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Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

As a designer my job is to research and source stylish, high-quality furniture and decor to fit my clients needs and lifestyle.  Often times my search leads me to my favorite stores locally.  And other times my search for beautiful furnishings and decor might lead me across the pond.

The Sofa & Chair Company is the UK’s leading manufacturer of luxury sofas and hand-crafted furniture.  Their extensive furniture collections boast luxurious fabrics (silk, leather, velvet and cashmere), sleek finishes (chrome, brass, marble), and refined details (feather and down cushions, tufting, welt trims)–all elements that speak to style and quality. In addition to carrying in-stock items which are available for immediate shipping, all of the items in their designer furniture collection are available for customization.   Working with their design team, you can create a one-of-a-kind piece to fit your exact size, fabric and finish specifications. And with delivery services available worldwide, their items are accessible to everyone.

To inspire your decorating dreams, I’ve created several mood boards using furniture, lighting and decor from The Sofa & Chair Company.  And I’m sharing a few design and styling tips as well.


Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

The foundation to any beautifully designed living space is a cohesive color story the has visual interest and depth.  The Sofa & Chair Company makes it easy to create a sophisticated space with their wide range of furniture styles and fabric options.  Here I paired a lush velvet sofa in navy with lighter toned occasional chairs.  The gold accent color represented in the artwork, lamp and vase create a cohesive story within the room.   And the subtle pattern in the rug ties the color story and room design together while adding another layer of design elegance. design tip: It is best to use an accent color in at least three places around the room.  You want to color to look intentional, not accidental. 

SHOP THE LIVING ROOM: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // RUG
Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

The living room would take on a slightly more eclectic feel by using this framed botanical textile art by US designer Aviva Stanoff.


Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

A space like a dining room can be both functional and elegant by combining classic furniture designs with artistic accessories.  For this mood board I used a combination of wood finishes to create sense of masculinity and depth.  The addition of a softy tiered chandelier, brushed brass accessories and a pastel hued dining chair soften the room while adding elegance.  When entertaining, classic tabletop decor in silver and black will stand out without commanding attention. design tip:  a light-colored chandelier and rug will visually make a small dining space appear bigger. And mixing metal finishes (gold with silver) will make a dining room feel elegant in an instant.

SHOP THE DINING ROOM: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //5 // 6 // 7 // 8

SHOP TABLEWARE: silverware // napkin rings // dinnerware // glasses // charger // tray

Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyleTo add a touch of femininity to the dining space, I’d replace the sculptural piece with a beautiful Tulip Vase.



Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

A beautiful and chic entryway sets the tone for your home and introduces your home’s personality.  To welcome guests with style, I designed this space around an sculptural console table.  A pair simple lamps allows the shaped mirror and dramatic artwork to pop.  And a pair of plush fabric ottomans with a gold-tone metal base anchor this welcoming vignette.  design tip:  a small entryway can appear bigger by visual extending the width of a console table with artwork and furniture flanking each side.

SHOP THE ENTRYWAY:  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

In a small house or apartment, an entryway is a great place to add additional storage.  Replace the console table, mirror and lamps with this chic Torrington Cabinet for an entry way that pulls double duty with style and storage.



Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

Combining dark and light tones is a great way to create a bedroom that feel stately and elegant. A light-colored rug keep the space from feel dark and heavy. And the black night stands help to visually ground the room while adding a bit of drama.  design tip: framed photos like this shot of the Parliamentary Building in Budapest, Hungary make for a unique art statement in any room.

SHOP THE BEDROOM:   1 // rug // 3 // bedding // 5 // 6 / 7 // 8

Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

In a larger bedroom, the addition of this beautiful Erasmo Leather Topper Dresser would highlight the lighter tones within the room.  p.s.  I am madly in love with the tassel drawer pulls!


Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle


Home offices often get neglected when it comes to decor. I designed this office to include a mix of traditional and modern elements creating a space with interest and character.  The Sofa & Chair Company has a great selection of abstract artwork and rugs that mix easily with any of their desk styles.  And if you’re looking for to add a unique design statement to your office, switch out the desk chair for an upholstered bench.  design tip:  black is a great furniture color to use in an office space because it creates an instant focal point in a room that typically has lots of visual chaos going on.

SHOP THE OFFICE:  1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // rug

Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

One advantage of decorating with classic colors is that you can easily change out elements of your decor to give the space a new look.  Replacing the black and white rug with this pink Vivian Fringed Rug would give this office a whole new vibe.

Style and Design--Profiling The Sofa & Chair Company by ConfettiStyle

When it comes to creating sophisticated, elegant, stately, chic and polished spaces, The Sofa & Chair Company makes it easy with their collection of fine furniture, lighting and decor. You can view their entire collection of products, learn more about the company and how to contact them for deliveries here.




disclaimer:  This post was sponsored by The Sofa & Chair Company.  All opinions are my own and all design boards represented in this post are my original concept and design.

DESIGN PLAN: Tuscan Dining Room

I had the pleasure of creating a design plan for a young couple who have just purchased their first home.  The goal for the dining space was to merge his traditional style with her love for rustic yet refined decor.  They both love natural rooms with pops of color and wanted the overall feel of the dining room to be warm and inviting.

After dissecting their design styles, I came up with the theme, Tuscan Dining.  My vision was rich, warm colors with a mix of dark and light wood tones.  I also envisioned a mix of classic and transitional furniture, colorful textiles and lots of texture.


Tuscan Themed Dining Room Design Plan by ConfettiStyle


No.1 & No. 5–A traditional dining room set will work best for this couple who loves to entertain.  The oval table maximizing seating and helps with the traffic flow in and out of the room. The dark wood stain on the table adds depth and contrast against the lighter tones in the room.

No.2–To bring in a more modern touch, I suggested an upholstered settee for one side of the dining table.  This larger piece of furniture will add softness to the room and can easily be moved to other areas of the home when needed.

No. 3–All of the lighting for this dining room is in a bronze finish which adds even more warmth to the space.  The chandelier has lots of curves to it which create visual movement for the eye.   And if the couple wants an even more traditional feel they could add shades to each arm.

No. 4–These patterned drapes are the wow factor in the room.  The all-over damask pattern have a traditional vibe but the bold colors will help the room maintain a sense of playfulness.  I also like that the drapery pattern/colors will give the couple lots of options when it comes to accessorizing.

No.6–A sleek round mirror over the rustic sideboard keeps the wall decor statement simple.  Plus a round mirror has a more modern feel than a rectangular design.

No.7–Instead of lamps, wall sconces are another way to add lighting to a dining room and expand the wall decor statement above a buffet. These double arm sconces will provide ample lighting and visually draw the eye up.

No.8–I love a neutral colored rug with lots of texture.  The subtle diamond pattern of this sisal rug adds a cozy and relaxed feel plus lots of visual interest.

No.9–A good way to create dimension and depth within a room is by mixing furniture with different finishes.  The blonde wood finish on this sideboard ties into the lighter tones in the drapes and the rustic finish adds the dimension.

 No.10–I wanted to pull in some navy to coordinate with the drapes and a pair of ceramic garden stools flanking the sideboard will do the trick.  Plus I love the raised vine design which adds more visual interest.



Designer Tricks of The Trade | Ideas To Inspire

Designer Tricks OF The Trade

Have you ever wanted to know what tricks designers use to create unique rooms?  Well, today is your lucky day.  I’m sharing TEN designer tricks that you can easily incorporate into your own home to get a custom look with your decor.

Some of the ideas require a little DIY, the others are quick, easy and affordable decorating ideas.





Did you know that some rugs are designed with a defined pattern on each side?  That’s like getting two rugs for the price of one. Rugs with two usable sides are great because with a quick flip of the rug you can change the look of your decor.  The next time you’re rug shopping check the back side and see if it has a usable pattern.

tip:  pay attention to the weave and feel of the back side to make sure you like it

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--Reversible Rugs


The same ‘reverse’ trick works with some fabrics too.  Designer Jamie Meares used the reverse side of this dot fabric as the welt providing the perfect contrast to give the chair a real designer touch.

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--Reversible Fabric



Have you ever come across the perfect lamp but it has an awful shade?  It happens all the time.  It might be that the shade is the wrong shape or color, or maybe the lamp needs a shade with more style.  The trick here is to buy the lamp and change or UpStyle the shade!

 One of my favorite sources for lampshades online is Lux Lampshades. Lux has a quick ship program with in-stock shades of all shapes, sizes and fabrics.  And their custom program allows you to design a custom shade from a range of fabrics and  frames they have available.

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--UpStyled Lampshade



Did you know that the only major difference between outdoor lighting and indoor lighting is that the finishes on outdoor lighting are created to withstand weather elements?  Beyond that outdoor lighting is suitable for indoor use.  Some of my favorite outdoor lighting styles to use inside are scones and lanterns.  Check out this chic outdoor light used in a bathroom by A Beautiful Mess.

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--Outdoor Lighting Used Indoors



I’m always taking about how important layering is when decorating and that concept even applies to wall decor.  If you have a framed art piece that’ to small, think about hanging it inside of a larger frame.  The two pieces combined will provide the impact you’re desiring and also give your wall decor statement a custom look.

tip:  don’t overlook ugly artwork at a thrift store because the frame might be of value

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--A Frame within A Frame



Did you know that designers sometimes create one rug from two? Let’s say you find the perfect rug but it doesn’t come in a  large enough size.  If the pattern works, you can actually use rug tape to create a larger size from two smaller rugs.  And if you want a more permanent fix, some rug companies can actually glue the rugs together.

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--Two rugs from one



This is one of my tried and true design rules.  Black adds a touch of drama to a room and helps to ground the decor.  Don’t think that it has to be a piece of black furniture or a wall painted black, all it takes is a touch.  A lamp base, a decorative object or a textile with black in it.  If you have a room in your home with no black, add the color and see the impact it makes.

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--A Touch of Black in Every Room



Because I’m an avid vintage shopper, I love mixing high with low.  A high-quality sofa paired with inexpensive pillows or a budget friendly rug paired with a statement coffee table are just two ways to mix it up.  Mixing high and low will give your decor distinct flair, add personality and save you money.

My favorite budget friendly pieces are side tables, pillows and decorative objects.

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--Mix High End with Low


N0. 8  MIX OLD & NEW

Just like mixing high and low, mixing old and new is a great way to customize your decor.  Pair a vintage coffee table with a new sofa or a new lamp with a thrifted cabinet.  The days of shopping at one store for all your decor needs are gone so have fun mixing it up.

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--Mix Old and New



Ask any designer and they will tell you that pattern-work is key to any design statement.  You don’t have to go bright and bold because subtle colors and patterns can have just as much impact as bright colors and bold prints.  The key to pattern mixing is to pair patterns of different scales and styles.  You can read more of my tips on pattern mixing here.

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--Pattern Mixing



I love designer fabrics but they aren’t always in the budget.  One of the tricks designers use to UpStyle off-the-shelf textiles is to add trim.  There are some many affordable trims that can be applied to curtains, pillows or just about anything.  Check out that seat cushion below that has been transformed with some greek key trim.  #brilliant

tip:  my favorite trim source are this, this and this

Designer Tricks OF The Trade--Add Trim


Designer Tricks OF The Trade--Add Trim


Designer Tricks Of The Trade--Add Trim


So there you have it friends.  A few of the tricks designers use when creating and decorating a space.

A little creativity goes a long way so get crafty, think outside the box and give your decor a unique spin.

Favorites Of The Week {a random mix of great stuff}

Whew! What a week it has been.  I’ve been running in 50 different directions sourcing products, working on projects and trying to wrangle the paperwork on my desk.

 I wish I could say this was going to be a low-key weekend but it’s not.  I’m spending all day tomorrow in meeting with the non-profit agency I work with then I’m doing some major house cleaning.  We do have a fun outing planned for Sunday morning but the rest of the day will be spent working and preparing for the busy week ahead.  Oh, I am planning to shut things down so I can watch the Oscars!

I hope you can find some downtime to enjoy a few of my favorites from the week.



This interior designers home is beautiful and the property is breathtaking.

I loved this interview with interior designer Danielle Colding and her answer to the question ‘what does success mean?’.



The image below is from one of my new, favorite Instagram feeds–@erinkestenbaum.

This is a gorgeous living room designed by one of my favorite designers.

I can tell this bedroom is really beautiful just from this photo.



These pastel teaspoons are perfect for spring.

Loving this market tote!  It’s on sale and I also spotted a similar design in stores on clearance for $17.99.

If you’re looking for a stylish rug in a neutral color, check out the Farrah rug.

Loving this emerald green soap dispenser from H and M Home. This glass cup and this glass jar are also part of the collection.

For all you fashionistas out there, there’s a postage stamp made just for you!

Speaking of fashion, I’m totally in smitten with the pom pom sneaker trim.  These are the cheapest I’ve seen so far but this brand does not fit my foot. I’m thinking a DIY might be in order. You can buy shoe clips here and a pom pom making tool here. {affiliate links}

Enjoy your weekend!

Product + Inspiration: Decor Meets Christmas Tree

When I teach a holiday decorating workshop, the question always comes up about whether your tree decor needs to match your room decor.  My response is NO but for a truly cohesive look its best if your everyday decor inspires your tree decor.

Take a cue from the tips you use to decorate a room in your home.  You start with one or two key elements (art, rug, curtains) and use those as the building blocks to create the overall design.  When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, find inspiration within your decor and use that to build the theme for your tree.

Here are 3 holiday tree designs and the accessory and furniture pieces that could have inspired them…



Product + Inspiration: Decor meets Christmas Tree

This is the Christmas tree I’d create if my inspiration was colorful and bohemian inspired space.  The gold accents play off of the gold finish on the furniture and the bold mix of colors tie back to the textiles within the room. During the holidays, sparkly details are a must and a grouping of beautiful mercury glass candle holders would inspired the ornaments, ribbon and giftwrap I’d use.

Shop these items:  Embroidered Floral Bouquet Throw Pillow // Gold Cole 3-Tier Rolling Bar Cart
Sabyasachi Print Round Tray // Mercury Glass Candle Holders //Tufted Ottoman



Product + Inspiration: Decor meets Christmas Tree

If I were decorating a Christmas tree based on decor that included classic holiday colors like red, white and green, it would look like this. The varying shades green found in the jars and artwork,  along with whimsical details like the fur pillow would inspire the ornaments and ribbon used on the tree.


 Shop these items: Charlotte 3-Drawer Campaign Chest // Red Rhododendron Framed Prints // Oversized Wine Bottle
Reese Velvet Ottoman // Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow


Product + Inspiration: Decor meets Christmas Tree

A neutral color palette relies on texture, a variety of finishes and a subtle graduation of color to bring it to life.  This elegant and glam Christmas tree would be inspired by a mix of gold and silver decorative elements, antique surfaces, lots of visual texture and shimmery finishes.



Shop these items: Carys Hurricane Table Lamp // Diana Accent Table // Moravia Wall Mirror
Holston Area Rug // Baylee Aluminum Accent Table


So the question still remains–which comes first, the chicken or the egg.  In the case of holiday decor, take a look around your home and let the pieces you live with everyday inspire you!

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Fab Finds From Pier 1–(budget friendly decor)

Budget Friendly Accessories from Pier 1

I received an email the other day from Pier 1 and it prompted me to head over to their website to see what was new.  Pier 1 is one of those stores that has lots of hidden gems amongst the array of pillows, plates and decorative objects.  While surfing their site I discovered quite a few items that hit on all cylinders–style & price.  Check out my favorites pieces available from Pier 1 right now.

Budget Friendly Accessories from Pier1



No. 1 — I don’t often look to Pier 1 for rugs but I love the pattern and colors in this Diamond Scroll Blue Rug.  I can envision it in a living room with a linen sofa and leather chair. Or in a bedroom along side a linen headboard and sleek ceramic lamps.  This rug ranges in price from $110 to $679 and is available in 6 sizes.
No. 2  — I have to tell you this Bayan Ottoman stopped me in my track.  I of course love the faux bamboo frame and the price of $79.98. #yesplease A pair of these at the foot of a bed or nestled under a console table would be great.
No. 3  — Quatrefoil patterns are a classic design element and this Mother of Pearl Quatrefoil Mirror is a beauty.  It would look great in a powder room or over a nightstand in a bedroom. $239.20.
No. 4 — When it comes to Christmas pillows, Pier 1 has a one of the best selections I seen so far.  If you decorate in non-traditional colors or want a subtle Christmas statement, this PomPom Merry Christmas Pillow is perfect. And it’s only $29.95. ***through Nov. 1st you can save an additional 20% on Christmas decor with the code HOLDIT
No. 5 — Copper is a big design trend right now and I think were going to see it being used in holiday decor too.  This Copper Hammered Charger Plate ($14.95) would look really pretty mixed with fall colors as part of a Thanksgiving tablescape.
No. 6 — It’s hard to pass up a Monogram Letter Tray especially when it has a gold rim and it’s only $9.95. 


Can you believe that it’s almost November and the unofficial start of the holiday season?  If you’re looking to refresh your home for the holidays now’s the time to jump on these great finds and the extra savings on Christmas decor. Plus there’s free shipping on order over $49!

Happy Shopping!

p.s.  this is not a sponsored post.  I’m just sharing the things I love and the places I shop.


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Design Chat: What Size Area Rug Do You Need?

Living Room Rug Guide.002

Hi friends.  The focus of this Design Chat post is area rugs.  Quite often I get questions from readers who are challenged with what size area rug to get for their living/family room.

The most recent question came from Rocio who was having a hard time with a rug for her family room.  Here’s the question Rocio posed to me…

“Hi Shelly, I have a sectional it measure 9 feet by 7 feet for the chaise part of sofa. I have no clue on what size area rug I need to buy. I do have a rectangular coffee table/ottoman in front and just order 2 Moroccan poufs. Do I need to place the poufs on the rug? Please help!!!!  Thank you so much! Rocio”



Many times the shape and size of a room will dictate the size of rug the room needs.  Other times the size and scale of furniture will influence which rug is best for the space.  Selection the right size rug boils down to a few simple things:

  1.  The rug (size, placement and color) should like its part of the overall design plan of the room.  The rug will serve as one of the key focal points within a room.
  2. The rug should anchor the seating area and help create a sense of coziness.
  3. 3.  The rug should not overpower a room or the furniture that surround it but should enhance the space.


Here’s a visual graphic I created that with tips on selecting the right size rug.

Living Room Furniture Guide.001.jpeg.001.jpeg.001


After providing a few tips and suggestions to Rocio, she purchased a rug and sent me a photo of the design and color she selected.  Given the small footprint of the room, this rug size works well to anchor the sectional and not impede into the dining area to the left or the area to the right.  And since design is all about the details,  here are some additional suggestions I have for Rocio to really pull this space together:


♦  Add a couple of pillows to the sofa at will bring in more color and pattern work.

♦  Replace the grey throw with a lighter color to highlight the lighter color in the rug.

♦  Add a side table on the short end of the sectional. A table with a metallic finish would relate to the material on the metallic poufs.

♦  Hang curtain panels on the window to anchor the eating area and add additional softness to the room.

And I quickly pulled together an inspiration board to illustrate the ideas.

Living Room Furniture Guide.003


Blue Ikat Pillow / Gold Metallic Leopard Pillow / Navy Velvet Pillow / Gold End Table / Woven Throw / Navy Curtain Panels 
Gold Metallic Pouf / Navy Velvet Ottoman


Until next time…

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Blue and White Decor at Target

blue and white decor

House Beautiful

When was the last time you went looking for something on a stores website only to find yourself going down a rabbit hole of endless surfing?  It happens to me more times than not.  The other day I went looking for a specific item on and an hour later I found myself looking at completely different things.

During my search I stumbled upon some fantastic blue and white decor pieces and knew I had to share them with you along with some design inspiration.

Blue and White Decor2

Tobi Fairley




Blue and White Decor--Target.001


Shop these items:

Dinner Plate$1.49 ea Ginger Jar–$22.95 / Blue Seersucker Pillow–$16.99 / Ceramic Lamp–$47.24
 Kensington Rug–$229.99 /  Sheer Curtains–$24.99 to $29.90 / Snowdrift Pillow--$47.50 / Paisley Rug–$79.99 and up
Floral Pillow$47.50 /  Solana Pouf–$216.00  Ceramic Vase–$26.35   Skyline Ottoman with Storage–$99.99 /
 Parson Chair–$171.00 set of 2 / Natasha Ottoman$649.99


Blue and White tablesetting

House Beautiful


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***  this is not a sponsored post, I’m just sharing the things I love

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