Crystals are the next best thing to Diamonds

I spent some time this past weekend flipping through the Crystorama lighting catalog, admiring their beautiful lighting and inspirational room photos, and just had to share some of their pieces with you. 

Crystorama is my new love in lighting!

Gorgeous!  Love the metal and crystal combination.

What bedroom wouldn’t look beautiful with a pair of bedside chandeliers?

So Glam!

I always wanted triplets!  And, what a stunning kitchen.

Such unexpected style in a kitchen.

In addition to  crystal embellished chandeliers, Crystorama also has a line-up styles crafted from iron and beautiful decorative glass.


Check out Crystorama’s full line of  lighting here!


all image courtesy of Crystorama

The Makings of a Fall Wardrobe

 I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, that I had to stop by a mall during our weekend road trip to pick up a few things suitable for 62 degree weather.  While shopping for items that I needed, I was totally in tune to the fall looks and started creating a list of items and looks I WANTED for fall.

  For me, fall will be all about COLOR, TEXTURE, PATTERN, DETAILS AND ALL THINGS PLUSH AND COZYHere’s the looks I hope to be sporting for the season…


I love long skirts, even though I’m on the shorter side of the growth chart (5’2″).  While the horizontal stripes in this skirt are not my favorite, the combination of a long skirt,  a great pair of boots and a sweater may be my go to outfit for fall.

I Love Scarves!  Solid, plaid, patterned…you name it.  For fall, I plan to wear a lot of solid colored scarves and give them a bit more style with the addition of a vintage pin.  I’ve found some really great scarves at TJMaxx, Old Navy and Macy’s. 

I worked for Eddie Bauer (all things cold weather) for 11 years and developed somewhat of love for outerwear.  A few years ago I purchased a bright red wool coat and hope to add something bold and orange to the mix this year.  Color makes me happy, even in the dead of winter.  This particular beauty is by Burberry and is available at Nordstrom.

So, we all know about my handbag obsession.  Just looking at this clutch makes my heart go pitter patter.  Love the animal print and compact size.  A must-have for fall!

via Shopstyle

I’m loving the tie neck blouses that are being shown for fall.  I remember wearing these “back in the day” and can’t wait to relive this style moment.

What girl doesn’t love (faux) fir?  I have a couple of fur collars (handed down from my mom), that I’m planning to add to simple cardigans and blazers for fall.

via Nordstrom

This boot is definitely on my list.  I love the rugged heel with the more stylized flap and buckle detail. Vaneli Jancey Boot available at Nordstrom.

Classic cardigans are already a wardrobe staple for me, but I want to add a few new colors to my line-up for fall.  Deciding what colors is the hard part.


I’m waiting a few more weeks to hit the stores and really begin my fall shopping. And, I’m sure I’ll add a few more things to my shopping list before then.


Have you starting shopping for fall yet?  What’s on your list?


unless noted above, all images via Pinterest

Best of Etsy: Fall Finds

Sorry I was MIA yesterday.  Our little road trip and visit with family had me somewhat preoccupied.  The trip was nice, despite the fact that I totally under-estimated the weather (62 degrees) and had to stop by the nearest mall to pick up a few cold weather items.

Since I’m officially in a Fall state of mind, I’ve pulled together some fabulous finds from Etsy for you to enjoy. 

Faceted Glass Acorn with bead cap–WhysperFairy
Fall Paper Wreath–SimpleJoysDecor
Handpainted Fall Leaves Gourd Bowl–NatsKreations
Knitted Fall Scarves–CraftsbyManuella
Felt Handbag–SusanbFlanagan
Fingerless Gloves–EweniqueEssentials
Upholstered Fall Leaves Chair–RubbishRehab
Autumn Accent Pillow Cover–Pillowville
Cardinal Stationery Note Cards–FionaDesigns
Fall Flower Necklace–WickedRuby

Unique Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are the wonder child of design. 

When placed in the expected places, over the mantle, above a console table, over a dining room buffet or on the wall over a sofa, mirrors work their magic on a room…

  • They reflect light and make a room feel brighter,
  • They make small spaces appear larger,
  • And, short space appear longer.
  • They reflect small details and make them appear grander,
  • And, they add visual dimension and depth to a room.

When used in a unique way and placed in unexpected places, mirrors not only work their magic on a room, but they give the space a distinct personality and style…


Behind Furniture


large mirrors placed behind furniture give a space more impact 

In Clusters

 clustering mirrors creates a unique wall decor statement.  Use a single frame color for a more uniform look, and mixed frame styles and colors for a more eclectic feel


In Pairs

 when one mirror isn’t enough to fully fill a wall space, use two for added dimension

 I love mirrors above the nightstand


Behind The Bed

 behind the bed, mirrors are a great alternative to framed art

 love this stylized grouping of mirrors


Layerd and Leaning

 even when placed casually, mirrors are stylish.  Try leaning a few atop a piece of furniture or along a picture rail

 this look is great for a hallway or foyer


MIrrors are one of  my go-to decorative accessories. I always work them into my design plans and challenge myself to use them in unique ways.

 Have you done something creative with mirrors in your home?

For even more mirror inspiration, visit my Mirror, Mirror on The Wal board over at Pinterest.


all images via Pinterest





I Just Had to Share This


If you haven’t discovered the blog, From Me To You yet, you’ve been missing out,  like I had been. 

 Jamie, an incredibly talented and gorgeously stunning photographer living in New York, takes the most beautiful images and showcases them on her blog.  Her words and photos make her blog something special.

Yesterday, Jamie shared a special day in her life…Her Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and the images made my heart stop.  This is every girls dream. 

Take a moment to check out Jamie’s Tiffany post and plan to spend a few hours looking at all the other beautiful images and stories on her blog.

(the New York Fashion week post will make your knees weak!)
images via From Me To You

For the Love of Wood

I’m really enjoying HGTV’s Design Star now that the contestants have been narrowed down to those with both talent and good personalities.

One of my favorite designers is Mark Diaz.  While I would love to see him design a room where his wood projects are not the only things that stand out, I did love the space he designed on this weeks show.   

The sofas were a little lack luster to me, but his pillow choice livend them up a bit.

Undoubtedly,  Mark is gifted when it comes to turning a piece of reclaimed wood into a work of art.  The dining table is magnificent and I really like the wall panels.

The wood room dividers were incredible and helped to define the two spaces without taking away anything from either.

Don’t get the two area rugs?

Love the bench.  This could work in so many homes.

The whole trend on using reclaimed wood in home design is hotter than ever and Mark’s talent may have come at the perfect time for HGTV.  The question is, would I like seeing “wood projects” week after week if he won design star?  Probably so, because David Bromstad’s big, colorful art hasn’t worn me down yet.

Do you love reclaimed wood or is it a trend you’re ready to see go?

Here are some beautiful spaces, using reclaimed wood, that might sway your opinion?





images via HGTV and Pinterest

Some Things Never Go Out of Style–Polka Dots

If you’ve been tracking the Fall 2011 Fashion Trends, you’ve seen that Polka Dots are going to be a big thing. 

The history of Polka Dots goes way back and has been a staple in the fashion AND home decor industry for years.  I happen to love polka dots, not only because of the whimsy they bring, but also because they are classic and can be interpreted into any style statement.

Polka Dots come in a lot of different colors, classic black and white (my fave) to a range of rainbow colors.

Marc Jacobs, Fall 2011 (via

Love, Love, Love!



Polka Dots offer great inspiration for home design projects and party tablescapes. 





Whether used as an accent or the primary pattern statement, Polka Dots are an easy way to infuse a distinct style statement into a space, event or look.


When it comes to dressing with Polka Dots, your look can be classic, modern or edgy.


So, with Fall just around the corner, add Polka Dots to your shopping list….for your wardrobe and for your home!


What’s your favorite version of Polka Dots…black and white or full of color?


all images not noted via Pinterest


A New Addition To My Bag Obession

Yesterday I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Greige Designs where Christina wrote a lovely post about a late  summer picnic she had over the weekend.  In addition to beautiful images, she mentioned French Basketeer, a company that sells authentic French baskets, carts and totes.  Christina used one of their totes to carry all of her picnic goodies.

Now, anyone that knows me, knows I have a slight obsession of with handbags (totes included).  I can always find a reason to add yet another bag to my ever-growing “collection”.  So, after reading Christina’s post,  I immediately clicked over to check out the French Basketeer website.  They had me hooked with the image on the opening page…a gorgeous bright yellow tote!

Spurred by the efforts of France to reduce the amount of disposable products and waste, and eliminate the use of plastic bags in their country, French Basketeer was born and “the elimination of plastic bags was identified as a goal”  for the US market. 

French Basketeer’s mission is “to provide authentic French baskets, carts and totes which are practical yet stylish and to help get the word out that plastic bags are indeed, “so passé.” 

I couldn’t agree more and have been using canvas totes for several years now, for all my grocery shopping.  After seeing the wonderful array of totes available from French Basketeer, I’m upgrading and will be carrying one of these wonderful bags whenever I shop. 

I love that their bags are perfect for grocery shopping, mall shopping and antique shopping!

Check out a few of my favorite styles:

Cassis In Fuschia–$42

St. Tropez in Rust–$43 to $48


Dijon in Natural–$48


Have you given up the use of plastic bags.  If not, consider a French Basketeer tote.  Not only will you be saving the planet, but you’ll look Stylish in the process!


p.s.  French Basketeer has a wonderful blog you’ll want to check out too!


images via Greige Design and French Basketeer

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