“The Woman who is CHIC is always a little different.  Not different in being behind fashion, but always slighting apart from it.”

Emily Post


Every season, it seems that I am hooked on a different fashion or accessory trend that I want to incorporate into my personal fashion line-up.  For fall, my first obsession has been with vintage inspired rings, which I wrote about in a earlier post here

Now, my new obsession is with Brooches. 

 I love that Brooches come in all shapes, sizes, colors, stones, finishes and designs, and that they can be worn in so many ways.


How cute is a Brooch as a hair accessory?


The first lady adores Brooches and has made them a staple in her wardrobe. 


And, the Queen is rarely seen without a Brooch.

One of my favorite ways to use a Brooch is by pinning one to a plain handbag or clutch.

A current wedding trend are Brooch Bouquets. 

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Here’s a use for vintage Brooches that I think is fab–as an embellishment on a wedding cake.  What a great way to incorporate that “something old” element into a wedding.

 My obsession with Broochs’ has led me to begin collecting them.  I especially love vintage styles, but have found a few mass-produced pieces that I adore too!  Here are a few of my faves…Elements Jill Schwartz 'Nature Collection' Flower Pin

Elements by Jill Schwartz $105–Available at Nordstrom

Trifari Jet-Tone Beaded Cluster Pin

Trifaria–$18.00 Available at Kohl’s.


Juicy Couture–$78.00  Available from


Kate Spade–$179.00  Available from



As the fall and winter season move into full swing, Broochs’ will definitely be a go-to accessory for the season.

What’s your current fashion obsession? 

I Heart Rings

I always turn to jewelry when I want to add a little pizzaz to a plain outfit.  Typically it is a bold necklace or a colorful pair of earrings, but recently, I’ve been attracted to vintage inspired rings. One of my fashion idols, Rachel Zoe has perfected the art of accessorizing with rings.  I love that she never leaves home without one, and in most cases multiple rings on her fingers.


This fall and winter, I am going to hit some flea markets and antique shops and see what wonderful baubles I can find.  I think I’ll look for a beautiful pearl cluster ring, and rings with colorful stones. 

Vintage inspired rings will be my go-to accessory this season! 




rings-anuja tolia labrodorite ring


rings-kenneth jay lane lapis resin clustered dome ring

rings-gs lillian flower ring yellow and lime

rings-marlyn schiff stretch crystal ring navy



What’s will be your go-to accessory this Winter?


In one of my recent design workshops, I was telling the group that one of the essential decorative accessory every home needs is a “decorative lamp”.  I’m not talking about a lamp in a unique color, or with a colorful shade, I’m talking about a lamp that is decorative in shape, color, finish,  style and detail.  A lamp that really makes a statement.

Why a decorative lamp you ask? 

We’ll to me, using an unexpected lamp as part of your decor is a great way to personalize your home…something every home needs!

Here are a few of my favorite “decorative” lighting fixtures.


Curry and Company Angelic Table Lamp–wouldn’t this look stunning in a black and white bedroom?


Arterior’s Southhaptom Shell Chandelier–This would look great hanging over a garden tub.


Mercury Glass Pendant Lamps

Mercury Glass Pendant Light–what a fun way to light up a bar area.




These floor lamps are adorable!

Glass Saucer Lamp–I love the shape of these lamps.  I think they’d be adorable in a guest bedroom.



I love the eclectic feel of this silverware lamp.  Looking at it, it seems like it might be an easy DIY project.



Do you have a unique lamp that lights up your decor?



The diamond pattern is an obvious choice given the design team's name and color is their calling card.



 Photo Source

I recently came across these interior photos while surfing the web.  These gorgeous rooms were designed by the dynamic duo of William Diamond and Anthony Baratta of the New York design firm Diamond Baratta Design. Known for their use of color, bold patterns and unexpected design elements, the Diamond Baratta team’s work has graced over 25 magazine covers. The work of this talented team is not limited to the use of bold color, they have also designed some incredible rooms with traditional, contemporary and cottage styling.  Read more about Diamond Baratta Design and check out more of their work, here! 


When it comes to decorating dining rooms, I am really against the matching table and chair set concept.  I think dining rooms are treasured spaces, where family and friends gather to share and create memories. And, being such a sacred space, I think dining rooms should boast an abundance of style and personality.

One of the looks that I am really into these days is a dining room where the dining chairs are a mix of styles and or finishes.  I think  this is a great way to jazz up your dining space and give it lots of character.   I just love the collection of chairs below, not only the different chair back styles but also the mix of fabrics.  Totally cute!


If you want to create an eclectic look in your dining room by mixing up your chair styles, there are several ways to do it….

1.  Create a statement with just the Host and Hostess chairs by using a different chair silhouette, and by upholstering the chairs in a bold fabric.  The colors used in this dining room are so fun and energetic.  I love the Chartreuse used on the parson chairs and the tufting really adds a lot of style.


2.  Use a different color on a single chair style.  This look is great if your style is a bit more classic but you still desire a bit of whimsy.  These classic farm style chairs look more updated with painted finishes and contrasting fabric seats. 


 3.  For a more eclectic look, use a variety of chair styles but keep the finish consistent.  This look is very easy on the eye while still adding a lot of style punch.  I’d love to create this look around my kitchen table. 


How fun is this look?  The mix of chair styles gives this farm table so much more personality.




4.  For ultimate personality and character, go all out and combine upholstered chairs, wood chairs and benches.  Depending on the color scheme and chair styles, this look can be elegant and formal, or casual and comfortable. 

This is such a beautiful and elegant look. I adore the upholstered banquette combined with the open back black chairs.  So chic!




 If you’re looking to make a few changes to your dining room, spice it up a bit and  mix-and-match your chairs!  I know you love the look. I know you’ll love the look!


I’ve Died And Gone To Shoe Heaven

Did you hear the news? 

 The mecca of all shoe stores has opened in London. 

Selfridges, one of the UK’s most prestigious department stores is opening the Shoe Galleries which will have over 100,000 pairs of shoes at any one time.  I can’t even begin to imagine what 100,000 pairs of shoes looks like.

Selfridges in London

The shoe offering will include everything from the world’s largest Haviana wall to the latest designer collections by Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Chanel and Gucci.

To make the shoe department even more special, Selfridges has designed the six salons and 11 boutiques that will make up this colossal shoe store into themed apartments to reflect each brand.  The Chanel boutique was designed as a reflection of Coco Chanel’s apartment in Paris, and the Jimmy Choo salon is adorned with hand-painted gold foil wall paper.

When I read the news about this magnificent shoe department, I had to do a little research, just to investigate all the brands that would be under one roof.  

 In addition to carrying some of my favorite brands like Ugg, Marc Jacobs and Elie Tahari , the Selfridges shoe emporium will carry brands like Chloe, D&G and even Nine West.  One of the European lines that will be represented is the Kurt Geiger line. I didn’t know  about Kurt Geiger until coming across his name on the website, but once I saw his shoe designs I had a mad crush.  Check out these lovely’s designed by Mr. Geiger.

Erica stiletto shoes

The Erica stiletto is so fab– Every girl needs a pair of animal print stilettos.

Willoughby lace–up boots

Willoughby Lace Up Boot– Such a cute boot to get me through the fall season.

 Dandy lace up shoes

Dandy Lace Up Shoe–So cute and in my favorite color too!

So, when I just can’t seem to find that perfect little ballet flat, I guess I’ll have to make a trip across the water and endure a few days in London looking at all 100,000 pairs of shoes at Selfridges.  Anyone want to join me for a little shopping excursion?

until next time…

 all images via Selfridges


OMG!  This is one of the most fabulous books I’ve come across in a long time. 

 Rebecca Moses, an icon in the fashion and home design business has penned her first book, A Life of Style, and it is brilliant. 

Combining beautiful watercolor illustrations with her fashion and interior design knowledge, provoking words of wisdom, and an abundance style savvy advice, Rebecca’s book really makes you think about how you express your personal style. 

  Within hours of opening the box, I began flipping the pages, absorbing every word and marking my favorite “words of wisdom” with post-its. 

In addition to learning a few new things about the world of design, I also walked away fully inspired to re-look and re-define my personal style.

Here are few of my favorite inspiring thoughts from Rebecca.  I think you’ll be inspired to.

 There Are No Rules In Style,  Just Good Instincts!

True Style I s Understanding Who We Are and Having the Conviction To Express It.

Style is Not Skin Deep.  It is Soul Deep.  It is Our Most Significant form of Expression.  It is How we Communicate Who we are to the World Around us.  It is a Reflection of Who We Are, Where We Have Come From, and What we want to SAY to the World Around Us!  IT IS OUR VOICE!

If you love design and fashion as much an I do, you’ll definitely want to add this book to your collection.  Enjoy!

until next time…

 all images via Rebecca Moses

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