3 Great Sources for Removable Wallpaper

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I’m a fan of wallpaper but I know not everyone is.  Wallpaper can be expensive and the labor involved to install is can be daunting.  And then there’s the thought of what if my design style changes in a year or two–all that paper has to be taken down.

If you love the look of wallpaper but want a more cost-effective and less-permanent solution, then removable wallpaper just might work for you.  Temporary wallpaper has come a long way in the last 10 years and now you can get the look and feel of real wallpaper without the cost and hassle.

Removable paper is ideal for small spaces like closets, powder room and hallways.  And I love using them on ceilings to a dramatic design detail.

If removable wallpaper is on your design radar, I’ve rounded up three great sources for you to shop along with my favorite picks from each site.

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Affordable DIY Design Solution:

 Removable Wallpaper

Tempaper is a great source for removable wall coverings in abstract patterns and chinoiserie designs and all of their products are 100% made in the USA. Their designer collections include styles from Genevieve Gorder, Bobby Burk and Cynthia Rowley.  And if you can’t find the design you’re looking for, you can design your own paper and have it printed and manufactured by Tempaper.  And check out the Tempaper blog  for loads of design inspiration featuring their papers.

Removable Wallpaper from Tempaper

Hojas Cubanas Banana Leaf   // Garden Chinoiserie Floral  // Wood Plank // Brass Belly 


Chasing Paper sells a variety of designs from traditional to whimsical patterns.  And I love their feature which allows you to shop papers by color.   Their designer collaborations include Sabrina Soto, LABL Studio and Rebecca Atwood. For inspiration, the Chasing Paper blog is filled with creative decor and craft ideas using their papers.

Removable Wallpaper from Chasing Paper

Fancy Four Sides // Green Leaf // Speckle // Sunburst


If you love bold, artistic designs then you’ll definitely want to check out WhatisBlik. Unlike the other brands which sell their products in rolls, WhatisBlik sells their wall coverings as wall tiles.  The tiles are cut into square or rectangular pieces making them ideal for small spaces and DIY projects.

Removable Wallpaper from What Is Blik

Byy Byy July // Deep Blue // Ten // Trees

The ideas for using removable wallpaper are endless so get creative and have fun decorating.

Removable Wallpaper


Getting Creative with Wallternatives

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  The hubs and I spent the weekend in Alabama at his high school reunion.  He had a great time seeing and catching up with people he hadn’t seen in years.  I also had a great time hearing stories about him from his high school days and learning about all the tricks he played on his freinds.  I can definitely say that while he has gotten older, he still has the heart and spirit of a kid.

Anyway, I’ve been busy all day getting caught up on work, emails and projects so I’m hitting the send button on this post a bit late.

Today I wanted to share a fun little project I created using Wallternatives wall decals.  During the Haven conference in July,  I got a first hand look at Wallternatives wall decals and immediately my mind starting pondering all the ways I could decoratve with them.


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Accent Walls: Then and Now

Today I’m talking about a design trend that I’m sure most of us have tried at one time or another when decorating and that trend is Accent Walls.  I remember the first time I saw a room with a painted accent wall .  It seemed kinda odd that someone would paint just one wall.  Then I remember seeing a painted ceiling for the first time and I thought that was even odder.  Today, I think paint and decorative wall treatments are one of the easiest and more affordable ways you can create drama for a room.

Remember when accent walls were just a solid color?  That was then…



This is now...the design trend of accent walls has evolved into something much better!


Exquisite paint treatments…


Abstract Paint


Chevron Stripes


Polka Dot Wall

Stylish wallpaper…


Patterened Wallpaper


Wallpaper Panels

Rustic wood accents…


Wood Planks


Chevron Wood

Stunning stenciled treatments


Stenciled Circles


Stenciled Diamonds

One of my go-to design sources for diy wall accents is Royal Design Studio.  If you haven’t checked out this site before it is filled with amazing stencil designs, Wallternatives wall decals and removable wallpaper.

And if you’ve never tried stenciling before, they have a great how-to section on their site to show you how to stencil on walls, floors, ceilings and fabric.

Here are a few of my favorite stencil and wall decal designs…


Boxwood Trellis stencil


Feathered Damask stencil


Cheetah Spots stencil


Chez Sheik stencil


Star Diamond Moroccan stencil


Ribbon Lattice stencil


Budquette removable wallpaper


Bee Sweet removable wallpaper


Shine Bright wall decal


Rose Bouquet wall decal


So when it comes to accent walls, what’s your favorite wall treatment…paint, stencil or wall decals?  Leave me a comment and let me know.


this is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing products I love sharing the products I love!

Another Reason to Love Target

Just when I thought Target was the end-all, be-all I discovered they carried wallpaper.  Not just any wallpaper mind you but removable, repositionable wallpaper.  Removable, repositionable wallpaper opens up all kinds of decorating possibilities for anyone that wants to add a decorative wall treatment to their home but doesn’t want to invest the time or money to put up traditional wallpaper.

While the selection of wallpaper is not vast, the patterns are classic and the color options are on-trend and versatile.  In total there are 6 patterns and 16 colorways to choose from and each roll of wallpaper is s 20″ w X 16.5′ long.

Here’s the line-up of my favorite patterns….

 This classic lattice pattern is the perfect bold accent for an accent wall, foyer or powder room– Black and White Cable



Also available in this pond and gold colorway–Cable in Pond.


And Cable in Starlight


I know a lot of people are over chevron patterns but they are still a popular design statement.  The chevron wallpaper that Target sells is available in several colors–Zig Zag in Mirage



If you like a more traditional look, the Chantilly in Blossom might work for you.  This classic damask pattern in also available in yellow and brown.


I love this modern pattern, perfect for casual living space, bedroom or laundry room–Diamond in Twig


Also available is the soft seafoam color–Diamond in Horizon


Solid wallpapers with a subtle pattern or texture are perfect to foyers, hallways or powder room.  This pattern,  Weave in Compass and Gold is a classic pattern in a unique colorway.


As I mentioned, there are so many places that removable wallpaper can be used in your home and if you rent, wallpaper is the perfect solution for adding a style punch to your decor.

Here’s a little inspiration…

Wallpaper can make a small and mundane kitchen come to life.



Polka dot are always fun and a great way to accent a kids room.



If you’re adventurous, you can add a style statement to your stairs with wallpaper.



I love the idea of dressing up an old piece of furniture.  Removable wallpaper would be a great way to give Ikea furniture a bit more personality.



I’m always a fan of bookcases with a decorative back and removable wallpaper is an easy way to get this look.



And the classic black and white cable pattern that Target sells you give you the feel of this look and is perfect for a bedroom accent wall.



Thanks Target for continuing to offer such great home decor products.

Where would you use removable wallpaper in your home?


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