DESIGN PLAN: Tuscan Dining Room

I had the pleasure of creating a design plan for a young couple who have just purchased their first home.  The goal for the dining space was to merge his traditional style with her love for rustic yet refined decor.  They both love natural rooms with pops of color and wanted the overall feel of the dining room to be warm and inviting.

After dissecting their design styles, I came up with the theme, Tuscan Dining.  My vision was rich, warm colors with a mix of dark and light wood tones.  I also envisioned a mix of classic and transitional furniture, colorful textiles and lots of texture.


Tuscan Themed Dining Room Design Plan by ConfettiStyle


No.1 & No. 5–A traditional dining room set will work best for this couple who loves to entertain.  The oval table maximizing seating and helps with the traffic flow in and out of the room. The dark wood stain on the table adds depth and contrast against the lighter tones in the room.

No.2–To bring in a more modern touch, I suggested an upholstered settee for one side of the dining table.  This larger piece of furniture will add softness to the room and can easily be moved to other areas of the home when needed.

No. 3–All of the lighting for this dining room is in a bronze finish which adds even more warmth to the space.  The chandelier has lots of curves to it which create visual movement for the eye.   And if the couple wants an even more traditional feel they could add shades to each arm.

No. 4–These patterned drapes are the wow factor in the room.  The all-over damask pattern have a traditional vibe but the bold colors will help the room maintain a sense of playfulness.  I also like that the drapery pattern/colors will give the couple lots of options when it comes to accessorizing.

No.6–A sleek round mirror over the rustic sideboard keeps the wall decor statement simple.  Plus a round mirror has a more modern feel than a rectangular design.

No.7–Instead of lamps, wall sconces are another way to add lighting to a dining room and expand the wall decor statement above a buffet. These double arm sconces will provide ample lighting and visually draw the eye up.

No.8–I love a neutral colored rug with lots of texture.  The subtle diamond pattern of this sisal rug adds a cozy and relaxed feel plus lots of visual interest.

No.9–A good way to create dimension and depth within a room is by mixing furniture with different finishes.  The blonde wood finish on this sideboard ties into the lighter tones in the drapes and the rustic finish adds the dimension.

 No.10–I wanted to pull in some navy to coordinate with the drapes and a pair of ceramic garden stools flanking the sideboard will do the trick.  Plus I love the raised vine design which adds more visual interest.



Fabric Shopping (and what it says about home decor trends)

I discovered a new fabric warehouse the other day and all I can say is WOW!  Before I entered the showroom the customer service rep warned me that there was a lot of fabric behind those doors.   Man oh man was she right.

Walking through those doors was like walking in a fabric wonderland. There were rolls of fabric, stacks of fabrics, hanging fabric and more remnant fabrics than the eye could see.

As I walked the aisles, I began to take note of the colors and patterns I was seeing so I’m sharing that with you today.


MAD FOR PLAID–Large buffalo plaids appear to be a pattern that is gaining in popularity.  Where you once just saw classic colors like red, navy and black you’re now seeing plaids in every color and every size scale.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Cotton blend plaids have a more causal feel to them and so I prefer linen blends which have more texture and dimension. Plaid patterns are ideal for window treatments, pillows and furnishings as you’ll see in these inspirational images…




MELLOW YELLOW–Pantone identified Primrose Yellow as one of the trending colors for 2017 and while I didn’t see a lot of bold yellow fabrics, I did see lots of soft yellow.

Most of the fabrics in the yellow color family were traditional floral or geometric designs perfect for upholstery, drapes of bed linens.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

image source

SHADES OF BLUE–With the popularity of blue and white decor it’s no surprise that there are lots of blue and white fabric patterns on the market right now.  I spotted florals and well as more modern geometric and boho inspired designs and the color palette ranged from deep navy to shades of teal.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends



Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

FLOWER POWER–Bold floral motifs are a trend that forecasters identified for 2017 and the fabrics I saw supported that.  From tiny prints to large oversized designs, feminine florals have a fresh, modern feel.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

I love the look of this antique, washed-out floral fabric.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

The mum design was bold and had lots of texture and dimension.  I could envision this on club chairs or an ottoman.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends

image source

BLACK & WHITE--Never will I tire of black and white patterns.  Black and white are a classic color combo and pairs well with anything you put with it.  The white with black plaid at the top would look great made up in pillows.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends


50 SHADES OF GRAY– Many of you may want to see the grey color trend go away but I think it will be around for a while.  Grey is a great way to introduce color into your decor when you don’t want to go all white but want a little color.

I also noticed lots of fabrics that combined grey and soft teal which is always a pretty palette.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends


PRETTY IN PINK-The pink fabric aisle was one of my favorites.  Instead of looking like fabrics for a baby’s room, the patterns looked modern and updated.  The second fabric down was gorgeous and you know I love the animal print.

Fabric Shopping--Pattern Trends


I snapped a lot more pictures but the visual eye candy has to end sometimes, right?

Finding the perfect fabric is key to a beautiful space and I’m so glad it’s something I get to do as part of my job.

p.s.  I’d love to know which of the fabrics I spotted grabbed your heart!

Happy Friday, friends.


Pillow Pairings | My Favorite Black and White Pillow Styles

Raise your hand it you own this black and white pillow cover from Ikea.  I think half the world owns the Lappljung Ruta cushion cover, including me!

I think the appeal of this covers is the graphic design, the sturdy fabric and of course the black and white color combo.  And let’s not overlook the $10 price which makes this pillow one of the best design deals around.

Ikea Black and White Pillow

via Ikea

While I love the Ikea pillow, I think its time a new black and white pillow becomes the darling of the design world. To find a winner, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite black and white pillows/cushion covers along with the accent pillows I’d pair them with them when decorating.

Check out my pillow pairings and leave me a comment and let me know which is your favorite.


No. 1

Black, white and greek key are always a winning combination and a classic look that will be around for years to come.  The black velvet pillow pairs beautifully with this dusty blue Schumacher floral fabric and a tan and white mini animal print.

 Black Velvet Pillow Cover with Greek Key Trim // Hot House Flowers Pillow Cover // Tan Cheetah Pillow Cover 

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle


No. 2

This woven black and white pillow has a casual vibe that is perfect for a sectional or sofa.  Because of the texture, I’ve paired it with a deep yellow velvet pillow and an abstract floral so the look is relaxed and carefree.  The black and white woven pillow would also look great paired with other black and white pillow designs.

p.s.  the velvet pillow is available in 10 fabulous colors
 Linework Woven Decorative Pillow // Watercolour Floral Pillow Cover // Brenner Yellow Velvet Pillow

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

No. 3

By far my favorite black and white pillow grouping!  This textured black and white pillow cover is so versatile that you can easily pair it with other patterns.  Since I love all things emerald green I used that as the accent color for this combo.  The floral pillow keeps the overall look soft while the velvet green pillow with greek key keeps the look classic.

   Ben Soleimani Textured Wool Nailhead Pillow Cover //  Bermuda Blossoms Pillow Cover // Emerald Green Velvet Pillow 

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

No. 4

If you like a more modern vibe, you’ll love this combo.  I like how the bold design of the black and white grid pillow mixes well with a modern strip and Asian floral design.

p.s.  there are a thousand shades of white so don’t think you have to have the exact hue in each pillow design.  A little contrast is a good thing.
 Modern Black Pillow //  Black and White Dotted Stripe Pillow Cover // Asian Floral Pillow Cover
Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

No. 5

I’m starting to see black and white buffalo check pillows all over Pinterest so it looks like this pillow design is a new favorite amongst designers and design bloggers.  An oversized plaid like this works will with ditzy prints and florals and you can go with just about any color combo you want.

 Buffalo Check Pillow // Dalmatian Spots Pillow // P. Kaufmann Candid Moment Pillow Cover

Black and White Pillow Pairings by ConfettiStyle

Tips For Pairing Pillows Like A Pro


  1. Ensure all pillows have a consistent color theme.  If you’re using a black and white pillow as the foundation, pair it will other designs that include black, white or both colors so there is a connection amongst the pillows.
  2. The scale of patterns should balance each other, not compete for attention. A good rule of thumb is one large , one medium and one small.
  3. Texture is important and can be visual texture (what the eye sees) as well as tactile texture (what you actually feel).  Texture adds warmth and depth to pillow pairings and should always be a part of your pillow mix.
  4. The size of the pillows matter.  Just like you scale the size of print, you want different sizes of pillows. Here’s a winning combo you can always count on…

For the sofa:  (2) 24×24 pillows  + (2) 20×20 pillows + (1) Lumbar pillow  //  For a loveseat: (2) 20×20 pillows + (1) Lumbar pillow

So, which black and white pillow is your favorite and which pillow pairing do you like most? 

The Junk Gypsy Collection for Pottery Barn Teen

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Thanks to the kind folks at Pottery Barn Teen, I now have a new set of beautiful sheets for our guest bedroom.

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

The Bohemian Geo Cuff Sheet Set is part of their new Junk Gypsy collection and is made of 100% percale which is so soft and cozy.  And the embroidered diamond pattern that accents the flat sheet and pillowcases has a classic yet bohemian vibe.

Junk Gypsy Bohemian Geo Cuff Sheet Set-Pottery Barn Teen

The sheets are a soft off-white color that will mix easily with other bedding, adding to their versatility.

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen


Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Upon opening the package I recognized how well made the sheet set was and it fit our queen bed like a glove.

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

 I’ve stared to add holiday touches to the guest room and the new sheet set works great with the classic holiday decor I’m adding.

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

Junk Gypsy Collection For Pottery Barn Teen

The Junk Gypsy collection for has lots of items that will work for adult spaces as easily as they do for a teens room.  I love the Wanderer Fur Throw and the Tufted Lounge Rug .  And the Country Blooms Duvet Cover + Sham are perfect for a soothing bedroom design.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


To check out the full Junk Gypsy collection head here. And pick up a copy of Amie and Jolie Sikes new book, Designing A Life at the Crossroads of Wonder & Wander. The book will make a great holiday gift for anyone that loves design and diy transformations. 


I’ll be sharing another great piece form the Junk Gypsy collection next week so stay tuned.

This is a sponsored post with Pottery Barn Teen.  Pottery Barn & Pottery Barn Teen are one of my go-t sources for stylish and affordable decor and gift items.  I am happy to partner with them in sharing some of the products I love.   All text and opinions are my own. 
* this post contains affiliate links 

Let’s Get Cozy–Fall Throws and Storage Baskets


I came across the image the other day and all I could think about was cooler temperatures and getting cozy under a plush throw blanket.  Cooler temps are on the way and now it the time to shop for that perfect fall throw blanket.



When I’m shopping for a cozy throw blanket, there are a few things I look for and avoid…

  1.  I avoid synthetic fibers like acrylic which won’t provide much warmth and typically has a rougher feel.
  2. I look for natural fibers like cotton, wool or cashmere all of which are soft to the touch and will keep you warm.  And now you can even find washable wools which provide warmth and allow for easy care.
  3. I look for oversized throw blankets that will cover you from head to toe.  A great size is 60″ x 80″.
  4. I prefer blankets with a straight edge and no fringe.  I’ve found that over time, fringed edges tend to pull apart or tangle.  note: I would buy all of the fringed blankets I’ve shown in this post because they are well made and the fringe is individually knotted.
  5. You can never go wrong with classic styles like herringbone or cable knit.  And solid colors are naturally more versatile than patterns although I love the African Shibori throw below.



These Natural Hyacinth Braided Cameron Tote Baskets are perfect for flat weave throws because they won’t snag on the basket. And the handles make it easy to move around the house or wherever movie night is happening. Grab these now because they are on sales–$20.99-$23.99!



For chunky throws you want a basket with a smooth interior like these Kiel Rope Weave Baskets or this Mamba Basket.  I love the subtle texture and  pattern on both of these baskets and the robust size means you can stash lots of blankets away.

Kiel Rope Weave  $59-$99


Mamba Basket $64.95



And if you like to keep your throw blankets under wraps, theses lidded Collin Mocha Wicker Storage Baskets are two of my favorite.  $79.95-$99.95


The season is almost here!



Shop these throws:

Herringbone Throw $39  available in 4 colors // Interlochen Throw  $98 available in 2 colors
 Landyn Chunky Knit Throw–$69.95 available in 3 colors // Moroccan Wedding Banded Throw–$399 available in 2 colors
Handcrafted African Indigo Shibori Throw–$349 // Cashmere Cable Knit Throw–$199-$299  available in 8 colors

Shelly Signature

Trend Watch: Toile de Jouy

Blue Tablescape via Stylebeat


 Calling this post a ‘trend watch’ may be exaggerating a bit since the trend I’m talking about has never really gone out of style, it just lost some of its luster in recent years.  It wasn’t until Chinoiserie starting regaining its popularity a few years ago that toile started to come back on the design scene in a big way.

“Toile de Jouy”, sometimes abbreviated to simply “toile”, is a type of decorating pattern consisting of a white or off-white background on which a repeated pattern depicting a fairly complex scene, generally of a pastoral theme such as a couple having a picnic by a lake or an arrangement of flowers.

I remember the days when toile was the ‘it’ pattern in home decor and was also a popular look in fashion accessories and clothing.  Back then the colors were pretty classic with blue and white, black and white, red and white and green and white the color combos you saw most.

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Chinoiserie Pillows–Best of Etsy

Jamie Meares

image via Jamie Meares

I’ve been quite obsessed with all things Chinoiserie of late in part because it’s a design style that is super popular right now and also because I just love the eclectic feel the style lends itself too.

Chinoiserie also speaks to my love of color, vintage and bold pattern work.  The Jamie Meares image above just says fun to me and really represent a collected home filled with unique treasures.

The Ralph Lauren image below is another take on Chinoiserie with a more subdues color and pattern statement but with just as much personality and visual interest.

Some of my favorite Chinoiserie styled decorative elements include blue and white pottery, bamboo styled furniture, mirror and lighting and also Asian motif pillows.

Ralph Lauren

image via Ralph Lauren

Recently I went on the hunt for some Chinoiserie pillows for our bedroom.  I started my search on Etsy and was thrilled to see that there are lots of pillows available on the site.

One of the things I like about shopping on Etsy is that you can get handcrafted items in designer fabrics for a great price.  I also like that shopping Etsy is a way to support independent artist and small businesses, many of which are run out of the home.

Here’s just a sampling of the pillows I found…

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Fabric Trends


I’ve been on the hunt for a few fabrics and decided to take a spin through Forsyth Fabrics here in Atlanta.  Forsyth is one of my go-to sources for moderate priced designer fabrics and you’ll always find the latest fabric trends in their aisles.  Because the fabric industry is changing and manufacturers and retail stores are producing less fabric, more and more of the fabrics carried at Forsyth have to be special ordered.  Even so, they still have a good selection of cut and take fabrics so this is where I shop for personal projects I’m working on.

Let’s take a look at see what’s trending in designer fabrics…

Malachite patterns have been around for decades but really resurfaced a few years ago in textiles and decor.  This was the only malachite fabric I could find at Forstyle and even through it has to be special ordered, its definitely worth the wait.


I’ve been seeing military green showing up in fall fashion so it makes sense that it’s a big trend in upholstery fabric.  I can’t jump on this color bandwagon just yet but it might grow on me.


The emerald green trend is also continuing with muted variations showing up in classic fabric patterns.


I don’t think teal will ever go out of style or paisley prints for that matter.


These bold colors can always be found in upholstery fabrics but they feel a bit ‘past their time’ to me.


One of my favorite color combinations lately is orange and grey.  I would love to design a bedroom around these colors.


The with popularity of blue and white in decor, I totally expected to see lots of navy fabrics and I did.  I really loved the middle batik inspired print which would make a beautiful pair of drapes or a chair fabric.


Classic black and white with a touch of neutral, always timeless.  The zebra print is just begging to be on a pair of footstools or made into pillows.


Raised relief designs are popping up more and more and these embroidered looks felt really fresh.


I may be the only one but I’m kinda liking that this golden rod color is coming back into style.  That top fabric had lots of texture and was really beautiful.


Forsyth Fabrics also has a clearance room where you can find short lengths of fabric and trim at great prices. I snagged remnants of these two fabrics to hoard use on a future project.



It’s good to have Forsyth just a short drive from my house so I can indulge my fabric habit whenever I want.

If you’re not in Atlanta, don’t worry.  You can shop all of the fabrics available at Forsyth on their website and get delivery right to your door.


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