. The bookshelves and the walls have been empty for 3 years and Megan doesn’t know where to start with a decorating plan. She is also struggling with the sofa, which she’s not a fan of but others in the family are.

Here’s a look at Megan’s family room…

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

And here’s my design vision for Megan’s room…



The tan sofa, beige walls and white built-in shelves create a neutral color foundation for the room.  The area rug has different tones of red, browns and green in it so that should be the jumping off point for accessorizing the rest of the room.

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

The expanse of white shelving surrounding the TV needs a major pop of personality.  Beyond getting the right mix of accessories, I recommend that Megan either paint the backs of the bookshelves in an accent color or cover the backs with a grass cloth wallpaper.  Wallpaper would achieve two things–1) color and 2) visual texture which would really enhance the space.

When painting the backs of bookshelves, I usually recommend that you go a shade or two light or darker than your wall color.Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle



When it comes to decorating bookshelves, the items you decorate with are just as important as how you arrange them. Here are a few tips on accessorizing bookshelves and a graphic with accessory groupings that always work.

  1. Create depth ‘top to bottom’ and ‘front to back’.  Arrange items so the pieces are not at the same level or position of the shelf.  Your accessories should feel layered and not uniform.
  2. Vary the size, scale and shape of your accessories.  Decorate with a variety of items to create visually interesting arrangements.  And also keep in mind that if your shelves are adjustable you can create wider openings which will allow for larger decorative pieces.
  3. Create balance from shelf to shelf and side to side.  As you arrange items, step back to make sure the overall look of each shelf and each side of the fireplace feels balanced.
For more bookcase decorating tips, read my post 5 Ways To Style Your Bookcase.

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle



Wall decor is one of the most important elements of accessorizing a room.  In many cases your wall decor will serve as the focal point for the room.  In Megan’s room, the wall decor will provide a dominate impact statement within the room so it needs to be dynamic.

I recommend a large piece of artwork flanked by starburst mirrors for the most visible wall in the family room.  A piece of art will add color and draw you in to the room.  Mirrors will add a graphic detail and enhance the light coming in from the opposite window.

To enhance the sofa, Megan should add accent pillows and a small-scale bent arm floor lamp at the end of the sectional providing much-needed task lighting.

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle



The other decorative items I’d recommend is a console table behind the sofa, an accent chair near the built-ins and curtain panels for the windows.

 A console table will visually extend the partial wall behind the sofa and create an additional surface for a lamp and accessories.

The accent chair will provide additional seating and create a more balance space, filling the now empty corner.

Curtain panels will add softness and another pattern element within the room.

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle



Unique accessories and colorful wall decor is all that is needed to bring Megan’s room to life.

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

Design Chat--Accessorizing Bookshelves and Decorating Tips by ConfettiStyle

The Junk Gypsy Collection for Pottery Barn Teen

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Thanks to the kind folks at Pottery Barn Teen, I now have a new set of beautiful sheets for our guest bedroom.

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

The Bohemian Geo Cuff Sheet Set is part of their new Junk Gypsy collection and is made of 100% percale which is so soft and cozy.  And the embroidered diamond pattern that accents the flat sheet and pillowcases has a classic yet bohemian vibe.

Junk Gypsy Bohemian Geo Cuff Sheet Set-Pottery Barn Teen

The sheets are a soft off-white color that will mix easily with other bedding, adding to their versatility.

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen


Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Upon opening the package I recognized how well made the sheet set was and it fit our queen bed like a glove.

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

 I’ve stared to add holiday touches to the guest room and the new sheet set works great with the classic holiday decor I’m adding.

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

The Junk Gypsy collection for has lots of items that will work for adult spaces as easily as they do for a teens room.  I love the Wanderer Fur Throw and the Tufted Lounge Rug .  And the Country Blooms Duvet Cover + Sham are perfect for a soothing bedroom design.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


To check out the full Junk Gypsy collection head here. And pick up a copy of Amie and Jolie Sikes new book, Designing A Life at the Crossroads of Wonder & Wander. The book will make a great holiday gift for anyone that loves design and diy transformations. 


I’ll be sharing another great piece form the Junk Gypsy collection next week so stay tuned.

This is a sponsored post with Pottery Barn Teen.  Pottery Barn & Pottery Barn Teen are one of my go-t sources for stylish and affordable decor and gift items.  I am happy to partner with them in sharing some of the products I love.   All text and opinions are my own. 
* this post contains affiliate links 

Product + Inspiration: Decor Meets Christmas Tree

When I teach a holiday decorating workshop, the question always comes up about whether your tree decor needs to match your room decor.  My response is NO but for a truly cohesive look its best if your everyday decor inspires your tree decor.

Take a cue from the tips you use to decorate a room in your home.  You start with one or two key elements (art, rug, curtains) and use those as the building blocks to create the overall design.  When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, find inspiration within your decor and use that to build the theme for your tree.

Here are 3 holiday tree designs and the accessory and furniture pieces that could have inspired them…



Product + Inspiration: Decor meets Christmas Tree

This is the Christmas tree I’d create if my inspiration was colorful and bohemian inspired space.  The gold accents play off of the gold finish on the furniture and the bold mix of colors tie back to the textiles within the room. During the holidays, sparkly details are a must and a grouping of beautiful mercury glass candle holders would inspired the ornaments, ribbon and giftwrap I’d use.

Shop these items:  Embroidered Floral Bouquet Throw Pillow // Gold Cole 3-Tier Rolling Bar Cart
Sabyasachi Print Round Tray // Mercury Glass Candle Holders //Tufted Ottoman



Product + Inspiration: Decor meets Christmas Tree

If I were decorating a Christmas tree based on decor that included classic holiday colors like red, white and green, it would look like this. The varying shades green found in the jars and artwork,  along with whimsical details like the fur pillow would inspire the ornaments and ribbon used on the tree.


 Shop these items: Charlotte 3-Drawer Campaign Chest // Red Rhododendron Framed Prints // Oversized Wine Bottle
Reese Velvet Ottoman // Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow


Product + Inspiration: Decor meets Christmas Tree

A neutral color palette relies on texture, a variety of finishes and a subtle graduation of color to bring it to life.  This elegant and glam Christmas tree would be inspired by a mix of gold and silver decorative elements, antique surfaces, lots of visual texture and shimmery finishes.



Shop these items: Carys Hurricane Table Lamp // Diana Accent Table // Moravia Wall Mirror
Holston Area Rug // Baylee Aluminum Accent Table


So the question still remains–which comes first, the chicken or the egg.  In the case of holiday decor, take a look around your home and let the pieces you live with everyday inspire you!

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Design Chat: Selecting a Sofa (and developing an accessory plan)

Design Chat Header.001.jpeg.001

I’ve got another installment of Design Chat for you today, where I answer and provide design advice to a readers question.

Like many of the other Design Chat questions, Kimberly’s design challenge centered on finding the right sofa for her living room.  Here’s the question Kimberly posed about a sectional she was considering…

“I read your blog about the do’s and font’s of a sectional and I am strongly considering this sectional for my room. Here are my questions…
1. Is the sectional too dark? I have tons of sunlight. I am wanting to steer away from the tan/beige, and I hear grays are very neutral, but I don’t want it to be a fad thing. The size is 115 X 115.
2. The back of the sectional would face the direction of looking into the room to define that space b/c I don’t want to block the bay windows.
I have a family of 5 and we purchased a single couch with the intent on adding more chairs, but they hated it b/c we couldn’t all sit together. Therefore, that’s why I am looking at the sectional, I know it limits us when it comes to moving furniture around.   What do you think? ” 

Here’s the space that Kimberly is dealing with. You can see that the room is pretty large, has a great span of windows at the far end and a fireplace and bookshelves that sit on one wall.



And here’s the sectional that Kimberly is considering.  She spotted this piece at End Up Furniture in Greenville, SC.

Sectional From End Up Furniture


Ok Kimberly, here’s what I think.  

 Given the size of your room I think this sectional is a great option.  The scale looks good and the sofa will really anchor the room.  As far as the color goes, the darker grey get two thumbs up from me. Grey is definitely considered a neutral and are a great alternative to a lighter khaki or tan colors.  You can feel confident that grey will not go out of style in the coming years.

Looking at the other elements in the room here’s a couple of suggestions I have to round out the space.

♦  Place side tables at both ends of the sectional piece that sits along the wall and add tabletop lamps to make that sofa functional for reading etc.

♦  Highlight the window with drapes.  You could either hang panels at the far ends of the bay window or at all the break points along the window which would give you four hanging panels.  Curtains will add softness and allow you to bring some color into the space.

♦  I’d also suggest to create vignette or small sitting area at the window so that space feels purposeful.  Maybe place an upholstered bench under the center window or two accent chairs with a  small side table between.

♦  Finally, I’d hang a larger piece of artwork on the wall over the sofa to balance the TV wall and overall scale of the room.  And relook your rug, maybe adding something with minimized pattern work.  Both of these areas give you another opportunity to bring some color and pattern into the room.

Here’s a quick inspiration board I pulled together, to give Kimberly an idea for a color and accessory palette to work with her new sofa.

Kimberly Byrd.002.jpeg.001

Kimberly Byrd.002.jpeg.002

update:  Kimberly purchased the sofa and it was delivered earlier this week. She’s on her way to a new space for her family to enjoy.


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Blue and White Decor at Target

blue and white decor

House Beautiful

When was the last time you went looking for something on a stores website only to find yourself going down a rabbit hole of endless surfing?  It happens to me more times than not.  The other day I went looking for a specific item on and an hour later I found myself looking at completely different things.

During my search I stumbled upon some fantastic blue and white decor pieces and knew I had to share them with you along with some design inspiration.

Blue and White Decor2

Tobi Fairley




Blue and White Decor--Target.001


Shop these items:

Dinner Plate$1.49 ea Ginger Jar–$22.95 / Blue Seersucker Pillow–$16.99 / Ceramic Lamp–$47.24
 Kensington Rug–$229.99 /  Sheer Curtains–$24.99 to $29.90 / Snowdrift Pillow--$47.50 / Paisley Rug–$79.99 and up
Floral Pillow$47.50 /  Solana Pouf–$216.00  Ceramic Vase–$26.35   Skyline Ottoman with Storage–$99.99 /
 Parson Chair–$171.00 set of 2 / Natasha Ottoman$649.99


Blue and White tablesetting

House Beautiful


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***  this is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing the things I love

Chinoiserie Pillows–Best of Etsy

Jamie Meares

image via Jamie Meares

I’ve been quite obsessed with all things Chinoiserie of late in part because it’s a design style that is super popular right now and also because I just love the eclectic feel the style lends itself too.

Chinoiserie also speaks to my love of color, vintage and bold pattern work.  The Jamie Meares image above just says fun to me and really represent a collected home filled with unique treasures.

The Ralph Lauren image below is another take on Chinoiserie with a more subdues color and pattern statement but with just as much personality and visual interest.

Some of my favorite Chinoiserie styled decorative elements include blue and white pottery, bamboo styled furniture, mirror and lighting and also Asian motif pillows.

Ralph Lauren

image via Ralph Lauren

Recently I went on the hunt for some Chinoiserie pillows for our bedroom.  I started my search on Etsy and was thrilled to see that there are lots of pillows available on the site.

One of the things I like about shopping on Etsy is that you can get handcrafted items in designer fabrics for a great price.  I also like that shopping Etsy is a way to support independent artist and small businesses, many of which are run out of the home.

Here’s just a sampling of the pillows I found…

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