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I’ve been working on a design project over the last few months that has involved painting the walls and staircase, building out a home office, building built-in bookcases, re-doing bathrooms and re-modeling the kitchen.

Kitchen Before

via confettistyle 

Kitchen in Progress

cabinets painted (Sherwin Williams Serious Grey), awaiting new backsplash and countertops

Most of the big projects are almost complete and now it’s time to focus on the details. 

When designing a space, the details are the funnest part to me.  Whether its drawer pulls, window treatments, pillows, lighting or textiles, it’s the details that really make a space come to life.


Here are a few rooms where attention to detail have made all the difference.

Ordinary window treatments would have been fine in this area, but the addition of rustic shutters take this area to a whole new level.  Shutters are very popular right now and are a great alternative to fabric window treatments. 

 When it comes to tabletop decorating, the details really do matter.  You want to arrange items so that you create movement within your display both vertically and horizontally, as well as front to back.  The tall lamp is balanced by the iron sculpture and the arrangement flows easily from left to right.

Giving your floors a unique paint treatment is a great way to add interest to a space and tie multiple areas together.  I love the herringbone pattern on this floor and the high gloss finish.

 Walls usually get a coat of paint, but it most cases the detail stops there.  Here, a scalloped picture frame border has been painted on the wall and used as the larger than life frame for this collection of smaller prints.  So clever and stylish!

 Lighting is a great way to add interesting detail to your home.  Unique chandeliers, hung in multiples is such a refreshing approach to traditional pendant lights.  And, you know my love for milk glass!

 Adding in a hand-crafted furniture piece is a quick and easy way to add stylish detail to your home.  A vintage table turned into a special place to write a message.  It’s still functional, but personalized.

 Love, Love, Love this ceiling medallion.  The thickness, the carved detail, the scale… and set against a black ceiling.  WOW!  The black ceiling is an amazing detail in its on right.

 Design details should grace every room of your home.  This bedroom exudes special details, from the border on the night stands, wallpaper walls to the fully accessorized bench at the foot of the bed.  Eye candy everywhere you look. And the space looks comfortable, relaxing and stylish.

 Make a statement with your curtains and/or window treatments.  Add detail with a unique pattern!

 Love these roman shades.

 Pillows are the optimum “detail” accessory.  Mix and match colors, patterns, shapes and textures. A common color is all that is needed to tie it all together.

 Add detail by doing something unexpected.  I adore these upholstered walls with nail head trim.  So sophisticated.

Or, paint  an artist element on your walls.  Wall stencils are all the rage and make this type of job easy.

 Unique drawer pulls will update furniture or built-in cabinetry in a flash.  Anthropologie and even Hobby Lobby carry a great selection of stylish knobs.

Accessorizing is all in the details.  When accessorizing bookshelves or open shelves, use a variety of items, textures and materials to create a personalized statement.  Larger scale items will create focal points and shiny finishes will add a bit of shine and glamour.


Whether you’re doing a major home renovation or just sprucing up your place, paying attention to the details, adding unique details throughout your home, and personalizing those details will make your home a true style statement!

all images via Confettistyle boards on Pinterest

What are your walls saying?

I love the statement that is made in one of the Home Depot commercials…”Walls do talk…it’s our responsibility to make sure they say something interesting.” 

Every time I see that commercial and hear those words, it makes me take a look around my home to see if indeed my walls say something interesting.

via Pinterest

Walls are one of the most important spaces to decorate in a home.  Wall decor helps to give a room structure, provide a focal point for a room, add color and visual interest and can help tie together a decorating theme. 

via BHG

Wall decor is also a great way to express who you are, the things you like and what’s important to you.

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Maybe its flowers that are your passion…


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Or, that family is the focus of your home.

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If music fuels your soul, let your walls express that!

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Or, let others know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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Your walls can let your artist side shine…

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Or, be a blank canvas that comes to life as your journey unfolds.

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Maybe your walls are a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going!


When you set about decorating your walls, make sure they are a personal reflection of who you are, while also being pretty and decorative. 

Make sure your walls say something interesting!



Design Crush: Roughan Interior Design

 It’s been a while since I’ve done an installment of Design Crush here on the blog.  But when I came across some images from designer Christina Sullivan Roughan, it was a design crush in the making.

Christina is a New York based interior designer and owner of Roughan Interior Design.  Specializing in high-end residential and commercial spaces, her incredible talent has even been showcased on luxury yachts and in hospitality properties.

What sets Christina’s style apart from many other designers is her ability to combine textures, finishes and subtle colors into sophisticated, timeless and livable interiors.

Christina started her design career with Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger , overseeing store design and implementation.  It’s no wonder her eye is as honed as it is!

Here is a sampling of Christina’s work…all which make my heart swoon. 

Enjoy and Be Inspired!


Love how the subdued color palette allows the textiles and accessories to be hero. 

 The cabinet backs painted a dark color add drama and depth. 

 The details make this space come to life.

There’s nothing better than a intimate sitting area in the corner.


 Christina is known for mixing traditional and modern in unexpected ways.


 So pretty!



 Beautiful wallpaper and a stunning lantern chandelier.


Love the combination of turquoise and black.


Any designer that can do bright and bold this well wins in my book. 

This space just makes me happy.


 This ceiling is magnificent.


 The copper hood and reclaimed wood top island are awesome.  And, check out the subway tile that runs floor to ceiling.


 Christina is one talented designer whose design philosophy is something to remember…

“Every interior has a purpose and should be conducive to the living requirements of each client while remaining aesthetically purposeful and elegant.”


To check out more of Christina’s work, head here!


all images via Roughan Interior Design



Creative Jewelry Storage

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend.

I spent several hours this weekend, shopping antique stores and searching the web, on the hunt for a vintage dress form to use as a jewelry display piece. 

via nimbleshanks

While I didn’t find what I was looking for, I did come across some photos of  truly amazing and beautiful jewelry storage ideas. 

If I don’t find my dress form, I just might have to adopt a few of these ideas.  Check them out.

 Love how simple this storage idea is!

image via engineeredstyle via Confettistyle on Pinterest

 I happen to have this piece sitting in my garage waiting for a DIY project.

image Etsy via Confettistyle on Pinterest


Vintage Chic! These vintage wooden spools can be found in just about any antique store these days.  I picked my one up this weekend for $6.50, without knowing what I was going to do with it.  Now I have an idea.

image itsy-bits-and-pieces via Confettistyle on pinterest

 Love this look, and Anthropologie has a wonderful selection of knobs that would be perfect for this little project.

image Etsy via Confettistyle on pinterest

 Isn’t this a darling way to store your jewelry?  And, how fun would it be to shop for beautiful vintage tea cups?

image lavenderandlillies via Confettistyle on pinterest

 The ideas above and below might just win the prize for creativity.

Above…inexpensize wood utensil caddies, stacked vertically.

Below…Knobs, drawer pulls and handles.  

Brilliantly creative!

image maillardvillemanor via Confettistyle on pinterest

 image apartment therapy via Confettistyle on pinterest

  An old rake turned into a necklace holder.  Never would have thought of this!

image Country Living via Confettistyle on pinterest

 image Re-nest via Confettistyle on pinterest


 Love the stacked cake stands, and especially the bronze color!

image styleyourlifeblog via Confettistyle on pinterest

 Why not turn a painter’s tray into an earring holder?

image storageandglee.blogspot via Confettistyle on pinterest

 I don’t know how practical this is, but it really is a cute idea.

image via pinterest

 Love, Love Love!

image vintageisforlovers via Confettistyle on pinterest

 So chic…mini muffin and baking tins as jewelry storage!

image wildruffle via Confettistyle on pinterest


Now, doesn’t this make you want to take all your jewelry out of your drawers and display it for all the world to see?!


ABC’s and 123’s

Typography influences are everywhere in the interior design world.  The impact is bold and graphic, while being whimsical and artistic. 

I love incorporating letters, numbers and quotes into my personal and professional design projects.

Check out these typography inspired spaces…



If you’re looking to add some typography to your decor, check out some of my favorite finds on Etsy.

Yarn wrapped letters from Cranny Found Favorites. So cool!

Framed vintage letters from Studio 6 Fresno.  Love these!

Wood wall quote from Oh Dier.  To cute for words!


Watercolor and acrylic artwork from The Wheat Field.  Just Lovely!


 Have you caught the typography bug?  Watch out, it’s contagious!



Loving a Bit of Old and New

When I was younger and just starting to develop my decorating style, I wanted everything in my apartments and homes to be new.  I wanted to be the first to touch it, use it and make a design statement with it.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really come to love pieces that have a history to them.  Pieces that have “experience” and show a bit of character and age. 


 While I will never describe my personal design style as totally vintage or rustic, I am adding those words in the mix when I describe my style as eclectic chic.  I love a room that is mixed with a little of this and a little of that, old with new, shiny with rustic, global with modern. 


Here are a few rooms that speak to my eclectic chic style, (with a touch of rustic charm)…



I’m sure my design style will continue to evolve, but for now I love how the past and present are working together! 




Atlanta Market Recap–Part 2

The Atlanta Home Gift and Home Furnishings market always has a great line-up of design talent speaking throughout the show.  I always make it a point to attend and always come away learning a few new things. 

One of the events I attended was entitled, What’s Your Style:  New Media and Design.  The panel discussion was moderated by Krissa Rossbund, the senior design and style editor for Traditional Home, and included design icon Stan Topol, design maven Tobi Fairley and the co-founder of Matchbook Magazine, Katie Armour.

The panel discussed a variety of topics, but much of the conversation centered around developing a successful design or retail  business utilizing both traditional and modern forms of marketing and social media. 

  1. Be Professional, in what you say, how you act and how you run your business.  Clients will trust us as designers it we run every aspect of our business in a professional way. And, always work with a contract
  2. Be Clear and Concise with clients. As designers, we are hired for our skill and ideas, and it is our responsibility to make sure that our clients clearly understand our vision so they can buy into it.
  3. Don’t under-value your time or creativity.  This hit home to me, as I sure it will with many designers.  We often give away our ideas, time and talent when were in the moment, versus fully acknowledging our gift and charging for it.
  4. Use your blog to showcase your work….it’s a great way to reach a wider audience and showcase your expertise.
  5. Share your design experience with your blog readers and build a relationship with them.
  6. Develop a source for original content–this will give your blog its unique personality.
  7. Use twitter to strike up a conversation with others in the design industry.  I wasn’t on the twitter band-wagon at first, but I now realize how value it can be to building your business and most importantly building friendships. 

And, one last bit of wisdom shared by Mr. Topol that I took to heart was this…”Our payment is our creativity…when we compromise our creativity, we are cheating ourselves!”

It was great to chat with Tobi after the presentation and have this photo taken. 

Another wonderful presentation I attended was with designer Vicente Wolf.    He discussed his design philosophy and had a few words of advice:

  • Don’t over think the design process–follow your gut!
  • To create the most interesting and beautiful spaces, mix old and new elements.
  • Think of design like you do cooking..a pinch of this, a touch of that–combine elements to give the space its flavor.

I also attended a presentation by Kathryn M. Ireland, one of the talents on the hit Bravo show Million Dollar Decorators. Kathryn was so down to earth and such a pleasure to listen to.  She shared stories of the show, her “insane” life as she calls it, and a few photos of  her work.

Kathryn was signing copies of her new book, Summers in France, so I picked up a copy and had a photo taken with her.


And finally, I sat in on a presentation given by Marie Nygren, co-founder of Serenbe and Keith Robinson, owner of the event design firm Gloriosa Event Design.  This dynamic duo gave tips and techniques for developing stylish party settings using eco-friendly products.

Marie and Keith

A beautiful floral arrangement with fresh herbs and plants added in.

A casual tablescape using items taken from inside the home.


Here are few party  design ideas shared by Marie and Keith:

  • Monogram flat bed sheets and used them as a stylish tablecloth option
  • Incorporate vegetables from the garden into your centerpiece and tablescape–it’s an easy way to add color and texture
  • Cover plastic chairs with bed sheets, curtain panels or fabric remnants (as Keith did in the above photo)
  • Layer, Layer, Layer for interest and to create depth
  • Don’t be afraid to move furniture from the inside the house, out and use it as part of your decor
  • Candles are a must for any party occasion
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match china or dinnerware–this can sometimes create the most beautiful table decor
  • Be unique and do something that will make your table decor stand out.


The Atlanta Market always brings in great talent during the show, so if you get the chance to attend, jump on it.  The next major show takes place in January 2012.

I hope you enjoyed my insider view of market. Tomorrow  I’ll be back with the final installment of my visit to market, focusing on some of the new design books coming out later this year.

Have a great weekend!



Bits of Inspiration–A Happy Space

I’m at the Atlanta Gift Show, but came across this beautiful image and wanted to share it with you. 

Eclectic * Stylish * Fun * Happy *  Beautiful

via styleathome


Have a terrific weekend!

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