I spend hours upon hours at home looking through design magazines,  flipping through decorating books and searching the web for beautifully decorated rooms.  Besides being part of my job, it is one of my favorite ways to spend a leisurely afternoon, unless of course I am at Barnes and Noble doing the same thing.

 After years of collecting photos, I have accumulated a filing cabinet full of my favorites.  It’s fun to go back from time to time to look at them all, but I thought it would be even more fun to share a few of the rooms I just love.  




I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Happy Monday!


all images via Pinterest


It’s week 2 of HGTV’s Design Star and so far I am a little disappointed in the creativity that the design hopefuls have shown.  Compared to earlier seasons, where Antonio Ballatore, Kim Myles and David Bromstad came out of the box with their “unique” guns blazing, the room designs that have been created so far are just plain dull.  If you’ve missed the show, here’s a peak at a few of the episode 1 and 2 designs:

In episode 1, the white box challenge gave the designers the opportunity to create a room based on the design style of one of the other designers.  With a blank canvas, $500 dollars and the full run of an Asian Market, the opportunity to design a fabulous room was at their finger tips.

 Here are the rooms Micheal (left) and Emily (right) designed.  Michael’s room does have some visual interest and he did incorporate some accessories, but the overall design, in my opinion, is messy and lacks any substance.  And what can I say about Emily’s room….the paint is the only interesting element in this space.

The rooms Tom (left) and Julie (right) designed were a bit more interesting.  Tom went a bit overboard with the Asian market theme, but his room did have layers that made it interesting.  Julie on the other hand appears to have been releasing a lot of anger with that wall treatment and all the feathers on the floor.  I would surely have nightmares in this room.

Courtland designed this purple room and although it is a bit simplistic, it does have a point of view and the color statement works.

 This is my absolute favorite room, designed by Tera.  The design is classic, the room feels totally pulled together, and I really like her color statement.

So, having seen a few of the designs from this seasons white room challenge, I can really say they don’t compare to seasons past.

Take a look…

Over the top but really creative…

Stylized, modern and visually interesting…

A bit edgy, but that wall treatment is so cool.

In episode 2, the designers, men vs. women, had to design rooms based on runway fashions they selected.  There were some beautiful outfits that should have given the designers lots of inspiration, but again, I think for the most part, the designs fell short of creating something great. 

Look at this fabulous wedding dress, which was interpreted via the white squares headboard.  Huh?  The inspiration of this dress should have resulted in a fabulous design.

To me the only thing inspiring in this space are the stripes on the wall and the design of the coffee table.  How about some decorative pillows inspired by that Tommy Bahama shirt?


 The ladies team created this fabulous chair, based on a high-end designer outfit.  I think this chair has lots of style and looks expensive. This was my favorite element from the entire challenge.

With the plaid shirt and navy “urban” outfit as inspiration, this is the bedroom designed by the women.  I love the chocolate wall and starburst mirror, but what’s up with those window treatments.  It looks like they were duck taped to the windowsill.

As I continue to watch Design Star this season, I can only hope that the designers get a bit more creative and design spaces with real STAR power!

Who’s your favorite designer and what’s your favorite space so far?

all images via HGTV


With the heat index nearing 100 degrees in Atlanta today, I have spent a leisurely but productive Sunday making jewelry, reading magazines and catching up with my DVR library.  I also took a peek outside, at my planter boxes, and was thrilled to see that my flowers have not succumb to the heat.  There are so many wonderful things about the Summertime, but there’s not much that beats the beauty of  a pretty flower.   Here are a few Summer finds with loads of flower power. 



Source:  McKenzie Child, Kates Paperie, Brian Atwood, French Bull, Anthropologie




I moved from Seattle to Atlanta 10 years ago, thinking I had finally escaped the rain capital of the world.  Very quickly I found out that it actually rains more (statistically) in Atlanta than Seattle.  And, the rain in Atlanta is very different.  One minute the sky is clear and sunny and the next, dark grey clouds move in and down comes the rain.  Not just any rain mind you, but raindrops the size of quarters.  Since living in Atlanta, I have gotten use to the hot, humid weather, but all this summer rain is wrecking havoc on my ooh so cute sandal wardrobe.  What’s a girl to do except go out and buy a pair of stylish rain boots!   

Should I go mod, classic or retro?  




All of these rain boots are available at Zappos!


            all images via: Zappos




The world of Interior Design is full of incredibly talented and inspiring designers, but now and then I come across a designer that takes my breath way.  Right now, that designer is TOBI FAIRLEY.  In 2009, Tobi was selected by Traditional Home Magazine as one of the Top 20 Young Designers in America. Tobi designs rooms that are classic and elegant, while at the same time comfortable and approachable.  Her use of color is genius and they way she combines fabrics, finishes and textures is above and beyond.  Here are a few of her Inspiring Spaces!


Tobi Fairley

I just love the combination of pink, chocolate-brown and the apple green.  So refreshing!

What an impactful statement.  The black backgrounds on the prints, along with the black sofa and white accents give Coastal a whole new appeal.

Don’t you just love this combination of orange and turquoise?  This bedroom is relaxing and ooh so stylish!

Tobi has given the sitting area of this bedroom a modern and current vibe with the use of retro patterns, smooth finishes and bold color.

This living area is so classic yet the bold shade of green gives it a young, vibrant feel. The pattern Tobi chose for these chairs is so hip.

You can never do a room wrong by adding accents of red.  This room is clean, chic and sophisticated!

Thanks Tobi for the inspiration!

all images via Tobi Fairley


Every since I started watching Design Inc., and Room Service, I’ve developed a major design crush on Canadian designer Sarah RichardsonShe is just fabulous!  There are so many things I admire about Sarah, but first and foremost is her innovative approach to design.  While she does use some signature elements in the rooms she designs (button closure pillows), she always designs rooms that incorporate a little something fresh and unexpected.  I love that she shops flea markets both to save money and to find unique pieces; I love that she is always repurposing  items versus throwing them away; I love that her shows include the inevitable problems that arise on a project and that she shows us how to solve the problem; I love her eye for fabrics, and if that wasn’t enough, I absolutely love all the adorable clothes and jewelry she wears.  For me, Sarah is one of my interior design and fashion idols.

Sarah Richardson 


This is one of the lovely dining rooms designed by Sarah.  The dark wood is beautifully set off with the mirrored console, crystal chandelier and teal wallpaper.

Sarah designed this living room with an understated color palette so that the subtle details like the striped wallpaper, gridded ceiling, silk drapes and damask sofa were the stars.

Just a few of the custom pillows Sarah has designed for her projects!

Dining chairs with a customize fabric application.

 You can check out Sarah’s custom furniture line on her website.

 Sarah’s new line of paint colors is available at Lowe’s!

As a added bonus to watching Sarah’s design shows, I have also gotten to love and admire her “design sidekick” Tommy Smythe.

Tommy is an incredible designer in his own right, has an effervescent personality and is so warm and witty.  Just another good reason to watch Sarah Richardson.

Untill next time…

all images via Sarah Richardson Design 


In the world of decorating, two is sometimes better than one. These spaces are more beautiful and distinct because of the double exposure of furnishing and accessories. 

What piece of furniture or accessory would you love to have two of?

Photos:  Coastal Living (1,2,3) Southern Living (4), Markham Roberts (5), Cottage Living (6,7)


When it comes to decorating, a bedroom can be one of my biggest design challenges.  While it is easy to infuse luxury through plush linens and pillows, or by painting the walls a soothing color, I am often challenged with creating a space that is truly personal, full of style and totally functional.  Here are a few of my inspired spaces.

I hope your resting place is all you want it to be!


 A toned down color statement gives this bedroom a luxurious and elegant feel.  The patterns, texture and attention to detail add so much character!

The rich tones used in this bedroom are so inviting…I just want to jump under the covers and drift off to sleep!


Who ever said white is not a color was surely mistaken.  This bedroom is so peaceful and serene.  The washed and weathered finishes are just as comforting as an afternoon nap on a rainy day!

Black and white with a pop of color.  I just adore the hot pink accent in this black and white bedroom.  The monogrammed pillow makes the space personal and intimate.  The leather ottoman, being used as a night stand, is extra stylish with the addition of the silver tray and crystal lamp.


The guest bedroom says Come, Sit, Relax!  The oversized headboard makes a grand statement and I love the addition of the accent chairs at the foot of the bed.  The is one bedroom that is a bit rustic, but very refined!


Pretty in Pink!  This bedroom looks like it was plucked from a fine hotel.  The soft pink palette mixed with black and white is sophisticated and playful at the same time.  I think the drapes add softness without taking away from the bed and the monogrammed nightstand is oh so chic!


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