Design Inspiration: The Chaise Lounge



The term ‘chaise lounge’ refers to a long reclining chair whose roots date back to Egypt.  Back then, the chaise lounge was looked at as a mix between a chair and a daybed.  Today, it is viewed as a long chair and is used in decor as an alternative to a traditional chair or sofa.

Over the years I’ve been a bit indifferent to chaise lounges mostly because the only styles available were the Victorian designs. I don’t have anything against Victorian designs but this style of chaise can feel stagnate and old if it hasn’t been updated with fabric.

In the last 10 years, the look of chaise lounges have evolved and the designs are sleek and modern with a traditional undertone.  And when it comes to decorating with a chaise, there is so much inspiration out there.


I love the idea of using two chaise lounges to create a relaxing sitting area especially if you have a view that can be enjoyed from the perch.


In a sunroom or covered outdoor space, a chaise lounge (or two) creates a more relaxing retreat than a sofa might.


A chaise is a great option for a reading nook and can nestle into a corner but still feel connected to the room.


In an oversized bathroom, a chaise adds the ultimate touch of luxury and glamour especially when upholstered in a luxurious velvet fabric.


My friend Erika of Erika Ward Interiors used two chaise lounges in a master bedroom sitting area.  This type of seating is perfect for creating cozy space to relax or for that Saturday afternoon nap.


I love a backless chaise as added seating in a living room.  Because the design is open on both sides, this style is a great filler piece in large rooms.



In smaller rooms that don’t get use often, two chaise lounges can be a unique seating option.

Style At Home

What to put at the foot of a bed? is a question I get a lot.  A chaise lounge is something I often recommend because they add style and a functional to a bedroom.



Inspired?  Now let’s go shopping..

My Favorite Chaise Lounge Chairs

 #1–The Alton Roll Arm Chaise from Pier 1 is a modern take on a one arm chaise.  I love the squared off back and the grey velvet fabric.  This item is on clearance for $429.98 so you’ll need to act fast to snag it.

#2-Crate and Barrel has several chaise lounge styles but the Montclair Chaise is my favorite.  The design is clean and simple and there are a multitude of fabric options so you can customize the look for your home-$1299.00.  For a more masculine space, check out the Garbo Leather Chaise.

#3–The Iris Chaise Lounge from Joss and Main has beautiful lines and the tufted back gives it a classic touch.  I can envision this space as part of a library or it a ladies lounge.  $464.99

#4–Another great option from Joss and Main is the Kiera Tufted Chaise.  This piece has a smaller scale making it ideal for a small room or corner sitting area.  $659.99

#5–The Carlisle Upholstered Chaise from Pottery Barn would look great in a sitting area off a bedroom or in a bathroom.  The rolled arms and tailored profile along with over 50 fabric options are just some of the reasons why I love this piece.  $1449 to $2649 depending on fabric.

#6–If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, the Kivik Chaise from Ikea is an option.  At only $350 this piece has a removable cover which will make cleaning easy.  And if you want to change the look down the road, the Kivik is a great candidate for a custom slip-cover.

Product + Inspiration: Sling Ottoman {aka: folding stool}

It’s the first day of SPRING and I couldn’t be happier.  Here in Atlanta we’re going to get a real dose of spring weather when temps reach near 80 degrees tomorrow.

To kick off the spring season, I’ve got a new Product + Inspiration post for you today. I hope you’re inspired.

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Product + Inspiration: Blue & White Garden Stools


One of my favorite accent furniture pieces is a garden stool.  Specifically blue and white garden stools.

As the popularity of chinoiserie and blue and white decor has gained steam over the last few years, so has the use of garden stools as a decorative accent.

If you’ve never considered a garden stool as part of your decor, let me tell you why they are a great design option.

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Design Chat with ConfettiStyle–Vol. 2


Thanks to everyone who’s submitted a question of the Design Chat series.  Keep them coming.

In today’s installment of Design Chat I’m addressing a question from Sheila related to her sectional sofa.  Here’s what Sheila asked…

We have a Large sectional sofa. It has been in the same position for 11 years. I like to rearrange things, this is the first time I have not rearranged!! So I divided it… Much to my husband disapproval . I have one complete couch four seats with arms, and the other part is three seats with a corner. I have them facing each other. I love how it looks! Makes our large living room look cozy, and don’t feel the need to shout to have a conversation. If I could I would attach a picture…. But not sure how on this new device!
What are your thoughts? Thank you in advance.”


Well, based on Sheila’s question and some of the other questions I’ve received, finding the right decorating solution involving a sofa is a big challenge.  And when you have a sectional, the challenge can be even greater.

Before I answer Sheila’s question, let me address the pros and cons of a sectional sofa.  

PRO:  Sectional sofas can be really functional in large rooms when lots of seating is needed, especially for TV viewing.  And you can find or order just about any configuration in a sectional that you need so creating a custom layout to fit your space is easy to do.

PRO:  Becasue sectional sofas are made up of different sections, it’s easy to move the pieces apart to accommodate guest or a party set-up.

PRO:  Sectional sofas are good for small rooms since they can be pushed up against a wall and into corners while keeping the center of the room open.

PRO:  Sectional sofas can be less expensive than buying a sofa and multiple chairs to fill a room.

CON:  Sectional sofas don’t give you a ton of re-arranging options.  If you like to rearrange your furniture often, know that you probably won’t be able to do so with a sectional. It will probably only work ONE WAY due to TV viewing, door openings etc.

CON:  If you ever want to re-upholster your sectional it will be considerably more expensive to re-cover vs a traditional sofa.

CON:  Picking the right color of fabric for your sectional is key because there is so much fabric making an impact in your room so picking the wrong color could become a major eye-sore.

Sectional Sofa via Crate and Barrel

via Crate and Barrel


So now to answer Sheila’s question…I think separating your sectional is a great idea!  Not only does it create a more intimate seating and conversation area but splitting up the sectional will give your room a less boxy feel and make it feel larger like you noted.   Also, splitting up your sectional could allow you to bring in additional side tables which would actually make the area more functional for guest. A few other things to keep in mind…

♦  To maintain the lounge feel that the sectional had when it was all one piece, consider adding an ottoman or footstool so your husband can prop his legs up.

♦  If you have the two sectional pieces flanking a TV or fireplace wall, it will actually create a much more dynamic focal point within the room.

♦  Make sure you have the right size rug under the furniture to anchor the seating area and the room.

♦  You can get creative with the pillows on the two sectional pieces as long as you have a few common pillows on each side.

So Sheila, separating your sectional sofa gets my vote.

Here are a few inspirational photos is case the hubby needs more convincing.

Facing Sectionals via CB2via CB2  

Facing Sectional Sofas

via Basset Furniture 

Sectional Sofa with ottoman

via Wayfair

Facing Sofa via Domaine Home

via Domaine Home

Facing Sofas via DecorPad

Munger Interiors via DecorPad


For more tips on styling your sectional, you can view my sectional design guide post here:


If you have a design question you’d like to me give input on, you can email me at




Design Chat with ConfettiStyle!


I hope your week is going well.  The Atlanta Gift and Home Furnishings market is happening this week and I’m headed down there to see the new trends to check out the new product introductions.  I’ll be sharing highlights on Instagram so follow along there and I’ll also have a full recap of market next week here on the blog so stay tuned.

Today’s post is the start of something new.  Last week Ann posted a question on the blog and I decided it was the perfect question to launch my Design Chat series.  This new series is where I’ll answer your design questions and offer up suggestions to solve your design challenge. I’m hoping to post a Design Chat question once a month but if the questions start rolling in I’ll post more often so send your questions my way.


Most of the questions I receive on the blog come with no photos so I’m taking the information I receive and using that to visual the space.  Ann’s description was pretty straight forward so I think I have a good idea of her challenge and the layout of the area she is working with.

This was Ann’s question…

“We have a long sectional couch that is floating away from the wall in our living room. Behind it is a 2-story wall of windows. Would you place a console table behind the sofa or up against the window wall? Does the console need to be the entire length of the sectional? It’s pretty long, so would you do multiple console tables? I was thinking of putting stools underneath it for extra seating and people would still be facing the TV/fireplace, just sitting behind the couch. It’s about 5′ between the back of the sectional and the wall of windows, and it’s wasted space right now – any other ideas on how we could style it and make it more usable?”

I envision the space to look something like this…


via basset furniture

There are several options for this design challenge:

OPTION #1–place a large console table or even a desk behind the sectional length that faces the fireplace and TV which will fill that area and create a functional zone.

Stools could be nested under the table or two accent chairs could be used so the space could function as a desk surface.  The chairs or stools could be moved into the room when additional seating is needed and the table surface could be used to serve food or drinks from when entertaining.


via  better homes and gardens  /  decor pad

Console Table with stools

via design manifest

Sectional with table via Mix and Chic

via mix and chic

OPTION #2–place a console table behind the sectional piece that sits in front of the window.  With 5′ between the back of the sofa and the windows, you would want a table that has a depth between 24″ and 28″ so that a walkway is maintained between the table and the windows.

Lamps could be used on the table as long as there are floor outlets to prevent the cords from running across to the window wall.  Also, if the windows don’t have curtains and the lights are on at night, the exposure to the room will be wide open.

Sectional with sofa table and lamps via Liz Marie Blog

via Liz Marie Blog

 Or, you could decorate the table with a grouping of accessories.  If you go the accessory route, larger accessory items would be best to balance the scale of the two-story windows.


via pottery barn / pottery barn

OPTION #3–place furniture behind both ends of the sectional.  In this case the two pieces do not have to be match.  A console table could be used behind one side of the sectional and a chest behind the other which would provide additional storage.

Sofa with check

via apartment therapy

A couple other suggestions and tips:

♦ The console table does not have to be the same length as the sofa–in fact I’d have a little breathing room at each end of the sofa.  If you find a table that you love but it is shorter than desired, try placing baskets or even small accent chairs at each end of the table to ‘visually’ elongate it.

Sofa table via decorpad

via decor pad

♦ If you don’t already, consider drapes between the windows to soften the window area.

Sectional--Drapes on window


There are several ways to approach any design dilemma but the bottom line should be to go with the solution that works best for your lifestyle and your decor.

Ann, I hope this answers your question and gives you some ideas to play around with.

For more tips, check out my post on How To Style A Sectional Sofa


Outdoor Living: Garden Bench Style


There is just something about a garden bench nestled amongst tress in the yard or cozied up on a front porch. In addition to adding architectural interest in your yard, a decorative garden bench is a perfect way to personalize your outdoor living space.

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Ottomans As an Accent–FIVE Decorating Ideas


A couple of years ago I wrote a post entitled ‘Maybe the Most Versatile Furniture Piece’ and it was all about the ottoman.  Ottomans are one of my favorite decorative accents and one of the best and often budget-friendly design investments you can make.

I love using a pair of ottomans as part of a design plan but a single ottoman can be just as effective as a pair.  And when it comes to the shape of an ottoman, an accent ottoman is a great way to incorporate a contrasting shape into your decor.  And accent ottomans also make great side or coffee table alternatives in both living rooms and family rooms.

When it comes to decorating, there are many ways you can incorporate ottomans into your decor and today I wanted to share 5 of the easiest ways to decorate with ottomans.


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DIY Inspiration: My Favorite DIY Stools



 Footstools are one of my favorite accent pieces.  I have several around my home and three thrifted pieces waiting in the garage for a makeover  (before and after to come soon).

When it comes to DIY projects, stools are also one of the easiest and quickest projects you can undertake.  The average size footstool only takes a yard or so of fabric and you can easily paint the frame or legs with a sample size containers of paint. In just a couple of hours you can create a unique accent piece that can be used in some many rooms of your home.  Here’s a look a some of my favorite Footstool DIY’s and at towards the end of the post you’ll find a few room inspirations featuring stools.  Enjoy and be inspired.


Faux Fur

Faux fur is following in the steps of an animal print and is fast becoming a classic decor element.  A footstool in faux fur is a great way to introduce this material into a room without it becoming overwhelming.


Black and White

Classic black and white patterns will never go out of style because this color combo can be mixed with just about any other color combo. A fun footstool in a bold black and white pattern will work with just about any design style and is a great way to add a pattern accent to a room.



I love floral patterns but wouldn’t use a large amount of it in my home.  For me, floral accents are best and a cute stool like this makes just the statement I’d like.



Here’s another classic black and white pattern featured on a footstool.  The classic plaid mixes well with the modern styling of the stool.



I don’t know how practical a crocheted footstool is in a bathroom but it sure is cute.  I’d put this piece next to the bed or a side chair.


Painted and Upholstered

Stools come in all shapes and sizes and this taller piece is perfect for a little paint and fabric refresh.  This is an easy and inexpensive diy project that could be a beautiful accent at the kitchen counter.

Just a few other reasons why footstools are good to decorate with:

*  It’s an easy way to add an accent color or pattern to a room

*  Footstools can provide additional seating in a pinch

*  Next to a chair, a footstool can serve as a small side table

*  And naturally they make a great foot rest!


via Southern Living


via House Beautiful


via Country Living


via Better Homes and Gardens

Happy Decorating!


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