The Ones That Got Away | Thrifting Regrets From Round Top

We’ve all been there…shopping at a thrift store and coming across an item that grabs your attention.  You approach the item, give it a good once over and then rationalize the decision to purchase it or NOT.  The piece looks great, has so much potential and is priced right but the voice in your head says no.

You walk away.

You leave those amazing pieces behind and can’t stop thinking about the ones that got away.  That’s what happened when I was shopping during my trip to Round Top and the Hill Country.   I walked way!!

Before I show you the ones that got away, let me point out a few things…

  1. I consider myself a seasoned antique/vintage/thrift store shopper.  I can tell is a piece is quality and know if something is over-priced or priced right.
  2. One of my rules for thrifting is to buy it if you love it.  Even if you don’t have an immediate idea where something will go in your home or how you’ll use it, if you love it, you always find a spot.
  3. Another rule I have is to not overthink a purchase…if you gut says yes don’t let your mind talk you out of it.

So if I could click my heels and transport myself back in time, I would have bought these items when I was thrifting at Round Top…


It’s not everyday that you come across not one but a pair of amazing chairs.  I spotted these babies across the room and approached with caution because I knew they were going to be expensive.  Expensive as in $75 a piece.  I know, I know…I passed up a great deal.

Thrifting at Round Top Antiques Market--2017

Look at those inset panels and the frame style, beautiful.  And these would have looked so great with a upholstery job.

Thrifting at Round Top Antiques Market--2017

Ok, you can kick me know because not only did I pass up one set of chairs but I passed up this pair too.  These barrel back cane chairs were in great shape, had brass caster and they were $65 a piece.  #shameonme

Thrifting at Round Top Antiques Market--2017

The rational for not buying these was that they were too low and my buying them would mean no one else could fit anything into the SUV. 🙁

Thrifting at Round Top Antiques Market--2017

I have a love affair with vintage scales and this one was a gem.  The design was unique and the marble plate was in great shape.  The price, $200 kept me from say ‘yes to the scale’.

Thrifting at Round Top Antiques Market--2017

The pattern and color on this dish was what grabbed my attention but I wasn’t sure what this dish was use for.  It is shallow and had perforated top confused me a bit.  A glance at the tag said it was a cheese strainer.   They types of cheese I eat don’t need straining so I passed on it.

update:  I showed this photo to a friend and they said they use these cheese strainers as soap dishes.  If I had thought of that idea I would have definitely purchased this piece.  

Thrifting at Round Top Antiques Market--2017

This soft grey ironstone gravy boat was in pristine condition and had the makers mark stamped on the base.  And if my memory is correct, it was only $24.

I buy lots of ironstone but it is usually a natural color so the grey of this piece made me think twice so I walked away. #bigregret

Thrifting at Round Top Antiques Market--2017

This brass vanity mirror was a beauty.  It was around $70 and was oversized so the scale threw me off a bit and made me question the piece.  Looking back, I know i could have sold this in my Etsy shop.

Thrifting at Round Top Antiques Market--2017

If you remember, I had Staffordshire Dogs on my Round Top shopping list so I really don’t have a good excuse for passing these up.

*** I may beg and plead with my friend Marsha to buy them if they are still there when you visits this antique store again.

Thrifting at Round Top Antiques Market--2017

So I kind of have a good reason for why I passed on this beautiful ironstone pitcher.  I recently purchased two for my Etsy shop and didn’t think I needed another one.  But of course now I regret not getting this one because it was just so darn pretty!

Thrifting at Round Top Antiques Market--2017

So friends, the moral of this story is…follow your rules when it come to thrift shopping, pull a trailer when shopping Round Top and don’t let the good ones get away!

To see what I did by at Round Top, head here.

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  1. I can’t believe you didn’t buy either pair of chairs or the dogs…..I need a link to your Etsy shop!!!

  2. Lol!!! I love chairs! How could you pass up these beauties. For that matter everything here! I know, $$$ and that little voice telling you to keep shopping.

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