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We’ve all been there…shopping at a thrift store and coming across an item that grabs your attention.  You approach the item, give it a good once over and then rationalize the decision to purchase it or NOT.  The piece looks great, has so much potential and is priced right but the voice in your head says no.

You walk away.

You leave those amazing pieces behind and can’t stop thinking about the ones that got away.  That’s what happened when I was shopping during my trip to Round Top and the Hill Country.   I walked way!!

Before I show you the ones that got away, let me point out a few things…

  1. I consider myself a seasoned antique/vintage/thrift store shopper.  I can tell is a piece is quality and know if something is over-priced or priced right.
  2. One of my rules for thrifting is to buy it if you love it.  Even if you don’t have an immediate idea where something will go in your home or how you’ll use it, if you love it, you always find a spot.
  3. Another rule I have is to not overthink a purchase…if you gut says yes don’t let your mind talk you out of it.

So if I could click my heels and transport myself back in time, I would have bought these items when I was thrifting at Round Top…

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My Latest Thrifting Finds

Fireplace Damper Hook

Hello there and welcome to spring!  

I hope everyone had a great weekend and found time to indulge in something you love.  It was pretty quiet around my parts with a good portion of the weekend rained out. One of the highlights of our weekend was purchasing a new vacuum.  After some research and trying to decide between a  Dyson and a Shark, we decided on the Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away.  Let me tell you this vaccum is awesome!  I can’t believe the amount of carpet fuzz and dust it picked up.

One of the other things I was able to do this weekend was to pop into one of my favorite thrift stores.  I literally had about 10 minutes to look around but was able to find a few treasures in that short period of time (some for me and some for my Etsy shop) and happy that I spent less than $25.

Here’s what I scored…

Thrifting Finds Mar. 2015

This gold ice bucket is a vintage piece from designer George Briard.  It was a deal at $8.00 and is signed by the artist on the bottom.  I’ll be putting this piece in my Etsy shop.

Gold Ice Bucket

Gold Ice Bucket2

I’ve been looking for a small accent table to place in our bathroom and came across this one for $5.00.  The style is definitely not me so I’m going to paint it black or gold, or maybe a combination of the two.

Black and White Accent Table

I love vintage brass pieces and thought this brass damper hook was a great find.  It’s going in my Etsy shop.

Fireplace Damper Hook

And the last thing I found were these metal wall bins.  They were $1.50 each and I’m planning to stencil numbers on the front of each one and then hang them on a wall in our kitchen.

IMG_9723 (2)

Pretty good scores right?!

Now that spring is here,  I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of antique and thrift shopping.

Have you had any great thrifting finds lately?


Lakewood Antiques Market–A Treasure Trove

Just about every month I share the highlights and my purchases from my visit to Scott Antique Market.  Scott’s is considered one of the finer antique and flea markets in the country so I feel blessed that it comes to Atlanta every month.  I also feel lucky that Atlanta has another great market that opens each month, the weekend after Scott’s.  Yes, I get to spend two weekends out of each month shopping for all kinds of vintage treasures.
Lakewood Antiques Market is open the third weekend of each month, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and while it is smaller than Scott’s it is still a treasure trove for vintage accessories, tabletop pieces, furniture, linens and collectibles.  Perfect for an Etsy shop, design projects or crafting.
This month Lakewood had lots of great buys, so much so that after spending Friday shopping with my friends Tina and Dorothy, I had to go back for round two on Saturday with the hubby. (The fact that I was buying a mirror that saw super heavy had nothing to do with taking the hubby along 🙂 )
I wish all of you could be here to shop these great markets with me each month, but I know that’s not possible.  So instead I’ll share some of the pieces Lakewood had to offer.  Enjoy the virtual shopping trip.

IMG_1579 copy

This wood wall plaque made from an old wine barrel was really cool.
 IMG_1581 copy
It’s not secret that I love clipboards and I thought the idea of painting one with chalkboard paint was pretty great.
IMG_1580 copy
 All around Lakewood there were lots of old vintage signs.  I especially loved this one.
IMG_1576 copy
 My love of vintage scales grew even deeper when I saw this beauty.
IMG_1575 copy
Another great vintage sign.
IMG_1573 copy
Lots of vendors at Lakewood upcycle furniture pieces.  This dresser was upholstered on all sides in an old quilt  with really pretty crystal knobs.
IMG_1574 copy
IMG_1565 copy
Vintage hardware and lots of it.
IMG_1564 copy
 Cool architectural elements and a few old corks thrown in for fun.
IMG_1572 copy
  I loved this painted dresser.  My friend Tina scored the exact same piece at Goodwill for little or nothing and is in the process of putting her DIY stamp on it.
IMG_1569 copy
While Lakewood does not have the amount of true antiques that Scott’s does, this piece was a show stopper.  This mirrored armoire had to stand about 10′ high and had the most beautiful curves and details.  The mirror was in pristine condition.  The dealer was asking $1299.00 which I thought was a MAJOR steal!
IMG_1567 copy
 I loved this hand painted dresser.  The top drawer and the legs really made it.
IMG_1563 copy
 Vintage shoe lasts, great as an accessory on a bookshelf or table vignette.
IMG_1562 copy
 There were two sets of these iron gates which could be great as wall décor or used as a decorative divider in a doorway.  The pair was going for $225.00.
IMG_1554 copy
 This super size jar was really pretty.  A great shelf sitter.
IMG_1555 copy
 Loved these spools of vintage tinsel.
IMG_1556 copy
 I’m a sucker for vintage storage bins and really wanted this piece.
IMG_1559 copy
Tina and I met a new friend, Hilary who is also known as The Purse Lady.  She shows at both Scott’s and Lakewood and has the most impressive collection of vintage handbags I’ve seen.  If I died in her booth it would be the next best thing to heaven.
IMG_1560 copy
 Stunning glass front cabinet doors!
IMG_1553 copy
 Very cool vintage table with pull out extensions.
IMG_1552 copy
 Loved this chair and thought it would make for a great DIY project.
IMG_1551 copy
 I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t buy this vintage paper holder.  It was gone on Saturday when I went back for it.  Lesson learned!
IMG_1550 copy
 Large ship wheels which would look great over the bed at a beach front home.
IMG_1549 copy
 Vintage crates of all kinds…
IMG_1548 copy
and vintage rulers in all colors.
IMG_1546 copy
I bought a few of these vintage keys for my jewelry designs.
IMG_1545 copy
 Drink crates stacked high.
IMG_1544 copy
A basket full of vintage tennis rackets.  Loved the ones with the covers.
IMG_1577 copy
More vintage signs.
IMG_1582 copy
A great collection of luggage (sorry for the blur)
IMG_1578 copy
I loved most of these vintage clocks but thought they were a bit overpriced.
IMG_1583 copy
And just in time for spring picnics, this collection of vintage picnic baskets!
As I said, this months Lakewood show was the bomb.  I walked away with a 4′ x 3′ arch top mirror for $20, several brass planters and urn for $5.00 each, silver trays that I snagged for $3.00 and a few other goodies that will be showing up in the shop soon.
I can’t wait for next months Lakewood show.  One of the halls is going through a renovation and will be expanded to include even more vendors, which means more shopping~
Until my next shopping adventure….
XO Shelly

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